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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I thought I would do my little bit by posting some information on this site regarding shipping costs ets....I have got so much information from POI...I thought it was time to see if I can help others in return. I looked long and hard into shipping as it can be a considerable cost. I decided to get the following company's out to quote my removals: Pickfords =£4000.00 PSS International =£2860.00 White & Company =£2685.00 Excess International =£2877.00 John Mason =£ 2650.00 Doree Boner =£2613.00 Crown Relocation =£3779.00 Anglo Pacific =£3999.00 I used the same speech for every company that came round to quote as I wanted the best overall quote and estimate on cubic feet. I specified that I would flat pack as much of my furniture as possible as this can save you tens if not hundreds of cubic feet in your removals. My first quote was from Pickfords who decided that I would need sole use of a 20ft container and that it would cost me 4k....I was a little surprised at first as i thought in my own mind that we would only need part, due to the fact we had no fridge or freezer and our main bedroom wardrobes were built in. I was in fact glad on the next quote that I had other companies to price, as PSS said I was only part container at 597 cubic feet.....This excercise went on for the next two weeks...as you can see from above list the cost varies a little and most companies were close on cubic feet except for Anglo Pacific & Pickfords. As a note 5 of the companies came in at 592 - 620 cubic feet of each other!!!! I decided to get the closest 4 to re-evaluate there costs to see if I could lower the price...three of them did...inbox me for details on those and prices...I can also send you an inventory of exactly what we are sending so you can gauge a price on your own belongings. I hope this is of use to anyone seeking removals!...if you require any further information drop me a line! All the best! Si:biggrin:
  2. Diversity Expert – Brisbane – 457 sponsorship an option Supporting robust brand in diversity Focus on implementing key strategies & plans Lucrative package for the right talent The Client: My client is now pushing through new global initiatives and plans to ensure the continued success of the business, one area of which is diversity. Due to a new healthy restructure, you will be working as an expert in the world of diversity and will be working with and incredibly talented manager pushing out diversity strategies throughout the business. The Mission in Hand: The role of Diversity Expert would work in partnership with the HR business partners and all business units and stakeholders throughout the business. Reporting into a highly talented Diversity Manager, you would be here to bring on board new innovative strategies, interventions and create best practice across the board. Your Role Would Include: Creating strong comprehensive campaigns with HR to increase real awareness across the business in relation to understanding diversity and rolling out world class diversity initiatives. By analysing the relevant diversity metrics you will be able to set milestones to ensure that diversity strategies are rolled out within agreed timescales and budgets. With this, you will be constantly working on developing diversity metrics to ensure continuous improvement. Being a thought leader within the world of diversity and inspiring business leaders. Keeping abreast of external trends - being a world class expert in this piece. Being influential and persuasive in aligning diversity and inclusion with HR priorities and enterprise goals. Diagnosing situations and offering solutions. About You: Advanced communication skills with world class expertise in diversity and rolling out initiatives within businesses. You will be an expert in this subject with a track record of success. Strong respect with both internal and external contacts. Ability to understand the key financial drivers based around diversity. A thought provoker. Like it? Contact Mary Pratt FIRP on 07 3295 7416 or mary.pratt@talent2.com quoting reference 50294 for more details, or alternatively, apply online below.
  3. Hi If i have a Australia bank account, a medicare card, will these be considered as "substantial (business, cultural, employment) and beneficial ties" for me to qualify to get a RRV? I have my Australia VISA approved but due to some personal issues, i won't be able to migrate them in the coming 5 years and i won't be able to fulfill the 2 out of 5 years requirement too so i definitely need to apply a RRV when it reaches the 5 years limit. Besides bank account and medicare card, if I buy a house there and rent it out , will that boost up my chance to get the RRV approved ? As someone mentioned if i buy a house there for investment purpose, it won't be considered, is that true ? Also, if i invest a house for renting purpose there, will i be taxed by Australia government ? If i buy a house there just to qualify for RRV and leave it vacant for 5 years , it sounds like i don't have any ROI there , that is the reason why i am thinking to rent it out :cute: please advice thanks
  4. Sorting my files, hope this helps someone out, it is our Statutory Declaration (personal info. deleted) for my two eldest children with regard to my ex-husband. We typed this letter ourselves, I went to a solicitor with my ex and he had to sign, solicitor dated and stamped. Done and dusted in 5/10 mins and cost £10.00. Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship DATE: (hand written by Solicitor) FULL NAME AND ADDRESS OF PARENT: (type in the ex’s details Name) of (full UK address). Department of Immigration – Australian Consulate Ref: (type in name of child or children and include date of birth) I, (type in father’s name) of (type in full UK address), (type in father’s date of birth), British Passport Number (type in passport number), HEREBY SOLEMNLY PROVIDE MY FULL CONSENT & PERMISSION to my ex-wife now (type in your name and date of birth), British Passport Number (type in passport number) to take our children (type in child/ren full names date of birth and British Passport Number) to permanently emigrate to & reside with their mother (type in your name) and step-father (type in hubby’s name, date of birth and British passport number). I understand this will be indefinitely and I am in full knowledge of their intentions to emigrate. Yours faithfully, (type in capitals fathers full name) Signed in my presence by (type in capitals fathers name), the same having produced to me his passport as evidence of identity. Dated this day of ………………..…….. 2009 …………………………………………. Solicitor
  5. mandymcqueen

    Hope this helps

    Hi All Just found another great website, the jobs advertised on here are all offering sponsorship in Australia. Thought I would stick it on, could help someone. Available Sponsored Jobs in Australia | Sponsorship Australia thanks Mandy
  6. Been reading a couple of threads recently, especially about weight, not for one second am I saying that I am innocent. I have and will continue to look at some people and say the word 'fat', 'big ears' 'skinny', never within earshot, but I WILL often say it. Its not until I know them really well that I would dream of mentioning their weight, just as I wouldn't expect anyone to criticise my rather protruding ears until they know me well enough. I will try and get of the fat theme asap, promise. But what I am trying g to say is simply this. That weight loss, being as skinny as a rake, drinking too much, taking any class of drugs, whist in some peoples eyes seem strange for the most part there is a REASON. Fat people can in no way ALL be fat because of glands, medications etc. Just like a wino, they MAY have chosen to be a drunk, but in others what drove them to this path. Was it family bereavement, job stress, blah, blah, blah. The taking of drugs, some do it for pleasure, others get hooked on class A because they WANTED to experiment, a MEANS of escape from their environment, etc. Skinny people may choose to be skinny, but what about anorexia, etc. What I am saying is simply this, it is NOT until we KNOW the reasons why someone has taken such a path that we can truly know what is going on in their head. I know that when I was on the drugs and booze big time many, many people looked at me with a pathetic and at times vicious condemnation. Yes, I CHOSE to take class A and drink until unconscious, but the events leading up to this were a bloody nightmare and one that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Thankfully I am now off everything and have been for years, however I still smoke and have a rare drink. But everything is now under control thank God. I guess what I am trying to say is simply this. If I had reacted every time someone had a pop at me because of my lifestyle back then I would be in a constant fight. My experiences taught me that rarely do people actually say comments with viciousness and vitriol, for the most part they are JUST being humans, right or wrong that is the way it is. I can now look at people and if they are prepared to listen I will explain to them the reasons why I chose to take such a path, and for the most part they understand why I did such things. People will be people and its not until we know the real reasons that our understanding may be a littler better informed. To this day I look at drug addicts and call them 'Druggies', large people I call 'Fat', and this is a shocker. My other half has been and will be anorexic for the rest of her life. But I STILL call skinny people a 'rake' and he/she needs to get a good meal inside them to put some 'fat' on. I should know better, seeing as how Ruth has suffered for years, but I am human is all, and I still make mistakes. Just on that point, wether you believe this or not, the main reason she is anorexic is simply this. That a close relative said to her when she was sixteen that her 'Bum looked big'. A few harmless and unintentional words, but they impacted on Ruth for the rest of her life, BUT. We both realise that whilst being a hurtful remark it was not MEANT to cause Ruth years of hardship and grief, it was simply being a Human Being, warts and all. So in conclusion (at last) even through my experiences I STILL make presumptions about people based on their looks, so how the hell can we expect other people with no experience of such issues to even comprehend the need to at times grasp the situation. For all our faults we will be a being where looks play an integral part in our personal relationships. Some I admit take great glee in ripping into people, but I honestly think in the main that people at times say things with no intention or malice at all, just being human is all. Signing off now. A rather podgy 47 year old, with stick out ears and eyebrows that meet in the middle.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  7. When we moved last September we only knew of Mornington Secondary College as a non-fee paying school in our area. We are currently building in Mt Martha and our youngest attends Osborne Primary. The new house is 5 minutes walk away from the primary school. MY DILEMMA IS that the youngest wants to go with her friends to Dromana. I'm slightly blinded by emotions here as i feel terrible for taking her away from everything she ever knew in the UK for her to find friends here and make her move again... The eldest is in year 11 and when the youngest starts secondary will be in the year 7 block anyway so will not have her sister to fall back on etc. PLEASE GIVE YOUR VIEWS I AM GOING NUTS HERE TRYING TO WORK OUT WHAT TO DO FOR THE BEST!!!???:wubclub:
  8. just been doing a little homework......had a look at this website.....it may be some help to some of you out there.....if you are a plumber or gasfitter or electrician it may be of interest to you..... Licence Recognition all the best.....hope the link works.......