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Found 15 results

  1. motherof2

    PiO Helping Hand Thread

    Having just arrived I've been so grateful for the help and advice I have recieved from other PiO members. It got me thinking - alot of us come over with just a few suitcases. I'm sure we don't want to be spending our precious bucks on replacing items we already have whilst we patiently wait for our 'stuff' to arrive. So, could we set up a cyber library in the form of a thread for bits and pieces we could loan out, short term, to newly arrived members such as air beds, bedding, pots and pans, crockery, cutlery etc? I'm not sure how it would work in practice maybe a PiO Loan thread - members could post what they have and where they are then members needing to borrow items could email/PM to see if it was available. A bit like Freecycle but not for keeps! Anyway just a thought:wubclub:
  2. Guest

    Ways of Helping Homesickness

    Hello all, we live in Noosa and I love it. We came out a year ago and it has been a whirlwind. Just starting to feel homesick though, a year in. Don't want to return to the UK but am missing my roots I suppose. I am a brit, will I ever feel aussie? My husband is an aussie so that should help and my two year old has dual passsports. I suppose his childhood is making me think - comparing it to mine and the change in weather also. Just wondering what techniques I should follow to help keep my homesickness at bay and to encourage my bonding with australia. I want to feel I have roots here and not think about the UK or be looking over my shoulder. Even my dreams are taking me back to the UK at the moment - so many many memories. Any tips gratefully received. :-)
  3. :idea:Just an idea to try and help us all. If any Carpenters in Brisbane/Gold Coast have or find a job could you please ask if they need any more and either pm me, or post on here and i will do the same. Many thanks, Lee
  4. Hi, We have been in Perth since 16 May and my hubbie is having no luck in finding employment. He is by trade a Precision Engineer but is willing and able to set his hand to anything. He is a real Jack of all trades. He can strip a car or motorbike engine with his eyes closed and then put it back together again. He is brill with his hands and will give his best efforts to any task given All he needs is a break. If anyone out there would like a handyman or anything please let me know. Unfortunately he has no formal qualifications and can only learn and work from experience but is willing to do anything to allow us to stay in OZ. Thanks Karen :arghh:
  5. Hi we are about to apply for state sponsorship and when i spoke to our agent, we were told yeah that's great go for it!!! We were told as there are alot of personal questions we would be best to apply ourselves, we have already lodged a 176 family sponsored but want SS. I am a bit nervous, don't want to mess it up and feel like they should be giving us some guidance???? What do you think??:err::goofy:
  6. i have two kids age 5 and 8. we moved to Oz in January 2009. my daughter (8) seems to have settled in OK overe here (Perth, Mullaloo) but the 5 year old is pushing every boundary. now even his class teacher is commenting (he started preprimary in Feb) as he's being a nightmare! we thought things would improve with our container being delivered, but that happened last week, and now that everything is sorted and our home looks more familiar with all our UK stuff around, he's actually got worse! any tips, or experiences to share? thanks:arghh:
  7. Guest

    Helping my Daughter

    Hi Everyone My daughter is 20 and is desperate to move to Oz, she is a care worker in the UK and wants to pursue that career over there as she loves it. How do we get the ball rolling? ie apply for jobs first, visa? she was over in oz in Feb this year and went with a friend but did not have time to look for a job but is 100% sure that is where she wants to be any help would be appreciated. Regards Steveh :huh:
  8. THE Immigration Department has admitted tertiary enrolments are failing to meet state and territory demands for graduates in mining, construction and nursing, despite an overhaul of the skilled migration system to meet the labour shortage. The surge in vocational education and training and intensive English-language courses for overseas students was in areas "which appear to be outside those demanded", senior Immigration official Peter Speldewinde told a Brisbane conference. Migration not helping skills shortage | The Australian
  9. Hi, I hope I dont upset anyone...... and I am not trying to take business from these companies here online that offer short term accommodation for reccies ect..... BUT I see that some people cant afford a seperate house for reccies and need to keep their costs down.... But what about others that have made the move that could offer a room in the own house for a hell of alot less and it helps owner make a few quid and visitor has far cheaper accommodation:huh: ????? Any thoughts on this?
  10. Guest

    Helping Hand

    Hey everyone out there. My name is Harlea and I live in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is such a great place.I have some amazing friends here....(even more than I did back in England). So anyway, I'm going to give anyone of you help and advise about Australia. So just ask me anythink and I'll be pleased to answer them. Hope I get some great question!! From Harlea (girl age 12) :wubclub:
  11. Guest

    Helping Hand

    Hi I'm Harlea, I moved to Australia about 4 months ago and am really liking it. I have made some amazing friends from all over the world.I live in Perth and it is a great city to live in.I'm getting involved in alot of things at my school. Like, I'm going to be in an inter school carnival on Tuesday so i'm looking forward to that. Anyway, I have created this post for all those kids who were in the stage that I was in, getting ready to move here.So if you have any questions then, don't be afraid to ask me. Hope some of you will have some interesting questions or anythink like that for me. From Harlea:wubclub: (age 12yrs)
  12. My English DH and I (I am Australian) are moving to Sydney in 7 weeks with our 20mth old Son and another on the way. Obviously I am excited about going home to family and friends, but also a bit anxious as I have lived in the UK for 7 years now and it will be a new life for my little family. We both know it is best for us and our family in the long term. We have a house there and DH has a job to go to (setting up the Aussie equivalent of the UK business he works for now). Anyway, he isn't sleeping, he is distraught about leaving his Parents (who will visit us in Sydney for the birth of the baby 7 weeks after we leave, for a period of a month) and is generally in a state of constant stress due to work, the move and all that comes with it. Does anyone have any advice on how to help him through this, or how to make it easier. We also have our trip back to the UK planned for his Mum's birthday in August, so it's not like we will be going 'forever' and never visiting. Thanks in advance Shell
  13. Guest

    Helping Hands From Down Under

    Hi I am Chris who moved from the UK in 2002 (Chesterfield) with a family of six. We chose Australia after discounting Canada and then deciding upon Brisbane - Qld. It has been a real learning curve and extremely frustrating at times, but we have overcome most obstacles and know this is the right 'spot' for our family's requirements. We are settling in Brisbane (Qld) and I have been progressing an online business that supports people with recruitment, immigration, visa applications and business consulting. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing some experiences - have already located people from our own home town - on these types of forums the world gets even smaller. Chris
  14. Hi There Does anyone know of a company/organisation who I could use within the UK to help me to go and work in Australia? I'm talking specifically about finding work as a Senior Account Manager within a Marketing Agency working on a holiday visa I guess for the time being. Someone mentioned a company to me some time ago but I can't remember the name of them. I'm very much on my own here trying to sort it out so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ads