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Found 16 results

  1. I am currently on a working holiday visa with my girlfriend. We have been here about 4 weeks and really like the country. We have seen a few of the main cities and decided to come to Perth and stay. We would like to stay here permanently, so basically trying to get the correct info for what visa's would be ideal for us. I helped my brother-in-law set up a business in the UK. We were doing loft conversions. I was able to do all aspects of the job, carpentry side and business side of things. I was there about 6 years. I left as I always wanted to come to Australia. Now I have and like it I don't want to leave. I don't have a carpentry qualification as I learnt on job. I have 6 years job experience with carpentry in total. So basically what should I do..... Getting sponsored seams difficult, tried lots of companies and no luck. Should I go on a student visa to do the carpentry certificate 3 course, but it can take 1-2 years and can cost a lot of money. Is there a way if anyone knows that I could do a quick carpentry course so I can gain the qualification to match my experience. Then there is the points based system. I am 29years of age - 30points, my English is ok so not sure if I can earn points there as I hear the exams are extremely hard, if your skill is on the SOL list then you get 10points carpentry is, but must complete an assessment of you skill I think, 6 years experience 15points, So all in all 55points. 5 short. how else could I earn the 5points. Also which points visa do I approach the Individual 189. Lots of questions I know. But I am in real need for help and advice. So please if anyone could help me with these questions, or can even point me in the direction of someone who can. I would be very grateful. Perhaps I could lend my skills to help you. Thanks
  2. Morrisseythecat

    461 Visa - new partner

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has been through this situation before, it's a bit complicated! I moved to Australia 3 years ago with my then Kiwi de-facto partner on 461 visa, we broke up about a year and a half ago and i know my visa is still valid as it's not predicated on us staying together. But, my situation has now changed, i met a new partner and we would like to move in together. My visa does stipulate that it is valid providing i don't start a new relationship with a non special category visa holder. She would like to sponsor me to stay in Australia as a de facto partner but, if we move in together my visa becomes invalid and we would need to be living together for a year to obtain de facto status and thus a permanent residency visa! anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  3. dshooter10

    Carer Visa

    Hi Guys, My whole family is under Carer Visa subclass 116 fro three years and ever since my mum took care of my great grandma. However my mum get's stressed taking care of her and ended up crying because she is so tired and she is receiving support from other relatives. If we decide to not a be a carer anymore what would be the effect on us getting citizenship. We do not intend to leave our grandma but due to some complication we have to. Any help would be appreciated
  4. I have been applying for literally hundreds of jobs over the past 3 months (since January) and most of the time getting no response or regret emails. I've been applying for simple casual labouring positions which should be easy to get, I've registered with agencies, tried SEEK/gumtree, I have work experience in Australia in similar roles and can do this kind of work with my eyes closed! So why am I not getting anything? is the job market that bad now in Australia? a year ago I walked into a job easily, but now there is nothing. I've been moving around, applying in different states, I've tried Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Now I'm thinking of flying over to Perth and trying over there! As you can imagine, my money situation after this long without work is not good, If I don't find something soon I'll be flying back to Blighty! and I don't want to do that yet! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello Everyone, really need some advice with migrating to Perth. I'll start by letting you know what my current situation is. I am 26 and 5 years ago my mum, Dad & 2 sisters all moved to Perth. At this time I decided to stay..... In those 5 years I have met my partner of 4 years and give birth to twin daughters in November 2010. In March 2011 we all went over to stay with my parents and had an amazing time. As you can imagine coming home was hard for all of us... me saying goodbye to my family and them saying goodbye to the 2 new additions in mine. My dad managed to get out there with the family as he is a fully trained mechanic. Since coming home we have looked at various visas, skillselect and all other avenues, My partner Simon is 41 and always worked as A) Nightclub manager b) Holiday park complex manager c) Licensee of a public house C is the option we are in now as we run our own business in Wigan. I cant find anything relating to Simons occupation and I myself only ever went to Level 2 with beauty therapy. My dad suggested that as he has run a holiday site we try the hotel/motel publican Vetassess which is what we are currently awaiting to here back from. Other than that we are totally stuck and as the days go by and my babies get older it gets harder and harder without my mum and dad. I miss them all so much and cant figure out how I can be with them. I've looked at family visas but that would then mean I would have to be a student or be single? Has anyone used a migration agent are they trustworthy surely there has got to be room for us somewhere? Thanks Laura:wacko:
  6. My husband has finished Medical School ( 6 years ) + a Specialist study of 4 years ( Gynecologist ). In order to be eligible for a Registration , he needs 5 years of training, but he only has 4, so I think he will need to apply as a GP only. We know that a first step is taking the AMC test. Has anyone had similar experiences ? We would come to Oz on a 457 visa, we heard that doctors are needed. Do you have any advice ? Can you recommend any employment agency ? I am also eligible for a 457 visa, but the main issue is that he needs to be registered as a doctor, because he could come on my teacher`s visa, but he needs to work in his profession. Please help, any advice is welcomed, as well as experiences. I see that a lot of nurses are posting here, but I did not find any doctor`s experiences. Thanks a lot :smile:
  7. Dear all I have worked as an accountant for over 6 years, I am part qualified ACCA (8/14 exams) and currently work in oil and gas as a cost accountant. I would like to move with my wife and son to Oz but I am struggling to find a route without having to sit the other 6 exams which would loose me another 2 years. Looking at the PR visas I fail on points due to not being able to say I have accounting qualifications. I have talked to employment agencies in Oz who have said if I get over there on a holiday visa and meet them and have some interviews I could probably get a job because there is a high demand for oil and gas accountants at the moment but it would probably be on the 457 visa. My questions are: 1) Can I get a 457 visa without a formal accounting qualification (part qualified with good experience only) if the employer decides they want to hire me? 2) Can I convert to Permanent residency (PR) given my lack of formal qualifications later? 3) Are there any other ways I could get permanent residency ? (ENS?) Lorne
  8. Hello everybody, ive just signed up to this great forum! I'm looking to live and work in this wonderful country but i have no idea what to do to start the process. Here are a few details about myself and hopefully you guys could help me out by pointing me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Im age 20 Im an Apprentice Underground Cable Jointer (final year fully trained) for Scottish Power. I have City & Guilds 2322 and NVQ 3 in Electrical Technical Engineering. I have an Uncle that lives in NSW and an Aunt that lives in Queensland both willing to sponsor me. I have a girlfriend that s 18 working for a Childrens Centre who has a CBT and NVQ 2 & 3 in Buisness and Administration. Currently not a Home Owner. Looking forward to any responces MrH
  9. Guest

    Ielts results...what??!

    I completed the ielts for the second time, and ended up with L=7.5, R=7.5, S=9 and writing 6.5. With an overall score of 7.5. However I have been informed that I need a minimum of 7 in each section and I dont know where to go from here. I have checked comments online with some saying that a minimum of 6 in each section is required...allowing me to proceed with my 175. Another has said that 6 in each section gains 15 points, while 7 in each section gains 25 points. I only require 15 points to achieve the 120 points required. Does anyone know if I gain points and whether I can go ahead with my visa application? My dilemma is that I am 45 in less than two weeks and therefore a remark is out of the question. Please offer advice, Many thanks, Paul
  10. Hi, We have pr visas and was due to go to Adelaide in June, house sale has fallen through and what with the exchange rates being low we just dont know if to try and sell again and bank the money until rates improve, also our visa expires nov 10. we have been told that the visa itself does not expire but the right to travel to oz expires and that we can apply for an extention, anyone know of this Thanks a lot Joe40
  11. Guest

    IELTS Tests

    :wacko:Hello all! This may be a really silly question! My husband recently sat the IELTS Test to raise our english test score to 25 rather than the competent score of 15. He is the main visa applicant by the way. He scored 8.0, 8.5, 9.0 and 6.5 with an overall score of 8.0. I realise that it does state all four areas need at least 7 but i only realised this after we sent the application form and am now stressing about it, do you think if we just send it it would be ok or do you think we should re-sit asap? Please help! Maybe doing this ourselves wasnt such a good idea afterall!
  12. hey Im now 21 and have been in oz for 9months now on my working hol visa.. i want to stay here but dont no how i can go about it.. ny family all have premanent residensy here (apart from me as i was young n dumb and didn want to come here when they did) so my brother also has his to but he has gone back to england.. so im not sure if its possible for me to get any visas now? im not a student and work full-time.... any help would be good....THANKS:arghh:
  13. Hi all, I am trying to sort shipping for our belongings to move from Brighton to Sydney. My partner is already in Sydney and so I have been charged with the task of emptying the contents of our home. We rented and have very little in the way of furniture to ship - will mainly be personal effects and a few kitchen appliances (inc. Vacuum cleaner). I have no idea how to go about setting up the shipping, or in fact, who to use. Can I use any UK company, or must they be local? Do companies have local offices? How do I figure out how many boxes I need? Everything is pretty straight-forward except my partner's golf clubs, will they need a special box? If so will shipping company provide it? Sorry for the mass of questions, but if anyone has any experience of shipping from Sussex, any help would be gratefully recieved... I am beyond confused! :huh:
  14. Guest

    Help with partner visa please!!

    Hi all can anyone who has successfully sponsored their partner please give me some advice. My partner has just received a knockback for a job soley on the basis he is not a resident, even though he has a working holiday visa. So we think it may be time to apply for the De facto partner temp visa. We have 2 main problems. 1. I met him whilst travelling. although we have been living together for 12 months, for the first 9 I unofficially lived in his flat in the uk not receiving mail there until the last month or two. he owns it so no lease. we have no joint accounts or real estate as we have had no need to merge these things. If it aint broke and all that! and for the last 3 months he has lived with me in OZ. So basically my question is wont is seem sus if we now merge accounts/bills/mail etc right before we submit an application?? has everybody else had all these things sorted for the full 12 months previous? 2. We will want to 'country share' for the next few years or so, eventually settling here. So if we were to leave OZ and live in the uk for a year during the 2 year temp partner visa will this void the visa or hurt our chances of coming back? Our situation is we are willing to do anything to stay together, and to both be able to work in each others countries. we will obviously be geting married at some stage, but with all the costs of flights, visas, living etc its just not an option right now. if all else fails do they just expect you to get married in a registry. how depressing :sad: thank you for checking out my thread yours confusedly Bec :arghh:
  15. Hello - Hopefully the title says it all. I`m Architectural Techician who will (one day.. early-mid 2010) be in SA [Adelaide?] and would love to continue my career in this line of work. Any help / advice / agencies / criterias i have to meet etc. to continue this line of work was be FANTASTIC!!!! Info in part. (as in the small print) - Working within the design department preparing and presenting quality design proposals, illustrating various details and working drawings of developments through to the technical and construction stages using Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) - Producing plans, elevations, sections and construction detailed drawings and documentation to formulate planning, building regulation applications and other regulatory application procedures for construction. >> ALL INFO WELCOME - THANKYOU <<
  16. Hi everyone, Me and my hubby have talked about emigrating to Oz for at least 2 years now, and we are now ready to get the wheels in motion so to speak. The only thing is, we have had several free assessments done online with various Migration companies and all have asked for about £100 to £300 to proceed onto the next stage. I just want to know of a reputable company that has actually helped people move successfully at a reasonable rate. I would be very grateful if you could let me know which UK company you went with and why you would/would not recommend. Also, we have been asked what region of Oz we want to apply for.. well, as we've never even been to Oz we really don't know where to go. We have the basic points to get in and should easily get into Victoria.. and South Wales (Adelaide) but I personally fancy the Gold Coast/Brisbane but have to remain realistic.. so any advice as to where we should apply to live would also be a big help. My hubby will be looking for work in civil engineering either private or local authority.. I intend to be a housewife but I do work as a finance clerk here for our local authority and I'm also a fully qualified Holistic Therapist, but as my hubby is the main bread winner obviously we'll go where he will be able to get work. Many many thanks in advance for any help/advice you can throw our way!! :0) Lainey. xx