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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, My name is Charls. I applied for ACT state nomination (190) and got denied as according to the new rule they don't accept Skill assessment that is more than three years old. I'm willing to re assess my Skill assessment. I studied community welfare in WA and was there for more than 3 years. One of the other reasons why they denied my visa is because of this that I stayed in WA for more than 3 years, so that they cant consider me as a genuine applicant !! I have been going through the worst time of my life in the last 18 months..... If I get a new re assessment and fix the other issues, will I be able to reapply for the nomination? Since 'Welfare worker' is under 'Limited' option, do I have to re apply for the 'Verification' as well?
  2. Good evening, This is my first post so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find it. If anyone does have a link, that would be great as well. So my partner and I are looking to move to Australia, and have been looking at the 189 Skilled Independent Visa. This won't be for a couple of years yet, as we have to aim for something on the SOL. We have been looking at Accountant (general) for my partner, as there is a good chance he can complete the ACCA in 2, possibly 3, years. By that time, he will have: Age: 30 points English: 20 points Educational: 15 points (I have scouted round and found that ACCA is equivalent to Australian Bachelors) Obviously he won't have experience working as an Accountant by the time we apply, but is this a problem? For skills assessment, is just the ACCA enough to claim that? Are people asking about pre-degree experience just because they would like the extra points? Or is it essential he has experience for his skills assessment? I'm having a hard time finding that bit of specific information anywhere. I also do understand that Accountant (General) may very well not be on the SOL by then, but I'm working towards a degree followed by PGDE which could allow me to apply as Secondary Teacher for 189 visa if need be (again, I know it might go away at anytime!). I think I got all this out coherently! Many thanks for any help or pointers anyone can give me. I know it's a long time away(ish) but I would like to know we are on the right track so less chance of problems in the future. Thanks! Ferg :err:
  3. So I've been living in oz for 18 months on a working holiday visa but I want live here permanently. I can't be sponsored in my current job (working offshore) because its not seen as skilled. I'm single, have a BA (hons) in performing arts and used to work as an actor in the UK. I'm 24, have a British passport but can't seem to find a visa to suit. nothing that I do/have done, is on the skilled occupation list... Can anyone help me?
  4. first of all like to say hi! new to this site seems like everyone is very friendly and helpful! Hopefully i can get some advice from you lovely bunch! me and my partner arrived in brisbane end of February but due to us having to return to the uk to look after a very sick family member we left end of march. we have our flights booked and we are heading back 1st june.... we are both very eager to get out farm work done for our second visa's. The 1st time we came we chased the farm work... we moved from brisbane to townsville to cairns looking for farm work but got a dead end. We have looked online for area's to go but doesn't seem to give much useful information. We don't want to make the same mistake as last time. does anyone know of any 'working hostals' that sort your farm work out or any specific area that are good for farm work this time of the year. or any actually farms. we are both 27 very used to hard graft! any help would be fantastic thanks xx:biggrin:
  5. Guest

    which visa please help !

    :huh: basically me and my partner are doing qualifications in the uk to hopefully fulfill our dream to live in australia. i am doing hairdressing and he is doing a plumbing. we are not sponsered. ppl have told us to just go for the independant visa but will we guarenteed to get it? how lomg does it take? we have 2 children. i am 26 he is 32. all healthy. good honest and friendly replies greatful :biggrin: thank you
  6. Guest

    please help!!!

    can someone please give me soem advice . i am australian and my boyfriend is from ireland, he has been over on a working visa for alomost 2 years we are now looking at going on a defacto visa. we have been dating for 14months and living together for 11 of those months. we have been gathering all our evidence such as - stat decs, photos, joint account details (only for 4 months) , bills , phone records, realestate letter, birthdayand christmas cards from family, recipts, hotel bills and a few other little pieces. im wondering if i have missed a major component or anything as these websites seem to send us around in circles. we are flying to ireland for christmas to visit his family will we be in trouble if they are processing and we are not in the country? also now that we have all the information and are ready to lodge the forms is the a particular way we must lay it out . such as in a plastic sleeve , in categories , in a folder and so on . please help im starting to stress on all the little details now thanks xx nicole
  7. Hi, I am currently on a working holiday visa and the company i am working for want to sponsor me under Visa 457 (occupation-project administrator) I do not have any qualifications only experience. My company have put in the nomination but i dont know where to start...any information on what i need to send with my application would be very much appreciated. ALSO any info on Where to het health insurance? Thanks For all your help!!!
  8. Hello all PIO people. I am after some advice and thoughts from you guys. I want to migrate to Australia, but am worried about the visa changes preventing me from getting in. I am a 28 yr old management consultant (29 yrs old in June) with 19 months experience working for a large management consultancy company in the UK. Prior to this I served in the Army for 4 years, leaving as a Captain. So I have direct management experience within the last 5 years. I was going to get my Vetasses application completed and sent off on Tuesday morning (13th April) for Management Consultant and then cross my fingers and hope that I get a positive assessment within the 8 weeks. So that would then give me 2 weeks before the July 1st cutoff to get my application in for the 176 (I have a relative who can sponsor me and 105 points). Now this is incredibly tight and clearly a big gamble. The wait seems to be very long, and the main motivation for doing this is to demonstrate to a potential employer that I am 100% committed to moving to Aussie full time, and so I don't have the insecurity of a 457. I am also going to apply for jobs from the UK. My concern is that if someone offers me a job that is different to Management Consultant would I be making it difficult for myself by having a vetasses already underway / done for a different skill? If nothing has happened on the job front by mid June, my intention is to quit my job in the UK and move out to Aussie in September on a WHV (I have not used one before). This would enable me to try and get onto a 457 whilst onshore and waiting for my 176 (If I apply). However if the new SOL does not have Management Consultant on it or another similar skill (which it does not seem to have), can I even get a employer sponsored 457? So, there are loads of questions contained within this post. To summerise the key questions as I see them are: 1) Would pushing through my vetasses for Management Consultant be wise, or could it potentially prevent me from getting an employer sponsored 457 in anything but Management Consulting? 2) If my 176 is processing what sort of current processing time am I looking at (ballpark) and would I be able to get a employed on a 457 whilst I wait? 3) If Management Consultant or similar occupations are not on the new July 1st SOL, would I even be able to get an employer sponsored 457? 4) Why is this all so complicated!!! I wish I had started this off 6 months ago but didn't see the new regulations coming:SLEEP: I would welcome any comments. I will speak to a migration agent tomorrow, but as there is no clarity on the new SOL, you guys know as much as them at the moment and a lot of you (like Gill) give some really clear and insightful advice. Thanks and sorry for the essay. From reading other posts there are a lot of people in similar positions so hopefully this will benefit more than just me! BTW, Loving the pro- aussie threads as well. I have been over 6 times, for a couple of months each time and love it! Thanks again, pomtobe