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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, I'm looking for skilled heavy vehicle/truck technicians who are looking to move to eastern coast of Australia, Sydney and/or Canberra region. see our website below: http://southerntruckcentre.com.au/ send an email enquiry for more information thank you!
  2. Permanent Australian Residency offered to CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitters / Mechanics – We pay migration fees, visa costs and relocation. If you are a CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitter / Mechanic in the UK or Ireland and are interested in working in or migrating to Australia then please email me with your details and your cv cat-jobs at cat-jobs.com There are currently 45 positions available, these are in various locations around Australia some are in Capital Cities and some are regional – the Permanent Australian Residency visa offered will be employer sponsored, either the RSMS or ENS depending on job location, this means you and your family will be Australian residents from day one in Australia, your obligation under this visa is to work for the employer for min two years. The salary offered is high, as these are mining related positions, the company will be paying all your migration fees, all medicals, all visa fees, air fares, is offering a relocation payment and the company will subsidise the cost of house rental for the first 12 months. This is a genuine opportunity to not only join a great team working for a very good employer, but to also get permanent residency for Australia for yourself and also your family. This is the first time I have used this forum to post a job, if I have made a mistake or breached any rules it is not intentional and please advise me if changes are required or my post is not appropriate. My team and I will be in the UK and Ireland in May to interview CAT fitters and talk to them and their families about relocating to Australia, feel free to come along and ask questions about relocating to Australia, this is not an Australian Expo, there is no charge, we are genuine Poms who live in Oz and have the chance to offer that opportunity to other suitably qualified people in the UK and Ireland, why not come and have a chat with us, we will be interviewing in Manchester, Reading, Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh in May, exact dates and venues will be published on the websites in around two weeks time. If you know anyone that works on CAT heavy equipment in the UK or Ireland that is interested in discussing living and working in Australia – please let them know, they will never have a better offer than this. Please PM for more information. Thanks Dennis Migrated from UK in 92 and still loving it
  3. Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for taking the time in reading this email and any comments or suggestions are welcome. I do realise you are looking for people with experience. So sorry to trouble, just looking for a break. My aim is to work on heavy rigged machines and to learn engine specialization. A apprentice / traineship position would be a dream come true. Any help in this regard would be gratefully received. I have given a brief description of my background and attached my CV. I’m a very punctual professional worker who is looking for permant residency in Australia. Willing to start at the bottom sweeping the floor making the tea!! I know I am asking a great deal but in return you would have a dedicated loyal employee. Just need that chance to retrain and develop new skills with a company that encourages carer progression . I’m a 35 year old family man with a wife and 2 daughters aged 5 and 4. I have a full UK driving licence and would like to relocate to Australia, very flexible on location. Can move immediately. Although I have no experience of Heavy equipment fitting my skills are wide and accomplished. I am very keen to work for your company because of your reputation for opportunities for career development. For the last 20 years I have been running my own business and have enjoyed the challenge. (been self – employed since leaving school @ fifteen 1992) I’ve had a varied role and had to demonstrate excellent communications skills and customer service. I have been able to strengthen my abilities and have excelled in creating new business opportunities. I can build desire within potential clients were I am a skilled negotiator and will be driven by success. My expertise is Business man .Direct sales, IT, Accountancy administration. I have been a joiner, plumber, tiller and also have done basic electrics. (good with my hands and brain) I am willing to be train in Australia to work as a apprentice from the ground up and relocate my family; I would therefore need a 457-visa sponsor. Or ideally a employers help to attain permanent residency. I’m currently looking how to attain the following in the UK however if an opportunity arose within your company to train I am available: of Heavy rigid (HR) fitter o First aid certificate; o MARCSTA accreditation; o Pre-employment medical. Thank you for taking the time to look at my application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Kind Regards Wesley
  4. Thought I would get in first.:cute: A BITTERLY cold winter and prolonged snowfall may hit Wales for the third year in a row, forecasters warned yesterday. Welsh forecasters are suggesting long-term heavy snowfall could wreak havoc again across the country, especially in January and February. The past two winters have been especially cold in the UK, as high pressure systems settled over northern Europe, preventing warmer air currents crossing in from the Atlantic. December last year was the coldest in the UK for about 100 years – and Cardiff saw its heaviest snowfall for 30 years. Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/09/02/forecaster-predicts-heavy-snow-in-january-again-91466-29348137/#ixzz1WonMJWxI
  5. Guest

    Heavy goods license

    Hi All. I am hoping to head out to Adelaide in a couple of months time and wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with there UK driving license over there or what I need to do with it. It is more for my Class 1 HGV license that I will still be required to have because of my job. I dont know if I will have to re-sit my test again or not. Hope not. Cheers. Gordy
  6. I am a qualified Teacher and engineer with 30 years experience both as a mechanic and 20 years teaching vehicle repairs in Uk CFE's I am looking for fulltime work in melbourne where I live does anyone know if there are specific agencies who deal with 457 jobs because of my age I need sponsorship to be able to work
  7. majestic ric

    vetassess heavy mechanic?

    anyone out done their assessement as a heavy mechanic, im currently awaiting a date for my test and was hopeing someone could shed some light i what i can expect. fore warnded is fore armed and all that! i must admit im a little nervous as i have no idea what they will be looking for, any help will be much appreciated. p.s glad to see my trade is still on the SOL lists, waiting with bated breath for the WA state list to come out. anyone ?????
  8. Ok for those who dont know me im a bricklayer,dont realy enjoy it anyway and have had worn discs and been going the osteopath/chiropracter over 20 yrs. This very rarely costs me time off work but does cause a lot of discomfort especially when doing lowdown(nosebleed)work. As i say i only enjoy my work when its something different,stonework,english heritage board work/restoration things like that. Basically im bored stiff with it,one on top of two would send a glass eye to sleep,believe me. Altho the way bricklaying is done in oz maybe a bit different,i.e profiles etc,its still one on top of two,and ive had enuf of it. There is also the heat factor to consider ,and im not overfussed on working in the sun in the S.A summer. So altho im not 100% against working as a bricky in oz,i would like to try something different. So! has anyone got any ideas on the cost of course that might lead to work,such as 360% excavator courses,JCB courses,or any other type of plant courses that are in demand? The other thing is after completing these courses do yer start off on rookie pay kind of thing,and what is the pay anyway? So thx in advance for any replies,no rentboy suggestions either thx(im too old for all that:wink:)
  9. Hi all I have passed my paper trade assessement and am now waiting for the new dates to come out. I am after some insight to what occurs at the assessement as i am off the shop floor and have been for the last 3 years and am nervous about being assessed. Any help advice will be great!!!
  10. Hi all has anyone imported a digger? If so was it very expensive / complicated?
  11. Damn!!! apart from when i lived in Tully for awhile i don't think i've seen so much heavy persistent rain... took alittle drive about this morning which is when i made this video but its been raining hard for hours since then so i hate to think how bad it is out there now!!! agkp746Cs0k
  12. Guest

    Heavy Diesel Fitter

    Can anyone please help, I know that the sponsorship are probably few and far between because of the economic problems. But im currently looking for a sponsor for a Heavy Diesel Fitter anywhere in the Perth area. Can anyone give me any information with regards to any companies that may deal with this. My partner is currently working on a number of generators and air compressors. such as Caterpillar, Deutz, Kubota, Atlas Copco, Arc Gen, Compair, Linde, Thwaites, SMC, Hyster, Ingersoll-Rand, DeWalt and Genelight. I have applied to 109 jobs so far on the yellowpages.com. Had a coupel of replies but none for sponsorship. Hope anyone can help. :confused::confused:
  13. Is there anyone out there that can help? My 22 year old son has just arrived from the UK. He's into hard core heavy metal, tattoos etc etc and needs to meet like minded people of his own age. He's been and checked out Rosies Bar in the city, but its no fun going on your own.......any suggestions please?? thnx :wub:
  14. G'day all, This is my first time on the site so here goes. My husband is an auto electrican with many years experience and a 5 year apprenticeship on heavy trucks and emergency vehicles. He is also qualified to teach. He is 46 and we are looking for a 121 employment sponsered visa due to his age. He has passed the trade assessment and has up to date air con licence. He is getting disheartened as until he gets a job we cannot get a visa and most employers will not look at his fantastic experience without permanent resedency. It is the chicken and egg argument. Being a determined old soul who is valiently taking all my exams to requalify as a lawyer in auz it wondered if by any chance there is an expat who understands what it is to want to come to australia so much and happens to work with trucks or emergecny vehicles anywhere in aus. In additon you would get an amazing drummer who looks and sings Meatloaf and Blues Brothers tributes together with original band music. Glenn is willing to come out to Aus for a trial. We have sold our house so we are very flexible help if you can we would appreciate any hints. We have been on alot of websites who just want money from us to register. We have an immigration agent if anyone can help, regards and fingers crossed Shelglen
  15. Guest

    am i to heavy

    hi everyone i have just joined so am new to all this. i am just wondering has anyone been refused for being to heavy, i have read some replies and some say if your bmi is over 40 you have problems.my bmi is 43. i have just had my medical and doctor said i was ok but said they might delay visa and tell me to lose weight has this ever happend to anyone i am going on a employer sponsored 119 rsms visa. thank you.:emoticon-signxmas:
  16. Guest

    Medical, TOO HEAVY!!!???

    Hi guys, Now I know there have been a lot of really funny posts on this issue but need a few answers please. I have enquired about our medicals today, phoned to get price and info, I also threw in the weight question (been dreading this one) the nice lady very diplamatically answered the question as not to offend , felt sorry for her she was very consious of not offending. Anyway, she basically said that weight wise you are graded with an A or B. A is for those below a B.M.I of 30 and B is for those over (me 33) what does this mean??think she said you are then reffered to somewhere else!! I stopped listening with horror,could all this hard work go down the drain for the sake of too many nice meals out!!! are there any other fellas been in this situation? I am 30 years old quite fit and healthy but obviousley a big build, but over the last 12 months I have crept up to 18 stone, although no one would ever believe this even the doctor didn't believe the scales on my last visit, Major Atkins diet tomorrow!!! Anyone had their medicals at or near this weight??? Cheers, Neil
  17. Hoping to move to WA in near future with family / paper visa aplied for April 08 still waiting im very patient apart from wife always asking why other people seem to have visa granted WITHIN FEW MONTHS.(this can happen every night) So today started to sort out tools ready to take to WA (wife not happy:wacko:) tools had to be cleaned so i gave them a cycle in our dish washer, well recomended:mask: Im a mature self employed fully qualified HD mechanic ( 25 years in the trade) and will end up in the mines as to earn the salary my wife has come acustomed to, if any mechanics in the visa system already please feel free to comment on your journey so far. Ive got question such as / does Australian vehicles have EOBD how many tools do you take (i could fill a container on my own ) welders, compressors take them or leave them Do the mines provide tools I have been in the trade 25years and collected tools from whiteworth to digital wrenches and find it hard to just leave that loved spanner you have had from your apprentiship ( what wife cannot understand is my affection to my tools as any mechanic will know you spend more hours per day with your tools than your wife ) Wife is sending me on a rekky to WA this month instructed to get 1 A JOB 2 SORT OUT SCHOOL 3 ATTEND HOUSE OPEN DAYS 4 DRIVE AROUND EVERY SUBURB AND PHOTOGRAGH HOUSES 5 GET AS MUCH REALESTATE LITERATURE AS POSSIBLE 6 DO NOT ENJOY YOURSELF Only joking but keen to meet IN ANY BAR any resident mechanics to talk spanners or availiable for interviews. (email megmor@hotmail.co.uk) thanks ian and paula.
  18. can anyone give me some info, i am a class 1 driver totally feed up with england want a brigter future for the children. is there a requirement for class 1 drivers in oz if so do they make a decent wage ?? can a reasonable life style be had? any info would be great.THANKS.