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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, not sure where to post this. We fly out to Australia on the 12th of January and can't seem to find a cheapish place to stay near Heathrow. There are 5 of us and we will have only our luggage including camping mattresses. We need a place from Friday or Saturday the 6/7th of Jan till the 12th. If anybody knows of a B&B, hotel, cottage or whatever that doesn't cost a fortune we will be very glad to hear of it. We will need to take a BIG taxi to the airport so we don't mind the country side as long as not a 100 miles from heathrow. Cheers! Boesman
  2. Hi Guys, I'm flying out on the 3rd of August at 10pm with Singapore, will be travelling alone and will have three hours to kill before the flight. Anyone else likely to be in the vicinity (airside) and fancy a drink? Its not quite so exciting for me as I am aussie leaving my UK life behind so could do with some company Cheers!
  3. Has anyone had to get their dog from somewhere along way from heathrow? I live in Richmond nyorks and I am figuring out the best option to get my dogs to heathrow from here. The company i am going with to fly them to aus said they could collect them and have them board in their kennels for 1 night at a cost of £564. This is a lot more than I expected! Or I could drive with them myself, this would be petrol money and probably an over night stay but might be a cheaper option but might be worse for them if they pick up on me been upset! Or is there such thing as a company who would drive dogs from a to b ...like a pet currier????
  4. My poor mum was due to arrive at Melb tonight, but due to the snow in the UK shes been stranded at heathrow for the past 24 hours.:frown: Her first trip to Aus and her first ever trip alone..........I do feel for her. Anyone else feeling the impact of the UK being totally useless at dealing with a few cm's of snow?
  5. Susanssy

    Arrived at Heathrow on Monday...

    I cried when we left our stop-over apartment on the Gold Coast, I shed a tear when a friend turned up at the airport unannounced to say good-bye and I gulped back the tears when the pilot said "Welcome to Heathrow". We then walked through the arrivals lounge searching for our family amongst the crowds at the airport and as they all began waving my husband and I exchanged looks - we knew being with family again would be a huge adjustment. It is now day four and I feel like a new woman. My phone hasn't stopped ringing, I've been out for coffee with friends whilst the children were with their grandparents as has my husband been out for a long awaited beer in a proper pub with PROPER mates! But more than this I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and everything seems so positive and right, it never felt quite right in Oz, even with all the sunshine! The children are really happy to be back with their grandparents, their aunts, uncles but mostly their cousins - it has been a joy to watch them all together. The baby has finally met his extended family and is loving all the attention. Moreover, we are finally putting everything into perspective and making plans for the future - something we haven't done for the past five years because of our imminent migration to Australia. In short, yes we did experience mixed feelings for weeks before our departure, and yes we will always miss aspects of Australia, yet since being back I know without a shred of doubt that we made the right decision. Our family is smiling once again, and although we are financially worse off than before we left for Oz, we are emotionally much much better off!
  6. Hi Just wondering if anyone would like to meet for a coffee after checking in at Heathrow? Is there anyone flying with Cathay Pacific to Perth next Monday? Hope to hear from someone soon :biggrin:
  7. PommyPaul

    Funky car hire at heathrow?

    I'm off for a two week holiday in the motherland soon and have been looking at car hire, so far i'm sold on hiring a car through hertz as they do a fun range with things like sporty alfas, abrath 500s and audi tts. Does anyone know of any other hire companys at heathrow that hire fun sporty cars?
  8. I'm looking at booking flights to Ireland from Brisbane and as im travelling with a small child would like to avoid heathrow this time if i can. Can anyone help me, as to which airline i should try and book with? thanks!
  9. Hi I am flying into Terminal 4 at Heathrow on Wednesday but need to get to Terminal 1 to get my flight up to Edinburgh. Has anyone done this transfer and if so, how easy is it? how long does it take? I have had a look at the website bus not tell you much. Thanks in advance Emma :cute:
  10. Any PIO members travelling from London Heathrow with either Qantas or BA should take note of the following. Qantas Services Moving to London Heathrow Terminal 3 Latest Qantas News Qantas Services Moving to London Heathrow Terminal 3 06 October 2009 On the 29th October 2009, London Heathrow’s Terminal 3, will become the new home for Qantas flights between Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Australia, plus British Airways flights between Singapore, Bangkok and Australia. Terminal 3 has undergone a multi-million dollar transformation which will ensure customers using Terminal 3 will enjoy an enhanced customer experience. This new terminal will provide customers with; • State-of-the-art lounge facilities, • An extensive range of shops and restaurants, and • Convenient access for customers transferring from a Heathrow Terminal 3 Qantas flight to a British Airways Heathrow Terminal 5 departing flight. If you have customers affected by this move, an SSR/RM remark will be generated to the Travel Agency queue, to ensure you are able to provide your customers with the appropriate information on the move. Please note: This terminal move will not have an impact on your customer’s onward flight connections.
  11. Just wondered if anyone is flying Singapore Airlines on 8th Oct on Sq321 ? I have my 2 kids flying in to Brizzy, and although one is 18, I'm gonna worry about them flying alone. Just maybe thought someone might give them a friendly nod in the right direction ??
  12. LKC

    Assistance at Heathrow?

    Hi! My 82 year old gran is coming to see us in a few weeks :jiggy:! She will be travelling on her own, and has a touch of arthritis so we have asked Qantas whether she can have some assistance at the airport. At Sydney, I understand that someone will come and collect her at the plane with a wheelchair and bring her through and collect her suitcase etc. However, I am not sure what this assistance will entail at Heathrow. Will she be collected at the check-in desk and then taken through security to the business class lounge (she is coming business - alright for some!)? Will she then be collected and taken to the gate, or will she have to make her own way there? I have never asked for assistance before, so I am not sure what will happen. She keeps on asking me, I think she is a bit worried that she will miss the flight by not getting to the gate in time or something! Any advice or help would be most appreciated!
  13. Hi everyone. After nearly 6 years of indecision, we are finally taking the plunge and flying out - one way - from Heathrow to Brisbane, then onto the Sunshine Coast on 30th July. Is anyone else flying out on this date by any (remote) chance?? Debby
  14. Australia came out top in regards to customer service, with the country's airports voted to have the friendliest passport control officers. Read the report here Heathrow voted worst international airport | Travel News | News.com.au
  15. Hi Guys, I have a strange question. We are arguing over what time to call the taxi from our house to Heathrow when we go to Oz in March. I have booked it for 6am, it will take no longer than 2 hours (as long as no incidents) to get there. But someone has told me that getting through Passport Control and Security is a nightmare and it took them 3 hours. Our flight is at 11.20am, so what time do we get taxi for. I am beginning to think 5.30am. Has anyone else had a nightmare getting through security etc at Heathrow, any suggestions? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. My father died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. We were on holiday in England in December. We managed to go to the funeral in Bristol. We were waiting at Heathrow (on the way back) and I just had an urge to go and say a prayer and look at a candle for some reason. I am not particulary religious but I felt I just had to go. I followed the signs that say 'mulit-cultural prayer room'. I came across a room full of muslims (head scarfs) lying with their baggage (mostly asleep) on the long lounge chairs. I could not see a crucifix or a candle anywhere. I asked a member of staff and was told there were none! Is it me?:skeptical: xx
  17. Hi all , This is what we have been booked and i am concerned about having to go to Heathrow from Manchester , it seems very long winded . I did want a direct flight from Man to Perth but we are not paying for the flights and the direct ones are coming in too expensive $7,000 per person , so it looks like i'm stuck with it . Has anybody done this and do you have to re-check you baggage , how long did it take? We don't have a stopover either ! God , we are gonna be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  18. Guest

    Flying 13 Jan - Heathrow

    Just wondered if anyone else is flying 13 Jan from Heathrow......? Scared excited nervous and a whole load of other emotions...... Still waking up wondering is there's anything else we have forgot todo????? good luck to everyone waiting to hear, we'll see you on the other side! Thanks for all the help and good wishes that we have recieved! Off to friends in Essex tomorrow then to Heathrow on Sunday... We'll be back posting as soon as we have internet! Love Ally and Andy xx
  19. sadsmile23

    Heathrow hotels?

    Hi I know I'm a little (!) premature on this one, but can anyone recommend hotel near to Heathrow to stay in the night before we fly? We are family of 5 so will have lots of lugguage and with 3 kids we would prefer to have a larger size room, even tho I doubt we will get much sleep that night (too excited!!). Is there anywhere that does rooms like US-style, with 2xdouble beds and then a pull-out for the youngest? Like I said, I'm a bit ahead of myself on this one but boy, do I like to plan ahead!!!!!! :biglaugh:
  20. Guest

    Sat at Heathrow, bored.....

    Yes, that might not get much in the way of sympathy from some of you who are not heading out to Oz for some time yet (I'll be arriving Saturday morning, but just thought that I'd share that!):biglaugh: I hear it's pretty warm in Brisbane, so can't wait to get there again (second time this year). Hunting for houses and schools this time, in preparation for OH and two kids to come over next month. Sitting here reminds me why I hate Heathrow so much, but apparently my new employers couldn't get a flight direct from Manchaster or Brum this time round. Dave
  21. Guest

    Heathrow Terminal 3

    Hi all I took Mum to LHR T3 on Saturday for her flight back to Oz. The place is completely chaotic and I would advise anyone who has to use it to get there at least 5 (yes, five) hours before the scheduled time of departure. The Fire Exit doors were wide open and everyone was treating them as ordiary doors. The place was packed with people marked Security but none of them were watching any of the doors. A bomber with a rucksack full of explosives wouldn't even be noticed, let alone challeneged, so I don't know why they are making such a fuss about the planes. They could just blow up the buiding instead with no trouble at all. I didn't see a single policemen in the 3-4 hours I was there either. They have installed a small weighbridge in the floor or each check-in zone and they are making economy class passengers weigh their luggage before letting them join the queue. Singapore Airlines were being feociously strict about excess baggage on Saturday. I don't know whether that was because the flight was full or whether the airlines are all being strict about excess baggage as a way of discouraging passengers from taking too much. They are enfir#orcing the hand luggage restrictions very fiercely indeed. The bag can be quite llarge but it must not weight more than 7kg. If it does, passengers are being told to shift some of their stuff into their hold-luggage or the had luggage will have to go in the hold. Consequently there were people re-packing their luggage erywhere that there was a space and check-in is taking forever. Marshals were shouting at the queues of passengers that if they had two pieces of hand-luggage them must put one bag into the other. Downstairs at check-in was an absolute zoo but upstairs, Departures was worse. There was an almighty queue waiting to go through to the departure lounge via the first tier of security. The tannoy was bellowing at the passengers NOT to join this quueue until 2 hours before their scheduled departire time. I reckon it was taking wrll over an hour to get from the back to the front of this queue, and again there were marshals shouting at the passengers to put one bag inside the other if they had two. I got there 4 hours beforehand with Mum, and because she is disabled she does ot have to queue. They checked her in at the First Class desk to avoid inconvenience to anyone else, and they wheeled her straight through to Departiures without her joining the queue. Even so, though, we were clear of the check-in by 8.59 and they told me to take Mum back to Customer Services at 10.15 am so that they could take her to Departure. The flight was leaving at noon, so I reckon it is taking a long time once the passengers disappear behind the screens. It is minumentally boring for little oes, having to stand around in these queues, aad I'm suprised that none of them were screaming. They are opening the check-ins FOUR hours before Departure now, so if you get there 5 hours beforehand, you should be at the front of the check-in queue. They've built a new carpark for T3 which is miles worse than the old one. Instead of a bridge to Departiures, you have to go down to the ground level to get into Departures without fighting yout way through Arrivals first. They have invested in Supa-Slo lifts which take ages to come and are usually headed the opposite way from the way you want to go, plus they are not very big so they only hold about 12 people with luggage. I do not envy anyone who is facing a trip through that dump and those queues. Cheers Gill