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Found 42 results

  1. Jonno1981

    Medical: Heart condition

    My wife underwent a medical investigation into her heart in June 2012. She used to have occasionally palpitations and we noticed her heart beat seemed slightly irregular on occasions. NHS diagnosed familial sinus node disease resulting in junctional rhythm. No action or treatment was required. It's just something she was born with and does not effect her life in any way. We have a letter from the consultant cardiologist confirming this. Does anyone think this will impact our chances of getting a subclass 489 visa?
  2. Johndoe

    If you've got time

    Read this blog and if you haven't...............make time.....................please. A lovely, brave bloke. http://paul-betros.blogspot.com.au/
  3. Guest

    home is where the heart is

    simple but true in my view--so where does your heart belong australia or the UK--its only one life we are given,and surely we have to live it to our true selves:wubclub: so taking all in to account where does you heart belong:wideeyed:at the end of the day its the only real question to ask yourself--granted its a complicated question--but that's life ,and its your life
  4. Harpodom

    Gok Wan eat yer heart out!

    me: real age 40 mental age 13 facial appearance 14 coronary arteries 65 rest of body 70 average/actual age= 40.4 you?
  5. Hello everyone, Hope you can give me advices or share with me experiences somehow related to my concern. I am an applicant for State Sponsorship Visa. We plan to lodge our Visa Application this January 2012 subject to the release of the State Sponsorship Nomination-SA . I understand that there will be a medical exam along the way. The thing is, I have a congenital heart disease which is called as Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. However, my case is asymptomatic (clinically silent) . I was hospitalized before due to pneumonia in November 2010 and because of Pneumonia, I had heart palpitation which is a manifestation of WPW syndrome. Nevertheless,I visit my Cardiologist regularly and complied with all medical exams requirement. All tests taken in January 2011 and October 2011 reflected a good prognosis, thus, I don't need to take any medication as instructed by my Cardiologist. He provided me a medical certificate last October 29, 2011 stating that I have WPW (asymptomatic), fit to travel and work ,and does not need any maintenance medication. In this regard, given that I have this existing condition, do you think I should still give it a shot? Of course lodging an application will impose financial risk as I need to pay a big amount that's why I am concerned that my medical condition will be the potential deal breaker. :eek: Hope you can shed light on this matter. Warm Regards, mjcg
  6. Which is a smart way of asking what an 'App' is?
  7. Guest

    Heart Reef - Whitsundays

    Hey everyone We are travelling up to Airlie Beach next week and I am looking to plan and arrange some things to do. We are spending 3 days on a boat touring the islands but i really want to see Heart Reef from the air. I have been looking about and all the offers seem to be for full days with lunch/ snorkling etc but i just want the flight. Can anyone recommend a company to go with that is reasonably priced and offers just the flight? Thanks Elaine
  8. Answers on a postcard! :cute:
  9. Guest

    The In-Laws Dilema

    Long story cut short.. The in laws are now discussing moving over to Aus on one of the numerous parents Visas....5 year plan and all that. The father in law has a drink driving charge his record (For the record he wasnt drunk driving just in the drivers side drunk with no keys, Police did him for it.) Anyway will this stop him obtaining a visa. Thoughts really welcome. D>
  10. Guest

    Heart murmur

    Not sure if i spelt that right lol but my 1 year old pup has a slight heart murmur, which so far we have left alone but could have it looked into more if we wanted to. My question is do you think it will affect us taking him with us? I couldnt imagine life without him :frown: Mandi
  11. paulv

    A Heart Warmer...

    I saw this on BBC World News last night. Have your hanky ready! BBC News - Kidnapped toddler found by internet users
  12. vinnybow

    losing heart

    ive been focused on this for a year now , im a 44 year old carpenter in jersey with two young daughters and wanting a better way of life for my family but am now wondering if all this effort is more than im going to get in return, anyone feel the same
  13. Guest

    Heart murmur

    I just went for the medical for my visa today. I am a fit healthy woman in my thirties moving to Melbourne with my family to work as a midwife. I have never had any health concerns other than mild asthma, however, the doctor at my medical today informed me that I have a (very mild) heart murmur. Will this impact my visa application? Naturally I am a tad worried, despite the doctor saying "don't worry". Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  14. New to the PIO forums so a hello to all. I've recently passed my skills assessment and next stage is to apply for our visa. One question we can't seem to get answered is relating to medical insurance for our son who was born with a severe heart defect. He isn't disabled and appears as a normal, healthy 1 year old that just gets tired easier. We need to find out who we need to speak to and who would be the best insurance company. He is due to have a major operation when he is about 4 or 5 so the insurance would need to cover that and any little operations he may need and ongoing prescription drugs. Am I asking the right questions and have the right understanding of what we need? Appreciate any advice. Cheers, Dave.
  15. Ratchet

    PR with heart 'issues'

    Hi, onetruechris on the better halfs login Put in to go from 457 to pr, all agreed with wife’s work paid money used all documents from 457 all to do just wait for visa. Cue real world pricking the bubble. They've 'lost' my medical from the 457 (only mine not wife or sons!!!!!!) And I need to get another one done Thursday only problem is I had a heart attack 4 years ago (no damage just put on pills for life & did medical in uk last year) Last week had some chest and neck pains went to a & e here they didn’t find anything but put me in to do a stress test today which had abnormal results (not enough blood flow to an area of the heart) this will obviously show up on the Aussie system. Me thinks the fates are conspiring. Trying not to stress but my sons been delayed at school already so if I need to go back its going to have to be soon to get settled and get him in somewhere by September. (Oh and the whole might not make it to a ripe old age) Arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!! Someone tell me I'm stressing for nothing
  16. Hi, I have a dilemma and need calming down :-) I have a great job offer from a big telco corporate based in Sydney. They want me to get there for the end of June - with wife and kids. They are not paying anything towards the move but the job and salary are very good. The job is in strategic marketing, something I have a lot of relevant experience in (lots of years), but I do not have formal qualifications. I'm in position now where both my wife and I have resigned due to the sheer volume of stuff that needs doing but of course, we do not yet have the 457 visa as yet. This is causing me to despair as I'm now without income and eating up our savings, I'm reluctant to book flights, accommodation etc as I cant be certain the visa will be approved!! I have just been allocated a Migration Advisor and will be talking to them soon, but having looked at the forms, I'm just worried that my lack of formal qualifications could complicate this!! Tell me I'm being silly and that it will all be ok .. please!! :-)
  17. Englishlover

    How to win English man's heart?

    Any tricks?:yes:
  18. Hey all Thanks ever so much for looking at my post, Myself and my hub are working ourselves to the bone and supporting our family on a shoes string to get our Oz dream (as of most of you i should imagine) Im heartbroken to think that my dream now may never happen?? am I right?? does anyonne have a glimmer of light? or are all my dreams dashed, im heartbroken!!! boo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Txxxx
  19. Guest

    child with heart condition

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, so i would appreciate any help.:biggrin: I am hoping to migrate to Adelaide in the near future, but before i make the application for the business visa I am trying to establish what my chances are passing the medical with a child who has a heart condition. She is 12 years old and has had open heart surgery 10 years ago, she doesn't take any medication, but will need aditional surgery (replacement valve) - sometime in her lifetime, the indications are at least 5 years away, could be a lot more Has anyone applied for a visa with this type of condition? Does anyone know where I might be able to get advise/ info/ help Any help will be gratefully received...........
  20. monkeymandness

    Think I've just broken my Dad's heart :(

    Hi all, hoping you can make me feel a bit better about myself. Been on the emigration trail for a couple of years now. Familys knew about this from the start and have delt with it in very different ways....... Mum has basically disowned me and the kids and we have not had contact with her for months. To begin with I tried again and again to gently heal the rift between us. She thinks we are being v selfish and had reacted by being hurtfull and wanting no contact. Even threw us out of the house when we visited on her birthday and quite literally threw her present, card and lovely picture my 5 year old son had carefully drawn for her back at us. My son was so upset and confused we decided enough was enough and I have given up trying.............Fortunately for me I have a lovely Dad who has put on such a brave face throughout. Got our visas and are going to Perth to validate in 4 weeks..........However hubby has got an oppertunity to leave his job with a release package on 31st December! Not definate that he will get it but has to apply by the end of the month. Sat my Dad down today to tell him about our situation and he said all the right things, bless him, but he was welling up. To make matters worse my Dad is terrified of flying-even of other people flying. Plus he is self employed and does not have funds to pop over to see us if and when we move. Anyhow my step mum told me he thinks when we go he will never see us again.........I explained to him that we want to try this out and it doesn't mean we wont see each other again. I intend to visit maybe not every year but possibly every other year and I hoped he might be able to come and see us.....When I said this he started to cry...........so did I and we just hugged for a long time. Then he said he had to go and drove off looking absolutely broken. He was really trying to hold it together for me but I could see how much he is hurting. I feel like such a **** causing people to hurt so much. My husband doesn't have much family. His brother lives there already and his parents go over 4 times a year so it is different for him and he doesn't really understand how I feel. He is desperate to go and I want to but feel so torn between doing the right thing for my immediate family-my husband and kids and doing the right thing for everyone else-the rest of my family and my dear friends. Do other people go through these sort of things?
  21. We are going home to England at the end of this month and on a trip to the vets she casually asked if i knew Molly had a heart nurmer. I was shocked because 6 months ago she had been the fittest 12 year old dog the vet had seen whilst getting her rabies jab. We are flying in the middle of the night and she is supposed to follow on another flight in the morning. What will i do if she is not okayed to fly? The vet says he doent see why she shouldnt fly but Jetpets say it depends on what their vet says at the final check. I am so worried and wondered if anyone had flown a dog with a heart murmur before. SHe has no other probs apart she is 2 kilos overweight but on a diet and has lost some already. She has dry eyes as well and thats why she was at the vets anyway. I hope someone will put my mind at rest as i would be heartbroken if she was grounded here without us.
  22. I just can't believe it.....just few minutes before got a mail from CO asking for pending documents...JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT....OH MY GO...IT'S AMAZING... Now it feels that we are almost there.....:hug::hug:
  23. Hi guys. My family had their medicals today, myself and my 2 children went ok but my husband has been referred to a cardiologist as the doctor detected a slight heart murmer. Has anyone else had the same problem and did it effect your meds being finalised and prevent visa being granted???????????????????:unsure: I'm probably overreacting but when you get this far in the process you tend to stress over the slightest ......... Can anyone put my mind at rest??????????????:unsure: Many thanks Helen
  24. n111kkx

    Congential Heart Condition

    I am a 38 year old mum of one, and my husband and us are just starting the process to possibly emigrate to Victoria. My sister is living in Sydney and we are looking to get state sponsorship and my husband is taking his vertassess as a General Electrician on Friday. I have a congenital heart defect (hole in the heart and split valve), this was only picked up when I was 34 weeks pregnant. It was there since birth but as I have always been healthy it was never detected. 6 months after having my daughter I had to have open heart surgery to repair the hole and the valve. This was all done 6 years ago and I just have annual checks to make sure all is ok. One day I may need the valve replacing but no sign of that yet. I take a very low does of Ramipril for slightly raised blood pressure and I take warfarin. I currently have 3 jobs and run around after a 6 year old and am fit and healthy, I have no side effects from my heart but just need an annual check. Could this stop our emmigration? I am reluctant to pay for a full visa application if this will stop us. Can anyone advise? Thank you
  25. My OH and I had our CPV acknowledged 1st April 2008 and after a 16 month wait we are eagerly anticipating getting our CO very soon. It is one of the few things that is keeping us going at the moment as my much loved eldest son died tragically and suddenly in January at the age of only 37 and we are devastated. The only thing worrying us about the move to Oz is the sale of our house as we really do not want to leave it rented out. We had a buyer back in April but she had problems getting her desposit together and it fell through. 3 weeks ago we had a nice Polish couple look at our house but nothing came of it. Two weeks ago our daughter in law (who is in Oz) found a beautiful, small wooden statue of an angel and when she saw it she thought of us as I had told everyone that I felt my son was now an angel in heaven as he was so loved while alive. She sent it off to us and we received it last Saturday morning and guess what? 4pm Saturday afternoon the nice Polish couple came to the house again and they had been getting a mortgage in place and have put in an offer which we have very happily accepted. Our angel has answered our prayers. Thank you son xx Monica