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Found 14 results

  1. I wanted to ask if anyone knew how easy it was to get into the system to get support for a deaf baby with hearing aids. I am hoping to emigrate with my family next year either to Perthy or Adelaide with a work sponsored Visa (I am a midwife). I wanted to know if there was any support I could get while on a temporary visa or is financial assistance only given to permanent visa holders. Any help regarding deaf support would be gratefully received.
  2. Hi, Does any hard of hearing people have been refused a visa?? As i wear hearing aids as a kid and have no problems mixing with other people. Any info would be greatful:smile:
  3. :confused:Hi guys, For those who still remember I had problems with my 885 visa as I did not meet the 120 points due to lack of work experience ( I am a registered nurse but had claimed work experience for having worked as an enrolled nurse) and my case was at the MRT. I was invited to a hearing and was given two options, 1. to apply for 886 family sponsored or 2. rewrite IELTS to acquire at least 7 in each component so as to get the 25 points. Having considered my options I thought the IELTS might be a bit tricky for me to get 7's so have decided to go for the 886 family sponsored. I have lodged my sponsor's documents today 4/5/10 with DIAC as directed by MRT and they have asked me to notify them when I lodge the sponsorship documents and when the sponsorship is approved. My Question is how long does it take for the sponsorship to be approved given my case is still with the MRT? Am wondering whether the English would have been a better option time wise? Thanks guys any ideas and help will be appreciated
  4. Guest

    MRT Hearing

    Hi ! My name is Vivian, I live in brisbane...on 25th of august I had a MRT hearing for my 457 Visa. We supplied with all the documents which were not included during the lodgement of my visa last year ( thats coz of my agent's fault, he messed up big time and has a habbit of forgetting things and didnt submit the required documents as per the rules and regulations) anyhow the reason why my visa application was refused was the business not being an approved sponsors, there was no training plan in place and the case officer at dimia was not happy with the companys financial statement. on 25th august the tribunal member asked for a detailed financial statement which should show a split of wages. Showing super, wages, and wages spent on training , the member being very kind and understanding the fact that we are not a big business and that the my previous migration agent screwed up gave us 7 days to submit this financial statement which should show a split of wages and wages spent on training. he was fine with rest of the things presented and discussed during the case hearing ....he said after he recieves the financial docs he will take two weeks to finalize my case. Do you reckon this is a good sign ? or does MRT usually takes 2 weeks time to decide and send its decision by post ? Most of my friends said that if the member had to refuse my case he would have done it straight away, but coz he understood the facts which we gave him about the preious agent not being supportive and that he messed up the case, plus understood the fact that we are a medium scale business he gave us 7 more days. have anyone of you been through this before or is this a general procedure for taking 2 weeks time to send the decision by post ? Do I have a chance to get my 457 visa ? should i keep my fingers crossed or ? :confused: please do comment and leave your valuable feedback thanks guys ! Vivian
  5. I registered with RSPCA Qld to adopt a dog rescued from one of those heart breaking puppy farms. They rescued over 200 dogs from a farm in Wondai and I am going to meet and greet one of them, Lily who is a 3 and a half year old Yorkie/Maltese. I can't wait to meet her and hopefully she likes us and we can adopt her and give her the love she deserves. Our landlord has told us we can have a small dog so fingers crossed all goes well with our meet. Monica x
  6. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/awesome-air-traffic-controls-take-a-child-to-work-day-1915811.html http://www.examiner.com/x-19632-Salt-Lake-City-Headlines-Examiner~y2010m3d3-Air-traffic-controller-suspended-for-letting-his-child-direct-air-traffic-at-JFK :mad:I am not too sure if I would be happy to hear this on my flight! I just heard the young lad on ABC this morning from the control tower giving instructions to the pilots:embarrassed:
  7. My daughter bless her managed to leave her hearing aids on the plane in singapore when we travelled back to the uk and the airline have not been very helpful even though they were informed as soon as we realised. I have spent the last week trying to sort out new ones the travel insurance company will only give me 500 dollars even though when i booked insurance they stated would come under medical now they are saying they are accessories . (not an accessory i think we all want) I have spoken to nhs hospital but they say because i have been out the country more than 12 months but hae been back twice they class me as a paying patient and i dont get any help in australia as i am on a 457 visa :arghh: My daughter is 0bviously very distressed by this also the fact she is missing out on conversations any help advice would be appreciated
  8. hi all have a slight hearling loss, have a hearing aid don't wear it haven't had tests or been to a specialist for 8-10 years i recon now do i declare it on question 24, ' an ongoing physical or intellectuall disability' or wait til the doc fills there section and tell them so they can fill in the details onthe hearing section'17' please any advice will make me hapy :jiggy: Nadine
  9. Guest


    I hope someone will be able to answer this. Wasn't quite sure which forum to put it on. I am over here on a 457. Two years in, two to go. My hearing has deteriorated and although I am nowhere near deaf I would benefit from using a hearing aid in at least one ear. The new small digital hearing aids here in OZ are very expensive and seem to be about twice the price they are in the UK. I have OZ health insurance but it isn't going to cover much of the cost. So I was wondering - as I am back in the UK for a couple of weeks in August is there any chance I could use the UK NHS to deal with the testing and consultation, fitting and then purchase in the UK. I realise that getting the NHS to supply them as well is something of a long shot. Anyone know?
  10. Hi there, does any know how long it usually takes to hear back from the board about nursing registration. I sent my documents off on Monday and obviosuly I am not expecting to hear anything yet but I just wondered if anyone could tell me how long it takes for post to reach australia and how soon they heard back. Ive applied to WA board if that helps. Also I was going to ring to see if they had arrived but not sure how long it takes. Cheers
  11. Hi to Everyone!!! I am currently awaiting for a Court hearing to take my ex-partner to Court so she can sign the relevant forms (1229 and the Statutory Declaration). Please can someone who has actually been through the actual court process, advise me what actually happens. I am currently trying to gather information on, what money we have, where will we live, what will my daughter do when she gets there, what access arrangements can be put in place etc. But I just cannot provide this at this moment in time because this is still only at the actual main visa application bit of the process. Which we all know, we can still be refused the visa. Before I can actually provide more definite details I will have to wait and see if I actually get the visa in the first place. No point in making plans yet because we have not gain the visa yet. Can you help. Tony (39) and daughter Shannon (16)
  12. hey all, i have had a slight hearing loss from a very young age i have a hearing aid but do not wear it, i can hear conversations maybe need to see peoples faces more than others do, but do not think it interferes in every day life. i havent had a hearing test in about i duno say 8 years. wil this affect my medical and should i have a new hearing test with records etc letter from doc to take with me to medical.
  13. I wrote the following question to Australia house: I am hard of hearing, and have taken the IELTS test twice now. The results of the listening module were 6.5 the first time, 6.0 the second time around (special test for the hard of hearing). The results for the other three modules were between 7.5 and 9.0 on each of the tests. To obtain the 10 points we need to be able to apply for our visa, I need band 7 on EACH of the modules. However, it looks like that's never going to happen, as I can't hear every single word. Is there any way that I can get exemption from the listening part, and still obtain my 10 points at all? Can you refer me to somebody that can help me with this problem? This was their reply: Unfortunately there are no provisions to receive an exemption. So they are saying that because I am hard of hearing, NOT because I do not understand English, I cannot get the points I need for a visa, and will not be able to apply for a VISA??? Isn't that discrimination under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995? I am a translator from English into Dutch, have received my TRA from NAATI as a translator, so there is plenty of evidence that my understanding of English is more than sufficient. I just can't hear very well!! Isn't there anybody out there who can help me with this problem at all??? I am desperate and feel extremely frustrated because this is to do with my handicap, nothing else.:arghh: Any advise is welcome! Thanks, Karin
  14. Mehiho

    Hearing test for medicals

    hi Can you please tell me how do they do the hearing test for the medical as my son has partial inner ear loss in both his ears and needs hearing aids as he mis-hears words.I am worried that this will affect the outcome.Has anyone passed the medical with having hearing aids. Thanks in advance Mehiho