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Found 31 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this site have just started my application to Melbourne!! I have been offered a 457 Sponsorship and just wanted to chat to other Midwives who are or who have been in the same position. :biggrin:
  2. Are you and your family about to move to Sydney? ITV series Poms in Paradise would like to hear from you! We're looking to speak to people who are moving to Sydney from the UK before mid January 2012. We're looking to speak to people before they go to find out why they've decided to move, how they are preparing and what their hopes are for their new life down under. We'd then like to catch up once you are in Sydney to see how you are getting on. If you'd like to be involved or are just interested to find out some more then please contact Jess at Century Films ASAP on 020 7378 6106 or jess.franses@centuryfilmsltd.com
  3. Hi Poms in Oz Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but here we go and I need to get my thoughts out of my head and hopefully provide some advice to Brit's coming out here. First of all yes I'm from North East England and 30 years of age and single, I had a job in the mines in WA up until November 2010. Being sponsored and having been made surplus to requirements I had 28 days to find another job. So on my 27th day a job comes up in Sydney,which obviously I had to take. 15th January I land in Sydney and at the same time start my job up in the hills district, the company provided accommodation for 2 weeks, which went incrediblly quick and in fact so quick I didn't succeed in trying to find somewhere after much plea bargaining with work my accommodation was extended by a week.-There is a crazy amount of competition for rentals in the bracket I can afford and I've found that to get anything decent you have to pay at least 500 a week and even then that doesn't come with furniture. I was once advised by an estate agent in Sydney to purchase a furniture pack for $2000!! Within this time frame I also had to buy a car, again after much plea bargaining with work they wouldn't provide a hire car or any allowance or I ended up on Paramatta Road and ended up buying a 21 year old Toyota Camry. Little did I realise even after a road test that the gear box had gone and the car also had a damaged wheel bearing, all of which cost near enough a grand to fix. Needless to say 3 months ago I scrapped the car and got $100 for it, yes lesson learned. After the 3 weeks in company paid accommodation I then ended up in a house share in North Rocks, which only lasted 3 weeks I was accused of creating an infestation of ants and wasn't allowed to put the air con on even considering the high temperatures at night. From there I then moved to a motel in Blacktown, a holiday Inn and then finally into Meadowbank with a couple. After 6 months in Sydney and much perserverance I'm now fairly settled in Meadowbank, but have no circle of friends and have not been able to save any money (considering I'm on quite a decent salary), but feel that reflects the cost of living in Sydney. I feel I'd like to live in the city, but that is only going to add to the cost of living considering the road tolls, increase in rent and extra fuel to get up to the office. I have now used most of the money saved from the mines in WA during last year to finance living in Sydney. Therefore losing any sort of financial security I once had. I'm now considering the following: Returning back to the UK-sourcing work first, being amongst friends and family once more seems an easy option!! or Returning back to the mines either in QLD or WA-anybody on here got any contacts? Whereby I can then enhance my career and also get some money behind me. I honestly feel that if anybody is going to come out here they need to be financially prepared and also willing to fight, it may be easier being married or being in a relationship, but I find my life is no real different to that that I once had in the UK. And if your going to buy a car check it out with the NRMA and be aware of the sharks on Paramatta Road! If anyone on here can see where I'm going wrong or could may add further to what I've written I'd greatly appreciate the advice and guidance. Look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Guest

    Waiting to hear...

    Hello everyone! We have recently had our medicals and police checks...so now we are just waiting to hear. We have our studies to finish and are looking to move move to Queensland this time next year. We are looking at Noosa and surroundings areas. Does anybody have any advice, information etc about these areas? We have a little boy who will be 5 next January and so will need a good school etc. I work as a counsellor & psychotherapist and my husband works within the construction industry so any info that anyone has about working would be good to. Many Thanks Becks x
  5. Dear All We sent our AITSL two weeks ago and was wondering when we should expect a confirmation of receipt of our application. Also how long after receipt can you expect to wait to hear from them to see if your skills test passes? I know 8 weeks is the round about time, has anyone had theres back any quicker? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  6. Morning all, Well after our grant on thursday it felt like it hadnt sunk it, but weve both been ill all weekend and i think thats taken the edge off our excitment, so we woke this morning and are feeling so much better, when i woke this morning there was little sun peering thru the blind the window was open and all i could hear was the sound of the birds cheeping and calling, it was lovely and im sure helped me wake in a better mood. I love hearing the birds forst thing in the morning as i know its kind of nice out if theyre singing away. It reminded me of when we were in brissy and we would wake every morning to a chorus from the resident lorikeets in the trees it was lovely. So just take 5 mins to sit back relax, close your eyes and listen to wahts around you, i bet youd be surprised at what you miss when your not really listening! Have a great day everyone were finally celebrating with a bbq this afternoon, no doubt in our coats, but you know what i dont care coz im going to live in australia!:jiggy::jiggy:Kelly x
  7. 'To Your Left Please Sir' :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::notworthy::wubclub::wubclub: Cheers Tony.
  8. D'yer ever hear a song you love in your head,and have a need for an immediate fix?Like I want to hear it NOW!!!.Right now(as i'm piised a lottle bit) i need to listen to Dear Mister Fantasy by Traffic.:yes:Gimme some of your faves.:wink:
  9. you know your from brissy when...............over 25 degrees is normal .......you know what colour a Poinciana is.............. mangoes don't have to be bought at a fruit shop, you can find a spare tree somewhere in your suburb........................when it rains - it pours... steam rises off the bitumen and the water running down the gutters is warm!.................a normal winter's day is 21 and sunny...................... have a bottle of aloe-vera ready to go 24/7 365 days of the year............you know Elvis wasn't The King, it's actually Wally Lewis................... you put "but" at the end of a sentence, not the beginning... and didn't realise till now, but.................. your right arm is darker than your left from driving in the sun you wear boardies all summer you cheer for the maroons you know exactly what slip slop slap means....the ekka ...the 4$ breaky at fat boys in the valley in the summer you live in a pool .........the beach is actually warm enough to swim at ..you know you live in the greatest city in the world ................:chatterbox::biggrin::tongue:
  10. Guest

    Is Any hear from CO for SA?????

    Hi every1 I know This is very early to ask this Q. that has anyone got CO from SA..........:rolleyes:
  11. Hi, This is a long shot, but one worth taking... We would love to hear from anyone who applied and was successfully employed by ARG prior to 2010.
  12. Hi everyone Just a quick question for you all. We sent the hard copies of all our required documents to ACT (after doing the initial application online) last Friday (19th November) via Royal Mail Internation Signed for. We've tried checking the Track and Trace code and it hasn't confirmed that it has been received by ACT yet. We were just wondering what other people's experiences have been like, and how long it took between sending the documents and ACT confirming that they have received them. Thanks in advance for your help Natalie
  13. Bod

    Baby's Hear

    Early hours of this morning My little Girl Bonnie come along. She's a wonderful 8 £der. Just got to learn how to be a dad now. She's so beautiful.
  14. 'Call Kaye' is a phone in morning discussion programme on BBC Radio Scotland, presented by Kaye Adams. We are keen to hear your stories about having left the UK and settled in Australia... What makes your life more happier? Would you recommend it to other people? We will be talking about this at 09.30-10.00BST on Tuesday 8th June , so it would still be a reasonable time of day for us to call you there. Send us your thoughts and a contact telephone number Look forward to hearing from you and having you on the show!
  15. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/nationalinterest/stories/2010/2918752.htm
  16. 'Call Kaye' is a phone in morning discussion programme on BBC Radio Scotland, presented by Kaye Adams. We are keen to hear your stories about returning to the UK after living in Australia... Why did you return and why did you come back? We are also happy to talk to people who are still living in Australia but thinking about coming back... The programme is on air 08.45 - 10.00BST, so it would still be a reasonable time of day for us to call you there. Send us your stories and a contact telephone number Look forward to hearing from you!
  17. Hi, My partner applied for his PMV on 21st January, got an instant response the next day from CO asking for Meds, managed to do the Meds on that monday, like 2 days later... he did his medicals just over 4 weeks ago now and we havnt heard from the CO not even to confirm he has meds..... I'm trying to plan a wedding here! so he emailed the CO 2 weeks ago and has been trying to call friday, yesterday and today, just goes to his answerphone, no "out of office reply" or anything with regards to email. Left message yesterday not sure if this is usual or if im just being inpatient? if the CO ha resigned or gone on holiday would we know about this!?
  18. Hello, I am new to this forum and would be really grateful for any tips on how to avoid messing up a 175 skilled assessment visa! I am a registered general nurse and am about to sit my IELTS english test in August (can't believe they changed the rules and now everyone has to sit this test...I am useless at tests!!):arghh: I then will be ready to send all of my other documents to the ANMC in order to obtain my letter of determination from them in order to then send that with all the other million or so documents needed for the first part of the 175 visa application!! Does anyone out there know how long it takes for the ANMC to process the application for a full skills assessment? It says up to 10 weeks is that realistic? Many thanks for any help that you lovely people could give me. Cheers Mabel!!
  19. Hi Just a quick question for my impatient mind really! We are applying for 176 state sponsor visa, have done all meds, police checks and have uploaded all extra docs requested by our CO, everything is in place now.:biggrin: How long did it take for people to hear if they have been successful getting a visa or not? I am obsessed with checking the status of my application and need to regain normality so if i know when others heard it may calm a little!! ;o) :chatterbox: Big thanks! x
  20. boogaloo

    How long til hear!!

    Hi guys We applied for 176 state sponsored visa online on 13th October 2008 - we got a Co in January 2009 and our PC's were sent off in February We have had our medicals and we tracked them with UPS and found they had arrived in Sydney on 23rd February 2009 So as far as i can see we hhve done all we need to for this stage Does anyone have any ideas of the likely wait to hear anything back and if so is it jsut a yes or no or is there another process to go through Thanks:jiggy:
  21. Hi, Fairly new to POI but have already picked up loads of tips thank you all. I have just submitted my folio for the above after getting state sponsorship through Jan 09 for Adelaide. Anyone else applied for this type of visa? I would love to know where you are up to as carn't see many applying for this type? Also if you have any experience/ideas about how to convince a 16 year old daughter that there are other teenagers in Australia????!!!!! Any one with experiences of emigrating with that age group would be great. (taking the family for April for a good look around so I hope this may help a little?!) Thanks again, Liz
  22. Have debated the decision about moving on a 457 with my company to Sydney. Not a decision we came to lightly, but we decided to take the opportunity. We have two children aged 7 and 5. It means us starting again, renting buying second hand goods until we get ourselves established. Keep going from "great opportunity" to " OMG it could be a huge disaster"! Would like to hear from people with their experinces, is it worth it? Is the lifestyle that different?:wacko:
  23. :jiggy:Hi all i started my visa in march 07 and now everything has been received and i have a co just for a bit of fun lets see who can guess the date i will hear news about my visa good or bad hopefully good . Cheers Paul family.
  24. Guest

    click hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

    :realmad:i need friends NOW! my name is courtney and i am 11 and i am very talkitive and a bit weird:goofy: courtney xx ps:my friends call me court
  25. I sent my spouse visa application last week, and am just wondering how long it normally takes for someone to contact you to ? Are we talking days, weeks or months ??!!! Thanks x