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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I'm desperately seeking information/advises relating to my situation. We applied 143 contributory parent visa for my dad. My dad suffers Parkinson's disease for 8 years. He is 73 years old, and probably on the stage 2 of the disease which has 5 stages. That means that despite some symptoms, he is dependent and able to complete normal physical tasks. However, we start to worry that if his medical condition could be a problem for him gaining the visa. If you could share any information, experience or advices, it would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  2. Hi As a healthcare worker I'm just wondering if a positive COVID result (either swab or antibodies) negatively affect the health check or chance of a visa (UK to Aus)
  3. Hi there, I just submitted my EOI for 189 and am quite sure that I will get the invitation within the next few weeks. I want to get the medical check done this week since I am not so sure about my schedule for the next a couple of weeks. I got my health declaration done and received a HAP ID. However, my concern is - once my EOI is accepted and an invitation is sent to me, would it contain another HAP ID? so that my current HAP ID becomes invalid? In other words, when you submit your 189 visa application, is there a page for you to provide your existing HAP ID number if a medical check has already been done before the application? Hope this makes sense. Thanks! Wensong
  4. Greetings, Case officer has emailed to undergo health checks and submit Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) within 28 days. My wife is 6 months Pregnant and we are not interested to have X Ray conducted so decided to defer the medicals till birth of baby. We have following queries 1) I have unfortunately not updated Case Officer with pregnancy status yet. Should we respond back the email with Doctor Report or we have to attached Form 1022 (change of Circumstances) as well? 2) I believe its not possible to submit my medical right now and submit wife medical later on? 2)Is deferring Medical at this stage due to medical reason have any negative affect on the case? 3) What about PCC, should we submit them with in 28 days or should submit it after baby birth along with medicals? We would like to have PCC submit with medicals so that in case of any unforeseen delay we don't need to resubmit PCC. 4) Furthermore as per my understanding I need to submit single PCC for Single Country, doesn't matter if I lived in different cities. Thanks for your support in Advance. Regards Malik
  5. Hi, I am a UK citizen applying from New Zealand for a Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa. I've not yet submitted my application. I have a job offer and employer willing to sponsor me. My queries are with regard to: 1. Skills Assessment- page 35 of the information leaflet states “you may be required to provide evidence of a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority of your nominated occupation”. My nominated occupation is Occupational Therapy and I am aware how to obtain a skills assessment from the assessing authority, OTC. My query is in regard to the how to determine the specific requirement of providing this. The words "may be required" in the advisory information is ambiguous. I want to be certain that it is definitely required, prior to making an application to OTC and paying the $1200 fee. Are there any exceptions where this is not a requirement, e.g in the case of being able to evidence professional qualifications and current registration? 2. Health Requirements-page 42 of the advisory information sates “you may be asked to undergo a health examination”. Again, how should I determine whether or not I will be required to undergo a health examination? Also, I have previously had a health examination for a New Zealand visa application. Is it possible that this will be valid, and if so what time period for medical examination certificates are acceptable? 3. Does my job offer have to be for full time employment (38hrs p/w) or can it part-time for a 457 to be approved? Also the job offer is only until June 2015, are 457 visa for 12 months? Many thanks Emma
  6. My partner is Hypertrophich cardiomyopathy patient with no significant symptoms and not in a need of taking any medicine regularly. Can anybody guide about this condition and its consequences of visa application? Thanks
  7. Guest

    HELP ME marriage visa

    Ok so I my boyfriend is comming from england in 2months for a 3month holiday to australia. I lived in the uk for 3months, got back 1month ago coz i hated it but we want to be together and get married and live here in australia. I dont know which visa to apply for. He asked me to marry him but not offically coz there was no ring..but i guess techiniqually we are engaged. There is a fiance/spouse visa that but i dont know if we should apply for that or just get married while he is here and apply for a married one. but i dont know what one that is. coz the one i read said we can be married but he has to be outside of australia when the visa is approved. that cant be right?? we get married and then he goes back to uk??? also it said something about all applicants who want permanant residency need to pass a health check as well as their immediate family even if they are not migrating to australia. so his mum and dad and siblings all need to pass a health check too? what if he doesnt talk to them anymore or they wont do it coz they are just awful people (long story). also i heard the health check can take like 4months but his visa is only a 3month holiday and if we apply for the fiance one in australia he has to be in australia when it is approved. but what if it takes longer to approve than his 3month visa, then we are screwed! Im so stressed out about all of this. Its so hard and i cant find the answers i need. Someone please help me. What are my options if we get married while he is in australia, what do we apply for???