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Found 62 results

  1. Why oh WHY did I have to think of The Osmonds? I'm so sharp! Now all I want to do is to rip all my clothes off and run through Sydney singing my song. The only bit that would get me arrested is the song too!
  2. Hi can anyone give any advise on primary schools in or around the Halls Head area. We are moving to Halls Head in January 2011. We have a 7 year old boy. I'm not the best on the internet, but i'm finding it impossible to get an email address for any schools. I would like a good sized school for him, preferably with a 60 children intake or more. Can anyone give any info on any of the local schools, or has anyone got a good link. What are the waiting listd like? Is it realistic to think that he could start school in Feb? Thanks Zoe x
  3. Its worse now!...... :wacko: I dont know if im coming or going, what with looking for a car (& its so different to buying in the Uk) ....Thinking about what area we may like to settle in & not seeming to get anywhere.....:confused: It really isnt helped by the fact its so hot, I have a young baby & im pregnant :goofy: :wub::wacko::confused: ......Any advice!? :twitcy:
  4. MamaPesa

    When to head for Canberra....

    Hi All, First of all, on a forum about going to oz I fully expect everyone to just say 'go NOW' but I'm hoping for some thoughts either way as I really cannot decide what to do. I have no visa issues (I'm Australian, husband Kiwi living in London) so am able to choose when to move back to Oz. My decision is basically when to go back (VERY excited about going back at last :jiggy:). Originally, we were going to quit jobs in April and go camping in Scotland as a holiday before heading back to try living in Canberra. However, now the OH really doesn't like the thought of winter although I'm the one that feels the cold. We've also recently done a bit of a budgeting exercise and are not sure we can do any more than about 10 days in Scotland anyway. Choice 1. Leave as we were going to, have a reduced holiday in Scotland and arrive in Canberra for approx MAY, just in time for another winter! Choice 2. Leave in JAN (we've got a holiday booked over Xmas with my sister who also lives here so can't leave before then), straight into Canberra without having much of a break from work or much money so will need job quick smart but have a couple of summermonths. I'm really stuck and cannot decide which to do - put up with winter here or have less money when we get there. I'm also concerned about everyone saying Jan/Feb is really bad timing to arrive in Canberra. How bad is it really though - is it just that its harder to find rentals than other times of year or is it really impossible and we just shouldn't be entertaining the idea?? Thoughts would be gratefully receieved.... :unsure:
  5. Hi all, I have a position going for a head chef in a busy restaurant in Dee Why, 200+ seater a la carte menu. Please contact me if you are interested and would like to apply/need more details. :biggrin:
  6. Hello all, We are possibly moving interstate from the Central Coast NSW to Melbourne, Vic. Hubby's future (fingers crossed) office is on Collins Street, near Merchant Street so a way from Flinders Street railway station. While we love the idea of living in Mount Eliza for the space, we have three young children (4.5, 2.5 & 1) and two large dogs. We fear the commute might be too much. Hubby at the moment is commuting roughly 2hr each way. He said he doesn't mind just over an hours commute and likes the idea of the tram. He also wants the kids to go a coed school. So, which suburbs (preferably East, Bayside) are within an hour commute be near to private coed schools that have an ELC program ideally? I am also looking for somewhere with a community as being a pom married to an Aussie I haven't found it that easy in Sydney to make new friends. Cheers
  7. I've very wimpily been postponing my departure so I can talk on line to my friend Brigitte in Germany. Even gone so far as to tell her I'd PREFER to talk to her than go to the beach. The acid test will be if I want to go to the pub next time she is on line!
  8. Hi all, I am an aspiring migrant waiting in the queue for external checks to complete. In the meantime, I am going out with fervor to soak up on Australian customs and values so I won't make a right fool of myself when I move over. One of the recent threads has put some questions into my head and I am hoping the forum members here can help to answer them. The main question I have is, let's say a spouse inflicts wounds on themselves and report violence to the authorities. How do they make a decision whether the person putting in the complaint is being honest or not? My knowledge of spouse relationships in Australia comes from talking with people while traveling around Sydney in buses/taxis or chatting up people while waiting around in a food court. This, by the way, happened last year. I have only been able to talk with men in this manner. And the picture they portray is truly horrific. They put themselves across as being the victims. One guy told me he has had to lose ownership of three houses to three different spouses over time. Another guy complained how his father was an alcoholic and his mother would slap the father on the face which has left him mentally scarred. And all of them strongly expressed the opinion that seeking a spouse relationship with a western person would be utter folly. I know quite some british men who have are married to japanese or filipino ladies. But I am not willing to base my opinion on just this limited world view. Could you guys add more color to my worldview here? Many thanks in advance for everybody's input!!!
  9. Hi people, Thought I'd post this today when im off work sick and the OH isnt around to see what I'm writting.... IM STRESSED!!!!!!!! Although I'm only coming to OZ on a 1 year working holiday visa with the hopes of extending it to 2 by fruit picking etc im so stressed.... Everything from the big things like money, where we are going to stay right through to what plug sockets does OZ have so I can charge my phone are on my mind. I seem to be very up and down. 1 day im radiculously excited and cant wait, the next day im a crying mess saying I cant afford it and Hell have to go without me. He knows im stessed and upset with it all but I try not to let it show cos I dont want him to worry more. He has been planning on doing this for about 5 years now (although I use the word plan very losely!) where as Ive only been planning this since June and has told me several times that it is such a rollercoaster and it is always like that... 1 day your up 1 day your down. Im just wondering how everyone else copes with this? how do you stop yourself going mad?? Also im feeling very homesick right now! (odd as I still live in the UK but heres a bit of background....) Im originally from Newcastle where all my family still live, I moved to Manchester for Uni 5 years ago. Back in Feb I moved to Buckinghamshire for my first graduate job. Since moving to Bucks my gran has had another heart attack, my nephew has been born and my brother has decided to get married in vagas next month (which I cant go to cos I cant afford it cos Im saving for OZ) now dont get me wrong, I am still 100% set on OZ... I am going regardless but i keep getting these urges to cry and run home to my mam! lol stupid as Ive always been a very independent person but right now I feel as though Im missing so much of my family changing that im a bit of a stranger now! Theres also a real possibility that my gran will die over the next year or 2 and im worried that I wont be in a position to fly back for the funeral. I know I cant plan my life around her dying, and im not going to... I just have all these things flying around my head that I need to get off my chest! ARGH!:arghh:
  10. Guest

    I'll get a big head

  11. Guest

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Hello folks! We are off to Perth hopefully at the end of the year once we have finished selling the house. We had always been set on moving to Secret Harbour as had heard so much about it from friends who live there. Since reading some threads on here I am now a little put off and having been researching other suburbs that might be suitable. Well now I have a list of suburbs and have no idea which one to choose and how to even pick the final two!! So, I am calling on the lovely folk on here (I may also post on Perthpoms) who have lived/visited any of these suburbs to try and help me make a decision! :wubclub: I suppose our main criteria are as follows: Good primary school for my five year old soon (happy to consider private) Good community feel (we are used to a village) Lots of outdoor space and parks as my son has sooooo much energy to burn!! Low crime area Quiet area as not a city girl but love to visit for shopping! Hubby will be working in CBD so will need to get the train. Happy to be driving distance from the beach but as long as its easy to get there! Last of all, here are the suburbs that I have looked at: Secret Harbour Melville Duncraig Atwell Baldivis Leeming Mundaring area (Perth Hills) (issue with bushfires??) If you can think of any others that you think sound like they fit my requirements, please let me know but I am trying to reduce the number not increase! So any good points and bad points would really really help me as I am desperately trying to decide!! Your help and advice is as always very much appreciated.:wink: Nicky xx
  12. Guest

    Enough Savings to head back

    Hi There everyone, first timer on the forum. My UK wife is pregnant and due in Nov 2011 and wants to head back to be with the family when we have the baby in Feb 2012. I am really excited to relocate with her and think it is a great idea. I have qualifications in Aus that have been certified to NVQ level 3 in a couple of areas of work. We have been together 3 years and married exactly 1 year! My question is, (and i hope i dont get in trouble for posting this in this area) do you think 10000 pounds would be enough savings for the visa application for settlement especially with having a baby? We have a letter from her father stating we can stay with him for as long as we want, he is well off with a good job and is paying off a mortgage comfortably by himself. I am stressing out big time as i dont want to ruin our chances of going back and spoiling it for my wife. I know it most probably goes on case by case basis as i have read but just from peoples experience, do you think this would hopefully be enough. Cheers everyone. Deej
  13. Hi all! Well I'm still floating around in the background reading everyones excellent threads/info... I'm in the process of looking for work in Oz starting September, however, although working in what seems to be a high demand industry (engineering/geology), I don't seem to be having much interest or luck with sponsored jobs :sad: I get the impression that there are definitely jobs out there and the major sticking point is not necessarily not being in the country it's employers not wishing to take a punt on someone on the otherside of the world in case they change their mind. Having spoken to a couple of agents, there's a lot of people who test the water and then bail... So the question is... Would I have much more luck rocking up down under with a 3 month holiday visa and armed with CV's if nothing appears before I intend to go? Anyone tried this? If that's what it takes to show a potential employer that I'm not just daydreaming on a Friday afternoon at work then perhaps that's the way forward :eek: Anyway, have an awesome weekend!! :biggrin: Eddy
  14. Have skimmed a few posts on this subject and had a look at www.cityhobo.com, I loved the shoe categories! However, I'm still none the wiser! :goofy: We currently live in a three bed detached house, off road parking and private garden. So in essence would like similar sort of home. The area we live in is a quiet housing estate made up of similar sytle homes, mixture of families and couples of varying ages. We are not bothered by uber trendy locations full of people who air kiss and say darling a lot, nor do we need somewhere with good schools, as like everywhere, you pay for the pleasure. Ideally we want a house with min 2 bedrooms, garden and parking. Near to a station so hubby can get to work as he will be in the CBD. I suppose we value peace and quiet but also like to go out to a good resturant with friends as well. So not bothered by party districts full of clubs and bars. Beaches? Don't know, I suppose you will pay for the pleasure! I'm from the Midlands you can't get much further away from the sea/beaches than that! Closest we get to water is the cut! Just some idea of some areas that might suit, and I can hunt from there! Thanks again for any help you can give.:biggrin:
  15. Hi All, I have been offered a job in Sydney and am looking to accept at the end of the week, (after speaking to another company just in case) They will then be apply for a 457 visa for me. My head is all over, I have looked into this for a long time and now really is the time to do it for me. I am single, 28 and have no ties. My problem is that my tenancy agreement is up at the end of may, and I dont really want to pay more rent anyway that I could keep in my bank for OZ. So I can go and stay at mums and get rid of everything while I am waiting for my visa to be approved. (been advised about 6 weeks) we'll see ! I am just worried, that I will get rid of everything and my house then move to my mums and my visa will get rejected because of the following two reasons 1. I have a drink driving conviction from 2000, and 2. I have a bad credit history and ccj's... I dont even know if these two things can stop me getting a visa, I cant seem to get a straight answer from any website. Anyone know ? Can someone either reassure me that everything will be ok or just give me some sort of pep talk that they know what I am going through ! ha ha Its hard to be so excited, but so uncertain all the time !! Thank you for ANY replies :hug:
  16. Hello I have been researching these two schools could anyone give me any up to date feedback good or bad on either of them? We will have children going into yr 1 and yr 4. Many thanks Michelle
  17. Hi all! I am in a unusual position in that what I am looking for is very different to the usual fare. So I'm looking for specialist info. First, Although my job title is Geotechnical Geologist and an agency has been treating me that way because I am not a chartered geologist so it seems that in the eyes of immigration I am unskilled. I wonder if I should paint it a different way. For example, I am also known as an engineer. I am not a chartered engineer either... but could this be a better way to go I wonder? Second, there is no skill assessment body for both geotechnics or geology. This suprises me in that this is a massive field all the way from building houses to mining. And miners going out to the middle of nowhere are welcome (because it sucks, no aussie will do it!). Third, I work at sea. In fact, all I want to be able to do is work in aussie waters. I wonder if I may have more luck retraining as an able seaman. Fourth, I don't need residency. I just want to be allowed to work in Australian waters, commuting from Singapore. Alternatively I can always retrain. What hands-on career doesn't take long in training but gets you in? -j
  18. Hi all, I recently submitted my request to a migration agent to be assessed, I had very little hope and I really wanted to see if anything changed since my departure from Australia in 2006. I got a reply that rocked my world. Gosh things have changed indeed. :wacko: Let me give you some background: My wife and I did a 2 Year Full time Master in Australia from 2004 until 2006. We then left as the current point system (valid until 2011) did not allow us to stay. I do work as an online Marketing Specialist and my wife is an Environmental Manager. We both have excellent English as we've worked and lived in the UK ever since. Therefore the bit of the new scoring system I get goes like this - this is for my wife - bear with me: Age: 25-32 30 points English: IELTS 8 20 points Qualification: Master 15 points Australian Study: 5 points (Well at least I think as we got 2 full time years back in 04/06) This alone is 70 points (I could be assessed for my skills and get some extra partner points) - nonetheless we read we need to nominate an occupation on the SOL. Well as I mentioned my wife is an Environmental Manager and I could fit into Marketing Specialist both on Schedule 4. Does that allow us to go for Permanent Residency? Should we get Regional Sponsorship first and then apply for PR? Please help us we have searched extensively and unsuccessfully. Overseas Work Experience: 5 to 10 point
  19. Hi Guys I'm a Gas Engineer in the UK working on domestic gas applicances and heating systems. I am 26 years old and started my apprenticeship in 2003. I have 6 years post apprenticeship work experience. I want to move to WA as soon as possible, not so sure if I want to do my job in WA but I will need to use my skills to get the required visa. I spoke with a visa company wwww.visabureau.com and they advised me because of my age it would be best to go on a working holiday visa. This I have now applied for and awaiting for it to come through. The visa company said it would be easier to apply for residence visa once in the country. i am a little unsure if I have been took for a fool here. A friend of mine from work is also in the process of doing his 175 visa and has just sent his TRA to be looked at. He has told me that the TRA is an absolute nightmare and a pain in the reae end so to speak. He was saying that it would be very difficult to get it done while in Australia. I am worried that I may now get the working holiday visa and find myself in a poor situation once in australia. Would it be best to get the TRA and then go on the working holiday... then using the TRA to apply from within the country. Its all over my head at the moment and I really dont know where to start. I dont know anyone in OZ and the internet is my only source of trying to find information. Orr would i be stupid to go to Australia on working holiday visa expecting to be able to apply from within. Also, how much money do you need in the bank for a 175 visa if i were to apply for it from the UK Any advice guys no matter how little would be of great help to me and may give me that little bit of reassurance I need ight now........ I just want to realise my dream and leave the UK for Western Australia.... I have no intention of coming back. Cheers Guys in advance for your help Nick:eek:
  20. Hi All, Just wondered if anybody could advise us of areas for a young couple to head for in WA....I am 26 and my OH is 28. My OH is a builder but will have a car to drive to wherever he finds work but my work will mainly be in the city so will need to have a decent transport link to Perth..... Would be nice to be somewhere not too quiet as we still like to go out, bars/cafes/restaurants etc. Obviously price will be quite important too as we will be renting initially so understand we cannot afford to be too close to the beach (although would be nice!!) about 15-30 mins would be ideal as we like the outdoor lifestyle. Any ideas would be much appreciated as when we were in WA previously we spent most of our time around Freo, it is so difficult chosing somewhere to move to so far away! Thanks
  21. cartertucker

    Head's in a spin ~ Help!

    Ok, so we need to go validate our visas in March! So far, I havent booked or sorted a thing! :embarrassed: (I have a new baby, so been a little busy!) I have made a start on researching flights & also campervan hire, but am so confused what to do....:confused: Do I book direct with the companies (as this seems the cheaper option) or is there a benefit to booking through an agent? I have other people telling me it may be cheaper to stay in motels & hire a car, rather than get a camper van? :confused: I dont know if I should book for 2 or 3 weeks, or choose 17days, so its in the middle? :confused: How long is 'long enough'? (bear in mind we are having to get 'dog sitters' in the Uk) We will be booking with Singapore airlines & im cocerned that they have said we may not get the bassinet I will request! I do not want to be crammed up with a 3 month old baby on my lap! :wacko: Does anyone know how I can guarantee these seats?:confused: Sorry, lots of dilemmas!....:confused::confused::confused: & am I missing anything, what else should I be booking/sorting? (you wouldnt believe that im usually pretty good at organising things, would you! :swoon:)
  22. Nzogbia

    Britain - head shaving. Why?

    I remember years back my mate came back to the UK from living abroad and commented about how 'edgy' the UK had become. He also said he was shocked by the number of blokes with bald/shaven heads, rendering whole swathes of Britain like a 'chemotherapy recovery ward' (his words). I guess you don't notice it as much until you go away and come back. Recently I recorded a few of the Foxtel footy matches, and, just as an experiment (I was bored), I decided to do a 'shave yer heed sampling'. The results were astounding. I freezeframed whenever they panned the camera on to the crowd and in many of the shots 9 out of every 10 blokes had no hair! Honest, I'm not making it up. Now then, I can't believe we've got that big a problem with baldness in the UK, so what is it? Why do fellas shave their hair off, even when they aren't going bald? Is it coz they actually just want to look like Phil/Grant Mitchell? Is it because they think the "you know when you've been Tangoed' birds will find them irresistible (that's a possibility). Anyway, it's just nuts, isn't it? Isn't it?
  23. THE head of the Department of Immigration has made an "urgent" plea for additional staff, claiming his department is struggling to process the rising number of asylum seekers. Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has today released a letter written by the head of the Department of Immigration, Andrew Metcalfe, and addressed to the head of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Conall O’Connell, asking for his help to secure extra staff to process an increasing number of unauthorised arrivals. Immigration department head pleads for more staff | The Australian I suppose this could mean also a shortage of staff all round in this department.
  24. a song to a film--which film--if you guess right,its your go--i will give some rep as a prize to who gives the right answer:wubclub:
  25. mcmillsa

    Head all over the place Oz v Uk

    3 years in Oz been great but have been wanting to go back for a while esp since i found out my dad's cancer had returned and now his treatment isn't working. I returned to see him in March and didn't want to come back here. My husband very happy living here but has agreed to return but would like to get citizenship in a year but now we may not have time to wait. We have excellent jobs here financially better off than we were in the UK, lovely home (that's gone up for sale) kids happy am scared of what we will return to in the UK:confused:. I need to go back to spend time with my dad, do I split the family up for now? Daughter 15, in year 10 how will she fit into schooling again there and son who hates cold. Anyone else been in this position? Don't also want to regret leaving here and not be able to return i know we wouldn't if we could have our lifestyle we have here in the UK meaning financially don't want to be struggling.