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Found 34 results

  1. I am from India. I look like one, so obviously other Indians in Australia do ask me that. Probably they are just checking to confirm. I could as well be Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Middle Eastern, or any one of those countries where people mostly have brown skin. When ever I meet someone who is from India, I do smile, say hi. Just like I smile to anyone who would say hi, no matter what they look like and where ever they are from. But when an Indian says hi, he wants to know these things - Which part of India I am from, when did I come to Australia, on what visa did I come, and how did I manage to get here! I don't want to blurt out my entire immigration experience to this stranger. And then they automatically start talking in Hindi. There are quite a lot of languages spoken in India, and Hindi is one of them. Just because it's an official language doesn't mean I am comfortable speaking in Hindi. Just a little courtesy asking if I am ok to converse in Hindi, would be nice. And while speaking in Hindi, they start talking about white people and the Chinese. Some of them even insult them, in Hindi! It's not nice, really. It makes me sick to my stomach. I remind them that I have good friends who are white, and Chinese. But they don't get it. And they pass judgement about racism. Ah for God's sake! There is lots more, and I can go on and on... but I guess you get the idea. Now, when ever I see another person of Indian origin, I tend to avoid them. And I think to myself, how can I do that. I belong to that kind. How can I hate my own kind. How can I avoid my own kind. And I feel guilty for that. Is there something wrong with me? Is it too much to ask from our friends to speak to us past our skin color? Do I really want to know what that guy/gal thinks about Australia, White Australians, Chinese Australians, etc.? Am I insane to not like my own kind?
  2. rockola57

    Graffitti!I hate it BUT!

    Well i hate Graffitti,it is a blight on Today's World for sure.But i must admit sadly that i have seen some that has made me chuckle:embarrassed:The best one was Donkeys years ago in a public Toilet Cubicle,:biglaugh:It said"Captains Log....Stardate 16/10/78...Beamed down for a Shiit":cry::biglaugh::wink:
  3. jewels&john

    Back in the UK - Hate it

    How many other families etc have returned back from Aus as 1 of you havent settled, my husband wanted to return I didnt but I went along with it to save our relationship. I think the uk has gone downhill in the space of 9 months whilst we were away, think a reckie trip to Perth is needed. Anyone else in the same dilemma.
  4. Guest

    I hate Sydney!!!!!!

    I can confirm that I hate this place and the final nail in the coffin is the bunch of pompous rseholes that I work with. Never have I met a bunch of arrogant, boring monotone individuals who only talk about sport (cricket, SOCCER, Aussie Rules) and travelling to Europe etc. Yet no one has travelled in their own country. The people here who are up the corporate ladder are rude and arrogant. This place is expensive, the houses are old and in many cases falling apart, but still cost a million dollars plus. The transport system is just inadequate and poorly mismanaged. The only two landmarks are the bloody bridge and the Opera House (which is in a state of disrepair.....check out the cracks in the tiles if you visit). You would be surprised how many people are leaving this place to seek a better life in this beautiful country....and you know what, I one of them!! Brisbane/Perth....here I come.
  5. It's like trying to fight a war on several fronts at once. Just when I've 'conquered' my nose, it launches another 'assault' on my chest. In between that I have to contend with diversionary attacks on my eyes, throat. If I was working I'd be thinking how typical that I come down on Friday just in time for the weekend. And it's NOT BLOODY MAN FLU!
  6. It's like having a three-day hangover, (assuming they don't drag on and on and on......) without the pleasure of going out for a few drinks first.

    Does God REALLY hate fangs?

    TB Season Four addict.
  8. Guest

    i hate waiting!!!

    hi there my hubby has been for his meds last week and we think they were taken to aus house monday. How long before we get a decision? Is it a good sign they have asked for meds? Could they still ask for more info on us or would they have done that when requesting meds?Is it now just a case of yes or no? I am going out of my mind lol :arghh: my hubby is being quite patient but I HATE WAITING!!!!!! lol any advice would be very grateful J xxxxx:biggrin::wacko: p.s. sorry for all the questions :goofy:
  9. I originally posted this in response to somebody else on another thread BUT just thought I'd throw it open. Just taking a break from packing up my home in Leicestershire getting ready for a new life in Tasmania. My husband is an Aussie - originally from Sydney. We met over here when he came for a working holiday in 1997. We've worked here for 11 years but now he has landed a great job in Hobart. Here's some things that I have come to believe in (BTW if I sound like a patronising cow - apologies! These are just my opinions. Please feel free to tell me I'm an ar*e!:smile:) The grass isn't greener anywhere I love this country. I don't feel a need to leave it. It's got it's bad bits. It always has had. But it's also wonderful and I am very proud of it. I'll always be British. This will always be a home for me. I don't expect to get to Australia and everything in my life be better. In fact I just don't expect either country to automatically make my life better. I've made my grass greener in this country by working my backside off to get to places I want to be. Australia will be no different. Unless you are somewhere like Iraq, The Chad or Burma most countries are pretty much what you make them. That said What suits me won't suit you - try before you buy I am shocked by how many people here don't actually visit the places before they move all their family out there! One man's meat is another man's poison. I hate Queensland. Hate it, hate it, HATE it. I hate the climate. I hate the way it's like hot Norfolk. Brisbane left me cold, the Gold Coast was Skeggy without the pier - URGH! However Sydney, NSW, Perth, Adelaide - fantastic! That's because.... Each state is a nation unto itself You could say that about a lot of cities here but I think it may be even more pronounced in Oz. Like I say I hated Queensland. That's why if you hate where you are now in Oz, and you have only lived there, I would try somewhere else before you say you've had enough. Australia isn't hot Britain It is different. The supermarkets are different (less ready meals but fresher veg?), Medicare is different (More expensive or less waiting?) - As soon as you start comparing you're in trouble. There's good and bad. Like there's good and bad people. I have met some DREADFUL Australians - but then again I have met some DREADFUL Brits. I avoid both. PEOPLE are the same the world over. The world is like a mirror and often just reflects what you are giving out Some people are going to get to Australia and, understandably and rightly, it won't be for them. But sometimes when I read some other threads I think you are so negative why do you think people or a country would be excited to have you around? That sounds so harsh but when you are new it's up to you to make the effort and get involved. It's so hard I know - and combined with homesickness - it can be crippling BUT sometimes you follow the journey of people on this site and they hit Australia thinking a magic wand will be waved over their life. It won't. The fact is - better lives can be made just about anywhere.
  10. Guest

    hate my job - on 457 visa

    Hi - please accept my apologies if this has been covered before, I am in a situation where I have been lucky to arrive in Oz on a 457 visa, problem is, I hate the job so much. Can someone give me some hope that it is possible to find an alternate sponsor / employment on a 457 visa, I know DIAC allow it, is it as hard as it seems to be? :arghh: thanks
  11. Guest

    I hate Australia!!

    I moved here from Scotland 5 years ago now cos my partner is Australian and we were pregnant. 5 years and 3rd child due very soon and I still hate this country it is backward compared to the UK it is beyond funny. I can't even begin with my list of hates banks, medicare, centrelink, mailmen (I really hate the mailmen!) the shops how everything is so bloody expensive. It is cheaper for me to buy stuff online from the UK and get it sent to me than go down the road to the shops it's just ridiculous!! and before anyone says well go back to the UK then I would in a heartbeat I just have a prick of a partner who refuses to leave this dump and won't if I ever leave him give permission for our kids to leave the country so I am basically trapped here til the kids are adults!! I have tried to see past all the stupidness of this country but I feel like a sane person in an insane world. Somedays I wonder how the hell I am going to last. I don't think the UK is perfect far from it but compared to here it's heaven! I am not sure how to like this place I have tried but if it weren't for my kids I'd be gone!
  12. There are a few people on PIO, that are allways saying how much they hate Australia, and how good the uk is. I was just wondering why they stay in a country they hate, and also why did they move in the first place. Thanks Dave Julie Jake Chloe and Tyler
  13. Just moaning, But two hours I will never get back to wait to see if anyone wants to buy our flat! And only one woman came, who has already been on friday, and spent another forty mins in our one bedroomed flat (!) and I can tell has no intention of buying. I like our wee flat and its not nice hearing them whispering! I am very bored, and a little depressed. :sad: Oh well only takes one, although not even convinced I would buy it in this market! Gill
  14. wickett5

    I hate the waiting!!!!!!

    Well this is the worst bit. Waiting for a decision. I accepted the job in Dec 2010. Lodged visa application March 17th (same day we had our medicals). Everything has now been submitted. Received phone call a week ago from 457 sponsors to say the employer part of the visa has been granted. First thing I did was to check on here to see how long visa's were taking to be processed in Perth. Got very excited, when I started reading visa's were being processed very quickly in Perth, then received e-mail from CO at immi on Friday to say 'Due to internal processes there will be a delay in processing your application, we hope to finalise your application as soon as possible' All sorts of thoughts have gone through my mind!!!! Have started dreaming about when or if visa's are granted. I am even waking up before my alarm at 6am to check online progress and still nothing has changed. I know we haven't been waiting long, but everything is on hold until the visa's are granted. Can not put the house up for rental until we know we have the visa, can not sell things untill we have the visa's (don't want to leave ourselves with nothing to sit/sleep on!!) can not book flights until visa's granted. Every time I go to the shop/work I am constantly asked 'when are you going?' 'Thought you would be gone by now' It is driving me insane:jiggy: Trying to stay calm for the kids, have already upset my mum by telling her we are leaving and now she thinks I am the most evil person since Hitler for taking her grand kids away. ..... and then there is the OH, who says 'just forget about it until it happens, don't worry' In my head we are in Perth, have researched everything about a thousand times, just want to know it is all going through. Sorry for moaning, but I think you guy's understand!!!!!!:arghh:
  15. I mis-read/misunderstood something, thought we were cat 2, but only cat 3. Bummer.
  16. LukeM

    Don't you hate it when...

    Sunday 02 January 2011, 07:49 a.m. (Brisbane) A little rant about PiO, by LukeM... So, a few times recently I've noticed that some people like to come on here, make up their posts expecting advice from a more regular member whose head is chokka full of advice and ready to explode and impart their advice to that new user whose mind is full of questions. HOWEVER. They come scrounging for this advice and weeks later you receive no acknowledgement that they ever received, read and appreciated that advice or information you spent precious minutes or hours of your life compiling in a text format just for them so they can be happy and off on their way! :GEEK: Does that not bug you?! No "Thanks", no reply to the post, thread disappears down the list slowly into the pit of un-loved threads. Makes me sad it does sometimes. One such recent example was someone wanted to know about studying computer science in Aus, so I stepped in as the first (and then final!) response and the OP never made a peep again. No "thanks for the suggestions" or a Thanks or a chicken click... my poor chicken is starving and may die soon, thanks to the poster of that thread. :daydreaming: We're all here to help one another... Old and new members alike! I call for an International "Recognise Your Fellow PiO'ers Day" to be nominated. BIG LOOOOOVE. :wubclub: LukeM
  17. Ok, I am apologizing in advance as this will be a bit of a rant. I have always had a problem with recruitment agencies in Australia. Whenever I was looking for work, I looked on Seek and tried for everything, normally with the lovely automated response that the position had been filled. I never have trusted recruitment agencies myself, and now that my OH is out of work, he has been applying for jobs on Seek through recruitment agencies. Well so far, what has happened, has just confirmed my suspicions about recruitment agencies. OH applied for a job on seek through a recruitment agency, had a telephone and face to face interview with the company that was supposed to be hiring, only to be told today, that the job is on hold for god knows how long.... my question is why put a bloody job on seek if it is to be put on hold, and why go through the drama of interviewing people. He also applied for another job on seek, again through a recruitment agency, and was told that there were 2 companies hiring... found out this week, that oh, the jobs are not there. Why oh why do these recruitment agencies put on jobs, and then you find out that either the job is on hold, or that more than likely the jobs don't really exist. Sorry this gets right up my nose.... job hunting is stressful enough without phony jobs being advertised. I now have my husband seeking jobs back in Canada.... who knows, maybe jobs really exist back there.... can't help but to try.. for they certainely don't exist on bloody seek.com here. Sorry rant over. Cheers Karen
  18. Guest

    Love And Hate.

    Sorry about this thread peeps, another nosey and rather boring issue I reckon, but what the hell, hasn't stopped me before.:biglaugh::biglaugh: There are many a psychologist, academic etc that say that the two human emotions that are impossible to keep going with the same intensity are love and hate. They reckon once the initial phase etc has gone, then love and hate change in their tenure. I can see what they are trying to say to a certain degree. I have been married three times and at first meeting the ladies involved the thoughts and emotions I felt are indescribable. Emotions that fill you with all kinds of feelings. You know, you can't eat, your stomach turns to jelly, you become speechless at certain times. (I have felt the same emotions after having seen some of my old girlfriends, but that was for a different reason, :biglaugh::biglaugh::wubclub:) But seriously, those same intense feelings do dissipate after several months and years, BUT. I think the 'love' thing changes. We look more at the REAL person and what they mean to us. It is if you like a far deeper love that only comes with time, and it is all the better for that. A love and feelings of contentment, love, compassion and I hate this word, 'companionship'. The old times when you wanted to make luurrvvveeee in the most ridiculous places and times often change, (Though I still come up with some pretty stupid ideas, but with two kids in tow it can be a little difficult.) Not saying that the excitement of 'doing it' changes, but there is a far deeper appreciation of exactly what the act of making love means. God all that sounds a bit airy fairy, but true nonetheless I think. Hate on the other hand I tend to disagree with the so called experts. I hated one particular person from the very second I met them, they made my life a misery for some considerable time, and if I could have gotten away with murder I would have done it. The person involved has now died, but the feelings I have for them HAVE NOT changed in the slightest, I still hate her with a vengeance and will always do so. It does me no good to feel this way, but that is just the way it is. Rightly or wrongly I cannot let go of what they did to me, my wife and children. So what do you reckon folks, does the intensity of either emotion still exist even after many years or does it change to a degree, and the better for it. Edited to add. Pablo, do you want me to insert the words Maggie Thatcher and Kelvin McKenzie for you mate.:mad:. Of course under the LOVE SECTION. :mad: Cheers Tony:wink:
  19. I don't think i have ever disliked anyone as much as her. She is the most selfish, self-centred tramp I have had to watch or read about. The icing on the cake was the news report today showing her giving evidence in the 'blood diamond' case. For her, it wasn't the diamonds or what they stand for but the inconvienience caused at her having to give evidence!!!!:mad: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh she just makes me sooooo mad!! Right, rant over. As you were....:embarrassed: p.s I know i can just turn the tv over or not read the stories but I'm a saddo!
  20. Guest

    ielts help please - hate it!

    hi guys another ielts test on the way ! seems i can get 6.5 an yes its the bloody reading part am strugling with! a anyone got any useful tips which mite help me get those extra marks? its on the 26th july - in bangor praying i can get this extra 1/2 point :biggrin: thanx in advance xxxxxxxxxxxx
  21. Guest

    I hate it here...

    I'm just so down. We arrived here last May and I absolutely hate it. DH is Australian, so he's happy as larry to be back, and he's at work, so doesn't really have the same issues as me. I'm at home with the kids. We have 2 at school (aged 7 & 5), 2 at home (ages 3 & 1) and I'm pregnant. Although we were never close to my family in the UK (they were a 6 hour drive from us - which is about the same distance his folks are from us now) I had a lovely network of friends, who I miss terribly. I have tried, I'm rather a gregarious kind of girl and can talk to anyone. apart from 2 girls (who I still don't feel completely comfortable with) I have found people here downright rude/false and I feel soooo lonely. Sorry that my first post is such a whinge...
  22. Simon Barnes - Why England & Oz hate each other IF we don't hate them, why do we love to beat them? Why is it Australia, above all other nations, that we like to beat at sport? Why is it that defeat at the hands of Australia is one of the most painful sensations that sport can offer?
  23. kernow43

    One thing only I hate here!

    People in Queensland are obsessed with cutting grass. Maybe it is because where I live there are a lot of units that have a body corporate who lets the grass cutting to contractors. One minute you will get our nature strip cut, they blow all the grass onto the next doors strip. Later next door gets their strip cut, and yes the grass is blown back. It,s not the mowers so much as those blowers that are used by men who think they have a toy under their arm! They should be banned! Why can,t councils organise all these contractors to have a certain area each day, we would only then get it once a week instead of every day.
  24. natasha2106

    Don't you just hate Banks!!!!

    After long chats with oh, we have decided to put our rekkie on hold to oz and the money we were putting away every month to save for the trip we have decided to pay it off our loan instead so that in approx 9-10 months we will have paid the loan off and then have twice as much to save a month so would put us in a better financial position, also if husband loses his job at least my wage would pay the mortgage and wouldnt have to worry about the loan aswell. Anyway just rang barclays and asked if we can reduce the term 21 months left and pay double a month to pay it off earlier. They have said NO!! They said they cannot offer a reduced term cause they won;t let me have a new loan i said i don't want another loan i want to pay this one off asap, but apparently they have to apply for a new loan to clear the old loan with the lower terms!!!!! How frustrating I hate banks they are just greedy - they said save the money yourself and when you have enough to clear the whole loan you can repay the loan in one go but they will charge penalty for clearing the loan early and then charge me one months interest on top!!!!!!! Can u believe it, they make more money off my interest each month, more than I would earn from interest on the savings. Sorry for the rant just want to sort things out and the bank just wont budge... Tasha:arghh:
  25. We have been here a year in December and detest this country. Sorry if I upset anyone but it is a backward country in camparison to the UK. The banking, nursing for sure, supermarkets, I could go on for ever. The UK is not really that bad! Just make sure anyone who is in the process of coming over that it really is not the land of milk and honey! Good luck is all I say!