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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Can anyone tell me what costs are like to return to the UK compared to moving out in the first place? Has anyone returned and fallen short on money due to a massive difference in the housing costs, shipping and every other cost involved? Just heard that coming back can be very hard for people and want to be able to know that I can do it. My hubby is 100% certain he would not come back, but I am definitely not so sure and worry that I will be stuck. I know I shouldn't be thinking of this because we haven't left yet, (house here in the UK is about to complete). But with 2 kids under 8 and years of household goods coming with us, I need to understand the problems that may arise. Thanks Sarah
  2. Alanlisa

    Is this going to make it harder!!

    PEOPLE who want to come to Australia as independent skilled migrants will have to ask permission to apply from next year. The federal government has announced radical changes to how it selects winners in key skilled-migration categories. From July 2012, many would-be skilled migrants will have to lodge an online expression of interest and wait for an invitation before they can make a formal application. The Immigration Department website says the new system will help "deliver the skills Australia needs by matching the best and brightest migrants to the available places in the migration program". Another advantage is that an expression of interest does not impose any legal obligation on the department, the HES understands. As policy has tightened, the department has been left with many thousands of low-value applications, which it has warehoused. There has been speculation about a possible class action based on the department's legal obligation to decide an application. The new selection model is presented as the culmination of a series of reforms of skilled migration, which had been distorted by demand from former overseas students. Studies of the labour market record of these former students suggested a poor fit with the needs of the economy. One key reform is a new points test that recognises overseas academic qualifications and reduces the advantage enjoyed by onshore international students with Australian qualifications. "The fundamental principle underpinning the [new selection] model is that the skilled migration program is determined by the economic needs of Australia," the department says. "As such, it is necessary for the Australian government to manage who is able to apply for skilled migration [and] when they are able to apply. "It is proposed that the model will allocate all places in the independent skilled migration program to the prospective migrants, those who score highest on the points test, in each eligible occupational group."
  3. We are going to be moving to Canberra in August 2011 and was wondering how much does owning a dog reduce your chances of finding a rental property? We have rented before in both Belgium and UK with a dog and have always left a larger bond as we know how well we look after our rental properties but this is hard for new landlords to accept at times. We also have references to this effect. We have a small cocker spaniel dog but in the back of my mind i am concerned how difficult it is to find rental properties at the best of times in Canberra and whether having a dog is going to make this even more difficult. We also have 2 boys aged 6 and 5 by time of travel. Still not sure on areas to live as we do not know where my Wife is going to be working yet. We would like a fairly new property hopefully in an area with nice primary school and plenty of younger children. I work in UK Oil & Gas sector so until we are all settled i am going to commute to and from to UK in short term as i work a 2 weeks on 3 weeks off rota, i know it will be difficult but in the short term it allows us to still be financially OK whilst my Wife finds work and schools for the children etc. Planning on having 8 weeks off work to all travel over together and get settled in before returning to work unless i find something in Australian Oil & Gas Sector in meantime. Any advice would be extremly helpful.
  4. mickyb

    Harder than I imagined

    Said my goodbyes to family last night , took my girls to hospital to see my boy dropped girls off home and gave youngest ( 17) a hug and I welled up so much I couldn't even speak ! Doing everything I could to stop myself balling ! Never thought it would affect me like this .same at my mums , bit better at inlaws but still sad . Now I'm going to hospital to say goodbye to son , he's ok now should be out in two days and be in Oz with wife by new year . Leaving at 5 am and wifes taking me to airport and I reckon by the time I get through customs I'll look like I've been sprayed with mace .things have gone a bit pear shaped recently but I'd been over my goodbyes so many times in my head that I really thought it wouldn't be too bad .just finished packing while wife has sleep then heathrow here I come ! It made me realise why so many do come home when reality sets in .
  5. Hi, Just wondering if those who have recently migrated here have found it easier,harder or about what they expected?Was there anything major that surprised you?Was/is the upheaval more daunting than you had prepared for? Unexpected issues have become the norm for me and my family,however we soldier on as we feel it can get a lot better.Housing,Family,Homesickness, and Work are just a few things that are clear and present in our lives at the moment.Ain't doing bad really,but still.What about you?:confused:
  6. Petals

    Harder to get Work

    This is an article which is on newscom.au at the moment saying that expats coming back find that employers are not waiting with open arms for them to return. This article should be read and looked at seriously as I believe its harder than it was. My friend's daughter a lawyer has just got a new job but she said that it was much much harder than it was before and that where she would get an interview for most she applied for this is no longer the case. http://www.news.com.au/business/story
  7. Hi we are still trying to make the monumental decision about moving out to Oz. We contacted an agent a couple of weeks ago who said our only option was a 475 3yr temp visa. (Hubby is an IT Manager) At that time the state sponsership for IT Managers was wither SA or Queensland (not Brisbane) However, last week QU drastically reduced their listing, taking IT Manager off. This now means its only listed in SA. Just had a email from our (potential) agent, saying theres now lots more interest in Adeliade, and the they may draw in their listing as a result. Anyone else hear that, or is our agent just trying to get our business sooner rather than later?!!
  8. Well I got laid off from my first job here in Australia, after only being with the company for 5 weeks. I thought that I wouldn't have a problem getting another job .... I was wrong. So far I have sent off over 15 resumes for various office positions... everything has been rejected so far. I would understand if I didn't have any office experience, however, I have over 17 years office experience in Canada, along with the 5 weeks as an Office Administrator here in Australia. Well it seems like I am not even qualified for a simple office allrounder position. I don't know what they are expecting here, and I think I need to contact some recruitment agencies, to figure out what employers want over here. I am starting to get a little frustrated at the fact that I keep getting rejection notices and they don't bother to tell you why you didn't even qualify for an interview. Well mini rant over... got to go back to looking to more jobs to apply to... and be rejected from. Karen
  9. Yesterday we hit our six month anniversary since we arrived and how much harder it has been than we ever expected. I actually hit a point where I felt like I was grieving. My head told me we'd done the right thing, but my heart wanted to run home to familiarity. I have never felt so isolated. A lot was probably to do with being alone with OH at work and kids at school. My parents came for 2 1/2 weeks end of November beginning of December and I kept crying the day they left. I wouldn't go back though because I feel priveleged to be able to live in such a beautiful country and wish I could bring all my loved ones to be with me. We got what we hoped for when we came here. More time as a family, more time out doors and a bonus of being/feeling much more healthy without the polution levels of the UK. We have found a wonderful school for the children and I could never take them back to the place we left. Yes, some things are a pain and the TV advertising drive me potty, but the hardest thing was pulling through the....homesickness I guess. OH is still struggling a bit. Misses his carp fishing and is struggling to find anywhere local where he can catch anything. If anyone knows of any good fishing spots in the Adelaide area that don't require a boat, would very much appreciate hearing from you! Cara
  10. My husband and I dont have children, we like them but we chose not to have any of our own. We know that when we make the perm move here we will need to throw ourselves into socialising so that we can make friends and fit into our community but after reading alot of the socialising, get together posts they are nearly all based around children or maybe a younger age group. Are we going to find it hard to fit in over here? As 30 somethings without children, we love going out and mixing with people and we dont mind there been children around all be it not all of the time, are we going to find it hard to settle and make friends? I know this sounds like a silly post, but WA seems such a family orientated places, i feel as though we could be left out in the cold so to speak. Thanks Emma x
  11. Guest

    easier or harder ????

    hi guys Just a thought .... reading through all the jargon about requirements for visas and then more about how much Australia needs more migrants do you think the whole process will ever become simpler or do you think in time it will just become more and more complicated I struggle to understand how if Australia is in such demand for skilled workers why they make it so difficult for a majority to apply for a visa i'm not saying they should just let all willy nilly into their beautiful country because that would be silly wouldnt it ,but maybe be a bit more lenient to the ones who are obviously skilled and have something to offer but may just have mislaid a piece of paperwork or something trivial like that(i'm not skilled but hopeing i will be in next few years) maybe i'm just hoping the rules will lapse a little for my own selfish gain but hey what's a guy to do i have to have a little hope that some new list will include my occupation or that a case officer takes pity on me .........you never know :skeptical: