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Found 94 results

  1. Hey PIO, This forum is certainly the most extensive for all things OZ but I can't seem to find the best discussion for this topic. I am Currently in Oz on a WHV 417...this is my second one and expires on the 15th Nov. My plan is Study (Graduate Diploma of education Primary) and whilst studying get Defacto Visa with my current Girlfriend..then live an amazing teaching life in OZ! BUT Since the course would start in Feb/March 2015 I am wondering what happens for me between 15th Nov and the start. If I get a visa granted would it start from the course start date or the acceptance date? AND It states clearly on the Immi website no work can start until your course does, is there any way to stay on the bridging visa I really need to keep on working to save for the mammoth amount I am paying for the above visas and course! Any thoughts, suggestions and questions would be appreciated, I am a little at a loss! Thanks David
  2. Hi My Wife wanted to move back to Qld and I have come along as well but am having a terrible time trying to live here. We moved over on the 21st April, got married 4 weeks later and then, thankfully I had to return to UK and Spain for 7 weeks, which, apart from wedding day, has been the only time I've been happy since April. We have moved to the sunshine coast, to a 'village' called buderim. Its like going back in time, everything is so backward here, people hardly ever talk ot each other let alone us. I introduced myself to 2 neighbors, 1 just sneered through the window and the other looked at me like a rapist. The only people who have actually spoken to me are an elderly couple who turned out to be English! Before moving here I spent alot of time cycling, running going to gym and surfing. Since being here I hardly do anything, the surf is always flat or packed with people who are blind or arrogant, am fed up of people dropping in or trying to stare me out of the water, the gyms are under equipped and tiny and I'm finding cycling hard as I am constantly dripping in sweat if I so much as walk in the sunlight. I hate the weather, boiling hot and burning sun or boiling hot and biblical rain! Since moving here I also seem to be getting a lot of headaches which is new for me. Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so please let me know how you beat it as I'm getting to breaking point. Please don't reply with "its so wonderful here, I wish I'd moved earlier' Am sure lots of people like it even more than I hate it, but not finding those comments to helpful at the mo. Cheers J
  3. Hi guys I recently lost my job as an admin (Company went bankcurrpt) I've been looking for a new job but no one seems to be interested in me. I have a lot of experience in admin and customer service I have worked with big company back home but it seems soo hard to find anything I'm currently on a WHV but I put my application for my partner visa in about 4 weeks ago Can anyone give me advise or help thanks in adv
  4. Hi All Any advice or info on taking lap-top, external hard drive & memory stick thru airport security and the X-Ray machines. Thanks
  5. rockola57

    Knackered!It's a hard life .

    Buenos Noches Mi Amigos.Time for ZZZZZZZZZ!
  6. Ive been in Sydney for a week now and the whole backpacker thing is rubbish. Ive done some research and NSW is great. I can see this place as home one. I really hate having to live with kids who just want to drink and make a noise. If you have the misfortune to get the WH visa, dont go into a hostel. They are dirty and overpriced. Use helpex and see the real Australia and live in a proper house. If youre wondering what Im doing in this mess - well not all of us can afford better. Sydney is expensive. In Sydney a can of coke is 1.40 pounds! 5 years ago the exchange rate was 3 dollars to a pound. I dont think Ill give up as Ive come too far and as silly as it sounds, I feel I have a connection with the country which wont go away. I particularly recommend living in Balmain and Kirribili, but theyre nice places in Surry Hills which is cheaper and central. Think very carefully before you commit mentally to moving here. My profession is actor and itll take me 10 years to train up to be something I can emigrate (most actors have day jobs). Im still not going to give up though. Having tough long term plans helped me and you have to push yourself.
  7. I was watching the rugby this morning where England beat Scotland by 16-12 and it was a hard fought win where we did not play that well and Scotland played fairly well and maybe could have got something out of it but they didnt and are out of the competition if Argentina beat Georgia, England however move on to the quater finals and play France. Anyway after the match on ITV all we got off Steve Ryder was how well the brave Scots had played and how unlucky they have been and how crap England were and how lucky we are. Then i went to pick my son up from footie and was litening to talk sport and the presenter ( Mark Saggers ) was saying much the same about how Scotland deserve more and how England will will struggle if we carry on playing so poorly. I just dont get this attitude, todays game was always going to be tough and again England came through and won, which meant we have won 4 out of 4 whereas Scotland have won only 2 out of 4. And by the way i am not slagging off the jocks here all i am saying from that point of view is that they deserve to be going home because they have not performed and are not as good as England are on this occasion. Us English for some reason almost have to apologise for winning and then put up with a load of negative comments even from our own countrymen after the event. Does me ed in :dull:
  8. Guest

    How hard is it?

    Hi all, Does anyone know how hard it will be for someone from a HIGH RISK country to come for a short visit in Australia? I wonder what are they requirments? Thanks. asad
  9. jem32

    Hard question !

    Hi, I hope someone out there in pio land can answer this, We applied for State sponsorship 475 and got it for the extra 5 points to get us to 65, This is before my wife resits the ielts which when passed will give us 10 points meaning we could get in on a 176 visa, The reason we done this is incase her skill was taken off the WA list as its just been put on. Does anyone know if we can transfer from a 475 to a 176 or will we need to re apply. jem
  10. Hi there, I have just joined and I am trying to figure out what is the attitude towards migrants applying for jobs on a Working Holiday Visa. I am 30 years old and work as a Project Coordinator and have experience of working in IT and the Utilities industry. I hold a British passport. I have just come back from travelling around the world and I might have qualified for a State Sponsored visa had I been working in the last year. I am seriously considering applying for a WHV and going to either Sydney or Melbourne to look for work in the same type of role. However, I do not want to spend a fortune getting out to Australia to find out that most companies will not hire people on a WHV. I'm aware of the 6 month restriction so I have been looking at contract and temporary work, however, it is not clear on a lot of job sites if they would accept applications from someone on a WHV for 6 month contract or temporary roles. Has anyone else here gone out to Australia and looked for professional roles on a WHV? Do companies in Aus have a prejudiced view towards WHV seeing it as a backpacker visa for travellers who just want fruit-picking or bar work or is it taken seriously and would I stand a chance of getting job? If anyone can advise me on this I would be very grateful as I feel like it is a big financial risk. I am very keen to live and work in Australia having done some travelling there last year. My goal is to gain employer nominated sponsorship so I would be able to continue working in Aus, however, if it is very difficult to secure a professional job then it is not worth the risk of spending all that money to fly out to Aus for nothing. Any thoughts / advice / personal experience would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, J
  11. I thought I would just make the odd pithy comment and everyone would be struck dumb by my Wilde like wit. Instead I am challenged on every point, NO, every WORD! And I have to spend increasing amounts of football & beach time researching! And worst of all, I can't find a single Archers fan either here or in the UK?
  12. Guest

    IELTS - How Hard is it?

    Hi all, I've got my ielts exam this weekend and I am just trying to do some studying for it. I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on how difficult it is if English is your first language? and what sections are the most difficult? Thank you, any tips greatly appreciated! :arghh:
  13. Which are better to take to the flics?
  14. Just posted paperwork and cheque off for IELTS (WAHOOOOOOO) hubby only needs 7s across the board how difficult do u think this is ???? Thanks for any help xx
  15. Guest

    hard time settling

    Hi everyone, my name is Jess. I moved to Adelaide about 6 years ago from a small community in Wales. I was 13 when my family moved (19 now), they had to drag me kicking and screaming! It was such a huge change for me, the culture is very different here compared to where I came from. It took around 1-2 years for our family to settle. but after 6 years of living here it still doesn't feel right. The move made me an incredibly shy person, at first mostly because I had a strong welsh accent and people couldn't understand me. My family life may have settled but my social life sure didn't. I've drifted around groups of friends and can't seem to find people I really click with. It was really hard to leave my close friends in Wales, the people I grew up with and went through school with. I've found friends through school but not like the close bff kinda friendships I had back in Wales. I still feel like that shy foreign girl at the back of the class. Sometimes I think about going home, but I know it wouldn't be the same anymore. Has anyone else had a hard time settling?
  16. And maybe 2oz each of Winter Mixture, Bullseyes & Pineapple Chunks.
  17. For the last 6 years, apart from giving birth and bringing up my children, I have also been studying for an degree with honours in English language and literature with the Open University. The last few months have been really stressful because there has been so much happening in our everyday lives which really affected my studies. Yesterday I got my results..... I got a 2.1 and I'm really really pleased :biggrin: Sorry I had to share. Nicki
  18. PommyPaul

    Working hard??

    Had abit of a tought day at work the other day which lead me to the usual ponderings lol, whats the most physically demanding day at work youve ever had? Mine was thursday, let me build the scene lol!! Ive spent the last six minths doing tractor work which involves, well mainly sitting on your ass eating haha.... then thursday i got the great news that we had to go lamb marking, docking, casterating, this involves a group of us having our seperate duties and joy oh joy cause i look the fittest one i get to ctach the lambs hmmmmm trouble is if they were lambs it would have been great, nice tiny little lambs, 5 - 10kg in weight lovely! but nooooooooooo due to seeding the lamb marking was two months late so the lambs are now teenagers, they fight like teenagers and weight as much ( from 15 - 30kg) now lifting a 30kg bag of spuds for example is heavy but hey ho its not so bad, now picture that bag going nuts and fighting with all its might not to be picked up!!! So to cut a veeeerrrrrrryyyyyy long moan short ( no i didnt moan at the time, just sucked it up haha) had to catch, lift to chest height and strap into a machine 500 plus teen lambs, i'm now enjoying niot being able to move lol and lots of cuts and bruises from attacks lol... managed to get cramp in both arms and legs by the end of it too the point i had to physical straighten my arms with the other arm as it was cramping so bad. oh the joys of farm life :confused: if i t doesnt kill you, hmm well i'll feel stronger soon hopefully lol.....someone else tell me theres
  19. Hello All Just a bit of advice for you lot coming home. Its bloody hard, I've been back 3 years now and still not totally got life back in order. I have never regretted coming back, just regret going in the first place. This country is not what it used to to be but it still has alot going for it. Emotionally you will have ups and downs. You just have to work at it. and remember what you did like like About Aus or being away from the mother land. What you have to remember is life has not changed that much for those you left behind. So don't let it put your nose out of joint just because they dont hold a welcome home party with banners down the motorway and a band playing as you enter town. Its just not going to happen, give it a week and it'll be that you never left to every one else. But thats not what its all about so don't get all in a differ about it. What you want to do is get back into live as quickly as possible. Aus is is an amazzing country so think long and hard about coming back. Aus has a great future and a life stlye not betterd by many country, and I could not argue with anyone who says their life is complete in Aus. but for me this country has culture, history and vibrancie Australia lacks. It has far many more walts than Aus but life is never boring (ok most of the time it's not) Good luck all Bod
  20. Guest

    FIFO ?????? Is it hard?

    Hubby got offered a FIFO job. 2weeks on and 2weeks off... Good money but will I find it too hard!
  21. Hi all , We have had our permanent residency granted in april this year. looking to move to the Brisbane area before the end of the year .I am a stonemason to trade and have been working on a self employed/sub contracting basis for 11 years now , meaning i have been working on contracts for many many companies over the years and completed loads of smaller jobs as well , I am trying to put together a CV/resume at the moment and pulling my hair out as I dont know how to word my work experience and companies worked for etc , has anyone been in this position before or can anyone who knows about reading or writing CV's advise me on what sort of thing to put in as i cant list every company I have completed work for or list every job I've done as it would take too many pages and I hear companies dont like very long Cv's , this is the first one I have done since leaving school !! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  22. Anyone good at surfing? how long did it take you to be half-decent?. Cannot wait to get out there and live like a beach-bum in my spare time :cute:
  23. Hi, Im currently working in Canberra for 6 months as a nanny, im going to travel afterwards but at the moment im stuck in Canberra and am finding quite hard not being able to talk to anybody my own age. Im 23 and i really need some socialising does anybody know of any good social clubs? Thanks