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Found 98 results

  1. Hi there, we are looking around various places in NSW as a place to finally end up and Harbour has caught our eye. But having never been there we were wondering what it would be like for a young family, our children are 6,4 and 21 months. I am sure I will be ok for work as I have already noted a number of jobs (I am a nurse) and will start enquiring more seriously after christmas. But any advice and info would be great. Thanks!!!:jiggy:
  2. Guest

    Sydney harbour bridge

    Has anyone done the harbour bridge walk/climb experience - is it worth the $200 or so? Thinking of getting it for my OH as a Christmas present.:wink:
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Roxi, and I'm almost 22. I have a 14 month old Daughter named Lola. I was born in Manchester, and have lived all around Australia I am looking for any other Mums or Dads living in or around Secret Harbour WA, who would be interested in starting a Mummas group with me I look forward to hopefully hearing from you all !!
  4. Hi we are thinking of making the move back to Coffs Harbour, we lived there for 18mths leaving in 2009. We had family reasons for the move back. When we lived in Coffs before we never met up with any other people from UK in fact we never really socialised enough full stop ! I am a nurse and my husband is a builder although he's hoping to retrain. Would love to know if there are people from this forum there.:smile:
  5. Hi We are moving from Perth to NSW at the end of January 2012 and are looking for a property to rent or hopefully house sit for up to 4 weeks whilst we look for our own properties. There will be 8 of us plus 2 elderly dogs. We can provide references from real estate agents whom we have rented from in Perth. We are more than happy to look after peoples pets/properties if it is a house sit. Many thanks Penny x
  6. Hi everyone, Ive just moved to Secret Harbour and i start school monday and i wanted to know if any one lives in the area and goes to Comet Bay College and wants to meet up some time ? Keanan :jiggy:
  7. So, 4 year old knows we will be in Australia on 5 November. He knows this means he will miss "bonfire night" at home. Have *tried* to explain that Australia doesn't do "bonfire night", but that bit's not sinking in. 5th November = fireworks in his mind, the fact that different countries have different traditions is a bit beyond his ken right now :biggrin: If we take him to Darling Harbour (checked online and fortunately for us the bi-weekly fireworks are falling on the 5th Nov it seems) for it, do you reckon we'll get away with it, and him not noticing it's a bit different? :wink:
  8. Hi there, We are looking at chartering a boat with some friends for New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour. The people who have taken places already are made up of English and Swedish. Everyone is really good fun and it should be a really good night!!! We have filled 30 spaces out of 40, the cost will be $300 per head if we can fill the full 40 allocated spots on the boat. It is a BYO boat and it also has a BBQ onboard, so once the boat cost is paid for the other costs shouldn't be too high. If you are interested in joining us or would like anymore information? Please drop me a message and I'll forward on all the details. Cheers, Pete & Gill
  9. Hi, Has anyone else recently moved to Secret Harbour WA? I'm finding it hard to settle :-(
  10. Moving due to work and can't take much. Have a look at our house for sale, if your coming from overseas we can even throw in our 2010 Black Kia Sportage Have a look at our link on realestate.com.au http://www.rs.realestate.com.au/property-house-wa-secret+harbour-108164546 My number is +61 418 919 432
  11. Hi guys does anybody know of a rental?? must be secret harbour. if you know of a minimum 3 bed with a lock up garage reasonable garden please contact me, if it makes owners feel better i can give a reasonable deposit up front any help gratefully recieved cheers :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  12. hey... my husband and I are moving out to oz after Christmas. We have bought a plot of land in Corindi Beach, just north of Coffs. We are looking at building our house and are trying to decide who to go with, Hopwood is a much smaller firm but they have won a lot of awards.... but are a bit more expensive. GJ Gardner are an international firm with offices all over Australia... just want to make sure that we don't end up with shoddy workmanship etc etc Anyone used either of these ? Thanks Linzi
  13. I did stop for drinks and a meal in Crows Nest & an ice cream in North Sydney. Bill got the last train north bound at 1.17 from Milson's Pt but there were no trains to the City. If I was working I'd have got a cab either from Milson's Pt or from Circular Quay but there was a last train to Central from O Quay. Looking out at Sydney Harbour from the Bridge you'd think it was a lake as there seems to be a ring of lights. Too old for this - in The Rocks passed a couple of pubs still going strong - The Orient for one. Time was, I'd have been in there.
  14. Guest

    Secret Harbour??

    Hi, we are hoping that my husband will be coming out to Perth in September with us following after Christmas. My husband is a joiner, we have 2 boys aged 7 and 3. We have been looking into different suburbs and quite like the look of Secret Harbour. Just wondering if anyone can advise if it is a nice area to live, amenities, houses and state schools. Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.:notworthy:
  15. Can anyone recommend any high schools around the Secret harbour or Mandurah area? I only know of Comet bay!
  16. Hi Is there anyone in Secret Harbour or looking at going there?? Deb x :jiggy:
  17. Just read a disturbing story on-line about somone being glassed in the Whistleing Kite pub in Secret Harbour. Seemingly there was a big fight involving at least 20 people and someone ended up in hospital having been on the receiving end of a bottle. The comments after the story were a bit disturbing also as they are going on about how lawless WA is now and that it is not safe to go out to the pubs at night either in the city or in the suburbs - surely this can't be true as we donoe our reccie last year and we went out at night and felt fine. Has anyone felt unsafe going out at night recently?:confused:
  18. Hello all, We are looking to move to Secret Harbour and wondered where the nearest Private schools are located so we can do some research? Hope someone can point me in the right direction, literally! Thanks Nicky x
  19. Diane333

    Secret Harbour

    Can anyone please enlighten me as to how many miles Secret Harbour is from Perth? Many thanks
  20. Pozzy

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, unwanted gift. Would make an ideal gift for Birthday, etc in Presentation wallet. Cost $209, will accept $150.
  21. HI guys, just looking for some absolute honesty please. We have been living in Qld for 6 years and have been toying with the idea of moviing to WA. We were in Airlie Beach for 6 years, wonderful little town, but not too child friendly and we are now in a mining town 4 hours inland. :shocked: My hubby has recently applied for a Fly in/out job so we are looking at place SOR. We have been out of city life for a while now but an hour on the train for us is perfect and a lot of you have sold the Warnbro/Secret Harbour/Port Kennedy area too us on here. But we will not be able to visit before hand, so I am relying on you guys to guide us. So bearing in mind we live 1.5hours to the nearest Wooloworths/ Coles and 3hours to a decent shopping centre at Rockahmpton. I need hard facts about these areas. What shops are local ie. IGA, Woolworths? Where can I do big shopping ie Target, Big W? Are the beaches dog friendly?? Which are the best kid friendly suburbs I have little girls, a 3yr old and 1yr old? I keep reading about British pubs in the area, are they any good with kids? Are there any local cafes, takeaways, Indians ?Bars ( hubby's requirements) Swimming pools or does everyone swim in the sea? Are there any good mums groups? I miss my very English mums group in Airlie Beach. Also what bout Kindergartens and daycare,is the ABC any good and will I have to book a place now for next year??? This was essential in Brisbane:eek: Crime? And does anyone have any pictures. Thanks in advanced, for any help, PIO is an excellent site, We love it. And hopefully this move will keep homesickness at bay for a little longer.:cool: Cheers Lis
  22. Hi there, we came to Australia last year on working holiday visas and have just been granted 4 years sponsorship! :cute: We recently moved to Secret Harbour and would just like to meet some new friends for going to the pub, having bbqs etc.! we're 25 & 27 and enjoy surfing, running, going to the pub and just general socialising. It would be great to meet other young couples around the Secret Harbour area in a similar situation. Please get in touch, email lucyreader@hotmail.com.au Cheers!
  23. Guest

    Secret Harbour - Gym

    Does anyone know if there are any Gym's/Spinning classes in the secret harbour area. Cant find much on the net so thought i would ask people who are there. :biggrin:
  24. Hi - does anyone know of any before school care childminders in Secret Harbour. My daughters school does after school club, but not before school. Many thanks Denise x
  25. Guest

    secret harbour

    :biglaugh: Hello everyone me, my wife and 2 children have just had our medicals and been told we should have our visas in the next few weeks(very excited). We are thinking of moving to secret harbour or port kennedy , so if you could reccomend schools for kids aged 6 and 9 and also work as I am an electrician. Also we would like to live somewhere with a good community spirit and things in the community to get involved in. I would also need to find a kids football club to get me and my son involved with thanks Mick