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Found 342 results

  1. Hey! So I've just moved to Brisbane from the UK, I'm on a skilled migrant visa (from my dad - and the rest of my family live in Melbourne) so I'm a permanent resident, and I've just applied for my tax-file number which is being processed. I'm 25 and a circus artist (so I know a few people and have sent e-mails to relevant people in that industry) but what I'm wondering about is getting a part time job in a cafe or something, I have experience working in a cafe as a waitress but am not a barista (sadly), I'm only here for 3 months then I have to go back to the UK for a tour and so I would be looking for something super short term, I know a lot of people backpack in Australia so I was thinking that it might be relatively easy to find that kind of work but I was just wondering if anyone has done that or if that's a totally unreasonable expectation that I have? Or if there is anything I should do to make myself more employable on the short-term? Or if anyone knows of short-term work either artistic or just general that I could get involved in? Or if anyone wants to go for a coffee? - just putting that out there. Any advice would be welcome! Thanks, Michelle
  2. HelenDoick

    Is Anyone Happy?

    Hi Everyone. I am new to this site, coming across it in a search to find fellow poms and their opinions on life in Oz. When I found this site I thought great, I can have a look to see if anyone is living in the suburb I want to move to etc etc. I have spent the last hour reading what I can only see as people from all walks of life not being happy living here. Everyone seemed to be leaving or wanting to leave. Is this true? I have been in Sydney for 14 years. Originally from the south coast ( Worthing and Brighton) and have generally loved it here. Although over the last three years I have been home sick and miss my family beyond belief. In saying that I have a wonderful life here, with a huge group of friends ranging from Poms ( some whom I have been friends with since arriving) to Kiwi, South Africans, Aussies etc etc. I am generally happy. But can not help that little thud in my gut that I get each day, a little sadness towards home. It seems everyone on this forum may feel this too, Or is it just a few? I would love to hear that people are still loving it and thinking if was the right move. Yes the cost of living has changed dramatically sinced I arrive in 2000, the damn GFC and house prices are just a sore subject to me, and lets not go into the politics ( groan), but do any of you genuinely feel its still the best decision? Love to know. Best. Helen PS: If a 'Soyboy' reads this, please let me know if you are still in Bundeena.....It looks a perfect place to live, even with the weir flooding rarely ( who cares about that!!!)
  3. hi, im a 23 yo mechanic moving to brisbane in late april 2014 with my partner. i have 5 years experience in the trade and she is a pharmaceutical dispenser. we have flights booked and working holiday visas in place. we will be living with family on gold coast till we settle with jobs and get our own place. i am aware that i / we can only work for a single employer for 6 months.... she says we can pick fruit? for 6 months then get our visa extended to 2 years therefore giving us a longer stay in oz, does anybody know about this and is THIS the best way to stay in oz possibly for good... any help is much appreciated. thanks
  4. I Love Oz

    Lets have some fun.....

    I've noticed in my short time on the forum how the mood can change quite quickly and some people don't seem very happy at the moment so let spread some festive cheer :ssign4: .... Well it's not far off only 48 days to go Anyone want to share any HAPPY stories, the last time they belly laughed, last time they laughed so much they may have pee'd ( so excited you might wee), last time they fell flat on the face or arse (me last year in the snow getting off a packed train) last time they cried they laughed so much? anyway you get the point christine xxx
  5. We've just come back to the UK after spending 2 weeks in Melbourne to validate our visa. We've got our house on the Market and after it is sold we will make the permanent move "down under". However, Rachel (that's the 12 year old) is not very happy about it obviously. Are there any 12/13 year olds out in Victoria whom will be willing to Facebook chat with her to tell her how great it is and the School Uniform is not that bad??? Thank you :biggrin:
  6. :biggrin:Hey I'm a 38 year old single female looking for a new group of friends, all my friends have settled down which leaves only little me. I would love to hear from other singles out there in the same situation, I enjoy going to pubs, live music, & drinks with friends, would be great to hear from you all Michele :hug:
  7. Guest

    happy xmas

    there will be heaps of threads no doubt on this subject:no:humbug--its me 3rd xmas on pio:wideeyed:so i thought id do me happy xmas to all in one thread:mad:still thats out of the way now:jiggy:just got to wait for the xmas smiles to appear on pio to attach one to this thread--up until then this is it:happy_face_mummy_bohappy chuffin xmas :wubclub:
  8. I see the odd post from someone who has returned to the UK, then realized that they were happier in OZ after all. Sometimes they can come back, sometimes not? I think that some people take a long time to settle, but all the time they are gradually 'warming' to OZ. Unfortunately, it's only when they get back to the UK that they realize? I went back to England for twelve years, although it was only meant to be a holiday. I probably would have stayed if my brothers had been there too but once my parents passed away, I came back to Sydney.
  9. Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare than with a brand new copy of Delia Smith's Happy Christmas Book!This book is the Christmas Bible every home should have!"The years hottest cookbook... the most brilliant Christmas book ever" - The Mail on Sunday, UKA perfect gift for Mum, Grandma, Sisters, Aunties or Friends. You cant go wrong with this book, filled to the brim with delicious tasty Christmas recipes the whole family will love!This is a large hardback book.
  10. rockola57

    Are you happy here in OZ?

    Just thinkin' there!Us who have not long moved here from Dear Old Blighty may be thinking we are the only ones who feel as they do about moving over here!Different circumstances dictate how it has affected us i reckon,BUT...overall we all sit down and think"is this right for me and my family?"What if we did'nt come here" :err:"What if we stayed back in the UK":confused:Migrating from The UK to OZ messes with your head IMO.For me i am real happy here in OZ,but strangely would also relish a return home,if circumstances decreed!:biggrin:Odd i know,but i wonder if anyone else feels the same?:unsure:
  11. Hi All, After a few weeks of looking at ex-pat, council and real estate websites, the wife and I are fairly confident about a move to the Gold Coast (as confident as you can be 10,000 miles away!). I have read in a few threads about areas of the Gold Coast that offer a village feel but can't seem to find the names of these areas. Could someone please fill me in? I guess I'm referring to coffee shop areas with market scenes and boutique shops (very important to the Mrs). I also would like to enquire about the cycle lanes and parks. Our family are fairly outdoorsy. Being close to the sea will be good for the surf but we also like getting the kids out on the bikes. Are there many open and safe such cycle ways especially along the coastline. The council websites offer excellent maps but it is hard to appreciate whether or not the above applies. Parks seem to be on every doorstep in SouthEast Queensland but any further info on those in the Gold Coast area would be welcomed. Thanks for the help!
  12. TescoValue

    Got a job - so happy!!!

    I am new to posting here, but I have been viewing the threads since we arrived in Oz (about 6 weeks ago). My wife is a nurse and we came in on a 457 visa and, after reading the problems other '457 partners' were having getting a job, I was dreading the process.... Needless to say, I struggled massively! I have a masters degree and loads of experience in my field (geology) but I could not get an interview at all. After changing my CV to a more Australian friendly format I had higher hopes..however nothing.... But the last week has completely changed my perspective of Australian employment. I got two job interviews and was offered both jobs..talk about busses coming at once! So the moral of my story is, no matter how down you get, keep sending off applications (my total count was over 70) the Australian recruitment industry seem to take their time over applications...something will eventually happen. Both my wife and I love Australia and, although we are going through the inevitable period of being homesick, we have both said this is the best decision we have ever made. After only 6 weeks we have made new friends and we are finding Australians to be the most friendly, polite and helpful people we have met. We can't wait for out PR visas to be granted!!!
  13. The Pom Queen

    Happy Belated Birthday Olly

    Oh hun I don't want you feeling left out. Hope you had a wonderful day:wubclub::wubclub::hug:
  14. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday Chris

    Happy birthday onetruechris hope you get over the man flu soon:wubclub:
  15. Harpodom

    Are you happy?

    whether it be in Oz or UK, what is your honest appraisal of your life at this moment? I'd have to say right now things are pretty good. I have a lovely family (I love being a dad), I'm in (reasonably) good health, have a nice house in a nice area, an enjoyable job, friends who I genuinely like...........overall a good life. Being the suspicious sort that I am, I'm almost wondering where the catch is That is something I couldn't have said maybe 4 years ago (a year before emigrating). Back then I was restless, agitated, unsatisfied, anxious. Maybe I've just grown up a bit, maybe it's coming to Australia, maybe it's being a dad, maybe it's the drugs.....who knows? What about you?
  16. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday Save the Lemming

    A little bird has told me it's Tony's birthday today. Happy Birthday Old Boy x Oh and some words of wisdom
  17. ali

    Happy Fathers Day

    To all the dads in Aus - have a very happy Fathers Day, hope your families spoil you a little Ali
  18. Just been granted our Business Owner permanent residency visa 890. It took less than a month to go through! Been out here 3yrs (Perth - Northern Suburbs) having originally entered on a 163 Sponsored Business Owner visa. Happy to answer any questions best I can on the whole experience. Have a proven business for sale - beachside cafe - totally different to our original business plan! Anyone out there need reassurance etc.? It was a long, long process but really worth it. :wink:
  19. surflen22

    A Happy Call..at last!!

    After 6 months here, I think I finally heard the approval in my mothers voice! Phew. Its my second stint in Australia, the first was on a WHV back around 5 years ago and since then I admit to a few bad decisions (politely put!) in the course of my life...the main one was leaving Australia in the first place. Anyway, I think my parents were shocked at the suddeness of my move this time (a 457) and since then have worried profusely about me and what mess I'd get myself in this time. My parents - particularly my mother - are compulsive worriers. Surely after 8 children they'd realise there was a possibility at least 1 of us would move abroad? Apparently not. After a lovely Skype call with my nieces, I took a deep breath and dialled my parents for the monthly update and for the first time was greeted with positivity. How good did that feel! Its only taken 6 years!! And then I mentioned I was going to Bali.... Ah well. :arghh:
  20. *** I am depressed! Do we just cancel everything and just get on with our lives?.... It has been nearly 2 years since we started the emigration process and 16 months since we applied for our Visa but with no immediate end in sight. OUR LIVES ARE ON HOLD!!!!! My work know that I have applied to emigrate- so NO chance of promotion for me, family and friends asking all the time if we have heard anything (aarrgghh- we would say if we had!), teenage kids (one of which 'might' be emigrating with us) have no idea when their lives will be turned upside down with us moving and their family home being sold. I just feel that waiting another 2 years like this is going to tear me up, so we should just forget about 'our dream'. Has anyone else cancelled their visa? Have you then regretted it? Should we/can we carry on like this? Can anyone in a similar situation tell me what you have done? *** Firstly, thank-you for all the positive replies I had. I posted this in October... and have to admit that the depression has really took hold now! What worries me more is that being on a 475 visa, my OH is going to be 50 when we get a PR (if we emigrate in the next year). Of course we are worried about him classed as 'old' when job hunting and we are even heading toward the thought of 'will we be able to afford retire?'. I know it's only a decision we can make.... the thought of a new life on The Sunshine Coast, but it is eating me up!!!! I get annoyed when people on PIO moan about waiting 6 months for their visa (nothing personal, just feeling sorry for myself). We could wait 3-4 years and still be turned down. I wish they would look at your visa and say " yes, you will get a Visa.... but you will have to wait, rather than wait, then be told...." sorry, your application has been unsuccessful" Ok, rant over :arghh: still depressed! Hope I am not re-posting this in another year!
  21. As we all know the migration process to Australia is often paved with hurdles and obstacles, many a time it feels as if it is a never ending cycle of up's and down's, but the one thing we have in common is that one day all the hassle and aggravation will be worth it because we will soon enough be in a country that we 'think' may offer us a better, different, samey, life, BUT. What happens when we arrive there and we decide it isn't for us, maybe this is feeling that is there within a week, maybe it takes a lot longer, but in all honesty at times we decide that Australia isn't for us and a return to Blighty is not only needed, but also drives our very existence. If this happens what do you do, or rather, interact on a daily basis with life in general and those around you? I'm NOT talking of the reasons WHY you want to return, but the much more important issue of HOW you cope in the interim between living in Australia and the long awaited return. Do you hide under the dooner for as long as you can all day and ignore you are living in Australia, do you decide to get on with it until the date in question. But maybe even more importantly, how do you find yourself reacting to everyday scenarios, do you tell each and every Aussie that you meet that you don't like it and can't wait top get back, do you vent your frustration on PIO and then pretend that nothing is wrong when you 'enter' Australian society? If an Aussie asks how you are doing do you tell them the truth, or grin and bear it? Do you in fact let your feelings (strong/weak) show to the everyday Aussie. In short, do you let your true opinions show, and bugger what others think? Most of us know that the Aussies have a great sense of pride in their country, so do you take this into account and temper your feelings toward the people and the country or do you come out and say exactly what you think to work colleagues, etc. Just interesting that the frustration at times at having to wait for a return to the UK would I imagine boil over and surface when you least expect it, and if this happens how do the Aussies react to you? This is a serious thread, no back biting please. As I said, it's aimed at those who have decided to come 'home' and how they interacted with Australian society in general is all, you never know it may help one or two out there.:wink: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. Guest

    Happy To Wait!!

    Hi there! I'm Jason from Skipton North Yorkshire. I have been reading many posts on various sites about living in Australia. I would like to let you all know that you are an inspiration to myself and many others besides. I have come to the conclusion that It all depends on the type of person you are and it either works or it doesn't. The reasons for making the move in the first place seem to be the key. My timing at the moment to be considering leaving the UK is just coincidental with the imminent recession. That in itself you may say is a good enough reason to be leaving, However it certainly makes selling your house more difficult due to the credit crisis. I would love to hear from anyone who feels they could offer me and my family any help or advice around making the first steps towards moving to Australia. This post I'm sending in itself is the first time I've actually felt that this is the beginning of the first chapter. My main concerns are: Jobs-I am a Financial Advisor for Barclays Bank and my wife has her own Hairdressing salon. Kids-I have 2 daughters ages 10 and 8. Money-What standard of living can I expect from our earnings? Location-Which is the best state for us? I'm starting from scratch and will be spending the coming months digging deep to find the path to Australia, Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and In advance thanks for helping! Jason