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Found 6 results

  1. Is it wrong to gloat in this manner? Or is it an entirely human emotion?
  2. Guest

    Happiness is?

    Watching my kids play in the garden under the sprinkler at nearly 6'O clock at night..............small things please......... Your Turn what makes you happy?
  3. Mr Siam and I are off to S. Korea for our Christmas and New Year to be with my Dad and two sons this evening... a different and snowy Chrissie after Broome and Karratha last year., which was also very special. Have a great Christmas wherever you are and I hope that 2011 brings you all you have ever asked for. Thank you to all the special people that I have met through PIO and good luck to all the people going through the visa process, hang in there, its worth it in the end. Love Susie x:12::xmas3::santadance:
  4. Guest

    The 'Happiness' Thread.

    Just got back in and on the radio I heard Mr Cameron saying that one of the latest ideas he has is try and make everyone a bit happier in the UK, (who said Quangos were dead, :shocked:), kidding aside I could see what he was trying to say, but I fear it will all be vain. They also interviewed a professor who had a scale of happiness, the scale went form 1 to 10. One being in the pits of despair, and ten being absolutely at peace with yourself and your surroundings. They even interviewed several people who were asked several questions. 1. How loved do you feel? 2. How happy do you feel? 3. What's the first thing you think of in the morning? 4. If all material wealth was taken away today, what would you have left? They were the four key questions that 'apparently' can surmise how happy you are, mmmmm, think it could be a bit deeper than that, but there you go. The vast majority of respondents said that they were relatively happy, and answered the questions as 'honestly' as they could. The professor then went on to mark them, overall they were in the 7's, 8's, 9's and even one ten. Except for one poor bugger who scored 2, no job, no family, etc, and he truly sounded very depressed.:cry: So on a scale of 1-10 how would you mark yourself, honesty now folks. I would do it a bit differently, I would definitely say that I was a ten in relation to the key questions, but the professor made one point that I didn't quite understand. She said that to accept things that you cannot change will ultimately lead to happiness as well, I tend to disagree. It's a VERY personal point of view, but to try and want to change things that are allegedly out of out control can surely be the driving force behind 'happiness'. Some say that to accept certain issues will lead to a life where you can be happy, but is that 'accepting' that things are just the way it is, and that is the way they will always be. So in a rather confused and complicated way I guess I am asking how would you rate your life at the moment, family etc are all important, and indeed if EVERYTHING else went tomorrow I would be very happy, but I would still want to see change bought about. The strange thing is this. That whilst I often crave and clamour for change it truly doesn't make me unhappy, the reverse in actual fact. If I succeed all well and good, but if I fail then so be it. In actual fact I am ecstatic that I hope to raise certain issues, it is the ONE driving force that makes me get up every day. Of course my family comes first, but in all honesty if you don't have a 'realistic' dream that you want to achieve can you ever be truly happy, even if you never get to acheive it. Sorry, long and bloody boring I know, but thought it worth asking.:mad: Cheer Tony.:wink:
  5. Morning/Evening All. Couple of threads recently have concerned the possible detriment to financial security if the big move to Australia is made. Some if not most people on PIO have worked their backsides off to get where they are today, and in that respect some of you have pensions to look forward to, and fair play to you all if you are in this position. After all, if you have slogged away all your life you deserve to be rewarded at retirement with a comfortable pension and the lifestyle that brings. (This is of course if your pensions are safe and haven't been whittles away by the recession and bad management). But then all of a sudden Australia comes into the equation. Just why Australia now features in your thoughts is as individual as you are, but someway along the lone thoughts of Australia have entered your thoughts and you realise there may be a possibility to live out there. Some miss family that are already in Australia, some just go for the adventure, but from what I have read the vast majority of people go because they think/hope it will offer them more than the UK can and ultimately make you more HAPPY. So we now have this situation, do you give up your jobs, house, family, etc in this country BECAUSE you are not truly happy or do you hang on for grim death and stay in this country because at the moment you are fairly secure monetary wise. I have never been one to put a lot of store on money, as long as I have enough to pay the bills, help the kids out, and go out once a fortnight, then I am as happy as Larry. But at the end of the day what I am trying to say is that money can never bring about happiness in the UK if you are not happy here. Yep, money can take away a lot of the stress and worry of everyday living but it will NEVER buy you true happiness. So in essence is it worth staying in this country purely for monetary reasons if you will never be truly happy here. True, you may go to Australia with little except the change in your pocket, maybe not even a job to go to, or on the other hand you may go to Australia very financially secure and a job waiting for you. But at the end of the day, is it truly worth staying in this country if you can not be happy here at the moment. Far be it of me to say go to Australia, but at the end of the day isn't the whole point of us being on this earth to be as happy as we possibly can, and if Australia 'may' bring that opportunity then why not go for it. Some will read this post and think I am saying throw it all up in the air and go to Australia, that is NOT what I am saying at all. Just if you are truly not happy in this country then why not go for it. Yes, it may be the worst thing you have ever done, but you never know, it could be the best decision you have ever made, maybe a little less money, not the house you had in the UK, etc, but if it is a possibility that it may bring you TRUE happiness then I would say go for it. Just my thoughts. Cheers Tony:wink:
  6. Guest

    Happiness!!! :-)

    I am mainly happy that im back home, in Yorkshire. Austraila was boring, scrappy and customs had problems with my printer, thinking it was filled with something illegal.:mad: I was utterly disgraced by our villa, the pool had insects which i got bitten by. When i had to be rushed to hospital, :wacko: i was not entitled to health care.