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Found 39 results

  1. Johndoe

    Whatever happened to

    The Hoff? I recently had a lurker's hiatus of about a month and haven't seen any posts from him since coming back. His enthusiasm for australia always brought a smile to my face, despite it looking like he'd never get here. Has he said his goodbyes or is he still around?
  2. Did it lose its magic? Did it stop turning around?
  3. cartertucker

    Whats happened to PIO?!

    I used to come on here & there would be so many people online ~ Whats happened, where is everyone? :wideeyed: I post a thread these days & sometimes it takes hours to get a reply :dull: it used to be within minutes! Its a shame ~ I know that lots of 'regulars' are still on here ~ But then there are lots that arent :no:
  4. crispysince70

    O'h no!! It's happened again!!

    So, for those of you who didn't read my last post the story goes like this.... We're in this lovely fully furnished rental property and I put a hot cup on the table and it left a big round ring on the polished surface. So, I read on the net that if you ironed it through a folded towel and gave it a couple of blast of steam, hey presto , it would have dissapeared. Anyhow's, after a couple of blasts, I then had a big iron mark instead of a cup mark So. we had it restored, and thank god it's dissapeared. So now, I've come home from a hard day's work, and one of the kids has skidded on the lamainate floor straight into two big urns, and broken the tops off of both of them.:shocked: http://s1029.photobucket.com/albums/y357/crispysince70/
  5. Well it wasn't predicted, so i suppose in a way it was on the cards, they always get it wrong, but it has shocked me to the core ................ after 2 months of miserable cool weather ............ we have had ............ 2 days of sunny nice weather in a row. No i'm not lying .............. its true ............ it was nice yesterday, we went for a lovely long walk around my sons golf course and today we are going for another long walk along the cycle track that goes past the back of our house for miles, its just across the fields that my house backs onto and .............. We might have a barbie later, or Sit out in the garden and have a meal, We will definately be out sunbathing and For 2 or 3 days we will live as though we are actually living in ............... Australia ........... makes me want to emigrate even more .............. Anyone feel the same?:wink::yes:
  6. What's the progress on the cap and cease bill? Just curious. Any chance that the bill will be passed any time soon?
  7. As some of you know I have been having a few problems with my internet provider recently (rhymes with Birgin) but eventually after several protracted weeks I am eventually back online, BUT AT WHAT COST. A burgeoning tash, unshaven, hair all over the place, double chin, somewhat paranoid, and wholly unfulfilled. I now resemble one of the great unwashed and was approached by the Sally Army only yesterday enquiring about my health and would I like a hot mug of chicken soup,:mad::embarrassed::biglaugh: Me, personally like the new look, sort of rugged (scruffy according to my two cherubs) but what the hell, new look, new person and you never know if my hair gets any longer I may not be able to use my keyboard,:jiggy:. I'm off now to scare the children playing outside and give King Kong his arse back (as I have been using it as a face) and wax my tash to its full glory. So if any of you are thinking of leaving PIO, be warned this could be you in a matter of weeks, not including the ladies of course, they are always lovely, (I think,:biglaugh:) PS. Forgot to add, the pics below are very recent, the one on the left is after my abscence from PIO, and the one on the right was only taken two weeks ago,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. I am sad today to read that President Obama has felt the need to show his birth certificate to stop attacks on his place of birth. He is the President of the United States, elected fair and square, why should he have to do that. This is very dirty politics. I just wish politicians who we elect could just get on and do the job, we might not agree with them, we might not like their politics. ( I stop short of saying we might not like them because for me personally I do not know any of them so cannot know whether I would like them in real life. ) Some of the comments I read from people are just awful. I want decency, respect and manners to return big time. Trust is out the window these days in everything we do. Maybe they need a book of what to do like the one handed to the guests who are to attend the royal wedding :laugh:
  9. What happened to all the registered migration agents who used to frequent this site? I am talking about people like George lombard, Raul... etc. Have they retired or just stopped contributing to the forum?
  10. OK, we all have tales of funny things that have happened at work, after an incident at work today i wondered what sort of experiences made you laugh at work.. So here is mine for today.... As a lot of you know i am the curator of a small museum. Today we had four Americans pay us a visit. After about an hour the one lady asked me where the powder room was? I sent in the right direction whilst I talked to her husband. Then it happened an almighty scream and a woman shouting. We went running out to the toilets to find this lady trying to tidy her clothes and screaming something touched her. I looked in the toilet and there was a rather large green frog, Apparently as she sat down this frog reached up and stroked her backside. She was screaming, i was laughing and her husband was crying with hysterics.
  11. Hey, we are very stressed now! He passed the other three tests (Brucellosis, Leptospirosis and Leishmaniosis) but the lab said they have tested twice so far and he has failed the Ehrlichiosis test but they said it could be the testing kit. They are re-testing this afternoon. Has this happened to anyone else? Feel like crying now:sad: Does anyone know what will happen if he fails again??
  12. pablo

    Whatever happened to cash?

    Just been to sainsbos(AGAIN!),got some messages,and goes the till,theres a woman there in front of me,a tiny bottle of asprin or something,thats all she'd bought,fair enuf,£1.50 it was. So cpl of minutes goes by and she's rooting round in her bag(not her purse),eventually she finds her card,yes a ........g card,for thirty bobs worth of gear for jesus sake! Then she has a few goes at the "guess the pin number" game:rolleyes:,i feel like whistling by this time tbh because sainsbos have just started doing skinny chips,so i got some and a meat and tater pie and soss roll,all getting cold because of this loon! Anyway,eventually she guesses the pin right,three .........g cherries eh,hallelulah! Thought "sound",now i can get out and have me scran,but no! she gets her .........g nectar card out and asks for a balance/points:mad:,but the machine wasnt reading it right or something,so there was another hold up! felt like looking around to see if Trigger Happy TV were hiding somewhere!UNBE .........g LIEVABLE i tell yer!:arghh: 5/6 minutes of me life i'l never get back,its a lot at my age,it all adds up! "Why cant they have a cash only/no card whatsoever till in these yards?"i ask the arl twerly on the till,"we did,but no-one used it" she said!:no: I allways get the cash meself,dont know why,guess im just arl style. Going the shops is turning into warfare these days i tell yer,why do all these people walk around holding their mobile phone in front of them at arms length staring intently into it as tho its a ..........g direction finder taking them home?and not looking where there going! "oh sorry mate" they say as they butt yer in the chest,and yer have to just force a smile thats a grimace really,and yer really feel like saying "yeah yer will be sorry yer dozey bas7ard,get that stitched,then pick yerself a window"!:mad:as yer throw the imaginary head on them! And to top off the day the twerly says to me "oh you dont use your nectar card do yer",so in a massive sainsbos with loads of staff the woman knew me! Because im in there everyday like an arl mary ellen getting the messages:no:,time was it was all the barmaids in town that knew what i drank as soon as i walked in the alehouse,NOW its a twerly on the till in sainsbo's,thats when yer know yer gallivanting days are well and truly over!:frown: On the brightside the pie,soss roll and chips were nice,so thats made up for everything hasnt it:nah:
  13. landv

    What happened to Sunnyday?

    Reading some threads, I have just noticed that Sunnyday's account has been closed. She is such a lovely person and always enjoyed reading her posts. Does anyone know why did she leave PIO?
  14. what happened to WA website ?? does it take that long to make changes or is it some other technical fault as people are getting access for quite some time now ?
  15. Hello peeps. As some of you will know I take an interest in politics etc, I'm no great lefty, righty, down the middle etc, but I do try and keep up to date with what is going on, BUT. Can anyone tell me what ever happened to the 'socialist' movement in this country, I am not saying it was right, wrong, etc, but what I am saying is simply this. When I was kid/young man the social movement, i.e. Labour, and several other organistaions seemed far more prevalent than it is today, since 'New Labour' came about they seemed to have tried to was away their history, and for all intents and purposes have become yet another homeginised version of many other political parties. I used to know some stanch socialists, well they said they were but in reality would have cut the next mans throat to get the next pound in their pockets.:mad:. As I said I am no extremist, but just seems strange that the social movement has seemed to have died a death. Is it that we are now (for the most part) far better off, or was the old socialist movement a thing of its time and has gone past its sell by date. In this age of capitalism I just 'think' there should be a reverse of the coin and another movement to keep this in balance. I'm not talking of the radical loonies, just ordinary people who believed in a certain morality (right or wrong) who fought the so called cause. I have a feeling that we have for the most part become a little spoilt and at times we forget some people need a voice to make people stand up and listen. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  16. He / she hasn't been around recently - are they ok? Love Rudi x
  17. I have not taken any notice for about 12 months but I am sure it was about 2.10 to the pound :eek: now I see it is 1.6 did I really see it at 2.10 to the pound or was I dreaming?
  18. ...to cut a long story short: We lodged our 175 (CSL) visa on 01/02/10 (just ahead of the MODL announcement - phew!), and I duly sat back and waited, thinking it was going to take a while for anything to happen. We applied (via our agent) for WA State Sponsorship on 30/11/09 and I had a "funny feeling" on Monday that I'd get an email from her to say we'd got SS and could now got to a 176 and be pushed up the priority ladder - WRONG!!! Got an email (as predicted) from our agent saying we needed to provide some employment references, penal clearances and get medicals booked. We've got a Case Officer!!! :eek: I'm still in a state of shock! Has this happened to anyone else recently? Our agent thinks it's due to the the skills we've applied under (OH is a Computer Professional - Datawarehouse specialist). Our in-laws have just had their contributory parent visa granted so we wondered if the two had somehow been linked. Anyway, a question for anyone who's had medicals with existing conditions to take into consideration - how long does it typically take for a medical consultant to prepare a specialist report? We are having our medicals on 01/04 (booked yesterday) - I've just sent a letter to a hospital consultant asking for a specialist report and am hoping in can be turned around in less than 2 weeks :unsure: Lisa (Still in shock!)
  19. Why is it that things have gone so wrong, i remember being a youngster playing ouside all weekend with out a parent in sight. It seems these days you do anything with out a consequence. Why are we so tolerant to criminals that cause harm to children or woman, why are we not removing this element from society and bringing back capital punishment and getting society back to how is used to be. In my opinion you start giving these people punishement to suit there crime and it will start going down the line to our youngsters. Ive seen so many young people get away with crime, hitting elderly, hitting the police. WHY ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH IT. Why cant someone with balls in the government start things rolling.:arghh:
  20. Guest

    What happened to Mizzy2286

    Hi Everyone, I just want to say thank you to every one who gave advice when my thread was going. Unfortunatly the moderators removed my thread mid way through. To people wanting to move to Australia, Please be careful that you have plenty of support in the event that something goes wrong as if you are alone in Australia it is very scary and there is no where near the help that people say there is. If any one did have a response for me please PM me. Again thank you for the answers I did get while i was aloud on here, although i am very hurt that I was kicked off.
  21. Guest

    What ever happened to......

    The PIO regulars such as ; Tracey123, pineapple head, and the fat chef? (can't remember his name) Also the "other" forum... wtf happened to that? all lovey dovey one minute the gone, quicker than a xxxx turns to pee!
  22. As I am leaving, I am starting this thread to remind myself that it was not all bad and take some good memories with me. My trip to Perth on the Indian Pacific was hilarious met up with some really funny people and we all took over one carriage, got drunk and loads of people got upgraded because we were too noisy. Getting off the train in the middle of nowhere when the train stopped to pick up supplies and the train staff joking with me that the doors were shut and I couldn't get back in, really hillarious. They let me in after I started panicking laughing their heads off.
  23. I was in the shops and waiting in line to pay and this guy just started having a conversation with me, it was really interesting he was saying how much Sydney had changed and how much he hated it and wanted to move to Queensland, he could not understand what I was doing here. What was so amazing was that there was a person who actually was friendly in this City, wow what a revelation I suppose there might be one or two in 4 million people that are nice. But it was all ruined on the drive home.......beep beep beeeeeeep
  24. Hi All, Just thought I would share this with you all. Went shopping at the lovely Asda (gotta watch the pennies). When I came out went to the boot to put the shopping in and realised some bastard had backed into my car and completed dented it in on the corner of the bumper. Now that in itself didnt please me or the fact that whoever it was must have been going quite fast backwards!!! as there is quite alot of damage. BUT what makes it worse is they drove off. So gotta pay for it myself now. Luckily can claim some of it on insurance but will have to pay the first £120.00. Not funny when we have our Melbourne reckie in 4 weeks time!!!!!!!!!!! :sad:
  25. :wacko:after weeks of phoning and complaining to my internet provider (scccch Virgin Media) that I am having great difficulties getting on to the best site eve PIO, (as well as a few others) I am as happy as larry to say, got home from the dailt slogg 2nite and guess what..................... We're here again so what have we missed.:biglaugh: