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Found 40 results

  1. Bruce Willis eat your heart out.:notworthy::notworthy: Get past the advert, it's worth it.:yes: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/video--brazilian-police-ram-smugglers’-plane-on-runway.html
  2. I 'only' had four schooners too, mixture of Crown Lager, Coopers Pale Ale & Heineken. Glad now that I had to leave most of the last one and double glad I did not stop at the Strawberry Hills as I was walking home.. Strange how the little irritations change into 'Capital' offences when you are feeling 'fragile'. That bloke revving his motorbike up for instance and the ones above me playing drum & bass or something equally vile. I wanted to declare the square kilometre around my unit a noise-free zone. Feel slightly better now I've had what Les Norton calls a 'beer dump'. To think I used to be able to do this for 14 nights solid in Benidorm when I was a youngster! And my bloody friend, who caused me all the shame of being 'asked to leave' the Woolahra, would have been up for work as usual, half a day before me!
  3. Interesting article in the Telegraph; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/8749436/OECD-warns-of-double-dip-threat-in-UK-and-cuts-forecasts.html Is the UK really at threat? I hope not, surely certain austerity measures will have to be relaxed to stimulate the economy and get it back on track if we're slipping back towards a recession.
  4. Guest

    What will happen ??

    Hi guys, i have already applied for PR and hope to get it somewhere in 2012. But next year i have to move to Europe for 3 years on a company assignment. So won't be able to live permanently in Australia from during those 3 years. At the same time, i don't want to lose my PR as i invested alot of time and money in that. So, my question is what will happen to my PR status. Will it be cancelled? can it renewed? I would appreciate your feedback.
  5. Hi Folks Just want to throw this question out there! After several crap months and now reflecting on it I am a strong beleiver that things happen for a reason! Anyone else share my ethos? :hug:
  6. Householders to be given new rights to defend themselves against intruders 'Have-a-go' heroes to get protection, but police warn of dangers of new rights.<SCRIPT type=text/javascript src="http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share"></SCRIPT> Mark Townsend, home affairs editor The Observer, <TIME pubdate datetime="2010-06-06">Sunday 6 June 2010</TIME> The justice secretary, Ken Clarke, is examining the idea of increased legal protection for people who use force to fight off intruders. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Householders who confront burglars are to be given greater rights to defend their families and homes. The justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, is looking at increasing legal protection for people who use force to fight off intruders. The government is eager to "ensure that people have the protection they need when they defend themselves against intruders", a ministry of justice source told the Observer. Clarke will also examine the idea of increased legal protection for have-a-go heroes and passersby willing to "apprehend criminals". The move follows high-profile cases in which householders were given jail sentences after attacking burglars. Last year Munir Hussain was jailed for using a cricket bat to beat a man who had broken into his home and threatened his family with a knife. Hussain was jailed for two and a half years for causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but was released after a public outcry. The plan has brought warnings from senior police officers, however, who believe a change in the law could promote vigilantism and could also be exploited to provide excuses for those involved in assault cases.
  7. New to the site but so many great posts thought I'd say hi! My partner and I are making the move at the end of September to Sydney! Super excited and so many things to consider. Any views on the following would be great: Ship or not? Saw a post saying to ship things is it really worth it? If so, who's best? Should I get a job before I go or contract when I arrive? I work in IT and have been speaking to a recruiter who's been keen and helpful but bit worried about going for a job at a company I've never met! Will we get a place to rent in Sydney? Thinking Balmain or Woolstonecraft and bit worried about the agents offering 15minute viewing time! Looks like a no but can you get LAFHA on a 176 visa What's a good relocation package? Boyfriend's told company we're off so wondering if others have been in that place and did you negotiate a good package! If anyone's got any advice on the following it'd be great!
  8. Guest

    How Does This Happen?

    As we all know at times we receive spam emails and the like and I delete them, BUT . Yesterday I received an email directly to my 'normal' email address. It read like this, word for word. G'day Tony. I like the look of your new avatar. Would like to see more, while I'm waiting, here are some pics of me to keep you amused'. Now normally I would dismiss this as spam, but the word 'G'day' makes me think there is a stalker out there roaming free on PIO and I am her latest victim. Now I can't post on a family forum the pics she included, whist nothing graphic it show a lot of breast and botty, the face by the way was covered. I wouldn't mind so much but my new avatar gives nothing away about myself, (maybe she was talking about the phallic symbol behind me,:biglaugh:) So now is the time to fess up, which one of you blokes was it, :embarrassed::biglaugh: whilst I appreciate the offer I am happily married I'll have you know. PS. True story by the way, giving me the creeps as we all know I have a face like a slapped arse, and a body that looks like Elvis (deceased) and besides she didn't include the white stick or Labrador in her 'pictures'.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  9. Hi I just read several thread and now Im thking what could possible happen in July?? DIAC announced new policies for 2012-2013 and based on the content in the new announcement I dont think they are completely ready for 2011-2012 with the new point system. In addition, there are heaps of ppl in cat 3 and even more in cat 4. I bet it's gonna take at least half a yr to process all cat 4 ppl who are waiting for their co desperately. My question is that the new point system is REALLY going to take into effect from July 1???:Randy-git:
  10. Guest

    Will it happen.

    My husband and I are so excited about moving to Perth with our two children. I have a place on course studying special needs and am due to start in july, BUT can't sell my house and no way of gong untill this happens. :sad: Trying to stay positive but feel more and more negative as the days go by. keep thinking about how exciting it will be when we get on the plane to start our new lives in oz and then dread the thought of us staying here. What makes things worse is family hope the house doesn't sell so we can't leave, anyone been or going through similar thing?
  11. Guest

    Keep try it will happen

    :biggrin:I have been looking for a 457 visa since the changes and all the delays i applied for a 176 visa in may 2010 I have had 2 interviews and been offerd two 457 jobs in this week so things do happen to those who wait i am still going to let my 176 run good luck to all who are still waiting :yes: just got to decided which job to take
  12. Hi, we are moving back home on 18th January and have a 12 month lease in Berwick. Will i let the estate agents know A.S.A.P or just move without telling them? What will or can they do? will we loose our bond and have to pay 3.5% of annual rent to them. Don't know anyone who can take over lease unless someone ready to come over sees this and wants to take a 3 bedroom home on @ $320 a week. I would really like to let them know but don't want to be paying them more money. Gillian
  13. Hi guys, I recently lodged a 1023 form to change my new IT occupation title for the 885 visa application. Heard some rumors that they are not taking that anymore. Does anyone know what would happen if this attempt failed? Would they cancel my whole application or I will still be in cat 4? Thanks a lot!
  14. Hello, I am waiting until we can afford to move to apply for the Spouses visa, I am married to an Australian citizen by descent and have 2 children with him, 1 from a previous marriage. We started looking at this abouta year ago. Visa processing times were quick and easy. But then the big shake up happened and the processing times are creeping up and up. I know that regardless I will have to wait whatever the time is, as when we are ready to go what will be will be. However I have been trying to find out why the times are increasing and any peoples views on what is likely to happen to them in the future. At the moment we would nee dto be totally ready financially as by the time the visa was processed we could have as little as a few months to get out there before medicals and police checks expired. Originally our plan had been to get most of the way, lodge the visa and then start looking for jobs in the hope of a relocation package and if not leave it until the last possible moment. Now we are looking at getting hubby to go out there ahead and findinga job and a house and we join him. But I don't want to plan this route if suddenly the processing jumps to a year for eg. On an aside does anyone know if I could join hubby a bit earlier than my visa on a tourist visa? Sorry I know there are loads of threads on this visa and loads on the general changes but I can't seem to locate the information I am looking for. Does anyone have an opinions or inside knowledge of what the plans are with the spouses visa? Thanks The
  15. We started this whole process 3 years ago and got our case office Feb 2009. There was one thing missing from the application (which we had sent already) We quickly got the required document and by the time it got back to our agent and to our case office hes skill was taken off the skills list - Gutted wasnt the word as we went back down the pile. In the mean time i had my 3rd child and was about to add her to application when out of the blue we have been requested for our meds and police checks. Our meds are booked for 12th October however this is way we face the problem. My husband has been suffering with really bad headaches and was admitted tio hopsital for tests (this was precautionary as hes mum dies similar age 20 years ago of a brain hemarage) Everything was normal except on the final MRI Angiagram he was found to have 3 small anuerysm 'blebs' These are not anurysms and the Dr said if he was to get 20 people in off the street 90% of people may have them. He is on no treatment however the Dr has advised to have scans every 2 or 3 years for 10 years just to keep en eye on them. Do you thimk this could spoil our chances of the visa? :arghh:We are going on a PR175 ANY HELP AT ALL WELCOME Thanks Amanda
  16. Guest

    What would happen if....???

    Hi All Watching from the UK, the Election looks like 2 possible Immigration programme outcomes to me. 1. Australia keeps a Labor Government but replaces Evans as the Minister for Immi. 2. Australia changes to the Coalition, possibly with either Philip Ruddock or Kevin Andrews taking up their historical jobs again as Minister for Immi. Either way, it appears that Andrew Metcalfe is likely to be moved sideways out of DIAC and that he would probably be happy to depart from a department that has turned into a poisoned chalice to work for. I'm trying to look ahead, to see what possible changes could happen. I'd be very interested to know what other people think, please? Many thanks Gill
  17. Guest

    Whoa!!! how did that happen?

    It has come to my attention of late that I may, just may be feeling at home in Australia. Over the 18 months we have been here there have been many things that have helped such as the Bunnings love tokens of leaf blowers and chainsaws, I have started to say arvo, yeah no yeah, putting 'as' at the end of things such as..cheap as, cool as and slab when describing things. I went to a childrens party and knew everyone but this and possibly the most serious of all......we are thinking about buying a trailer, surely that makes me part Ozzie???:biglaugh: What did it for you? Michelle
  18. I must be going thru lots of stress because of all the news about DIAC... I have found myself writing that I can't wait till the 1st of July. And I have bumped in many other users that have written the same... The fact is that I can't remember the reason why I have written that.. What is supposed to happen on the 1st of July? Is an new rule going to be introduced? Is the priority processing going to be changed? Is anything going to happen at all? Why is everyone waiting for the 1st of July? Sorry, I am confused and dazzled
  19. After our house sale fell through day before exchange, we are now at the position to exchange contracts again. It is supposed to happen today, lets hope so:wacko: We have to be there by 17 june, time is very quickly running out and all of us in bit of a state. The kids dont know if they will be going back to school after half term, my OH doesnt know if he is handing in his notice today, I'm trying to book removals and flights at really short notice.......etc Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed.
  20. Hi All Just wondered if anyone knew the answer to this question!! As we are a family of 4 on a qld state sponser 176 visa, we have been approved but no case officer yet!, as you are probably aware we are cat 5 on list. Hubby a carpenter/joiner and if it takes as long as the recon maybe 2012, my eldest son will turn 18 begining of January 2012. What will happen? Will he have to apply for a seperate visa or will he still be ok to come on ours, as we applied before he turned 18? It was just a terrible thought I had if this was the case of us going in 2012. Thankx Jan
  21. Hi guys, It's just that I'm dying to know the process for pre-September 2007 after the last meeting in Canberra with the Minister? I have been here in Australia for 2 years and 10 months and I want to know what do I have to do in order to have my application possibly processed. Daniel
  22. Guys, Can somebody reply me on the situation. My agent is saying go ahead with the Medical and PCC. Here is the question number 17 in the proof of this... Q 17 I have been granted a provisional GSM visa and my spouse now wishes to join me, will they be able to do so? Yes, applications for subsequent entrants for provisional GSM visas are exempt from priority processing arrangements. The provisional GSM visas are: • Skilled—Regional Sponsored (subclass 475) • Skilled—Graduate (subclass 485) • Skilled—Regional Sponsored (subclass 487) • Skilled—Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 496) • Skilled—Independent Regional (subclass 495).
  23. I'm wondering what the outcome would be for the Minister’s priorities if and when the CSL disappears. The only logical priority group would then be state sponsored applications, wouldn’t it? Or if they replaced the CSL with some Frankenstein combination of the CSL and MODL, then logically the new list would need to be the subject of some new prioritisation? In any renewed listing, surely there must be scope for the Minister to save face with respect to those who were previously on the verge of grant? Cheers, //Mach
  24. Hi Can anyone tell me if there are going to be any changes to the defacto visa application on 20/10. Its just im about to pay my agent to start processing my visa and worried I might not be able to satisfy every requirment if the rules change. Any help is appreciated. Thanks :frown:
  25. Guest

    This could only happen in Oz

    :laugh: A MAN has been fined $100 for breaking wind while being quizzed by cops who insist they were humiliated by the resulting laughter of passers-by. Police in Graz, Australia, said the fracas gave them grounds to book 20-year-old Hansi Sporer under anti-police abuse laws. "This was no accident. He clearly intended to make a laughing stock out of the officers and deserved what he got," a police spokesman said. The Safety and Security Act allows police to issue instant fines to people who insult or attack them. But lawyers for Sporer argued that his outburst had been accidental. Cops fine man for breaking wind | The Daily Telegraph