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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone! thought some family people (especially with young children) might be interested in this comparison! I have recently had my child tax credit/and working tax credit back - telling me I'm now entitled to.......67 pounds a month!!!! I have two children under three, i work (20 hrs) earning minimum wage and my husband is an a contracted electrician - usually working 60 hours a week - earning about 25 grand (after tax) HOWEVER, he is at moment working away (as due to economic crisis there are few jobs local to us) so he has to pay about 120 pounds a wk i just cant believe how much we are being penalised for being married and wanting to be a family! I dont expect the gov to support us, it just annoys me how it doesnt support married couples and/or family units. In contrast after doing a bit of research I've discovered that with my hubbie working full time, me as STAY AT HOME mum and with three kids, we'll be entitled to around $1200 in Australia - because the gov there has a scheme to support families with only one breadwinner, where one parent wants to stay at home!!! WOW! i cannot believe this we're actually not going to be penalised for being a family! i think we need to get on a plane quick, because with rising costs here in the UK we won't be able to survive much longer!!!
  2. Hi all, we are in the process of applying for visa hopefully 176 pr. I am a nurse aged 35 and very happily married with 2 girls aged 10 and 13. We have always had the dream of moving to oz, mainly for the outdoor lifestyle that we can experience together. Also the oppurtunities that oz can offer my 2 girls. We are very close and love our own company. The girls are 150% behind the move which is great. Our family are very supportive also of our decision. we have had friend successfully move to different parts and are loving it too. We have never actually been and the reaction form a lot of people tends to be go there first!! I appreciate that this is a life changing move but we certainly have not gone into it lightly we cannot afford to go for reccie and our feeling towards this is that for only going for couple of weeks is certainly not going to give us an appreciation of ozzy lifestyle. How many of you pommies also are making the move without ever visiting oz????? collette xx:wubclub:
  3. Now come on be truthful, who thought they would find the house of their dreams, the job of their dreams, and most of all, life on easy street!
  4. Guest

    H&S job market

    Hi My fiancee and I are seriously thinking of emigrating to Australia - possibly Sydney. She is a nurse with many years of experience has been told that she would breeze through the visa process. I am an Occupational H&S advisor with about 6 years experience (I'm 38) and have worked up to a reasonably comfortable position with semi decent prospects and avergare UK salary. I would love to give Australia a try but we are both worried that my career might be adversely affected by moving. Does anyone know what job prospects are like for OHS advisors in Sydney or in Australia in general? Are there some cities better than others? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi there anyone has any ideas, when Cat 7 would be moving for application beginning of 2009? lots of us here are falling in this last processing timeline so we feel very far behind from everyone else..so anyone would have a bit of clue..what would be helpful to manage our time and patient to wait.
  6. Sydney Newcomers Club upcoming events for February - pm for more details Friday 5th February – Ladies Night Out Tuesday 9th February – Ladies Who Lunch Saturday 13th February – Flavours of the East Friday 19th February – Morning tea for Preschoolers and their Mums Friday 19th February – Men’s poker night Friday 26th February – Coffee Morning
  7. I have a few small domestic building projects coming up in Brisbane (north side) and am looking for a young person to help out. Someone interested in a career in construction and keen to learn. Some knowledge of construction and carpentry a bonus. PM me with your details and info. Chris
  8. k8bug79

    Chefs and H&S

    Hi, my husband is about to send off his application for citizenship by descent. He is a Chef with plenty of experience over here. He has all his NVQs etc and food hygiene and Health and safety. But I have heard that OZ are very strict on their trade certificates. Is there anything as a chef that he needs to be doing over here or plan to do as soon as he arrives over there. Would hate t arrive and find he cannot apply for work for x weeks as he has to do a certificate. Thanks
  9. C'mon people get your names down here so we can see how bad this back log at the LCU is. My Docs arrived there around the 07 July. I am awaiting an SC120 Visa.
  10. The lost passports have been returned to me today, They WERE misplaced by royal mail so went to Belfast national returns dept who forwarded them back to me they never got to Australia house so I am going to take them in person next week to get visa put in them, What a weight off my mind. Now I am going to have a great christmas :emoticon-signxmas: to all Erinfay
  11. Guest

    A huge hands up to Pickfords

    We used Pickfords to send our stuff to Oz. As their container did not fit down our drive, they came with different size lorries for 3 days, with 3 really great blokes. On the 4th day they emptied everyting into our container, which left the UK on 4 July. It arrived here in Perth on 5 August. Had cleared customs and quarantine by 15th and was delivered to us today the 20th. Just want to say they come very highly recommended. Only one thing broken but that was something that customs had removed, but it was worthless, so not too bothered. Three blokes arrived at 11:30 and were done by 2:30. They unpacked all the big, heavy items e.g. suite, tellies, beds and tables, fridges etc. So if anyone is looking for a company to use as far as we are concerned they were excellant. They kept in contact with us all the time and always returned calls straight away. They also take all the boxes and wrapping away. The fact that our container arrived in 4 weeks after we were told 7-9 was brilliant. Just thought you might be interested to hear a good view. Claire
  12. Guest

    Only want to wash my hands

    Dont get it Why is it most ozy house dont have a sink to wash your hands in ,in the toilet. eddie :huh:
  13. Hello, I feel lost and decided just writing this will help!! My husband accepted a job offer in Perth Christmas eve and after a stressful 7 month wait we found out Friday our visa application has just been submitted. We have been advised we should find out either way in 2 weeks (We are hoping to go on a sponsorship visa) I can't sleep (I wish I could not eat, that would be useful!!) Every where I look ,everything reminds me of our pending future!! I am buying smaller jars of food(don't want to waste it incase we go!) Won't buy clothes that won't be worn in the summer, in fact generally scared to buy anything incase it takes us over the 40ft container! Every car that drives past I pray is a potential viewer who will buy our house(Yes ,I did say 'buy'! still hoping people still do that?!) At least I now know we will soon find out either way.I believe in fate and have convinced myself it's not meant to be if we are unsucessful.(But my god will I bear a grudge!) Thought the last 7 months were tough but feel like the next 2 weeks are as distant as Christmas!!! I can't focus on anything else!!! Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated or to hear from anyone else going through a similar process? Love pottsyXX P.s is it still only Sunday??!!! Only 14 more days to go!:arghh:
  14. stillhere

    out of my hands

    ok i finally put tra app in the post last night & spent most of it thinking of ways to get it back was gonna hijack postie this morn :biglaugh: but thought better not pcs may b needed ABH on a postie won't go down 2 well!:policeman: can any1 tell me if u get acknowledgement of tra when it arrives? if so how letter/email? or do i have 2 wait 4 a long painful month till u get a yeh or neh?:wacko: cheers! impaitent stillhere
  15. Guest

    Helping Hands From Down Under

    Hi I am Chris who moved from the UK in 2002 (Chesterfield) with a family of six. We chose Australia after discounting Canada and then deciding upon Brisbane - Qld. It has been a real learning curve and extremely frustrating at times, but we have overcome most obstacles and know this is the right 'spot' for our family's requirements. We are settling in Brisbane (Qld) and I have been progressing an online business that supports people with recruitment, immigration, visa applications and business consulting. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing some experiences - have already located people from our own home town - on these types of forums the world gets even smaller. Chris
  16. Guest

    Our life in their hands!!

    Just thought I'd mention that tomorrow(28th ) my hubby and I are off to London, for his interview at Australia House regarding his transfer into the Oz army! Feeling slightly panicky, nervous and excited at the thought of it all! the interview is Fri, all day!! and at the end we should have an idea whether they want him or not!! Just want to get it all over now, feel a bit in limbo at the mo! :roll: Will report back at the weekend(will have lots of info by then if there is anyone else interested in doing the same thing) Sparklypom.