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Found 36 results

  1. Thought this could be an intresting debate, no matter how long you have been in Oz......If you loved Oz but your other half decided they were returning to the UK and nothing you could say would change their minds.....what would you do?
  2. Can anybody recommend a good half way point between Melbourne & South Australia? We will be driving the Great Ocean Road way & would like an overnight stop to break up the route, with somewhere not too expensive/super flash to stay for 1 night, 2 adults & 2 children. Any suggestions would be greatfully received!
  3. Guest

    Meeting Half Way

    Hi, Instead of taking the kids back to the UK next year, my wife and I were thinking of meeting my family somewhere in between for a holiday. Has anybody done this and got any recommendation of a place easy to get to from Melbourne and Manchester? So far our thoughts are Hawaii. I should point out that S.E.Asia isn't really an option as my niece has a nut allergy and I'm thinking it wouldn't be the best place for her to visit. Thanks in advance. MC.
  4. Guest

    Glass half full/empty

    Having been on this site for a couple of years now and been through the whole roller-coaster ride of the emigration process it has been interesting to note people's different opinion of the same thing. For instance, some people say "Don't go to Adelaide it's so boring" but for other's (like myself) it's the BEST city to live in. Some people love the weather in Aus - others hate it. Now I realise that some of this is simply down to personal taste which may have been shaped by all kinds of factors but it also seems that some people CHOOSE to find fault in whatever they are doing or experiencing. It was actually a friend of mine who got me thinking about this - he posted on facebook recently "Another Miserable day" - which was based on what the weather was doing but to anyone looking at him they would see someone with a wonderful life, a great family, dream job (working for me LOL) etc but he chose to pick on the one thing that was not so good on that day - this seems to be the way he is wired in life, everything may be great but he always seems to find the one bad thing to tell everyone about. So my question is, are you a "glass half full" or "glass half empty" kind of person?? Daniel
  5. im a cup half empty type of guy--i just think there's more to be had out of life--me missus is a cup half full lady,and is quite happy with all life gives her--so what are you--half full or half empty
  6. Hi All We have just had Anglo pacific around to take away out years of hoarding and was a bit shocked at the amount of boxes they went away with. Our original quote was for 28 boxes and they totalled 39 on departure. I picked up a few of the boxes as was curious and the felt near empty! Has anyone else had this experience? Has anyone else challenged them on it? Also more nuisance than anything else but they packed stuff we asked not to go (like the foot and pipe to our vacuum cleaner that we were giving to a friend. It's going to be hard work cleaning the flat now without the foot! Bit random as they picked this up from the don't take pile). They also forgot some stuff from the do take pile. I have half a mind to call Monday and ask to go to the warehouse and ask to retrieve the misplaced items and put back the things that should have gone but I'm not sure if this is the done thing or not?) has anyone else had experience of this? Thank you very much in advance for any advice offered.
  7. k3nj1

    Australian half sister

    I am currently on a 457 visa and have been working on this for 3 years here in Sydney. I am looking to apply for my PR. I have a half sister (same father) who is Australian - would she be able to sponsor my application? Or have me on some kind of family visa? Thanks
  8. Hi friends, after a couple of years of trying we are finally in oz me the wife and kids that is, Adelaide is to be our new home, we are staying in west beach, but leaving tomorrow to travel back to uk to tie up loose ends, we are mainly looking for property to rent in time for Xmas time when we make the final step, me I'm a pommy spark and the mrs is going to uni to do a degree in midwifery. The thing is everywhere seems realy nice here, we need a bit of local advice we are struggling on our own, thanks you beauties, please PM me for my phone number
  9. Guest

    Half Uncle in Australia

    Will he be able to sponser me? I have a Grandad in New Zealand and a half uncle in Australia. Just seeing my possibilities. Thanks
  10. this thread comes with a green warning.... and might help any one who is a bit anxious. This is my opinion and out look on my situation so obviously might get someone who doesn't agree. Anyway, so far I have found Australia pretty awesome. OK some of the things are more expensive but others are the same if not cheaper - you have to buy wise and always check prices against other places. The variety is great and I have to say I am really enjoying the different shops the Australian malls have. Its not the same old same old high street shops you get in every UK village, each mall has a unique set of shops, I am loving going into the "cheap" shops like the reject shop and hot dollar!! you can get great kids stuff in there for a fraction of the price. Schools are great - well my daughters school is anyway. The uniforms are expensive though, stupidly expensive. But I have to say the teachers, and staff have been ever so helpful and opened the uniform shop just to kit my daughter out. The other parents have approached me and have been very welcoming and helpful. Such a great bunch of people. I personally think the standard is high. My daughter did well at her UK school, she has finished year one in UK and is completing final term of year one in Australia, she is finding some of the work challenging. It could be the long holiday and the fact she has to get into things again, but from talking to the other parents and the teachers the school standard is high and they get great results. I am just loving getting out of bed to the sound of kookaburras and walking my daughter to school with amazing views of the valley and gorgeous trees and birds. Even saw a big blue tongue lizard which my little 3 year old thought was pretty cool!! so, life in Australia - so far meet and rises above expectations
  11. hI, does anyone know if you can change your state sponsorship half way through your visa application. We are applying to Adelaide as their sponsorship is now open althought we want to go to Perth really. Can we apply using SA's sponsorship and then when WA open theirs apply and change the state details over on the visa application? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Years ago I did a joint degree in Accounting and Modern History (Joint degree Bsc/BA). I have started to consider using it for migrating. I studied for 3 years and the history part was therefore for 1.5 years. I did study history at the highest level possible in the degree with a dissertation but Im thinking that 1.5 years study is effectively a Diploma and I couldnt migrate as "historian" in the skilled program because I havent got 3 years history study. I have emailed Vetassess about it but heard nothing back. Does anyone have an idea of whether I could say I was a trained historian?
  13. is that even possible?????? Ideally I would like to sell but it would have to be in 2 months at a decent offer.....otherwise we rent. Has Anyone done it???? Sold SO quickly? The Dilemma here is the school term, I want to leave in September so my Daughter doesn't have to start a new year with a class full of children she isn't friends with (they split up all friends for next term and she hardly knows anyone in her class)in year2, only to take her out and put her in a new class again with complete strangers, back to year one for a term, and then another huge long holiday and put in to another class...... If we leave later than October, not only do the airfares go up a HUGE amount, but then my daughter misses the last term of year one in Australia and has another HUGE holiday. I know most of you will say, well send her to year two and leave later - but I don't want to!!! My parents are so excited we will finally be spending christmas with them, so really need to take advantage of the good flights in SEPTEMBER!!! I said to my husband I could always go out before him with the kids and he can follow later - but obviously is not happy about that as he will be lumped with the final packing etc, I can't seem to get around that - even though the packers pretty much do everything for you and I am already cleaning out and packing the bits we want to take...... anyway with a lot of babble inbetween - am I being unrealistic or can we sell or rent in 2 months???? We live on a good train line to London and are pretty central - M25 and A3 just around the corner.
  14. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    2 and a half year update

    I thought I would do a wee update - we became Australian Citizens yesterday and felt it was time to review for myself how far we`ve come. We arrived in Perth June 07, stayed with relatives in the hills for the first 3 wks, now do not for a moment think the visa was the hard bit - all the organising and running around you do in those first few weeks can be really stressful. If you try to do too much at once it is easy to burn out. We made a list of what we had to do, prioritised it, then set days aside to do a couple at a time, I know it sounds like Im stating the obvious but it is so easy to panic and get caught up in doing everything NOW! So we had a rental in Warnbro for the first 6 months and then bought our own place in the next suburb down, we like where we live, it`s quiet enough and has everything we need nearby. Our daughter had to do 6 months in Primary before she went to High School (she was due to start High School in the UK) personally I think it was a good thing - stressful enough moving across the world without adding to it by starting at High School. She is very happy at school, has plenty friends and is doing very well. Personally I think she is doing far better than she would have in the UK. I know a lot of people have reservations about the Australian Education System but for my daughter it works, she`s happy and enjoys going each day - what more could I want? Hubby is an electrician and he has had a few jobs now, he is finding the Aussie working practice .....interesting. I`ve got a job as a school officer and love it (most days). The feelings of displacement that I had when I first arrived have gone - it`s the small things like people recognising me in the street and stopping to chat that help me to feel a sense of belonging - that was what I missed when we arrived - I felt like I was on the outside looking in. Most of my friends are ex pats, not intentionally, it`s just the way it worked out but a good friend is worth their weight in gold no matter where they are from, so I`m not complaining. I`ve decided that this is the year I am going to be more pro-active, I`ve started Belly Dancing classes (lets face it I have plenty of belly to dance!) Im going swimming more and I will be taking driving lessons again ( I started but gave up and I need to drive here, even thought the transport is pretty good). We`ve had a few ups & downs, it certainly hasn`t all been easy and the downs hit you all the harder because you don`t have that lifelong support network. A lot of the time I think how well you settle can be down to dumb luck, if it constantly seems to be hard knocks then you can`t always pick yourself up so easily each time. We`ve no intentions of going back to UK for a holiday - too much of this country to see yet. This was a good move for us I`m not certain we will stay in WA forever as I do suffer from itchy feet but it`s good for us now. I guess the one bit of advice I would give to anyone doing the move is be kind to yourself, try it - if it`s not for you then don`t beat yourself up about, and don`t feel as if you have to justify or explain yourself.
  15. Hi all, I have completed a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computing course from UTS here in Sydney. My course is half IT and half maths hence its more of a "half IT degree". In my 2006 course handbook it stated that it was professionally accredited by ACS, now the handbook says its accredition is "Associate". Do you guys think it'll be an issue? I am planning to apply as a Computing Professionals – Applications and Analyst Programmer In my course I did about 5-6 programming subjects but by transcript doesnt describe them explicitly. I am worried that given the half the content of my course is non-IT they will reject me. I have no idea how strict ACS is when it comes to judging this issue. Is this really a problem or is it just me being paranoid? Thanks for looking at it.
  16. The question is: Is there any shipping option which is smaller than half a container but larger than a few tea-chests? We recently organised for three quotes on a full-house move from UK to Oz. We knew it would come to about £3,000 for a full container and none of the companies disappointed us on that! We have always had a bit of doubt about the wisdom of shipping it all. Much of our furniture is mis-matched and not great quality. But then you think about practically giving all of it away here and the cost of replacing it. I so wish the shippers could give us some sort of indication of cost per item to help us think about whether to take individual things or not. Anyway, we have just (about 8 hours ago) come back from our reccie/validation trip and have been able to check out the prices over there, and get some advice from friends who have made the move. we are now seriously thinking about leaving most of our stuff here. But there still is quite a lot I am very attached to and would want to bring over. Some friends ditched everything and just brought 6 "tea-chests", but I know we couldn't get away with that. Anyway we have one huge mirror to bring, and the flat screen tv which is quite new (and they are very expensive over there). I still don't think we will need a half container though. So is there any other option we could look at? Or would it be best to go with a part load on a container and just hope everything arrives as it should?
  17. hey all bit slack i know, havent been to dentist in 3 and a half years, well 2 years i was in oz, and of course have been putting it off as im prob off nhs list so will have to pay for private ahhhrrr, should i go before my medicals, ? as i understand they have a quick look in ur mouth etc etc , small and silly question i know but could make a difference?:laugh:
  18. hi my name is reagan and my gfs name is sophie. We are both really wanting to leave England for at least 6 months to year? There is so many things we would like to know? Would we b able to get work out there? How do we go about renting a car and how much? Is it alot more money food? Petrol? etc.... We are looking to do it in the next month is that possible? We both really hope it is! If u could message me would be really appricated. Thanks:cool:
  19. My boyfriend and I moved out here on the 26th Jan 2009 on a defacto spouse visa. I'm English, he's Aussie and after 15 months living together in the UK and 8 in Aus before that we've made the move to the Central Coast where he is from. We've been staying with his parents up until now but we're FINALLY moving out this Saturday which can't come quickly enough as far as I'm concerned. His parents are nice enough but it's really been stressful for me as his mum is very fussy about her house and won't let anyone but her get food, cleans our room and basically treats us both like we're five years old! Because the visa was so expensive we didn't really have much money saved up for when we got here, just a couple of thousand dollars. We found a rental in Gosford for $300 a week but because neither of us had jobs we are having to pay 4 months rent up front. It also wasn't available for another 6 weeks which is why we've been stuck at his parents longer. it's worked out good in a way because we have been able to get a bit of money now since I'm temping and my bf has youth allowance as he's at uni. Not ideal but better than nothing.At the time I think we were just so desperate to get any sort of rental to get out of his parents that we took this place but now I'm thinking we could have got better for cheaper. It doesn't really matter though. It has a 2 bed, 2 bath, a walk through wardrobe and a balcony with water views so will be nice better than what we had in the UK that is for sure! We have had such a massive struggle to find any sort of work over here. It took me two months just to find a really rubbish temping job doing data entry! We're located on the Central Coast so I'm having to travel 2 hours there and two hours back every day meaning I'm leaving at 7am and not getting back until after 7pm! It's also a longer day here. It seems that it's a 37 1/2 hour week here as opposed to the 35 hours in the UK that I've been used to! Pay is better here though so can't complain. I'm getting $20 p/h for something that would be minimum wage in the UK! There don't seem to be many jobs at all on the Central Coast and all the general ones have at least a few hundred people applying for each one; more if its a good job! I'm looking for something on the coast but for the time being it looks like I'm going to be stuck commuting. My boyfriend has also struggled finding part time work. None of the big companies seem to be employing. Whilst work has been a shock to me and the fact that during the week I pretty much just get up, go to work, come home, have something to eat and then go to bed, the weekends more than make up for it. There is just so much to do! This past weekend for instance, we had a look around the shops since it was a bit miserable and went to the cinema that night. Yesterday we spent the day at Terrigal watching the big waves, walking around the rocks and just had a really nice day outside. Every weekend we are doing something different. Even if we just hit a ball outside its just so much nicer here that you're not just looking out the window at the rain pouring down outside! Nightlife here seems very lacking. i'm not sure if that is the area that we're in but there is not that many bars and clubs around. I do like the few there are they are just different to what I'm used to. We don't have a car yet which has been a bit of a struggle. Buses here are not that great compared to what I'm used to. They run between the major places like Gossie, Erina Fair and Terrigal but don't really go down the streets that often which can be a nuciense! All in all, I wouldn't go back to the UK for anything. I'm not really missing my family that much as they've been ringing a lot and once we move I'll be able to get Skype and webcam set up. I think once we get settled, get a good job and make some friends then I'll love it even more than I do already! There are some things I miss but not enough to move back!
  20. OK I have been in Berwick for a week and a half, I landed in Australia on the 1st of Feb 2009, its certainly a day I will remember because it was my 28th Birthday! The flight was pretty good, I flew with Singapore and I can recommend them especially if you plan to fly with young children as they were looking after the children on board really well. Personally its been a hard time for me as I left my beautiful wife Rachel, Daughter Violet and my son Arthur in the UK for 2 weeks while I set up our new home, harder still was the fact that I missed my daughters 3rd birthday on the 2nd of Feb. That said I have been welcomed so much, I bought a second hand washing machine off of one guy and he has rung every other day to see if I am getting on OK and if there is anything I need, its been like having a family member over here looking out for me. My neighbours have been absoloutly amazing, I went to introduce myself using the excuse of needing to know when the bins went out! After introducing myself and telling my neighbour my situation he invited me in to watch some cricket with him and his wife. They refused to let me leave without feeding me, after meeting them for only a few moments I was taken into their home and made to feel welcome, after mentioning that I had some flat pack furniture arriving the following day they lent me tools and a camp chair, when I returned these a couple of days later they once again invited me in and I was there for 4 hours. I also mentioned that I was having some trouble getting a car and they offered to drive me to the airport to collect my family when they arrive. I lived in a nice place in the UK the Isle of Wight and it was very community based but I have never felt so welcome anywhere as I have here. I have no doubt that the people I have met have made my new life easier and I dont know if its luck that I have met these people or just how people here are, the community here in Berwick seems a really friendly place, people allways say G'day as they pass you byin the street. I feel like I am very lucky having met the people I have, in plenty of phone calls back to my wife in the UK I have said I already feel at home and dont see myself going back to the UK in the near future. Also just a quick word on the bushfires, whats happening here is aweful but the country has really rallied round, the sense of community feels great and the fundraising has really taken off $60 plus million as of the 12th Feb at 9:45pm, its pretty humbling seeing whats happening and the sacrifices people are making. Im sorry if my post was a bit long, I hope that others have the same 1st impression as I do, just make the effort to talk to people and become part of your community. Terry
  21. Hi I'm looking to go to Queensland on student visa to start a course July 2010. As the school term starts in February, will I be only have to pay half of the $8000 school fees, or the full amount? Any answers gratefully received :smile:
  22. Guest

    Half a Container

    Has anyone shared a container? We used a 20ft container coming out and brought everything we owned but it wasn't full and I am quite happy to leave stuff behind and some big itmes if it means not having to use a full 20ft container. How much stuff can you put into half a container?
  23. Hi all I am looking for a good company to ship our stuff to Oz however, we dont need a full container, not even half! We are hardly taking anything other than laptops, X Box, Wii , photos and my work tools... Can anyone recommend a good shipper.... and if they have shipped little amounts like above... and finally how much! We are in Darwen Lancashire by the way.. Chris
  24. Yes I am on here as another person but you would never ever in your wildest dreams guess my alter ego....one day maybe:yes:
  25. Ok with all the discussion going on about people being fed up with others posting they hate Oz and others posting if you don`t like it it bugger off and how the UK is rubbish got me thinking (dangerous I know) Im very much a glass half full type of person and certainly mellowed a lot since moving to Oz. I do see the negatives but also see the positives and tend to concentrate on those (or maybe Im just lazy and can`t be arsed worrying), now some would say Im just hiding from the negatives, how do you view life AND THIS NOT TO DEGENERATE INTO A WHINGE!! It`s about how you view life and what is your coping mechanism, have you always been like this, if not what changed you. All points will be listened to thoughtfully with no slagging off otherwise I`ll clip yer ears!:policeman: