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Found 31 results

  1. Looking for a couple of people who are willing to help me. I'm from Manchester and have a job opportunity in mountain creek sunshine coast. I need to do a trade test to impress and get the job. For this volunteers need to have a restyle or some kind one of which had to be a graduated bob and the other to be just any restyle. Also highlights are needed or a fashion colour. Please please help it's all free and will help me a lot. Thanks in advance. Sophie please pm me if you can help Also it's Wednesday 11th from 12pm
  2. rick1981

    Hair dressers

    Do they still accept hair dressers in oz.I will be going as a plumber and other half is a hair dresser
  3. Does anyone know a good place for eyebrow threading in Perth? I always had it done in UK and I cannot find any beautician here who even knows about the technique! Please help me...
  4. :goofy:Does anyone living in Sydney have a wife who is going barmy and only thinks of returning to England on the next available flight. My family and I have been here since October 2010. I work in Sydney and my wife has tried to get a job but no luck yet. If your having the same problems, please let me know. Maybe our wives can contact each other and share similar issues. My wife is from the north east of England, Durham. Any comments more than welcome.
  5. rick1981

    Hair dressers

    Are hairdressers still need in oz
  6. mia7

    Frizzy hair???

    Im looking for some practical advice re NT weather...... Ive visited SA & WA (during 2010 storm) but we're swaying towards NT (darwin area), mostly due to work opportunities. Ive done a fair bit of research re cost of living, job opps etc but now im doubting if its the right state for us??? A friend visited NT during a holiday & she was less than impressed with weather situation!! Lol She said she constantly felt damp & had a permanently frizzy barnet!!!! Now i can see NT has high humidity aswel as a very definate dry & wet season but, vanity aside, what are the daily practicalities of this, ie laundry, outdoor socialising etc??? I know the weather isnt the be all & end all....but it does make a difference :yes:
  7. tonyman

    Womens Hair doo`s`

    why is it that women have to spend shed loads of money to have their hair cut , straightened and looking lovely ,only for the next day to for it to look like a rats nest.....!!!! it never looks the same the next day so why dont they just get a $15 to $25 cut or better still get it done at home like we do ........:confused: [ Bite ladies bite .......:biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Hair Salon For Sale

    Hair Salon for sale in Perth 10 yr. old business. 6 work stations, well est. clientele. Great location (south of the river, Atterdale area) plenty parking. Stock organic colour system and retail. (optional) Reason for selling: changing career. Asking price $65 000 ono PLEASE PM ME
  9. Hi there, I have a question and I did not find an answer on this forum so this is why I am starting a new thread. I am desparately looking for something like a hair trimmer/clipper, you know one of these things which you can get for a couple of pounds at Tesco or Argos in the UK. I am based in Melbourne, so if someone knows a shop or chain where I could buy one I would love to know. I already checked out the nearest KMart but unfortunately they did not sell them. :err:
  10. Dear all, My IELTS is booked for the 11th June and I am furiously studying for it. For listening I am averaging a 7.5 and reading an 8 but only just. I need 8's across the board to have the right points for our VISA. Has anyone got any hints, tips, useful websites, experiences, and any information on any of the IELTs sections that may help me achieve high grades throughout!!! Timing is a huge issue too, but that maybe down to the distractions at home. Any help welcome, I am desperate!!! Thanks Carlie
  11. :confused:Hi all, I'm new to this form and am looking into coming to Aus. Spoke to some migration agents and was told I would need to get registration with AHPRA. I have been on the website and checked out all the info, however its no half confusing.... Has any1 been thru the process and can offer advice? btw i'm from the uk Thanks
  12. Hey Is there anyone in Launceston Tasmania who is free Tuesday? desperately need someone as a model for my trial run at a hairdressers, to have a cut and foils (any colour) for free! I have recently moved here with my fiance and 2 year old daughter and I don't know anyone to use as a model, if anyone is available please could you let me know before Friday. Thanks Jaime-Leigh :biggrin:
  13. Hey Is there anyone in Launceston Tasmania who is free Tuesday? desperately need someone as a model for my trial run at a hairdressers, to have a cut and foils (any colour) for free! I have recently moved here with my fiance and 2 year old daughter and I don't know anyone to use as a model, if anyone is available please could you let me know before Friday. Thanks Jaime-Leigh :biggrin:
  14. Guest

    hair in brisbane!!

    Hi, I am living in adelaide with my family at the moment, but we are moving to adelaide next thursday as mum has found a new job over there (she is a nurse) I am a hairdresser, and will be looking for work as soon as we get there! If any one knows of any where that is looking for a stylist and could point me in right direction that would be brill! I have looked on the internet already and applied for a few, so just have to wait and see! I have been working part time here in adelaide and also been doing hair at home, so if anyone would like there hair doing when I get there just let me no, + I will be more than happy!! Anyway hope to hear from u all soon X
  15. rick1981

    hair dressing

    my missus wants to go to oz as a hair dresser.has anyhair dressers moved out there sucsessfully.also when applying to move out to oz do you have to have both trades or can you just go on the one trade.i think if i remember rightly but this was ages ago my friend apply for oz as he is a refrigeration engineer and got accepted just on his trade.his wife didnt have a trade.just wondering if things still work the same way
  16. Guest

    Hair Dye Salon DISASTER

    Got my hairdresser back home to write down the "formula" for my hair dye b4 we left she said the "formula is the same everywhere just different products used but all hairdressers would know the mix, NOTTTTTTTTTTT Went in to a salon yesterday armed with my colour mix details and the hairdresser didn't have a clue what it meant said it was totally different here so explained the red colour/more golden that I always have and then the fun started. Showed her roughly on the hair sample chart what I usually have done it turned out what I call brown so then she started over again and now I am a horrible really dark totally fake looking copper with purple tine, basically it a brown paperbag job. Didn't what to chance getting a 3rd dye on it so have to live with it. Also I always have permanent back home to cover the grey roots and then mixed through but she said that semi permanent was better and would stay in longer etc so thats what she applied this seems really strange to me how would semi stay in longer???? (it hasnt washed out any bit with all the washes its had today though) If there are any UK hairdressers out there that can convert what my hairdresser wrote down for me into Ozzie speak please help. The salon at home used Clynol: Roots: 90 + 95 6% (20 vol) Midlengths to ends: 95 3% (10 vol) Think there may or may not be a decimal point between the 9 numbers above. Please if you can help as really need to get this rectified. Thanks
  17. Rudi

    Frizzy hair solution?!

    I need help!!! I don't know what to do with my frizzy hair! I seem to be affected more than most by the rain and humidity! Even a 10 second walk across a rainy car park leaves my hair looking like Worzel Gummage on a bad day! I sit there with friends and they still have perfect locks and I can almost feel mine going haywire! What can I do to stop it from frizzing in the most awful way? Is there anything I can put in it? Is the only solution to get it cut very short?! Love Rudi x
  18. Pond321

    I need a hair cut!!!

    .......but I do not think I have seen a barber yet! Does anyone know of a reasonable barber in or around the CBD?? Cheers Jon
  19. Does anybody know of any stockists in Melbourne or mail-order elsewhere in Australia. What are prices like compared to UK. Would we be better off ordering from the US? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Guest

    Cables and Hair dye!!

    Can anyone answer a few silly questions for us? One for the men:- Are telephone cables/connections the same as UK in Oz? We have several telephone leads and telephone extension cables and wondered if worth bringing? One for the ladies:- Do they sell Nice'n'Easy in Oz? Can I bring a few boxes of my regular hair dye in the container until I find and alternative??? Thanks in advance :notworthy:
  21. Guest

    Hair Help!!

    Does any know or can recommend a hairdresser around the Noosa area? We've been here now for 3 months and I'm desperate for my hair cutting but just at a loss where to go. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Vicky:arghh:
  22. I moved to Ormiston from the UK 8 weeks ago and am now desparately in need of a haircut & colour. As I have used the same stylist for the last 20 odd years I am hesitant about trying someone new. Can anyone recommend a good salon - don't mind travelling as long as they do a good job. Thanks in advance. Linda
  23. Hi , I will be in Melbourne in 2weeks for the wknd and am wondering if anyone could recommend a really good hair salon in Melbourne......just getting a cut but am getting a fringe and don'e want a disaster which I seem to always get in Sydney? Thanks:yes:
  24. hi all hubby rang me at dinner to tell me our EA is shutting down, not heard from them in 8 weeks then all of a sudden they are spliting the houses with one of the bosses who i dont like who is setting up on his own with a women who works there, he rang to say we have a viewer tom at 1.00 and would we still like to use his services.................... i just feel they have know this for a while and low and behold up comes a viewer when he wants our buisness. it is an indian guy who is only putting his house up this week so not holding my breath, been cleaning up all afternoon and feel so stressed out :arghh: anyway thanks for letting me moan.............. julie :wubclub:
  25. hi all can u tell me the average time it will take to issue a visa for 175 online in the trade Hair dresser... i have applied in june 2008. Will the timings be different from trade to trade?? regards, Jackson