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Found 23 results

  1. whoiam

    Really gutted.

    I had an email yesterday from a lady I had contacted about a job back in march. She wondered if I was still interested and if I'd like to send my CV in as they were very interested. Back then I had expected to be in Sydney by july. They are interviewing from this friday. I just had a chat with her this morning and feel really gutted. They had hoped I would have already been in Sydney by now and hence the invite.They need someone to start within the next two weeks!. :cry::cry::cry:
  2. hi all, so as always the first port of call when we have oz probs is here with you guys, so heres our next new prob. Been feeling low about it all, but knew id be fine once there, anyhow weve had a chat and a decision has been made. Its out of hands basically, we cannot sell our house weve dropped to nearly 20k under asking price not one viewer in 9 months, had it up for rent for 6 mths and been pissed around 3 times, we now have nothing!! some companies coming friday about buying it but will no doubt want to shaft us with some ridiculous low price we cant afford to take. so the upshot is this jamie has till wed to tell work if hes staying or taking his yr career break, we have to phone the shippers to find out where the furniture is incase we need to get it back, and luckily my boss said my jobs safe no matter what, so its looking very likely that our one way ticket in jan will now have to be a return validation trip. we are absolutely gutted, but trying to stay positive that we even have a visa :cry: thanks all K x
  3. Tulip

    Completely gutted

    Hello lovelies. Well, I think our plans have just been demolished. As some of you may know, I was...beside myself with the idea of moving to Aus. I loved it there last year and found everything about its culture and people enticing and adventurous. Mark, my fiance, is Aussie and so I could get a spousal visa if we do decide to move. We're planning (or, planning to plan) to move after Christmas next year, as we're getting married next August and we wanted to stay for one last Christmas with the family. At the moment I'm still looking for a job and training to be a dog groomer, and so we aren't able to move out of home just yet. Mark has a stable, good job that pays well, but he also has a job waiting for him in Aus if need be. So, if all went to plan, we could be able to move if we wanted to! Haha. HAHAHA. Nice try, Bethy. But you know things are not that simple. Enter; Freddy and Maisy. Freddy was bought three years ago when I was severely depressed, and my doctor suggested a dog. Freddy, and Mark, put me back together again, and he is like my child. Though my mother bought him, he is known as my dog and will be moving out with me when we move out. Everyone loves him because he's very well-behaved; when I was depressed I literally poured everything into him, and thus, with a solid year spent at home every day with him, he's incredibly well trained. So when Freddy was about one and a half, my mother suggested we get another so we could become breeders. This was her condition, and being upset that Mark had just left England and gone back to Aus, I leapt upon it. Within a week I had found Maisy, and we brought her home a few weeks later. Maisy isn't as well behaved as Freddy, but we all like her, she's very cheeky but hey ho. I adore her. Now she's two and about to have her first litter, from which, if there's a puppy good enough, my mother would like me to keep one so she can breed from it later on. Maisy is, also, known as my baby girl. Both dogs are moving out with me and are known as mine. However. As much as I would like to keep one, being that we're planning to emigrate, and don't have a car, I wouldn't be able to show the pup, which is a big hobby of mine. If I can't show the pup, I don't really see much point in keeping one as I could just get another show pup in Aus if I wanted to and not put the poor thing through a long flight and quarantine. So, as you may have gathered; my dogs = my babies. I cannot leave them behind. Last night, I stupidly broached the subject very nonchalantly of emigrating in a few years to Aus and mentioned that my mother could keep a pup or two of Maisy's before we go so that she can breed from them and keep them as the family dogs, and that I would take the dogs with me. Well, all poo hit the fan, and she said 'Well you're not taking my dogs.' which is pretty laughable, because I do absoloutely everything for them, including walking, feeding, training, grooming (this saves her a lot of money too!), etc., etc. Everything. I think she's really just offended that I assumed, and that she wouldn't have control; we have a strained relationship as it is, and I find her very suffocating. This is another reason I would like to emigrate. Que floods of tears outside in the garden as Mark held me and promised me we would not leave without them. We're scaling down the wedding to a different venue, everything we can, so that I can offer to pay for both the dogs (£2,000) or more and even breed Maisy in Aus so she would still get litter money. As you can imagine, I'm completely gutted at the prospect of leaving them behind, as I simply cannot do that, and would instead have to stay here. I'm sure that all of you that are living in the UK and are Aussie, or vise versa, can imagine the cabin fever this entails. I feel like Australia is where I belong, and England is becoming more and more of a place that I feel encroached upon by both family and culture that I don't like. Overall, I'm just very upset and could use some support. I just don't know what I can do now and would love some suggestions. I would leave the dogs if they could have a happy life here, but I know they would just end up crated all the time, never walked, and not treated as well as I treat them. Would love any advice, thank you guys!
  4. joescan

    Failed my IELTS - Gutted!

    Oh I've just got my results and I've failed in the reading category getting "6", I passed all the others overall getting a score of 8. Anyone got any idea how I can improve my reading skills? I beleive I was ok with the first bit of the reading test but the last bit putting the headers on paragraphs was really difficult . Help very depressed! Rebecca
  5. munchbaby99

    Gutted! With small sliver of hope

    It seems that professional experience means nothing and if you haven't got a degree you're buggered! It's looking like my only way to get out there is by having a job offer before I go................ Well that or finding my Bruce in shining armour   so do i start trawling round earls court now or try and get a job? Does anybody know of large Aussie organisations that have a reputation of taking on poms before they arrive in oz? Looking to go to Queensland. Any advice would be great, thanks. Feeling really gutted today!  Hoping for a move to oz in the coming year or two.......hoping not three!
  6. Guest

    am gutted oh cash card cloned

    our joint account was emptied last night and today we live north of newcastle upon tyne hubby took a £10 last night at 6pm (thank god) £210 was then taken out in basildon london at 9.30pm last night then they went to a post office in central london and took more we normally only take small amounts out so can you imagine it hubby at cash point this eve on way to get mc donalds as a treat for our boys as ive been ill and theyve been good to find .82p in our account 2 upset boys and us too we should get it back withing 3 working days so thats tuesday without cash well got about a £5 sorry just needed a rant as im so sick :cry:

    Gutted about exchange rate

    I wish someone had a crystal ball!! Today I have changed up some money with Moneycorp at 163.55 !! We have like many seen the dollar at the beginning of our dream at 2.5$ to £1, and every day are sitting here just watching it decrease rapidly. We are very fortunate to have sold our house and our business, so have quite a nice lump to transfer, but this is loosing thousands every day. Today we bit the bullet and feel so gutted but have transferred a fraction of our funds to AUS, just enough to live on for a year, and hopefully by the time we transfer the rest things may have improved. Hope we have done the right thing, but it is just making everything so expensive and unaffordable in oz. I know the exchange rate is really affecting peoples views on going, but you must remember once you are earning aus$ and spending AUS $ everything should not be compared to uk.
  8. hey guys, got my result back today and here are the result Listening - 7 Reading - 5.5 Speaking - 7 Writing - 7 I was very confident that reading will be my best result but suprise suprise im wrong. Did it in victoria, australia. Is there any hope of rechecking and get higher mark for the reading part? Really disapointed!! Any advice would be great, thanx
  9. Well after the new SA list was published today we are no longer on it. We now just cannot see ourselves coming back from this next knock. We are devestated. Our agent says we are still on ACT and TAS lists but the criteria they both ask leaves us very very unsure we will be sucessful with either. We now feel how many times can we be knocked down by this whole immigration thing and keep getting back up, this time i just dont have the energy to keep going, i just want to cry and cry and cry:cry:. Its been our dream for so long and its gradually being taken out of our hands. I just dont even know what to write or say, gutted and devestated:cry:
  10. Guest

    Gutted, any help appreciated

    According to our Agent, the immigration order of processing changed on the 23rd of September and we are now category 5 (out of 7 categories) and possibly will not be processed until 2012. We were just 4 weeks away from getting our 716 State Sponsored Visa. We had been accepted for State sponsorship and at the beginning of September, we did our Meds and Police checks. Now we could be waiting a further 3 years. Where's the sense in that? They may as well push us through rather than close our file and re-open it in three years time. Is anyone else going through this? Has anyone got any advice to offer us? I wish someone could help. :cry:
  11. kellyjamie

    totally gutted

    I have just had a look at the QLD state sponsor list and didnt realise itwas updated last week! we have been taken off their regional list:cry: we are absolutely gutted as sponsorship is our only option. We have to now decide if we are happy to head to SA as this is the only state along with NT whose list we are on. It feels like we just arent meant to live there at the moment:sad:
  12. Just had an email from my agent this morning with the news I had hoped would not happen. My application for the 457 sponsored visa was rejected. My son has down syndrome and the MOC stated Jake did not meet the health requirement. The state the medical opinion is based on potential costs of health care and community service to Australia. Im absolutely gutted and so low right now. Going on the 457 we knew that we had to cover all costs for us as a family as even though we would have paid taxes we knew that everything was for us to pay. Our sponsoring company declined to give a written undertaking to meet any medical costs etc if they were to arise, even though Jake has had no medical condition or need for medical attention in years. He has had no more than a need for calpol in the past 4 years!!! anyway, hope those of you applying for visas with any kind of health condition or disability dont go through this as its the worst feeling you will ever get. Gollywobbler - I know we discussed this before, if there is anything you can add it would be appreciated, but Im not clinging onto any hope here as I imagine if the sponsoring company rejected the undertaken then thats it. Is it worth contacting Dr Goodall again to find out what he said etc?
  13. Guest

    gutted... please any advice

    Hi my mum has just rang the au house in london and has been told she can not sell her house and come to oz with us, because the visa im going on is 457 and i wouldnt be a permanant resident, they also told her that i couldnt take our furniture or sell our house, i am so confused now and just want to sit and cry. is there any way around this? we have 3 dependant kids and 2 that were going to come on either studant or working visa can they do that? PLEASE reply thank you dawn
  14. Guest

    Gutted at news .

    Just getting ready to apply for my TRA and have been sending details to a very helpful agent, (Stephen Dickson MOA), and just found out that the dates I had taken my NVQ II does not match the criteria needed for the TRA so im going to have to try to pass the AQFIII, now the problem is im led to beleive that the assessors visit you at work, and I was made redundant in October. Now with the Bitish building trade being in the state its in, well that kind of leaves me stuck at the minute. Ive got lots, of promises of work when it eventually picks up but its an early blow to what already seems like a long process. In one word Gutted........:arghh:
  15. Hi all, Just hoping for some help or advice please, in August last year we approached a migration company about applying for a 175 visa. My OH 's a corgi reg. gas fitter / plumber & has been in the trade for over 4 years, they said yes no problem he IS eligable for a 175 sub class visa. Now 6 months later & no further forward they have turned round & said that he does not fit the criteria after taken payment of £1,100 pounds. They are saying now that we can only go for a 457 temp. visa. But with 2 children we were looking at the permenant visa for sercurity. Any advice on this would be really appreciated. We are totally gutted & feel our dreams have been shattered. Ian & JO X.
  16. Guest

    Gutted! how can they do it!!

    Hi All Supposed to exchange yesterday and guess what they pulled out. :arghh: The husband was round last week happy as Larry saying it's there dream house . Solicitor called to say she had received a letter yesterday saying they are pulling out for personal reasons [ can you believe thats all they said] then had cheek to say we could purchase all the searches etc; if we like. Not even a call to EA to let us know and now they have buggered of on holiday. As you can imagine we had notified the school my son will be leaving, arranged accommodation here, sorted accommodation in Perth just about to pay deposit and book flights etc;.We now have to start all over again house is looking bare as started sorting out and giving bit away. But the real issue for me is how can people do this to someone, we are honest and understanding people and try to live by the saying treat people how i would like to be treated, we have bent over backwards for them and now feel like we have been dumped on from a great height. Just totally GUTTED want to curl up and hide and cry my eyes out. But the dream is still there so house back on market and now back to cleaning:arghh: Lets hope some good buyers come along for us all , sorry to go on but your the only people that really understand what this whole process is like. Jackie x
  18. Guest


    I told my mum and dad last night that the OH, the kids and I are planning to do this and that we have enlisted agents etc and I am feeling so gutted by their reaction. I knew they wouldnt be pleased - obviously - but my dad wont discuss it with me and my mum has said that she will do everything she can in her power to stop us going. I feel so selfish for putting them through this. I am not sure I can be strong enough to persuade them its a good idea when they are so upset about it. My mum actually is now blaming my OH saying it would have been his idea and pushing his family into it. I dont know what to do.
  19. Guest

    OH is gutted

    Ive got anothers mothers day coming LOL We have totally different holidays, anniversaires etc to what uk has And to OH disappointment we have another mothers day in aus on may 7th so i shall have a 2nd I do milk my mothers day Ellie :wubclub: p.s fathers day is 17th September
  20. Guest


    Hi all Am really gutted having just spoken to an agent and being told that we just don't qualify. My occupation isn't on the skills wanted list and the oh doesn't have any formal qualifications so it looks like its a no go. The only option is to go back to school and thats even more daunting than emigrating!!! Would love to hear from anyone who was also told this but still managed to get in (maybe clutching at straws here) Cath
  21. toughspiders

    Gutted - help, advice required

    Im gutted, I've been looking into my visa options and thought i was pretty safe just scoring the 120 points. BUT, after looking into it in more details i wont qualify. I wanted to go on the 175 independent skilled visa. However, it seems because i have had a years maternity leave i cannot apply until i have been back at work for 12 months! It appears you are not considered to be employed if you have had maternity or paternity leave.... gutted Bex


  23. Well happy mothers day to me.......we spoke to OH Aunt & Uncle in Oz this morning and it looks as though they are unable to help us with a 457 Sponsorship Visa as they dont think they can commit to the 2 years :no: That leaves us back to square one which is....no chance! Feeling totally crap especially after all the hassle etc with my mam and think its so unfair, sorry give me a minutes to feel sorry for myself. I have some questions if anyone can help:- 1. Does anyone know what sort of checks are done by immigration once you arrive on a 457 visa...ie. do they come and check up on you?? 2. Does anyone know what would happen if your were on a 457 visa and the company changed hands? 3. If you are not entering Oz on a company sponsorship visa or a PR how r u getting in. 4. I have read up alot about Student Visa's but the question seems to be the risk of being able to be granted PR after the end of the course?? Can anyone who's going down that route shed anymore light on it. Thanks everyone again for listening Em x:sad: