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Found 9 results

  1. I moved here with my husband and 2 girls aged 10 and 12 in October last year after 3 years of stress and heartache. Now my worst fears have happenend, they love it quite understandably as they are in fantastic schools and my husband has a job he enjoys on a lot less hours than in the uk - but I am feeling so badly homesick I cannot even think about the future here. My most overwhelming feeling is guilt, the kids were in good schools in England and we had family around us especially my mum who devoted herself to us all. I have a terrible fear that if I decided I couln't cope anymore and dragged us all back, I would end up without a decent school for the girls as the competition for places is so fierce. It took my youngest daughter a long time to settle here as she is very anxious and shy and due to her age, she would have be thrown into a scary high school after being nurtured in a small caring primary school which she now loves. I spend every day in tears feeling lonely and worrying about what I have done and wondering if I should just learn to live with the pain I have created rather than run the risk of ruining their lives. We have skype and free calls to Uk, I do have some good friends here too but the ache in my heart wont go away. Australia is an amazing place I want to be happy here but my heart won't let me.
  2. I am dual citizen Australia/UK (Mum from Oz and Dad from UK) and my husband is from 'sunny' Yorkshire. We have been out in Oz for 3 years and are now working towards returning to Blighty. We have family on either side of the 'pond' and will leave someone behind no matter where we go. If we stay in Oz we will be financially worse off but will have a beautiful home and be near to my Mum who is on her own and isn't very well. If we return to Yorks we will be mortgage-free and have a huge network of friends and family, and I wont have to work - so can stay home with my family. We have a 6 month old and my Mum dotes on her. My brother has two kids but he is in WA and we (incl. Mum) are in QLD. To rub salt into the wound, my brother is also planning to return to the UK in about 18 months. So Mum will be here alone with ALL her family overseas. I would love to go back - I miss Yorkshire! I will not have to work and own my house outright. But I am overcome with guilt... Mum has been on her own for nearly 20 yrs but has only recently retired and has problems with her heart. I am between a rock and a hard place and just don't know what to do... Do I stick around to make Mum's life better or do I move, and make my (and my daughter's and my husband's) life better???????? Advice welcome! Would you go or would you stay?
  3. I really feel sorry for people who are famous because you get so many people after them for their money, I'm not sure if he is guilty or not but a lot of time these accusations are made by gold diggers:no: Coronation Street favourite Michael Le Vell today vowed to clear his name after being arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a schoolgirl. Le Vell, who plays mechanic Kevin Webster in the ITV soap opera, was arrested at his £750,000 home in Hale, an upmarket suburb of Manchester, before being taken to a police station where he was held for questioning. With his lawyer present, the 46-year-old actor - a married father of two - spent eight hours answering police questions after a teenage girl made a formal complaint. He has been freed on bail until next month and is said to have gone into hiding to plan a vigorous defence with his lawyers. Today the actor issued a statement in which he said: 'I strenuously deny these allegations and will do everything in my power to prove my innocence.'
  4. Guest

    Poorly dog - feel so guilty

    We've arrived in Busselton WA about a month ago and everything has gone so well. However, we had our first real hiccup on Thursday - it was awful. I went to get Josh (12yr old springer spaniel) from Byford quarantine and he was really giddy as you can imagine. He'd lost a lot of weight during his stay and didn't look too good, but I thought it was just due to him pining for us. He'd also developed a really hoarse squeaky bark (from too much barking with all the other dogs, I thought) But when I got him back to Busselton, he suddenly collapsed, couldn't breathe and his tongue and gums started turning blue. Luckily I was at a friend's house which is near her vet's so we just carried him to the car and drove like maniacs. When we got there, the vet put him on oxygen, put a breathing tube in and gave him various drips and injections but said that although he'd do everything possible, it was touch & go whether he'd make it. I was devastated - hadn't even got the poor boy home. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they managed to stabilise him and let him come home the next day as long as someone was around 24/7 to nurse him. It turns out that he has "laryngeal paralysis" - apparently it must have been developing for about a year, but our vet in the UK seems to have missed it on the 2 occasions I'd taken him in with laboured breathing, saying it was a chest infection. Also the hoarse bark is one of the symptoms. So basically it was a chronic problem he had anyway and the acute episode was brought on by stress. The larynx simply closed in on itself and cut off his breath. Apparently now it's happened once, it could happen again at any time if he gets stressed, hot or excited. He's not allowed any exercise whatsoever. He goes in for an operation in Perth though next week and if that's a success, hopefully he'll be fine again (though it's quite a risky op). I feel terrible now as he's been through such trauma and has more to face next week. Though I would also have felt terrible leaving him behind :sad:
  5. Guest

    Feeling guilty about the dog

    Hi Feel so guilty about my boy today as i know its getting closer to the time where we need to make a decision to have him put down or put him through the trauma of re homing him, he is 13 years old and has a bad heart murmur he is on tablets for this and he seems ok at the moment but all he does is sleep and eat , not sure if we can re home him he hates other dogs,cats,children & other people he likes to growl at everything even us sometimes but has never bitten anyone! so i dont think the rehoming thing will work, i know a lot of you have had to leave your beloved dogs and cats behind but has anyone had to make a decision like this? its so hard and i feel so guilty, think i need to go cry again.
  6. arlene

    still feeling guilty!

    Hi sorry to ramble on again but I still am feeling really guilty about leaving my mum and sister. We decided in Jan to return to Perth 2 years after staying there for 1 year. We came home for family reasons, my mother in law died, my sister was diagnosed with renal failure (mild at present) and my dad had cardiac problems (he died last Feb). My husband and I really love Perth and if it wasn't for my pangs of guilt I wouldn't have any reservations about returning. I am very close to my sister ( we had a double wedding) and my mum is like my best friend. I have also been brought up to feel guilty about everything!! My mum is now putting on a brave face but initially she told me I was doing the worst thing ever to her moving back to Oz. My sister has been in complete denial refusing to talk to me about it and this all came to a head this weak when we had a huge argument. a lot of things were said but I now feel more guilty than ever. In some ways though this makes me more determined than ever to do this especially as my husband is so keen to go as is our 2 middle children. My 12 year old son is not keen to return but I'm sure he will settle in in time. I was told during the argument that we have made this decision because we were bored and that we just wanted to be in the sun again, not for the benefit of our children! My husband is sick of me rambling on about feeling bad and keeps on telling me that I am not a bad sister/daughter. I just hope that when we get back to Perth this will not continually eat me up and I know I just need to get a grip. I read a post the other day by Quoll and it was so negative and that me fell even worse. I am going to force my reluctant son and then he will need psychiatrict treatment for the rest of his life!! I agree with some of what Quoll said and I know Australia is not perfect but i think it is difficult to know how depressing it can be living in this grey miserable climate day in day out. Anyway I've rambled on too long as it is!! thanks Arlene
  7. :arghh:ENGLAND, ENGLAND, ENGLAND :arghh: Well! It's hard to know where to start. Ours friends have just left it's well into Sunday and I'm still buzzing from beating the French. Back in June i posted a tread about patriotism. But here i am again feeling somehow 2 faced about moving to a country i have wanted to live in and loved for years but when we beat them or anyone else i can't help being estatic, BUT some how guilty. Perhaps because the Aussies set the bench mark for sporting greatness, beating them is so sweet and perhaps being brought up in England means letting go is hard, or maybe impossible. Look i don't know really what i can say without sounding invasive! All i can say is that I love Oz, I love the way they view life and living, I'm not going to be a Brit abroad (god forbid, thats my nightmare). BUT, sad that it might seem to some, but I'll miss going to following the Hammers every Saturday and the English sport circus, No actually the British sport circus. I'm a fan that cheers on a British team whoever it is and i will do likewise with Oz teams aswell. Now this is the crunch! I'd say that Australia by a long way is my country by choice and and stand by it proudly. But sporting loyalties start from day one it seems. I feel so bad because i moaned at peoples' lack of loyalties to England when they came here but now i realise my quibbles are not with their sporting loyalties but the respect for the country they have moved to. BOY have i got that for you Australia.TOTAL RESPECT. P.S. born,bred sport loyalties have now shown in this country with the new generation of national players. Anyway i don't know whether any of you folk feel i'm talking b******s. i'd be grateful of your views cos it's so hard to change whats in your heart and not be false. Seems really strange this cos i'm still going to pogo in me living room if we win the world cup next week......................................Or if The 'Ammers win the League......................Alright, Alright everyones got their dream. :biglaugh:Hammer.
  8. Guest

    Feeling Guilty!!

    I've been a temporary receptionist at a local high school for the last 3 months and today they have offered me a permanent post. Whilst this is great, means I get time off when my kids are on hols, it did make me feel rather guilty as I haven't said anything about wanting to emigrate (hopefully within next 2 years). I know its a couple of years away and anything could happen in this time but still feel a bit dishonest, just the way I am. Did anybody else have a guilt trip over something like this?:twitcy: Tracey
  9. Guest

    Feeling guilty

    Does anyone else feel guilty about moving to Oz? I am really close to my parents and my mum makes me feel so guilty about wanting to move to Oz. They are the only two reasons that is good in the UK and I will miss them terribly, both my parents are in their 70's and I hate the thought of not seeing them again. My mum said there is no way she would be able to travel that far to visit us. I would make every effort to make visits back home but she said it just wouldn't be the same and she can't believe I am going her grandson away. What am I going to do?