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Found 20 results

  1. hey, Im a teenage girl from the uk, hoping to move to australia in a couple years time. I'm quite worried about missing friends and family in the uk. I'm also excited about living a new life and experience a complete different way to life! But thing is, my parents are divorced and my step dad is originally from australia and wanting to move back with my mum and my two younger sisters. I havent actually told my dad yet, but im delaying it because i feel that i will have pressure put on me and i dont want to be put in that situation. I know that he could visit me and i could visit him, but i know money is tight and it wont be easy. I'm close to family in britain and will miss them millions! i just need advise from anyone who has ever been in this situation or could give me advise and ideas on what i should do. Also I would like to know from teenagers on what i will expect and is there much too do, and whats it like there. Is it easy to make friends because i know when moving it can be difficult, and whats education like because i would be in college when i move? I really would like to hear back... Laura
  2. Hi everyone, We are applying onshore for the defacto visa in August and will be fully frontloading in order to get the visa granted asap. Having read the guidance by DIAC and the Partner Migration Booklet, my OH's salary over the last two years is not high enough and therefor we will need to get an Assurance of Support from someone. I've googled like mad, but haven't been able to track down a form like this one.Has anyone ever done this before? It would be great if we could get this sorted beforehand so that there are no more requests for information slowing us up! Thanks all. Leah :wacko:
  3. Hi all, I have just moved to Perth this week and been finding it very difficult to secure work, I have come with the view to continue my architecture career and picking up some casual hours to reduce the deficit of savings spend. Since I have arrived I have walked around the major suburbs handing copies of my CV to cafe's, supermarkets etc and registering my interest online for any positions. I have also searched and created an ad on gumtree to try and boost chances. I was just wondering if anyone has any guidance which may direct me to help secure some part time work? If anyone knows of any architectural practices looking to recruit technicians then please let me know. Thank you for reading my thread. Kind regards Richard
  4. Just wanted to get some views on what to put down on this section of the B534. We have bought stuff in the last 12 months, as I guess everyone does. However, I get the feeling that this section of the form is designed to deal with people importing bulk items for re-sale (or importing large quantities for personal use etc) I've bought stuff in the last 12 months (electricals mainly) and intended to use all the original boxes for transport. Anyone got any view advice on what to do. I get the impression that most people are fairly economical with the truth when completing this section (but I may be wrong). Any advise would be welcome. Ta Joker
  5. Hi all I need some guidance, my mind is boggled with research and I cant take in much more. Landing in Brisbane on the 29th of this mth staying at city hotel for 2 nights and then 4 weeks at Brisbane Holiday village, in order to find work and nice area to live. I know its been asked lots but can someone advise on a beautiful area with good schools to suit 4yrs, 5yrs and 11yrs. I fancy a bit good size garden and a pool if poss. Nothing over 500 per week. If Anyone could recommend their suburb to me pls, so much appreciated! Kind Regards
  6. Hi everyone, I'm currently a financial adviser in the UK and looking to move to Oz. I'm half way through my Diploma status and also qualified in Mortgage Advice. I seem to have hit a brick wall regarding visa applications! Financial Advice is not on the shortage list and I seem to be sending my CV into the abyss! Has anyone moved from UK as a Financial Adviser? In a previous life I was also a Bus Driver!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
  7. HI all I am new to this site and have found it very useful to read on different posts. I am registered physio in U.K and work and live in west london. I needed some guidance on how to start skills assessment for general skilled migration. Also wanted to know which IELTS do I need to do General or Academic? Any advise will be helpful. Thanks for your time guys.:notworthy:
  8. nickdodd79

    A little guidance

    Hi Everyone, Myself, my wife and my 8 month old little boy were granted our visa back in July. We have planned a round-the-world trip in April going via Australia to get our visas validated and stamped in our passports - need to do this before the end of July. We are a little unsure of what we need to do though. Do we just turn up at Brisbane airport (our first Oz stop), get in the correct customs queue, get the visas validated and job done? Is it really that simple? I will also have a copy of the visa grant letter just in case :wink: Are we also correct in thinking that we are OK doing a 2 week flying visit to get the passports/visas sorted before coming back home and can the make the proper move later on (probably end of 2012 once we have saved enough cash, sold the house, etc.). My understanding is that the visa allows us access back into Oz for 5 years from the grant date. After that, we need to stay in Oz until we have gained citizenship, where you need to live in the country for 4 year. Thanks for any help in advance. Nick.
  9. Guest

    In Need of Some Guidance

    Hello everyone! I was quite excited when I found this forum, as I have been searching endlessly on visa information/job information, etc. I decided to make the move to Australia several months ago. I just got back from there actually; went over to check it out (Newcastle, Sydney areas... LOVE Newcastle.). My plans to move are still in effect , because I loved it I also would like to get there as soon as possible, as the love of my life is there, and it pretty much sucks that I'm halfway around the world A bit about me first--- I am 26 years old. I graduated from an associates degree program in May 2010, and I am currently working as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room of a level II trauma center in Pennsylvania. I'm also going to school for my Bachelor's, and I'll be finished in May. I have no kids. I do plan to get my Master's, but I want to do that in Australia after I have gained residency. So, here begin my questions. I will just explain my ventures in finding answers, and see if anyone can help me out! I really appreciate any information anyone could give me! I first started looking at what visa options were available. I wanted to go for the General Skilled Migration Visa, but soon discovered I was 5 points short (because I do not have 2 years experience). I e-mailed a nurse recruiter from The John Hunter Hospital to inquire about the employer nominated sponsorship visa, and she stated that, yes they do sponsor, but I need to have a Bachelor's and a couple years experience first. Right. Then I started to search for another visa that would allow me to come over sooner than a couple of years, and I discovered the RSMS visa. Great! For this visa, and please someone correct me if I am wrong, you only need to have the equivalent of an Australian diploma to do this. That part would work for me. I am just not sure how to go about finding these hospitals that would do the RSMS visa--- where are they, and how do I contact them to get the ball rolling? Then I also started toying with the idea of getting a Working Holiday visa, which, as far as I can tell, is for 12 months, and you can apply for an additional working visa for another 12 months. This will give me the experience I need, plus the fact that I would have experience actually working in Australia, which means more points for GSM visa. So, all that being said: Tentative plan: Apply for a working holiday visa, so that I will be able to go over to Oz shortly after I finish my bachelor's. Questions: How do I go about this? Do I have to register with the AHPRA prior to applying for the visa? When do I have to take the IELTS? Do I need a skills assessment for this visa? Should I go through an agency for travel nurses? Or do I find hospitals for employment on my own, and if the latter, does anyone know hospitals that hire nurses for working holidays, around the Newcastle/surrounding area? What else do I need to do to get this visa and be able to work? Second portion of tentative plan: After working for the 12 months I will apply for an additional working visa to cover my butt while I either: A-- Attempt to get the John Hunter or other hospital in the Newcastle area to sponsor me now that I have experience, (because I just discovered today that you can be in Oz on a working holiday when you apply for this/ are nominated for this visa) B-- apply for a GSM visa, and head back to the states for a bit (I'm not sure how long it takes exactly, and I read somewhere that you have to be out of Australia when the visa is granted. Sounds sort of magical to me-- I seem to find different answers everywhere). Alrighty, so that's my story, and again, I would really appreciate any assistance or advice with this venture that anyone is willing to give. Thank you all so much!! Julianne
  10. Hello, Can anyone give any guidence on Visa processing times, think am going to be in category 4, as have Job on the CSL and Family Sponsor, Am sure if we go SS then it would be sooner, but want to go to Queensland, as that is where my family are, and my OH is a brickie, and that is not on the SS for their. Claire 31, Rich, 38 & Keira 4:wacko: Vetassess Passed May 10, waiting to submit on the 1st July fingers crossed
  11. Hi my name is Karl. Im 21years old and i live in England, London. I have recently finnished my Level 3 Electrical Apprenticeship, and get my JIB Gold card Any time soon!! Unfortunatly my Employer can not employ me as an qualified electrician as there are too manny chiefs and no Indians. i am now looking into taking a massive long break into AUS. I would like to get a years working holiday Visa, but i dont know what jobs i can do with a working holiday visa. enitially i would like to do a bit of sparkying out there as i have been studdying for 4, almost 5 years. but do i have to get a trade visa? im only asking because a trade visa is almost £3000!!! and thats alot of my savings and spending money for AUS. please if any body can help or has had previous experiances please write back. Manny thanks, Confused Karl :confused:
  12. As the MODL bonus points has been finished. But I have applied from Pakistan under the category of 2299-79 Business and Information Professionals nec (IT Professionals) for the skill assessment that is in process. I suppose my points distribution are as follows: SOL = 50 Age= 30 MODL=0 Experiance=10 IELTS with 6 band=15 Language=5 That makes about 110. But totally 120 points are require to qualify for immigration. Anybody may help me that how much IELTS band will require me for example band 7 overall for 25 points as well as how much time will require to process my case. I need your sincere guidance now. :jiggy::cute:
  13. Hi all, Could anyone please advise me (re.hubby past approx. 12 years ago or more), minor criminal offenses x 3. I am after some guidance re. his personal statement for the 176 visa process. An outline of a letter would be great, one liners just as good, pointers etc... Any guidance to start putting it together. We are not at the relevant point yet but have just requested a police check early to get the exact details.:eek: Any help would be great. Thank you Ley x
  14. Hi guys, Joined yesterday and have been researching like crazy the last few days, but certainly feel like a rabbit in the headlights and could do with any guidance anyone can offer. Where we stand at the moment is after talking to a couple of agents they believe our score against the Australian points system would look something like this: Occ - Chef 60 Age - 29yrs 30 Exp 10yrs 10 Eng 15 MODL 15 TOTAL 130 The question i wanted to ask is knowing this, what would you do next? Apparently we could qualify under a 176 and 175 visa, but suggested we shoot for the 176 as they are processing them now. Which forms would you look at filling in? Which order would you do things? We now have a base level feeling for our points and it's looking promising so want to go full steam ahead and get the ball rolling as we expect it to take 18 months give or take. Also told she will need to have her skills assessed as she doesnt have any formal qualification (AQF apparently) so just want to get an idea of order in how to approach this all....VERY EXCITING TIMES!!! Roland
  15. Hi All, am brand new to the site, joined as i have just started the process of transferring from the British Army to the ADF. Would welcome any advice or top tips from anyone who has been through the process and any general info from any Expat. Thanks.
  16. Hi, Im thinking of moving my family to Oz. 2 adults 3 kids but have some pretty general questions. 1. Should i do the visa assessment above the forum ? 2. How long does it take to be accepted ? 3. Do it ourselves or use an agent ? 4. Front load the medicals or wait ? 5. How much does it cost and are the payments split ? cheers
  17. Hi All, I'm new to the site and this is my first steps in sorting a 6-12month stay (to begin with) in Aus with my partner on a holiday & working visa where we both want to come and work and a little play! beyonnd that we want to set up some roots if possible over their too. I am a call centre manager in Banking and my partner Lucy is a Vetanery Nurse and i dont know where to start. Can anyone help point me in the right direction about jobs / locum agencies that are reputable etc? Mainly for her in her profession and i am willing to give anything a try from bar work to similar call centre work if i can find it. Any comments welcome to start me on our way! :notworthy:
  18. Guest

    guidance needed

    Hi I some help, my problem is this. We are trying to decide on where to live in australia, we have narrowed it down to either perth or adelaide, but we dont know much about places, districts, suburbs. What I mean is finding a place that is a nice affordable area with a great school for the kids, local amenities & also local industries for job purposes. Is there any government website that has this information for me too contact. A friends uncle has just moved out to perth last month to a place called secret harbour, now thats sounds great, I have googled the address on google earth and it is right on the beach, that would be perfect for us, but I dont want to find place like that and have to travel 800,000,000 miles to get to work. Does anyone have any ideas or info/advice as to finding out about the things that hve mentioned. Just to recap nice family neughborhood great school (7 yr old & 4yr old) shops/parks industry for jobs (welding/fabrication) The wife likes the sound of perth.
  19. Guest

    Help or guidance

    Im a 32 year old primary teacher and my partner is a nurse, we are looking into the process of moving to Oz and would appreciate any help from anyone in similar professions please. Any tips on jobs or anything would be great guys!! Many Thanks
  20. Dear all, Is there anybody out there willing and able to give a little guidance to someone slightly overwhelmed with the whole emmigration process. I'm currently serving as a police officer with Thames Valley Police and looking for a like for like move to either WA or SA. Have done some homework already but there are a few questions still unanswered. Any help would be greatly appreciated All the best and thanks in advance Giles