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Found 35 results

  1. Here is a thread for all the currency experts on PIO. Have a think about your pick for the exchange rate for 1 GBP to the AUD by end of 2011. Will it go up or down ? The closest may even get a prize. The BBC site will be used as the official reference. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business/market_data/currency/11/15/three_month.stm
  2. Guest

    Guess what....

    I got five numbers on lotto last night and won a thousand bucks!
  3. PaulTerriMojo

    Guess what i found this morning!!!

    Morning people. I'll start by saying OMG. After months of constantly checking the DIAC web site, our 176 visa was granted this morning!!:biggrin: So a big thanks to all for your help, this site has been a big comfort seeing as we started this journey in Feb 2009!! Now i'm feeling excited, nervous..pretty much every emotion. We have a reccie booked in for August this year, we're planning to start in Sydney and travel down to Melbourne. we only have 2 1/2 weeks due to the wifes work, so we plan to make the most of our time. so any tips for things to look see, will be greatly received. once again, big thanks!!
  4. Guest

    Guess what?

    Police checks came back yesterday, added to the application and a quick email to the CO before bed. Was thinking a couple of weeks til visa grant but it seems that isn't the case. Had an email off the CO this morning and guess what? VISA GRANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to EVERYONE on POI for all your invaluable advice, information and most of all your support. This Visa grant simply would not have happened without this forum, you are the best agents in the world, keep it up everyone. Much love, The Smith family. XX
  5. Guess who got a visa.................YES - GET IN!!!!! Can't believe it's finally been granted.:jiggy: So happy....so relieved..... I would also like to thank everyone on PIO for the help and assistance they have provided to me, and no doubt will continue to do so for many many others. Hopefully I can put plenty back in the forum during the future. So I've just got to get through the next 5 hrs or so before I can pop the corks on the bubbly.:jiggy: Good luck to everyone else waiting and just starting the journey. Thanks again Carl
  6. Was wondering what the time-frame would/should be like once SA's SMP is released? We got sponsorship recently and lodged 176 early Nov. If SMP is released and we are on it (which I am pretty sure will be the case), how long more or less before we have a CO? Tempted to go for PC (as this takes forever here), but scared that the process (visa) will take too long.... Anyone care to guess? :wink:
  7. I was sponsored by SA as Telecommunications Engineer based on their interim list. One week after getting my sponsorship, SA announced that it wont be accepting further applications for Telecommunications Engineer because this occupation has reached its planning level. However I was satisfied that since I was sponsored by SA in my occupation even before reaching the planning level, so when SA announce its smp I will move to Cat 2. I sent an email to SA yesterday just for confirmation and I received the reply today. As far as I can understand they will not include Telecommunications Engineer in their smp meaning I will not move to Cat2. I want to know that if this happens then which cat I am in? The email from SA is pasted below:
  8. Guest

    guess my secret

    its a bit like cluedo--you ask the questions--and the answer will appear eventualy--1 question a post please----the answer will:shocked:you--i will answer every question with the truth only if it relates to my secret:wubclub:whoever gets the answer to the secret will have a go:biggrin:are you ready for secrets:wink:
  9. Bobj

    Yoohoo, Guess Who?

    Two fine upstanding young citizens from Leeds have arrived on our doorstep. Took them for a short tour of our area... At Cape Hillsborough. Yus, James and Katie...:yes: Firebladebally and Fabulous. At our local boat ramp Cheers, Bobj.
  10. Guest

    Guess what ??!! We got it!!!!

    As of Monday nite, bout 2am we have got our visa!!! N my bloody internet went down soon after! :arghh: But we're chuffed to bits, I've been grinnin like a fecking eejit all week!!!:biggrin: Thanks to every1 on PIO for all their advice over the last year r so, it was completety invaluable and helped us alot, Thanks again, Louise Brian n Leah x
  11. Guess what, guess what, guess what ???? i got mine today. and how fast is that. 176 on line 15th September 2009, Granted today 16th November 2009. Thank You Thank You Thank You sooooooooooooooooooooo much:jiggy::notworthy:
  12. Generalis

    Guess what???

    We got our visa, took exactly 1 year and 1 week from being lodged. Got a text initially to let us know heart stopped couldnt breathe, finally. Its hard going that waiting lark. Thanks for all the advice so far, am sure will need some more on the next step of our journey. Sam & Martyn
  13. Guest

    Guess the suburb!!!

    You have to guess the suburb with the following clues ! first one to get it right gets a chickin click off all those who got it wrong !!! CLUES: >The suburb is situated north of the river. >The first letter is W. >A road in the suburb is aloe court . this should be easy !!!!!!!!!! from courtney...x:jiggy:
  14. Well last night around 10:45 i was trying to watch an old musical "A star is born" with Judy Garland and at the same time watching the police clobber a woman on internet at G20 summit when visa agent called and said THE VISA'S ARE HERE"! Husband came home from work 10 minutes later and proceeded to get pissed on whisky. Scottish men!:err: Anyway, just thought I'd share the news as there seems to be a lot of worried posts as of late. Good luck to all those who are still waiting and if anyone wants to join me on a spendin spree (it's heading towards winter out there isn't it)? Leeds, All Saints is the place to be.:biglaugh:
  15. Quoll

    Teee hee, guess where I am!

    Flew home for a holiday (unfortunately only a holiday) on Thursday and am now lapping up the feeling of spring. We are off to a daffodil festival today. OK so yesterday it poured with rain but when you have been without rain essentially for several years it was wonderful! Sure it was chilly but thank heavens for Damart thermal underwear I say. We flew BA - I take back all I have ever said about them, the flight was great (code share with Qantas but a BA plane). The plane was clean and well kept, the cabin crew were great especially as we had an 18 month toddler with us (we had the bulkhead space and a natty little reclining car seaty thing which they buckled to it for us). The toddler travelled as well as any of us and after a few laps of the aisles she slept, read and played with the touchscreen entertainment system for most of the way. My DS and DIL brought her food that she liked and she was fine with the ear thing given a glass of water or something to eat. Add to that the fact that the flight was 30 minutes early was an added bonus and the other DS was at Heathrow to meet us and he drove the baggage home while we caught the tube (DGD adored that and found the people very entertaining along with the movement of the train) and the train from Liverpool St (DGD loved that too and delighted in spotting the horses, cows, sheep and various other things along the route) This is the first time that my rellies have met her and she just waltzed into their lives and it is as if she has known them for years. Today looks as if it might be sunny which will be good for the daffs and the kids are looking forward to sampling the markets (they already found a farmers market which impressed them). Might have to take a drive down to Surrey as cant make up my mind if we can survive with one car or will need two and in the meantime will be cheering on Cambridge in the Boat Race. I still call UK home and despite the grey, graffiti, people, drizzle I know I am HOME. Shame I left the DH behind which means I will have to go back.
  16. Well, the details for those of you interested... 40ft sole use container, from Warwickshire to Melbourne Packed Fri 9 Jan outside the house Sat 10 Jan - put on train to Southampton Sun 11 Jan - packed on container ship to Singapore and departs UK Arrives in Singapore 2 hours before connecting ship - thus misses it and must wait one week. Tue 24 Feb - arrives in docks at Melbourne Thu 26 Feb - moved to customs Mon 2 Mar & Tue 3 Mar - insoected by quarantine And that is when we get the call. bear in mind we have the majority of our life in here, and with three kids under 5, loads of toys including outdoor toys, loads of garden stuff (but no mowers) but there is one strimmer, rakes, shovels, spades etc plus everything else from a 5 bed house. And then we get the call. AQIS have found some things that you need to make a decision on. What could it be, we thought. Damn, all my tools which I need because I like lots of tools, not because it's my trade or anything. FYI, I did not clean a single tool, not that they were dirty. And the item in question... two small tubs of fish food. That's it. Is fish food really going to pose a major threat to Australia? FYI, these are 100g tubs of shop bought dry fish food that you feed goldfish. Nothing exotic, nothing else. So our choices: 1 - Pay for them to be destroyed, at a cost of $110 2 - Apply for an import licence (eh!) at a cost of about $200, a very long wait and no guarantee the import will be granted. So it is the MOST EXPENSIVE fish food ever. Guess what we chose... I'm very glad it's here, but not too glad that it cannot be delivered until next Tuesday because of the long weekend and too many people moving prior to it (Kent Moving, incidentally, who came via our contract with PSS, who have been very very good so far). We did jet wash most items before we left (but did not jet wash the jet wash, ironically) and we got PSS to do their £20 disinfectant spray since we felt it was worth it on paper - and maybe that was a good call... Anyhow, more to report when everything is unpacked. My, how I cannot wait to see that container...
  17. .....................OMG!! We have just checked our online status and we have our VISA!!!!! :laugh: To be honest it has not taken us long at all since deciding last May. Now to concentrate on the real hard work - selling our house!!:frown: Good luck to everyone else.
  18. Guest

    Guess what!!!!!

    We've been allocated a case officer and they've requested our medicals and police checks! Exciting hey! I can't believe it!!! Must sell the house. Had a viewing and haven't heard anything yet!!Applied for visa on 02 july 08. Yippeeee!
  19. Guest

    Guess what I've got?!!!!!!!!

    Oh my god!!! I'm working nights so just logged onto my emails and there it is . . . . my ENS 121 PR visa has been granted at just after midnight, exactly 2 months after being received at immi:jiggy: I'm in shock!!! Can't believe that that my hubbie n kids are in bed so I can't share the good news with them . . . what a wake up call they're going to get this morning!! My poor patients have got no chance of getting sensible care n advice off me tonight lol!! All I want to do is hand in my notice and book the flights that we've been looking at for the 4th Jan!! Wow, what a christmas and new year we're going to have! Well thanks to everyone on here for your help and advice. U've all helped to keep me sane & I really hope that everyone else gets an early xmas pressie in the form of a ticket to oz soon :wink: Cheers! Lizzie
  20. Guest

    OMG guess what!!!!!

    We received out visa grant letter today. OMG we got it . no case officer, straight to grant I can't believe it whoopi ! Erinfay:wub:
  21. Yes I am on here as another person but you would never ever in your wildest dreams guess my alter ego....one day maybe:yes:
  22. :jiggy:Hi all i started my visa in march 07 and now everything has been received and i have a co just for a bit of fun lets see who can guess the date i will hear news about my visa good or bad hopefully good . Cheers Paul family.
  23. Dawny

    Can you guess what this is?

    ok r you ready! im small and round and dark, smooth on one side and rough on the other, i can make a mess and i can be cold if you wish? any ideas i will click your chick, as im bored now with no questions to ask as you have answered them all for everyone else:nah: Humour me John
  24. welsh in oz

    oooh guess what I just won....!!

    Just bought some raffle tickets at work for MAcmillan not thinking I would win, I never win anything................................................. I got 1st prize which was £150 for Harvey Nichols!!!!! :jiggy::spinny: Think I'm going to sell it though as £150 towards our leaving costs is better than haveing to pay to ship over what I buy!! Still, it's made my friday though so just thought I'd share!! Anyone else have a lucky day??