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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    HSC, A levels & GTP!

    Hello all, My husband has just had a fantastic job offer in Sydney so we are suddenly researching a relocation for 4 years + after not ever having previously considered this at all! :eek: Thanks to this website and a few others I have found out some very useful information already and the company are flying us out in for a week in September so I can get a proper 'feel' for things before we commit. My biggest concern is my son who will have finished GCSES and would have carried on to do Alevels in the UK. I've rang NRIC and various universities to ask if they would accept the HSC for an undergraduate application should he wish to return to study in England. They have all said "yes" in theory but I would really like to know if anyone has had any experience of this. Good or bad! Whilst I'm on I'm going to throw in another question! I'm a primary school teacher but my qualification isn't recognised in NSW as I took the GTP route after my degree. It's been mentioned that I could convert this in some way. Does anyone now anything about that? I realise that my questions are very specific so no worries if nobody can help. Thanks for reading anyway! :biggrin:
  2. Dobbsy

    Regional 475 to PR

    JUST WANTED TO TELL THE WORLD..... AFTER 5 YEARS (2 IN THE UK & 3 IN WA) WE NOW HAVE PR !!!! hee hee! Yes 5 years ago we started the migration process. We couldn't get a PR visa as they didn't recognise my GTP Teacher Training qualification. I worked as a Food Technology & Hospitality secondary school teacher in Derby, UK. Anyway after a lot of hard work from Maryanne at TRUE BLUE MIGRATION we managed to get a regional sponsored 475 visa in WA and we came across as a Vocational Teacher (adult education). Our visa conditions meant we had to live for 2 years and work regional, which was fine as we were only 1 postcode away from where we wanted to settle anyway. It was really tough for the first 18 months, finding the right employment. Literally taking a huge backwards step to make ends meet. But hey ho.... waitressing for a living wasn't that bad, not when the dolphins swam up to the boardwalk most days. My husband hasn't got a trade, so he too found it hard to get a job that could support all 4 of us. He was never really out of work, just took a while to get a better paid job. Our daughter was 13 at the time, and to say she struggled to settle would have been an understatement. She didn't want to move in the first place, so for a long time we had a black cloud over our adventure. So, with limited money, having to work many unsociable hours, an old banger of a car, getting to grips with our new way of life and a drama queen teenager you may ask us was it all worth it? My husband and I had a good life in the UK, lots of loving family and friends and I had a good secure career. It was when my husband got made redundant we decided to take the risk... and boy what a risk. But we wanted to 'live', no regrets, experience a bit more of the world, and most importantly give our children the opportunity to grow in so many more ways. Nearly 3 years on in this beautiful country, with many good and not so good bits (just like anywhere in the world) we have embraced Australia and its people and even though we have often questioned 'when will it all fall in to place for us?' we have never once said..... "lets move back'. I miss my friends and my family so much at times, I cry myself to sleep, and they will never be replaced. But we have met some lovely people along our Journey who are now 'proper friends' who we can relax with and enjoy good times. So for all of you guys out there who want to follow your dream, don't give up. It may take a while for it to happen... but then the best things in life are worth waiting for !!!!! and YES its worth it....... I feel alive ! (and thank you to all the members who have given me advice on this site over the last 5 years! :wink:) Timeline: 100,000 years ago - August 2011 granted temp 475 visa, moved to WA Oct 2011 absolutely skint on a shoe string, Applied March 2014 for PR (very straight forward on line application and $724), Case Officer August 19th 2014 - Visa Granted Sept 1st 2014 !!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi there, I am lucky enough to already have oz citizenship (by descent, thanks to my ozzie mum!) but have always lived in London. I am now hoping to head out to NSW with my 6 year old daughter but am worried that my GTP teaching qualification is going to cause a few problems! I have read through threads where the GTP route has been an issue when applying visas etc but luckily I don't have this hurdle. However, will I actually be able to get a teaching job once I'm out there? I have quite a specific region on the Goldcoast that I would liek to move to because of where my family are (a single mum teaching abroad needs all the support she can get!), can I afford to be this picky or will I have to look further afield for teaching jobs? I am a secondary maths teacher which are still in short supply in the uk, is this also the case in oz hence working in my favour when applying for jobs? Also, my daughter will enter oz on a 'child migration' visa but I have been told she will then immediately be able to apply for citizenship. Has anyone else had experience of this? It almost seems too good to be true! Thanks for any tips and advice!
  4. Hi everyone. Myself and my wife are desperate to emigrate to Oz from the UK. She is a Mental Health Nursing Assistant and I am a secondary school teacher. As far as we're aware, my wife's profession doesn't come up on the skilled profession list, but mine does. I did a pre-visa points check which came up ok to get a 3 year state-sponsored working visa. "Great" we thought, until the AITSL- who decide what qualifications you need to make it possible for you to teach in Oz - have decided that my Teacher Training Quals aren't acceptable for me for migration purposes to teach there..... GUTTED I've been emailing everyone I can think of - State Depts of Education / British Council etc, but as yet not making much progress. So... was wondering, what other options do you think we have got? - Do you think I could use my (old) Architecture qualifications as a way in? (trouble is, although I gained a degree, a postgrad and a Masters in architecture, I didn't qualify as a fully-fledged architect and went into DJing straight after uni , so dont have any experience in an architect's practice) - Or how does it work if I get a job before I go out? Do I still need to satisfy the immigration/ AITSL to get in as a teacher if I already have been offered a job? Any thoughts gratefully appreciated. Thanks so much, Simon & Nicola ====================================================
  5. Has any teacher from the UK who trained on the GTP EVER managed to get a 457 visa with The Graduate Teacher Programme? I am assuming no, as it seems contrary to advice I have already been given, however it's been suggested to me by a visa agent this week that in South Australia this MIGHT be possible. Until I have some evidence from someone who has managed this feat not sure whether to let myself believe this....Has anyone actually managed to get a 457 teaching post with GTP and can let me know and add a little hope? Thank you for any advice in advance!
  6. Guest

    GTP Teacher Query

    Do TRA recognise the GTP route to become a qualified Teacher?
  7. After being skills rejected by SA due to having GTP qualifications, have found out that University of SA run a 1 year conversion course which can be done in as little as 6 months for any UK teachers who are GTP and not PGCE qualified. Feb 2012 is the last year to have a 1 year conversion, after that it converts to a 2 year course. With this course you are eligible to then apply to teach in SA. Also, they will take previous teaching and qualifications into account for a shorter course time. If you can afford it, it's a good option as GTP avenues are minimal. For any info contact University of SA Ruth Geer who was most helpful and has assisted other GTP British teachers.
  8. I thought I would post a thread to see if anyone could help me and my husband with our current situation. I am from the UK and have been over here for 2 years now with my husband. He has done a Dipolma in Web Design and is currently doing one of these crappy courses to get us by and staying here at the moment. I did the GTP which isn't regonised over here therefore I am doing 2 modules from the Masters to get the PGCE from the uni I did the GTP at. I haven't taught for 4 years now and I'm worried that once I complete the course and get my skills assessed that I need to have had some kind of teaching practice. I taught in the Uk from 2004-2006 and have done some casual teaching over here but feel that the skills test may come back negaitive! I have my own dance and drama school here (that is what i taught in the UK) but I am only teaching kids up to the age of 12. The plan was for me to finish the PGCE get my skills assessed and fingers crossed I would pass and then apply for residency as secondary teacher as this is on the SOL. I know this may take time and people are telling us all different things therefore I thought I would post a thread on here to see if anyone could help me and my partner out! :no:
  9. Guest

    gtp skills assessment

    Hi all!! Im new on here so I hoping you can answer a few questions??. As I understand a GTP is not recognised as an offical qualification in Oz. Does anyone know if I top up my three year BA Degree with a Masters in Education.....will this provide me with the appropriate four year qualifications??Or am doomed by the fact that I have done a GTP and wont have an offical teacher training qualification that they recognise!!!!Any advice would be greatfully received!!
  10. Hi all! Just wanted to ask a question, to all those who know about what qualifications are needed to teach in oz. My oh is a carpenter and we are going for a skilled 175 visa. I have a national dipolma in art and design and a BA hons degree in 3D design and craft. I am currently employed full time at a secondary school as an art teacher, but unqualified. Hopefully i will be starting a GTP with them at easter but I may have to wait untill september. If it is september then i will be september 2010 before i finish, and we should well have our visa before then and i really don't want to wait any longer. My question is, will it make a big difference if i havn't got a GTP in obtaining a job, as i'm not sure they recognise GTP'S over in oz. Will my degree qualification and teaching experience be enough. Any advise will be much appreciated in helping me to make a decision. Thanks Amy.
  11. Hi all am new here any advice welcome I am wanting to go through the skills asessment, and as I understand it, the GTP is not accepted as a route in to teaching in oz because it lacks pedagogical value as the persons initial degree probably wasn't in an education related topic, and the year spent in school is not acredited by a university as is the case with a PGCE. So, with this in mind, I did a 4 year teaching degree with QTS in 95, but left early during the 3rd year as I decided teaching wasn't for me as I felt I was too young (20 at the time). I did however manage to gain a Diploma of Higher Education in Technology with Secondary Education allowing me to teach Post 16. I had some time out and came back into teaching through the Registered Teacher Program. I spent two years in a school working towards my QTS (2 years with 80% timetable) and a year and a half part time at Bradford University topping up said DipHE to a full degree. My initial degree started in 95 contained modules and units of pedagogical value and also school based teaching practice, and then my part time at Bradford also contained modules which contained the necessary pedgogical subjects which one would expect from an ordinary 4 year QTS degree, or a 3yr + PGCSE, child psychology, classroom management, behavioural theories etc. So now, I am 31, Deputy head of my department and am in my 7th year of teaching with a damn sight more experience than a fresh faced PGCE graduate whose qualifications would be problem free as far as the skills assessment goes. Anyone got any ideas, do Teaching Australia consider individual cases if circumstances warrant it? best regards JT:arghh: