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Found 13 results

  1. Georgie

    Above ground pools

    Does anyone know approx cost of getting one and has anyone actually bought one. They must be cheaper than inground pools. I have seen a lot of people have the above ground ones in Brisbane and after having an inground one i would assume they were more easily maintained. I am talking about loose tiles and cracks appearing in the concrete inground ones. Dearly love to have a pool again but hubby says too much care so looking into AG or one of those tubs things that you can have hot or cold!! Any advice please Georgie
  2. Just heard this on the BBC :mad: Firefighters and other responders will be on the outside looking in when a ceremony is held marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks next month, according to The Daily News. http://september11tenyears.blogspot.com/2011/08/firefighters-not-invited-to-ground-zero.html
  3. Hi there I posted in the Education section but apart from that this is my first foray into PIO. My husband has just had confirmation that we are moving to Canberra with his company, from the UK, for 12-18 months (possibly even longer) and its all going to be a roller-coaster ride with the expectation being that we'll be out there by March-April! On the plus side, the financial package is fabulous but on the negative (as I posted in Education) my 13 year old twin boys may be struggling education-wise and I'm worried about how that will pan out. I'm also nervous at seeing so many people saying that good rental property is as rare as rocking-horse poo, but I'm also seeing on Real estate properties & homes for sale, rent and share that there are 6-8 properties showing up new every day that look suitable, so I'm guessing they must be snapped up really quickly. I'm probably going to have the luxury of not working (first time in my life) while we're out there because most of the work requires Australian citizenship. Do you think I'll be able to keep myself occupied? :laugh: Well a big hello to everyone who's embarking on this adventure too; its scary but exciting and I can't wait to get started.
  4. Guest

    ground workers

    Hi i was just wondering if there is much work is oz for ground workers and what sort of qualifications are needed to work in oz.:biggrin:
  5. hello are there any digger drivers or ground workers out there who have moved to oz.having some difficulty in getting my skills recognised by the tra.it seems that because i have no nvq qualifications that i may not be able to apply for any kind of a visa.its a pity because from what i have been told is that digger operators are one of the skills that they are looking for at the moment.if anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it...thanks...mel..
  6. terry & Melanie

    Arrived and hit the ground running....!!!

    Hi Guys. We have been here for 11 days and our feet havnt touched the ground!!!! The flight was great (would defo recomend Singapore!!) and the kids were absolute stars...all the games, ipods, books, colouring equiptments etc etc wasnt touched!!! they watched one film after another. I think they were TV starved...we had been staying at a rental of my parents for the last 3 weeks in the UK and they didnt have a tellie:laugh:The flight went suprisingly quickly, although I didnt sleep a wink...at one point I got up to go to the loo and returned to my seat to find Ruairi flat out asleep across my seat and his...I stood in the isle for 2 hours!!!! The jetlag has been a killer and took me a day or two to get into the swing of things. I wasnt prepared for the swing of emotions I would feel on arrival, but we are settling in now. Its helped being with family. They were complete strangers when we arrived but they have been great. All the family have been so hospitable and made the transition much easier. Nonetheless we felt that we needed to get a rental sorted ASAP. We are quite cramped where we are and Terry's aunt and uncle are in their 70's and must feel like they have been invaded. All last week we spent searching for rentals and picked up the keys this morning for our first Aussie home!!!!! Its a stunning house in Cleveland. I had done loads of research into areas before leaving the UK and thought that the Bayside area was where I wanted to be and for sure it didnt disapoint!!!! Anyway our container doesnt arrive in brisbane until 16th and then it has to clear quarentine so we have begged, borrowed and scrounged most things and are going shopping for the rest to see us through tomorrow!!!We move in on Monday when we can get the electricity turned on. Anyway I will have to do this in installments so not to bore you all...so until next time...TTFN.xxxxxx
  7. Hi All. I'm starting this thread with a little trepidation as this subject I imagine could cause some rather heated debate, and as a Pom my understanding of the issue could be somewhat suspect, but I will do my best to explain it. As most of you will know I have been backwards and forwards to Australia over the past thirty years, and my experiences 'may' reflect this. MY experiences of the Aboriginals in Australia have been both good and bad. I used to work with a guy by the name Eric, on the council verge crew in Perth. He came from a long line of Aboriginals and was proud of his bloodline. Great bloke to talk to, hard worker, humorous, and never once did any of us EVER make any reference to his colour, he was just a bloke we worked with. All my work mates got on with him and never (well not in my earshot) did I ever here anything derogatory about him. Yep, we would all take the wee out of each other for which footie team we supported or any subject that came up, but never was colour an issue. But I have also lived and worked in Cairns and Broome etc, and whilst I didn't mix to the same extent with any aboriginal the workmates I had here were of a vastly different tenure, in THEIR opinion there was no good Aboriginal and I won't go into detail about what they said about them, but it was fairly vicious in terms. I have been sworn at, spat at and for all intents and purposes treated like scum by 'some' aboriginals but as I said earlier I worked with an Aboriginal that I am proud to say today still keeps in contact with me. But to me there doesn't seem to be any middle ground when Aboriginals are mentioned. It's either love them, or hate them to some degree. Land issues, alcohol, centrelink etc, etc, normally raise there head when Aboriginals are spoken of. As I said as Pom is not fair to offer any greater opinion, rather than to ask will the issue ever be resolved to everyones satisfaction. It just seems to me that Australia is divided into two camps, love and hate. This issue has been going on for decades and I dare say always will, but as Aussies does it purely depend on your experiences of Aboriginals in how you view them. And that viewpoint will never change due to your OWN experiences. Cheers Tony
  8. we are looking for sponsorship over in aus dosnt matter were we are in australia as long as we are there i can send cv with email i have well over 12 yrs expr in my line of work which has mostly been utilites work also have cscs card and plant ticket too ecxuvater and dumper too please pm me i will be happy to forward cv
  9. For sale, Intex above ground swimming pool. Bought new in December so only had 3 months use. It came with a 12 month warranty so still has 9 months remaining. Here's the info: Measure: 6.1m x 3.6m x 1.2m Comes with: set up dvd, ladder, pump, filter, cleaning equipment, volleyball net, inflatable log jousting set (2 x large logs & 2 x jousting sticks-lots of fun!), 2 x noodles & pool shredder. I have it listed on ebay with pics-item number is 310208444877 Cost new $910 without the extra toys i'm throwing in Sell for $500 Please pm me if interested
  10. Guest

    ARTC Ground engineer (Airframe)

    Hi My husband has had a email saying he has to have a technical interview, which will cover theoretical and pratical questions. Please does anybody know what kind of Questions he will get for Ground engineer (Airframe). Thanks any help would be appreciated
  11. Bad news about Corus steel . You will have to go to google for more news. Good news - i was with a mate whos in a senior position for a major national building company. They put 305 sites into mothballs 12 months ago,just shut the gates. 20% of those sites have just reopened with more coming on stream. He said things are definitely moving,confidence is returning,his words not mine. All the lads have got work to some degree or another.some have just picked up nice 12 month contracts. And more importantly i got talking to some bloke at a networking do ,who had ties to the bank of england.....he was getting technical,so i told him to simplify his wording. He told me Spring 2010 a change was expected..........dont shoot the messenger!
  12. yep was looking at jobs as scott is a ground worker and founf out over in aus they call it this well least i know now are there any other guys on here that do this ?:yes:
  13. Guest

    ground working

    hi all is there any body what no,s about the wages a ground worker can earn in perth and how mutch work is available ?