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Found 26 results

  1. Guest

    green 1 in oz

    I am an employer in Rural South Australia...I've had 5 UK immigrants in the past 4 years...the first (457 already here) lasted 12 months and went to the big smoke - the second (457) lasted 5 days and took his family back to the UK - the 3rd has been with me 2 years and has now (2 years and one day) given notice to leave within 2 to 8 months - the 4th has a year to go on his sponsorship - the 5th did a runner to the city at 12 months (1 year early on his sponsorship - I am not vindictive, just disappointed) and the 6th (South Africa) also left at one year but came back a week later disillusioned with the city - he's a country boy. Oh, and my Business Manager is a Yorkshireman, here 47 years! I know the issue isn't the work (all enjoy it immensely) or the travel (heaps for work - to some amazing places - try 40 hours driving return), the climate (though some handle it better than others) - or the people (we hope) - but I have to admit being jaded because I KNOW without a doubt, that everyone has used me to get their visa stamped - all they want is Bondi Beach and Ramsay Street and I can understand that attitude to a degree but, it damages my business and my impression of people from overseas...will I do it again? NO - not until someone can convince me that they honestly, genuinely are prepared to committ to being here for more than the 2 years. Yes, it's HOT (up to 48C), DRY (8" of rain per year), SUNNY (300+ days per year) - but rural Australian life isn't for everyone and please don't kid yourself that because you live in Rural UK, that you will cope - some do, some don't. Australia is largely classless - money / no money - although not being white is, in Australia, just as hard as it is in any country - we like to think we are not racist but don't deny that Australia has a problem with this just like the rest of the world...but, and we make it clear to everyone we employ, we won't tolerate racism in our workplace. And, I am happy to help people to understand what they will face in Australia because... and will welcome anyone who is willing to make a go of life here and actually work hard and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle we hold so dearly.
  2. Walking down Pitt St, Redfern, back from the dentist, I was struck at how green and lush the road is, with trees overhanging on both sides so it's almost a tunnel of green. And of course the scent of jasmine and the intense violet of the jacarandah's only added to the appeal. I guess there are some compensations for an un-real Xmas in the heat. The Sydney-siders do their best with lights and carols and nativity scenes and the kids seem to love it just as much.
  3. I'm confused on the green slip/yellow slip thing for our car here. We transferred the registration when we bought it and got insurance. How do the slips come into play? What the process for getting them taken care of? I checked the RTA site but it's not very clear. Help!
  4. Very interesting reading http://www.abd.org.uk/green_myths.htm
  5. Hi, I'm new to this site, so pre-apologies for babbling. We are couple in our 40's, 2 kids (16 and 2), mortgage almost paid off, good job, not rich not poor. BUT, life is dull. Endless round of nothingness. I ask, well what do I expect, this is what it is and is what you make it. We have discussed moving to Perth/Busselton area (hubbie stayed there for 3 weeks), he says too hot, Im scared of creepy crawlies, area like out of the 1950's. I say, we are only existing in the UK, we don't do anything, we visit family/friends once a month say, its pay pay pay in to the government kitty, we don't go on holiday as there is practical things to pay for and we don't get in to debt. If we stay here, mortgage paid in a few years and we die old knowing we can put our fire on without worrying about the bills. I am unsure if Oz is the answer. It seems to advertise what the 'good old days' of the UK used to be like. Family values. Work hard, play harder. But am I kidding myself? Should I get a grip and make the most of what we have worked hard for? or think " you only live once, Uk is going down hill fast, get out whilst you can?". I have lived in this house about 4 years, and I still only say 'morning', as we all keep ourselves to ourselves and some of the neighbours are either chavvy or snooty. Will Oz give me the answers or do I need to be happy with myself and my lot first. Is the grass greener or is it concrete painted green?
  6. Hi :biggrin: I am moving to Brisbane in May and looking for some one same age who can give me some info on life out in Brisbane. Particularly interested in schools and what you do in your spare time. Any advice greatly appreciated. :laugh: x
  7. Im very embarrassed to say that i have been lurking around here on PIO for almost 2 years and have only just noticed the purple and green square things by your avatar :embarrassed: Mine says "Sunshinesmile is soon to be famous" I suspect that this prediction is not to be for the reasons I would be best pleased with.. :biglaugh: So how is that thing there? why have some members got more purple and green squares than others, and who decides your fate on them with the predictions, and does that change depending on how many green and puple squares are there ???? (How sad is my life? :twitcy:)
  8. Hi there - bought a car when we first got here in July, and took out fully comp insurance with AAMI. Just got something thru the post saying 'my compulsory third party green slip is due for renewal' - eh? Is this something totally separate or am covered by my fully comp policy???
  9. ali

    Missing the Green?

    Head into Perth Hills it's beautiful - some great parks and forest/picnic areas up there and you can get a 'green fix' if that's what you're missing Ali
  10. Guest

    Australia Clean and Green?

    I used to think it was but after my second visit i didn't think so. It now seems the Australia is 15th in the G20 low carbon competitiveness report, that's the lowest position of any industrialised country. I'm not a tree hugger by any means but the disregard for the environment in Australia was a shock to me, especially the open mining and abandoned quarries just left like gaping wounds on the landscape. It seems that the mining companies will go to any lenths to feed Chinas need for resources, Australia is Chinas quarry.
  11. Part Leather green 3 piece for sale, it is in good condition with some wear and tear. Will sell for $400,00 which includes a cleaning kit not used and a coffee table if wanted. We are in Clarkson Perth.
  12. Would any kind soul have a "bomb proof" recipe for green tomato chutney please?? Loads of green toms in the veggie patch that are not ripening. Mrs Tyke has made plenty in the past but lost the recipe. They are just giving the local Possums a food source now. Electric fence & Barbed wire are crossing my mind at the moment:mad: BTW,Possums are really cute at first,now after a few years they have slipped down to "Tree Rats":mad:
  13. Guest

    Robson Green in Freo

    Hey, did anybody see Robson Green in Freo last Sunday?, looks like he was filming for a new TV drama, we was with a camera crew by Cicerellos.
  14. Anyone know if it's possible to get thr S A Green Safety Card online ? I'm sure I read something about this last year. Can't remember where.
  15. Hi all, I have been reading so much about Red Envelopes and Green Candles. Please Please Please can someone enlighten me. I am so frustrated, I have had my visa since June and have not yet managed to sell my house. It has been on the market since April to no avail despite the fact that I have dropped the price by £20k. :arghh: Any help on this would be grrrrrrrrrrrreatly appreciated. Thanks Karen and the Gants.
  16. Guest

    Green candles does it again!!

    Well started burning the ol' green candles at the weekend - viewers Wed came back Fri and we accepted offer today!! Oh but wait ......that's not all...........CASH SALE NO CHAIN!!!:jiggy: And they bought our kids pressies as one had just had his b'day!! It don't get much better than that baby!! Next step - to register in Victoria as a nurse and see who gets job offer first me or him!! So maybe this is the start for everyone waiting to sell. Get burning them candles folks. Oh did do the red envelope and also ask some catholic ladies I look after to pray to St Joseph - don't think the last one was what did it as they have quite bad dementia and probably forgot straight after I asked them!! Who knows maybe it was all three!! Catherine
  17. keily

    Green candles ???

  18. Hey all! Been a while since I last posted, hello! Ok so I'm going to O zin Jan on a temp WHV, The plan is to 'try before you buy' We all know the cost's involved in moving to O z so this way work's good for me! Anyway, I'm a carpenter trained to NVQ2 level & was hoping to work in Sydney in my trade, I am sitting the H&S test's (IE green card) when I arrive & plan to do domestic work. I understand that I cannot do any construction work untill I have my NVQ/AFQ3. Has anyone or is anyone working on a green card? Just after some info really, what work I can / can't do etc & any info from peeps who are in the same situation Cheers!! Paul.
  19. Sorry wrong forum!
  20. Hi all we are only just lodging our visa...and hopeing to go Gold Coast or there abouts, but scanning the interenet seeing what jobs there are some of the carpenter adds are asking if you have a green or blue card:wacko:....no idea what they are going on about, can anyone shed some light on this? and if needed on all jobs how do we go about getting one? thanks Lou x
  21. Guest

    This Green and Pleasant Land

  22. ok i'm baffled..........again!! I've noticed a new green box (above the one that says whether you are online or not) Some say 'they are on a distinguised road', others say 'Is an unknown quantity' BUT mine is grey and says nothing?? Whats it all about??????????
  23. Guest

    green card

    Just wondered if anyone has applied for Green card online and if so what was the website :jiggy:
  24. Guest

    The Green room

    Just went in and omg nobody there On my PC it all looks a bit blue waz going on:skeptical:
  25. Guest

    whats green

    and hangs from the trees in the jungle ?? monkey snot . Lee