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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone, My name is Rob and this is my unfortunate situation. I am English and have a daughter who is now almost 5. She is Australian and lives in Mildura, Vic with her Australian mother. We split up about 4 years ago but still get on well and I have always supplied for my daughter by sending money over every 2 weeks. There is so much to take in when I try to research if I can readily get a visa and citizenship that I can simply not work it all out. I have talked to so many people before and it never seems clear cut. I am now in a position financially where I can pay for all costs etc and plan to move over there. But what I want to know is this is possible right? Who do you suggest the best people to get advice from are? Should I just make a appointment at the Australian embassy in London? Do you have any idea on prices and time lines? This is so so important to me and any help, however small it might be would be so much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance, Rob.
  2. Good afternoon everyone I understand, according to the Skilled Occupation List, that Veterinarians are in need down under. My girlfriend is a Veterinarian Nurse and I was therefore wondering whether her occupation is needed down under? The Skilled Occupation List strictly says 'Veterinarian' but a 'Veterinarian Nurse' nearly does, and most can do the exact same job as a Veterinarian. If anyone could point me in the right direction or clear this up for me I would be a very happy chappy. Thanks Scott
  3. Hi there, :smile: I am after some help and advice please. My husband (Andy) our 2 kids, 11 and 9 years old, and I are seriously looking into moving out to Australia and have booked a holiday to come out in June, we arrive in Sydney, stay for 7 nights then fly to Perth for 7 nights before flying back to England. We are looking to start contacting companies and recruitment agentcies as well as generally looking and, well, making up our own 'wanted down under' info pack basically! The problem we are having at the moment is that we are having trouble comparing our job skills with those in Australia! I know that sounds daft but as you all know its all so different out there!:err: My husband currently works as a supervisor in a aggregate quarry but he also works as a fitter and plant operator too! Where as I am a self employed graphic designer but I am also a level three teaching assistant! Do we stand a chance of getting out to Australia with these job skills? I use the term skill quite loosely in my instance! Lol :wink: Thanks in advance for reading this and for any help or advice we receive! Cheers all, Kim x
  4. Hello everybody, ive just signed up to this great forum! I'm looking to live and work in this wonderful country but i have no idea what to do to start the process. Here are a few details about myself and hopefully you guys could help me out by pointing me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Im age 20 Im an Apprentice Underground Cable Jointer (final year fully trained) for Scottish Power. I have City & Guilds 2322 and NVQ 3 in Electrical Technical Engineering. I have an Uncle that lives in NSW and an Aunt that lives in Queensland both willing to sponsor me. I have a girlfriend that s 18 working for a Childrens Centre who has a CBT and NVQ 2 & 3 in Buisness and Administration. Currently not a Home Owner. Looking forward to any responces MrH
  5. When thinking about where to live in Perth I have jotted down my must haves. I would appreciate everyones recommendations. I'm visiting Perth in a couple of weeks and want to visit areas that fit my criteria. My preferences are: 1. Has to be Quiet and not overly populated. 2. Professional area ideal for people with no kids. 3. Either close to the beach, or semi-rural towards the hills. 4. Semi-rural and choice of property with plenty of privacy. 5. Good transport links into CBD. 6. Established area but with modern living (not old dated properties). I really hope you can offer some advice that I can use on my reccie. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, My husband will be sending off his application soon for a Spouse Visa, but there is a few things i need to know f irst. 1. MEDICALS: Is it just my husband who has a medical? I am an Aussie Citizen by Birth and lived in Perth all my childhood and iv'e got an Aussie Passport, so i think i don't need one. We have 3 children, 6, 19, 21 years of age. They all are Citizens by Descent. The youngest child is definately coming to Austrlia next year, the oldest 2 are not sure yet but i think they will come. DO ALL 3 OF THEM NEED MEDICALS IF THEY GO OR NOT? and DO THE ELDEST 2 HAVE TO PROVIDE POLICE CHECK CERTIFICATES TOO (THEY ALREADY HAVE THEM). I am told by DIAC that they do not migrate as they are already Citizens IS THIS CORRECT? 2. PASSPORT INFORMATION: On the Spouse application, do i put the children's passport details on the form? and does it have to be Australian passport details? all 3 of them have yet to get there Australian passports. The youngest has no passport now as expired, but eldest 2 only have British passports at the moment.:arghh: Any info greatly welcomed! Cheers.
  7. Hey everyone, new to this and not quite sure where to start......to give you a bit of background.. my husband and i emmigrated to queensland in 2007 just after getting married-then it all went a bit pear shaped alot of stuff happened including my hubbys mum passing away etc and we headed home again the end of 2007...so we didnt last long!! My hubby is a joiner/carpenter and started his own business which is doing ok...even with the recession hitting.....but we both keep saying WHAT IF...we have since had another baby and both think that oz is the best place to bring up kids. So i think what im needing help with is advice on joinery jobs etc in perth...even offshore work...we are considering renting our house out here again and just renting in perth and giving it another shot.Are jobs scarce in this field in perth????We are so confused and scared this time..the last time it cost us a bit and this time if it didnt work it would bankrupt us lol:no:...so im just trying to get it a bit clearer in my head on what to do...any advice or comments appreciated x
  8. Hello! I feel so fed up! I feel so stressed with the whole move to Oz and it's getting me down. We have had our house up for sale for nearly a year and we just want to sell. We have changed agents hoping that we will get a buyer soon. We much prefer to sell the house, so we can have a complete fresh start. We don't really want to rent at all. Can anyone advise us of their experiences with renting their house out from the other side of the world...... My hubby has two job offers in Oz which start in the next few months and we don't really want to miss the oportunity..... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Samx:wink:
  9. Hi All, we are off next Monday for our 3 week reccie/visa validation trip, soooo excited!! Just wondered if anyone has any tips or advice about the flight, especially as we are travelling with our almost 3 year old. Also, we are taking the pushchair, she is at that stage where she loves to walk everywhere but if we don't take it she is bound to want it, especially as when we land she will be expecting it to be night time! So my query with the pushchair is, do they like you to scrub the wheels? I will probably do this before we leave anyway but obviously it will be used at the airport til we check it in. Was just wondering about this as I know when you emigrate they don't like muddy wellies etc for the obvious reasons. We are flying with Emirates and have heard they are great with children. Does anyone know if you have a little bit more room than say a flight to Cyprus? All tips and advice greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! Dons and family x
  10. :confused: Hi everyone, I am Darren and I am in a dilemma at the mo'. With university speedily approaching, I am struggling to find my chosen subject on the SOL or Nominated List. I am about to start a three year BSc in that dreaded, much hated subject of Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management. I am currently driving petroleum tankers for Asda and have just been elected as the H & S Rep, which I am hoping would class as previous work experience, I am hoping that Occupational H & S Officer 2543-11 would be a match. The cost of the degree is quiet a lot to take on if I cannot get me and my family into WA to start a new life which we are so looking forward to beginning. However there are many vacancies in Australia needing O H & S and Environmental Managers. It is an absolute Minefield which is completely stressing me out. :arghh: Please Please Help Kind Regards Darren and Lesley Wirral.
  11. Hi everyone. I was just hoping to get some advise about our defacto visa application. We have lived together since Sept 08 but we do not have a joint lease. Everything is in my bf name as he found the apartment for us whilst i was at home visiting a sick relative. I'm just concerned that we will not have enough evidence to show defacto for 12 months. We have letters to the same address, bank statements, evidence of our relationship over 2 years. We will get stat decs and everything else, i'm just worried that they will turn us down just over the lease. Do they accept other things, such as statements from the rental agency or the lease with his name on and the form i filled in to become an approved resident showing the same address? I am currently on my 2nd working holiday visa which expires end of Sept and my partners job means he cannot come to England to live with me. If anyone can help I would appreciate it as I am feeling very worried that I won't be allowed to stay with him. Thankyou.
  12. Any help - would be kindly appreciated........ My family and I are really hoping to migrate next year. I qualify as a hairdresser in June - but have had 15yrs experience in Sales - from finance to cosmetic surgery. My partner is a qualified gym instructor although turned his profession to car sales for the last 8yrs. we have 4 children 16yr old - looking to carry on further studies. and 3 younger ones will require school or pre school. What's are chances????? would it be best for us to go and find employment then apply through employment sponsership???? Any help really would be appreciated!!!! Thanx in advance., xxxx
  13. Hi, just joined 2day... (supberb website) Partner is an Ozzie, we've been together 8 yrs and we have a 6yr old son...we are just about to submit our application, have a few queries thou. As my partner worked away alot, all our utility bills are in my name only, we only have Joint Life Assurance Policy and our Rental agreement. What other evidence should we supply, Also it asks if you have a National ID number - is that your National Insurance Number? We are hoping to move to Melbourne (Sunbury or Hillside Suburb) Partners sister moved back 4 yrs ago and wouldn't move back!! Cheers
  14. Guest

    Any advice greatly received

    Hi all and a happy christmas to you all. We have submitted our 175 application and have everything done so are just basically waiting for an answer. OH's oldest daughter Sarah is flying out with us when we go and deciding whether she wants to stay and study or come out at a later date. we didn't include her or Steven (OH's 14 year old) on the application but are now wondering if we would be able to add Sarah. She is 16. She has had the meds and is now going to have the blood test, (panel Dr didn't do it as she was not coming with us but she got a letter from LCU requesting one.) So as she has effectively done all this would I be able to fill in a forn 1022 to add her or would it endanger our application? If we did add her and she decided not to come (she would have validated her visa when we go out) would this matter, would her visa just get cancelled or would it affect ours? Hope someone can help Tracey
  15. I love Australia, but it is a quirky place (very British in that respect). Some things that puzzle me: 1) AFL. What's that all about? 2) Walking around in supermarkets barefoot. Que? 3) The mullet, worn without a trace of irony (a la Biily Ray Cyrus circa "Achy Breaky Heart") Anyone else got any to share?
  16. If there is anyone out there who lives or knows someone living in Canberra, please feel free to update me on pace of life, schools, sports etc. Due to be there in Apr 07 for two years initially before maybe being posted elsewhere. Thx