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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to this site, so pre-apologies for babbling. We are couple in our 40's, 2 kids (16 and 2), mortgage almost paid off, good job, not rich not poor. BUT, life is dull. Endless round of nothingness. I ask, well what do I expect, this is what it is and is what you make it. We have discussed moving to Perth/Busselton area (hubbie stayed there for 3 weeks), he says too hot, Im scared of creepy crawlies, area like out of the 1950's. I say, we are only existing in the UK, we don't do anything, we visit family/friends once a month say, its pay pay pay in to the government kitty, we don't go on holiday as there is practical things to pay for and we don't get in to debt. If we stay here, mortgage paid in a few years and we die old knowing we can put our fire on without worrying about the bills. I am unsure if Oz is the answer. It seems to advertise what the 'good old days' of the UK used to be like. Family values. Work hard, play harder. But am I kidding myself? Should I get a grip and make the most of what we have worked hard for? or think " you only live once, Uk is going down hill fast, get out whilst you can?". I have lived in this house about 4 years, and I still only say 'morning', as we all keep ourselves to ourselves and some of the neighbours are either chavvy or snooty. Will Oz give me the answers or do I need to be happy with myself and my lot first. Is the grass greener or is it concrete painted green?
  2. Olga

    Fake grass for diorama

    My son was given a project task to make a diorama of an environmentally friendly dwelling. He needs some fake/plastic grass and trees for it. Does anyone know where to buy some grass :eek: in Sydney or online?
  3. There are obviously lots of people on here who have thought about the move, made the move, loved the move or hated the move - so thought I might get some honest advice. We are a young(ish) family from the North West (2 kids 6 and 7) and Australia is brought up about twice a year either by myself or more lately my husband. The big question should we take the plunge?? We do have a good life, lovely house, lovely area, good job etc etc, but could it be better? I want the kids to spend their childhood outdoors like I did, I dont want them growing up into a culture of drugs (which seems to be rife), we think that Australia may give us more quality family time. Are my expectations too high and unrealistic??? My point for going is that if we dont go we'd never know and the kids are young enough to adapt and even adjust if we went, didnt like it and came back. I suppose it would be easier if someone else made the decision for us, but seen as we have to - any points of view would be greatly appreciated :smile: I have read lots of posts on here, (very informative) but I never know who to believe, some make it sound great and yet others are very critical. We would be leaving a good life behind, are we mad? Or is there something better out there?
  4. Guest

    Is the grass greener?

    I have lived in QLD for nearly 2 years now and have struggled to find permanent work since day one. People tell me Melbourne, Perth, Sydney are the places to be for work and life style. Is this just another case of people thinking the grass is greener on the other side or is it true, are these states good places to live compared to QLD?
  5. tea4too

    Greener Grass?

    This is my first post, but I have followed POI for quite a while and enjoy the (usually) good hearted banter. I have dithered for ages over whether to post this contribution, but what the heck - just ignore it if it irritates you and if it helps, well I might make it to a second post at some point! I was born and bred in the industrial Midlands, and emigrated in my 30’s when my husbands job relocated. As properties are cheaper here, we managed to buy a large house on the coast with a beautiful garden (I love my garden and spend time in it all year round). We have made new friends, but keep in close contact with family and old friends by using Skype, texts and telephone calls. We regularly have visitors from ‘home’ and frequently make trips back ourselves. We love the culture of our adopted country, and although I have encountered some anti English sentiment, I am pretty sure that it is in jest and not meant to offend. Upon staring school my daughter has learnt the language of our adopted country and takes great delight in in correcting her mothers efforts, particularly when it comes to reading road signs! Some 12 years after our initial move, we are still very happy here in ‘God’s own Country’. Four years after I ‘shipped out’ my younger brother also emigrated. He too has a beautiful home, far bigger than the house he left in the UK. He loves the culture, has made new friends and is every bit as settled as I am. So far he has not encountered much racism, and views ‘pommie’ comments as light hearted banter, not seriously meant to offend. He too considers his adopted country to be ‘God’s own” and is very happy with his lot. My brother lives in Western Australia and I live in Wales in the UK . The point of this post? Having visited my brother a number of times I love Australia, but as a holiday destination. I also like to know what is happening in his neck of the woods, and have an interest in how ‘fellow’ ex pats are dealing with the changes in life style. But do I personally have a burning desire to move down under? Actually no, and I can’t help but wonder, when I read posts from potential pingpongers..... could the adventure they seek be found closer to home? Maybe the adventure that you are looking for could be found closer to home?
  6. Guest

    Is the grass greener?

    Hiya peeps on this forum a merry christmas to all here and down under. I have travelled most of OZ lived in Perth and Melbourne mostly on holidays and working student visas. Have been sucked back into the English way of life and am now to scared to leave because I think it would be tough to rebuild our life back in the UK i believe or maybe i have just been made misrable and negative by living in England for to long. We have a baby boy and thinking about moving to OZ on a skilled migrant visa. I moved back 4 years ago after missing family and friends. I now have a my own family and feel bored living in the uk sitting on the sofa wathcing tv and miss the lifestyle but am afraid to up sticks with my little boy and would like more children but worry about the lack of support going it alone in oz. Is the grass greener should we bite the bullet and give it a shot. Any comments appreciated. I have had a flying visit up the east coast but hear the suburbs of brisbane is a lovely place to bring up a family. I found Perth a little cut off and Melboure suited my single gal lifestyle. My partner is an estate agent/commercial property valuer. Jo
  7. Guest

    Plastic Grass

    Has anybody had artificiual grass laid ? and if so how are you finding it ?.
  8. abz123

    Amazing grass...

    Thanks to Kevin Bl**dy Wilson for the title of this thread but in reality it's the lawn variety I'm talking about! We moved into our house at the end of May just in time for the WA winter reticulation ban period and don't have a private bore to draw on. My "grass" is springy (full of moss?) has patches of clover and weeds and otherwse just looks cr*p. What is the trick to licking it into shape? Do I get someone like Jim in or will he just cut it and leave it in it's poor condition, but shorter? Swore blind I wouldn't get caught up with this obsession but it's either a case of trying to get a bit of colour back into it or rip it out and lock block / slab it at the front but still want some at the back for my daughter to play. Any advice or recommendations of a gardener (Ocean Reef) greatfully accepted.
  9. well is the grass greener on the other side for you i think it just a diffrent shade of grass no better no worse just plain old diffrent godd but diffrent oh ok very good (for me ) we are all diffrent . so is the grass greener for you or just diffrent julie xxx:hug:
  10. Guest

    Is the Grass Greener?

    G'day all...... I 'm 32 left my family, friend and life i made back in Nottingham to come and live in Australia. I have only been in Australia/ Brisbane for just over 3 months now, and finding it harder than i thought to make friends and start a new life for myself. This is not the first time i have been in OZ, I first came in 2000 and did the whole backpacking thing which i loved and it was the best time in my life and have been back twice since on tourist visa's in 02 and 06. BUT backpacking/holidays is one thing but living/working and starting allover again is a whole new ball park. I had a burning desire to come and live here(so trained and worked as a chef-hated it just did it to get my skilled visa) but the start of the this year the desire/dream was no more i was happy in Nottingham/england, its not that bad and has more going for it than people think. So yes i came out half hearted, both countries have there pro's and con's. the problems in England at the moment its the same here in OZ, cost of living going up, jobs, housing. and it even rains here in Australia. Its not the land of milk and honey what people think. from talking to a few Aussie's they want to come and live in the UK and most English people want to move over here. Whats the point of being here if you have no one to share this wondufully country with. I am going to give my dream time,( the money and hassle it took to get here) i'll give it a good year or so. If it works out the best decision i have made in my life, if i go back home i'll have no regrents when i'm an old man. I'm 99% sure i will be moving to Perth in jan. Any feed back would be great i'm i the only one to feel like this? SORRY FOR BEING SO LONG HAD TO SAY WHAT I WAS FEELING.:wink:
  11. Guest

    Is the Grass Greener?

    Hi 2 All, Me and my other half have been together 4 10 years.have 2 kids aged 7+1.Ian is a time served Carpenter/Joiner and works very hard,but we never c him!and we never have any money!!!:no: We r looking 2 move over 2 Oz for a better lifestyle:biglaugh: Any advice given about anything would b great. Thanks.Anna.
  12. Guest

    queens evedence

    Aussie blows cover of protected witness | The Courier-Mail this story made me wonder if we have anyone here that wants to tell all?
  13. Guest

    Is the grass always greener?

    I have been reading this forum for a while now but haven't joined until today. People are very honest even if sometimes this honesty is negative. I am an Aussie girl living in the U.K for 16 years. I am returning to Oz with my family later this year. I feel very English and unsure of things due to living here for most of my adult life! :smile: Life is so short and we don't want to be old and think 'What if'. I miss Oz like mad but I know that when I land back in the sunburnt country I will miss old blighty. Everyone remember you can always go back! May cost you lots of money but isn't that better than forever wondering what your life would have been like, if you took the plunge and moved to another country? There are good points about both countries just a pity we cant have the whole world!:idea:
  14. Dont know what it is about oz ,but the grass in our garden is terrible. I think they call it nut grass. It's just in my opinion rubbish. eddie:shocked::no::no::no:
  15. Hi Everyone living in Oz. Would appreciate your option. Hubby, daughter and I have been in Brissy for 10 months. We have settled in here but it is not all we hoped for. We love the outdoor life style - went camping at Rainbow Beach a few weeks ago - hubbys got a kayak etc. Jobs are good and plentiful but wages aren't great you have to move about to get a good job. We bought some land at Tamborine with the idea of buidling a house but prices have gone up so much since we started researching Oz that we are selling it and staying in rented. We spend more on food here than in the UK and I miss shopping in Sainsbury (can't stand Woolworths or Coles). We are now looking at staying another 18 months, getting citizenship then heading back. We have difficulty having any social life that doesn't involve going around other peoples houses or going out separetly. I miss my daughter having special relationships with her grandparents and our friends. You know you are going to miss your friends but I thought we would meet new friends (which we have) but they are not like our old ones. Schools are only good out here is you pay for education - your average state school is not up to much (specially senior years). Anyone else having seconds thoughts? I would be happy to get citizenship and head back for a while. It is just tough missing special things and people and it doesn't matter how hard we try we can't replace them here. We are very determined goal orientated people but we can't make a decision and stick to here - I think because we realise that the boom happened to quickly here and now our dream isn't achievable...........
  16. Guest

    Is the grass greener?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and found it while looking for information on making the move to Australia. I am a 31 year old plumber/ gas engineer living in Rochester, Kent, England with my wife and 2 children. We have been thinking about moving to Australia, in particular Brisbane, for a while now, but since the birth of our second child back in November we have started doing abit of research. Are there any members who are plumbers / gas engineers who have made the move, and if so what have there experience been? Anyone with any advice or suggestions please feel free to share. S
  17. I know you have probably read this kind of msg a thousand times before but i hoped you could give me both sidesto a story ? we live in yorkshire (cold 364 days of the year!) and both have jobs .we have decided that uk is going down hill and are tired of the weather and tax system. we are visiting again melbourne to find an area to live, but keep playing devils advocate on are things any better over there or should we put up and shut up!!! so any advice would be greatly appreciated many thanks john
  18. HI I am just getting things off my chest and probably using this site for counselling!!! I came to Melbourne in December with my husband and 2 children (8 & 10). I am on the e457 visa so obviously have to work full time. This for me is 4 nights a week. I am 37 and to be honest I am struggling with the work. I work in surgical, medical, A&E all over really. As I have the visa with the company (agency) I need to work 38 hours a week. If they cannot find me a shift I have to carry it on the next week so some weeks I need to work 5 nights. This is exhausting especially if I have to drive an hour plus to get there. The kids have to therefore go to the breakfast club in school for 7.30 so my husband can go to work. I am sitting here wondering if we have done the right thing? If I had the chance again to start from scratch I would apply for a perm. visa and not a e457 as you are tied to the employer and there is nothing you can do about it. The agency are fine and lovely people working there however, it's me who has to work. I don't see my kids or husband as much as I would like. I say to myself it is only for a year! (10 months to go!). In my opinion the nurses in the UK are allowed to do so much more than here. You still have to check more or less every drug give! even saline for flushes! (nurses will understand this!) We are in a rented house at present and maybe if we had our own house my outlook would be different. As I am working nights it is difficult to meet people . We are 'Billy no mates at the moment!' WE have spend 18 months planning on coming to Oz, selling furniture, house, etc. I know 2 - 3 months is not a long time but I think I have made a grave mistake coming here. The only saving grace is that my children just love the school. Even getting dressed at 6am ready for school!! Counselling session over with for now. I'm sure to be continued. At least it will save me $50 with a professional! Great site by the way whoever thought of it. K x
  19. Hello All:unsure: Not been hear 5 months yet and I'm really thinking of going home. Andrea still thinks we should give it longer but feels we will end up going home eventually. She does not feel homley hear but has more back bone than I have and says lets give it more time. Am I Nuts I really was not down on England we had a good life just felt this was the a better country. But my frame of mind at the moment is our life style weighing it all up is better in Mother England than hear in Aus. Tell me am I nuts or is there anyone out there who has the same feelings. John :jiggy: koo koo
  20. Guest

    is the grass really greener?

    hello everybody, My husband and myself have been thinking and talking about moving to australia for sometime, the talks are becoming more frequent and serious lately. We have 3 children aged 10, 8, and 2. The main reason for wanting to make the move is the hope of a better lifestyle for the children, wanting to remove them from the binge drinking culture! but is the grass really greener over there? Are the schools better?, where do we go? and is it really worth the move?? can somebody help me!!!! love jo
  21. Guest

    is the grass greener?

    hello everybody, my husband and myself have been thinking and talking about moving to oz for some time, the talks are becoming more frequent and serious lately. We have 3 children, 10, 8, 2, our main reason for wanting to move is the hope of a better life for them, hoping to avoid the binge drinking culture! but is the grass really greener over there? Are the schools better?, and where to go? Is it really a better lifestyle? Can somebody help me!!!!!!!!
  22. Guest

    Is the grass greener??

    Hi we are due to move out to OZ, next year. Just had our medicals done and have started to tell people our plans. Only a few of our friends and only one family member think it's a good idea. Most think we are mad to try. We have fairly good jobs, low mortgage, two young kids etc. The reaction we are having is why are we giving up all this to go to the other side of the world, where you have no job, no house and you don't know what it really like there. The most frequent saying we have is THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER. IS IT ?? It is putting doubts into what we believe is our dream for a better life style. ARE WE REALLY MAD? please any advice, would be welcomed.