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Found 22 results

  1. cartertucker

    WA SS- Update -Visa Grants & Departures

    This is a add on thread to: WA State Sponser-Update-Where are you now? It came to my attention that a new thread was needed... For all the WA SS applicants that have recieved their Visa Grants & those that have left for Australia on their 'Departure Dates'....:spinny: So please do enjoy it here as much as the 'original' thread.... & we will welcome all new posters that have been granted their WA SS 176 Visas....:v_SPIN: Adding all posters...In date order of Visa Grant ___________________________________________ Name: Lancashire Lass Occupation: OH Bricklayer Online SS application submitted: 26/02/09 SS recieved: Approved on 08/04/09 Visa Granted: 21/05/09 Departure Date: 13/09/09 _______________________________________________________ Name: mcleod275 Occupation: Cook Online SS application submitted: 17/02/09 SS received: Approved on 24/04/09 Visa Granted: 01/07/09 Departure Date: 11/01/10 ______________________________________ Name: Yorkshirepud Occupation: Cook Online SS application submitted: 10/03/09 SS Received: Approved on 09/06/09 Visa Granted: 02/07/09 Departure Date: 14/09/09 ______________________________________________________ Name: wardsinoz Occupation: OH Plasterer Online SS application submitted: 19/03/09 SS recieved: Approved on 16/07/09 Visa Granted: 25/08/09 _____________________________________________________ Name: Shonz Occupation: Mental Health Nurse Online SS application submitted: 03/03/09 SS Recieved: Approved on 29/06/09 Visa Granted: 04/09/09 Departure Date: 12/11/09 ______________________________________ Name: theleeclan Occupation: OH Roof Slater & Tiler Online SS Submitted: 21/04/09 SS Received: Approved on 30/07/09 Visa Granted: 08/09/09 Departure Date: 19/01/10 _____________________________________ Name: Lorenza Occupation: OH Carpenter Online SS application submitted: 19/03/09 SS received: Approved on 09/07/09 Visa Granted: 15/09/09 _____________________________________ Name: Karencris Occupation: Plumber Online SS application submitted: 23/02/09 SS recieved: Approved on 01/04/09 Visa Granted: 21/09/09 Departure Date: 30/08/10 _____________________________________________________ Name: Hazeotoole Occupation: Cook/Chef Online SS application submitted: 03/04/09 SS recieved: Approved on 20/07/09 Visa Granted: 22/09/09 Departure Date: 16/11/09 _____________________________________ Name: Julie (aka: Julie495) Occupation: Hairdresser Online SS application submitted: 16/02/09 SS Recieved: Approved on 27/05/09 Visa Granted: 22/09/09 Departure Date: ??/02/10 ______________________________________________________________________ Name: TheHollies Occupation: Motor Mechanic Online SS application submitted: 15/04/09 SS received: Approved on 04/08/09 Visa Granted: 01/12/09 (cat 5) Departure Date: 05/10/10 ______________________________________________________________________ Name: Que Sera Sera Occupation: OH Toolmaker Online SS application submitted: 08/04/09 SS received: Approved on 17/07/09 Visa Granted: 02/02/10 (cat 5) Departure Date: 30/06/10 _____________________________________________________________________ Name: Lynn & Alan (aka: alansgirlfriend) Occupation: Online SS application submitted: SS recieved: Approved on Visa Granted: 19/03/10 Departure date: 12/05/10 _______________________________________________________________ Name : The Butlers Occupation : OH Solid Plasterer Online SS application submitted:21/03/09 SS received:Approved 09/07/09 Visa Granted: 17/03/10 (cat 5) Departure Date: 24/05/10 (Reccie) ________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Hey folks! I'm just realizing that the number of visa grants for 885 were at happening pace close to end of financial year and now there isn't much news of people getting grants. :daydreaming: I'm talking on the basis of updates been added to spreadsheets. It looks like COs have slowed down a bit, not sure if anyone else has felt the same!? Or may be it's just the reaching the peak of wait time Grr!!! :err: Cheers!
  3. Guest

    Any grants for TAFE students

    Are there any grants available for permenant migrants who want to study at TAFE or a private training institution? Many thanks!
  4. Guest

    Any GSM 175 Grants

    As I notice, there are not any 175 grants for a while. For some high risk applicants routine checks extended to 12 months, however I can only see the celebration threads of 176 visas.
  5. Guest

    2007/2008 Visa Grants

    Hi All Just wondered if there are any 2007/2008 visa owners here and where you are now i.e. living the Oz life and where you settled or still in UK / back in UK ? We had our visas granted in January 2008 but are still in the UK ... for various reasons :skeptical: Kari
  6. Dear All, The South Australian "Sate Migration Plan" page (State Migration Plan South Australia :: Make The Move) indicate that, "For 2010-11 South Australian’s cap is 4,890 visa grants, which includes primary and secondary applicants." Is this mean after 4,890 SA sponsored visas granted DIAC will stop granting visas for 2010/2011 year for SA ..???? So it means if some one has priority 2, it doesn't matter after 4,890 visas granted they'll suspend grant visas until 2012...???? If it is like that, do anyone have an idea about how many are waiting with SA sponsorships in the line to grant a visa at the moment in category 2...????? :no: Thanks, :confused:
  7. Just wondering if DRCs are still being processed? Anyone got their visa grant recently through DRC?
  8. i RARELY hear of anyone getting a 475 visa grant anymore. It has become a thing of the past. Evans is probably cooking up some evil plans to announce this month as usual:no: Show me the visa or the money ) whichever works !! You would think 1st of July will bring some clarity, it is as dull as expected. I honestly will not recommend the australia visa in the future. It is a rip off , waste of time with no clear expectations. ------------------------------------------------ A sarcastic 2008 475 Applicant :goofy:
  9. Guest


    Not sure if this belongs here, but I looked around and couldn't see anywhere else to post it: The guy who runs the self-storage unit we've shoved our crap into mentioned his brother moved to Australia (Adelaide I think) a few years ago and he's received a bundle of grants from the government. The UK brother said that this was to encourage his AU brother to stay, and he's received so much money he's put it toward real estate and now owns 5 houses. Does anyone know about grants for immigrants? Apart from the first time buyers and new build purchase grant, I've never heard of anything like this.
  10. just trying to get my head around a lot of things. is there still a grant available to first time house buyers? heading out in 2011. Was going to rent for the first 6 months then take the plunge and buy property. just wondering if there is still assistance and what the timescales are. Thanks
  11. sherin

    Visa Grants

    Last year at this point of the time visa grants were more as the program year was getting over or so. But I hardly see any Visa grants now does anybody know the reason?:policeman:
  12. Can't help but notice the complete lack of visa's being granted lately. Whats it all about?! VERY frustrating!!!! Come on DIAC get the finger out !!!!:arghh:
  13. Guest

    visa grants

    Hi guys What are the DIAC playing at no visa grants that we no off this week [WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING AT] we need you DIAC to start pulling your finger out and start with them grants again come ON regards pom64
  14. ali

    Visa Grants

    There's so many of you that I'm finding difficulty responding to all our posts. I'd just like to congratulate your all, it's a wonderful feeling when you get your visa. Enjoy the celebrations Ali x
  15. Hope it's ok to ask. I just logged on and there was a thread (with 2 pages of replies) titled '176 SS grants - have there been any since 23rd september?' (or something very similar) Now it seems to have disappeared. I've had a quick look in the other forums. Has it been deleted please? I sounded like it would be worth a read.
  16. Dear Friends, It seems as if the state sponsorships especially from WA and QLD have come to a halt or the grants coming in are too slow. The date of applications is not moving et all. Any comments????? Regards, Nitin.:mask:
  17. Guest

    475 S/S visa grants

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had been granted a 475 State sponsored visa recently. All of the timelines I have visited don't show any recently - all seem to be 175 and 176. Thanks in advance. Marc1
  18. Guest

    Where are all the grants ???

    Nothing much seems to be happening...prior to June we were seeing grants on a weekly basis. Now we seem to be getting very few ....or is it just me ???....have I finally lost the plot ??:confused:
  19. mr luvpants

    176 visa grants

    As some of you may know I have been in a dilemma for some time about our move to oz. We really want to go but we both have good jobs here, good friends etc etc etc. I have also been offered a job with the MET police which I am quite tempted to take. My wife is really up for it but something has been holding me back.Well we have come to a decision!!!! IF WE DONT GO WE WILL NEVER KNOW! So we are definitely going for it and if anyone sees me post another negative post on here there are officially allowed to kick my @rse! I am about to go off sick from work for 6 months. I had a skiing accident in January and need an operation to my shoulder. I am therefore going to be putting in the application for my 12 month career break in the next few weeks before some other bu@@er gets in there first. My wife is a newly qualified nurse and will have done a year next January. In order to work out when I need the break to start, can anyone who has applied for a 176 (CSL) and has recently got their visa tell me when they applied for it please? It would be great to hear from any nurses in particular. Also anyone got the addresses of the web sites where the time lines are please? Thanks guys for all your help in the past. And just to warn you that during the adverts of the Jeremy Kyle show and Oprah (what else can you do when off sick?), I shall be on here a lot! JOHN
  20. calNgary

    Goverment Grants

    We have been here for nearly a year and so far have had over $8000 ''given'' to us in grants.This really does come in handy when trying to find your feet so i thought i'd let you all know then no-one misses out,, Water tank rebate- $1000 Pool cover rebate - $250 1st Time Buyers - $7000 as we are in Brisbane this obviously for this area and rules &regs do change state to state,definately worth checking up on if your moving here,,Front loading washers and dual flush toilets are also on the rebate list so if your buying new keep your reciept safe!!! Cal x
  21. http://www.gomatilda.com/news/article.cfm?articleid=413 Based on an email just in: "We have also run out of visas for this financial year and will be granting again in July 07." Best regards.
  22. I have heard that 1st time buyers are entitled to a grant of $7000 towards the cost of buying a home, do you have more info on this? I think I heard of another grant too that was $14000 but cannot remember what it was, it may be I missunderstood. Any info on concessions when buying a property would be great.