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Found 8 results

  1. Nanna

    804 or 864

    We are contemplating entering Australia later this year to be with our children and grandchildren and would like some advice on which visa to apply for . We pass the balance of family test and age tests . Is our application means-tested? We would have reciprocal healthcare but would we have to have private medical? Any advice would be welcome.
  2. I know this is a tricky subject but just looking for some words of wisdom on how to make our move easier on my parents. We are due to move in September, leaving my father and his wife here in the UK. I am an only child and my children are the only grandchildren he and his wife have (she never had kids). They are devestated by our move, and have both had emotional breakdowns over it. I’ve had the “you’re making a mistake” chat, the “how can you do this to us” chat, the “we’re getting old and sick” chat and more emotional blackmail that I thought them capable of. They adore the kids and have a great relationship but I truly feel that the move is in the best interests of our immediate family. Of course I am saddened by the prospect of leaving my dad behind but the more they battle against our decision, the crosser I get! Does anyone have any words of wisdom on how I could make them understand or make it easier for them? Thanks in advance
  3. My wife and I are back in the UK after a six and a half month trip to Australia on a Visitors Visa. Main purpose of the trip was to vist our daughter who got married to a great Aussie guy in January of this year. Our first grandchild is due mid April and we are keen to return to Australia to provide some family support and child care particularly when our daughter returns to work near the end of this year. Provided we can get a 12 month Visitors Visa we intend to rent out our home in the UK, sell the car and fly out to Australia before the end of this year. We checked out about renting a house in Australia when we were there and anticipate no problems in getting a long term rental in a decent area. We are both in a good state of health and financially can meet the conditions for obtaining the Visa both being retired and in receipt of UK State and Occupational Pensions. Are we right in assuming that we can extend a Visitors Visa for at least another 12 months under the current Visa regulations? Appears that we may have to leave Australia for a few days to be granted the extension but that should not be a problem. We assume that Medicare would give us sufficient health care under reciprocal arrangements between the UK and Australian governments. We even had free Flu Vaccinations on our last trip! There seems to be little advantage in applying for permanent residence in Australia provided current regulations do not change and assuming we can get rolling renewals of Long Term Visitors Visas, given of course that our health remains good and we take care to be model citizens. We are struggling to work out how the UK Tax Authorities would view such an arrangement and if we are likely to have problems if we are classified as non-UK residents. We are seeking professional advice on that issue and are not intending to take any short cuts. We lived in New Zealand in the late 1960's early 1970's and both our daughters were born their and have dual UK/NZ nationality. We have no illusions about the emotional stress of a long term move overseas particularly since it will certainly initially mean leaving our other daughter in the UK. Comments/advice from anyone who has experience of the above issues would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this posting.
  4. Linda Irvine

    We are grandparents!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have a new little grandson!!! Our first grandchild, Samuel John (Sam), born just after 1pm today. So excited, off to Brisbane first thing tomorrow to see him, even more reason to stay !!:biggrin:
  5. Guest


    As a family we all finally landed in the one country...my sister then up and left with her family and now we are doing the same... I am worried about leaving my Mum and Dad. My kids have seen them everyday since they were born - a privilege I never had as we lived abroad and away from my own Grandparents.. Anyone else in a similar situation or were in a similar one?? How are you coping or did you cope?? My parents are all for us going - they did it themselves years and years ago...I am just concerned about my kids - they are 5 and nearly 2! I know young children adapt faster than us adults but I cant help worrying! Thanks
  6. Guest

    Grandparents rights????

    Hi, My O/H and myself are in the process of applying for our Visa's. Hoping to be out in OZ sooner rather than later! My Brother-in-law called me last night and announced that he and his partner would like to apply in the near future but he is unsure of a few issues, I was hoping someone might be able to help. Brother-in-law is early 50's & partner early 30's, not married. He has 2 daughters both with 2 children who will be living in OZ within the next year. If and when he applies, under what visa will he be eligable?? Will he and his partner stand a better chance Married?? they can prove 5 years of living together but have been together 11 years. Niether have any qualifications to apply independantly but he has mentioned Grandfathers rights???? Not sure what that entails! Also, can they ship thier vintage MG car over? Would appreciate any help you can give.
  7. Paul Creighton


    Hi, we are new to the site and thinking of moving to Oz. My husband Paul is a plumbing and heating engineer and I'm (Sharon) at home looking after our 2 year old son Harry and doing the housekeeping and book keeping, etc. If we eventually move to Oz my parents would like to join us - how would they go about this, eg. can they stay for so many months per year to start with and how many months would this be? My parents are both 57 years old. Sorry to sound vague, hope someone can help. Kind regards, Sharon
  8. Guest

    grandparents migrating info

    Our son and family have been in perth area for 18months, they would like us to go to live with them. As we are both pensioners can anyone give us some advice please,