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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, We are in a big quandry; husband has been offered a job with great prospects in Sydney. As we lived and worked throughout Europe for 5 years in the latter 90's (pre-kids) only returning to UK on an absolutely need to basis, we are probably better prepared than most to take the plunge. Other half could go out to Sydney as early as January with me and the children following on after 3 month probation period expired/passed. But we have only one big reservation, educating our kids in Australia; our daughter secured a place and is in her 2nd yr at King Edwards Grammar School in Birmingham and she is really flying there; if we stay in the UK we are going to have our lad tutored as he shows an aptitude and an interest to get into the KE Boys Grammar, although competition is massively fierce for boys. We have absolutely no idea about the Australian education system, but have found elsewhere on this forum stories about bright or gifted kids (they all are!) not being able to fulfill their potential when they have moved to into the Oz system which has really made us think twice about the move - having had to scrape ice off the car this morning, this is not good! Obviously you can find negativity about anything on the internet however wonderful it is to the majority, but we would really appreciate anyone who can share their experiences with us, particularly those who have forfeited their children's hard-fought Grammar School places to move to Oz. Unfortunately, whilst the job on offer is good, it is not at the level we can pay AU$20,000 per annum per child for private education; at a stretch we could do $5,000 per annum as long as the LAFH allowance stays! We have identified French Forest / St Ives as potential suburbs to live in if anyone can comment on the schools in these areas. Many thanks in advance for any guidance / reassurance! :hug:
  2. Let us say I insist my name being written as 'leptokurtic'. How do you start a sentence if you want the first word to be 'leptokurtic'? Do you start with lowercase? Suppose I use the handle '3leptokurtic'. Now what? I know that according to grammar rules you can't start a sentence with a digit. My own hunch is that if you want to be completely grammatically correct, you would say "The user 'leptokurtic' says...". or "The user '3leptokurtic' asked...". You simply WON'T start with leptokurtic. Does anybody sees any scenario where this might fail and one would be forced to start with 'leptokurtic'??? Can somebody even insist on his name (which is a proper noun by the way) being spelt all in lower case?? Or would that in itself be grammatically incorrect?
  3. Guest

    Guildford Grammar

    Does any know anything about Guildford Grammar? Many thanks.
  4. Lurkio

    Grammar is important ...

    Grammar is important. Capital letters are the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse. :Randy-git:
  5. I've been following these threads for a few years and have come across numerous posts using very bad grammar and spelling by people who "claim" to have high qualifications. Sometimes the same people are finding it difficult to find employment in Aus. Maybe this news item will open a few eyes and minds. Indian websites do your homework for $2 | News.com.au I actually worked for an Indian company in Dubai for a few years and their level of education would put many UK visa applicants to shame.
  6. Guest

    Central Coast Grammar NSW

    HI everyone Does anyone have children at Central Coast Grammar in Gosford NSW? This is another option we are looking at before we decide on Melbourne or Edinburgh. I want a school where my 13 year old boy wont be lost in the system as he been moved 3 times already and i need him to settle in and make friends, which he has found difficult as he is very shy to start with and not a budding academic, although he will work hard at school and is a lovely boy. I guess i want a school that will care about him. Currently we live in Beecroft but could move next year. I am in agony at the moment as I really need to find the right school for him and i dont want to move him again as he has never managed to make good friends that he sees out of school so we end up playing with him a lot but i know he just needs to settle. We though of Baker College and Kings but I have heard bad things about kings re bullying from older boys and fear he will just get lost in the system as they are only concerned with grades (not his stong point) although he wants to learn and has a lovely nature. Would appreciate any help or words of advice before seriously leaving Australia.
  7. Hello all, This is my first time on this so ... here goes! My OH is originally from Perth WA and we've decided to move from UK to Sydney end of next year (2010). We've got 2 children aged nearly 6 and 2.5 and I was wondering if any of you have any experience/knowledge of St Luke's Grammar School in Dee Why? I've been trawling the internet and for some reason it really stood out. We are hoping to settle in Northern Beaches (somewhere!) and I am so so so excited (no doubt this will wear off as the stress of house selling etc etc kicks in!). Also, my mum (widow) is coming with us and will hopefully get her Parental Visa although she can't apply for this until we are officially renting somewhere in Oz. They do seem to make it a bit hard for parents to come out with their kids (I'm an only child and we've not got any other family here in UK who we really know). Again, any advice or experience of this? So glad that this site exists! Elaine. :v_SPIN::jiggy:
  8. kellyjamie

    Geelong Grammar

    Hi can anyone give me any comments on geelong Grammar? good or bad Thanx:wubclub:
  9. Hi can anyone tell me what melton is like? also what you expect that area maybe be like in a couple of years as i understand its still up and coming and lots of new houses being built? also anyone have an idea of geelong grammar school? Thanx Kelly:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    Grammar Schools

    We are discussing moving to Melbourne and I am trying to get as much information on the school/college/university system as I can at the moment. My youngest son is currently attending Year 7 at a Grammar School in the UK. Are there equivalent in Melbourne that aren't fee paying? Tried searching but seem to come up with private schools. Secondly my daughter and her boyfriend want to do vocational studies in Beauty Therapy and Car Mechanics. Is that TAFE I need to be looking at and what sort of fees would we need to be looking at. And lastly my son is about to commence University this October to study BA Hons in Fashion. He qualifies in the UK for a Student Loan. I have read other postings and can see this is not the case in Australia but what are International Fees and are they in addition to the Course Fees and is any of it covered by financial assistance? Lots of questions I know but we have spent many hours on various websites and are very confused!!!! Any help very much appreciated. :nah: