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Found 94 results

  1. Hi there! I am currently in year 2 studying occupational therapy in the UK. I'm looking ahead at what visa I could apply for when I graduate in June 2018 and the 189 Skilled Independent visa could be an option. I know that I need a minimum of 60 points and there's one question I'm not sure what I would fall under, which would mean that I meet the points or not: Qualifications A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or a Bachelor qualification, from another educational institution that is of a recognised standard. 15 points. Does this mean from another educational institution in Australia?
 An award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation.
 10 points When I graduate I will get awarded a BSc in Occupational therapy, therefore will have a Bachelor qualification from the UK of a recognised standard and also recognised by the relevant assessing authority in Australia. I would also be applying as a graduate with no experience apart from my placements, but meeting the minimum 60 points if the answer to the qualification question is the bachelor degree. Is being a graduate with no work experience likely to make the visa more difficult to get? Has anyone got any recent experience as a graduate occupational therapist or a similar experience? Many thanks, Eloise
  2. Anyone on board, who have applied for Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)
  3. Hello to all, My name is Ryan and i'm currently a third year Building services engineering student at Glasgow Caledonian University and next year i'm aiming to graduate with full honours degree in this discipline. My question really is can anyone share their experiences of the move from the UK to Australia as a graduate engineer, information i'm looking for: The Visa application: I still have to do more research on this topic but if anyone can give any pointers or information i should be looking for. The Graduate opportunities: what are the opportunities for graduates like in Australia in comparison to UK, my girlfriend is also a graduate in Public relations and Marketing so what would the opportunities be like for her as well Building services Engineering, Can anyone from this Industry background share their employability experience from looking online seems to be a lot of opportunities for this profession Any considerations I should make before a move to Australia? I Know this post is very vague but would like to hear from your experience before a move is on the cards, looking forward to hear from you all!! Many thanks Ryan.
  4. For the Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476) does Software Engineering count as a form of engineering? I graduated from an accepted institution but I can't seem to find a definitive answer on whether Software Engineering counts or not - just wondering if anyone's had any experience of applying on these grounds. Attempts to contact the ASPC are underway, I'm just hoping for a slightly quicker answer as I won't be eligible for too much longer... Any help appreciated - thanks :smile:
  5. Hi everyone, Myself and the OH are both in our mid 20s and just finishing our degrees. I'll be graduating with a BEng in civil and structural engineering and she'll be getting a MSc in environmental engineering with project management having finished her BEng last year. We both have small amounts of experience in related fields (<1 year) but nothing post graduate. We're just finalising our application for a 476 recognised graduate visa which gives us 18 months in country with no restrictions on employment. We have been looking for employment in QLD (due to family and friend links) via the internet but there doesn't seem to be much for graduates on the usual suspect sites (seek, indeed, etc.). We are persevering with job hunting but we're thinking of coming out whether or not we've secured a job. Our ambition is getting into the resource industry as we both studied in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, surveying, structural engineering and project management. I was hoping that someone on here might provide some insight on the situation and be able to tell us whether we're being stupid or whether if there is a good chance we can find work when we get out there. Any and all help is gratefully received and I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks, Jay
  6. Hi there! This is quite a long one, but I'll try and keep it as brief as possible! I'm a 21 year old student currently in my final year of University studying Building Surveying and have thought about of going to Australia/New Zealand for a few years but never thought it would be financially possible. Looking at it though, I should be able to gather the funds required to take a "working holiday" visa. So far however, I've got very mixed opinions on whether or not I would be able to get a job when I'm out there. Research tells me that there is no direct translation of the role of a building surveyor from the UK to Australia and as I have no experience in industry, I'm not sure if anyone would realistically want to employ me. I've had several people tell me that it would be best to simply travel on a "working holiday" visa and try to find a job when I'm there, as there is a high demand for workers in this area and it is on the specialist skills list. Others are saying that it is best to get some experience first and take it from there. In brief, does anyone know: - What the chances are of anyone being willing to take on a graduate fresh from University? (A very well respected uni for the subject). - If you travel on a working holiday visa and find a company willing to employ you for an extended period, how easy is it to get your visa extended? Sorry if these questions seem a bit vague, but any advice would be appreciated!
  7. Hi All, I recently moved to Melbourne with my boyfriend on a 457 visa. I graduated this year with a first class honours in Business Studies, and have found it hard finding a job in Melbourne CBD. I'm interested in Marketing, Events Management and HR, and have previous work experience. I've applied to jobs on seek.com.au and not heard anything back, so would like to explore other avenues. What would you suggest? Or does anyone know of any jobs in these areas? Any advice would be great! Thanks! Lauren
  8. johnhamilton

    Staying in Australia after graduation

    Hello everyone, next year I will have the opportunity to study in Australia for one year in order to complete my bachelor in computer science. I thinking of staying there after I graduate (the climate and beaches seem amazing) and I was wondering what my opportunities are. The occupation that I'll graduate to is in the "Occupation on demand" list, I have also looked at the Point Test online and my score would be of 60 points once I graduate. However I was wondering if I would have to leave Australia while processing the "permanent residence" visa or if there is a way I could stay in Australia after my student visa expires. I read there is a temporary graduate visa, however I don't think I can apply to it since it requires two years of study in Australia (I will only be doing one). So yeah I just want to get an idea what my opportunities will be to stay in Australia once I graduate (if any ). Thanks
  9. Hi all, Thanks for taking time to read this. My wife is currently a Student Mental Health nurse in the UK. She has 2 years remaining until qualified. We are desperate to move to Aus, but are worried that if my wife simply completed her degree and moves over then her qualifications may become redundant with no post-graduate experience. Can anyone in the nursing sector clear up how essential this experience is and how likely she would get a job without it? We are looking into moving to Queensland. Many Thanks in advance.
  10. I am seeking for any graduate recruitment consultant opportunities in Australia (Preferably in Canberra So I can apply for State Nomination Visa 190), but elsewhere will be good too if they are offering visa sponsorship. Please PM me and we can discuss further details
  11. Hi all, I'm a registered adult nurse with 2 years experience and I'll be going to Perth as a newly qualified midwife. I'm interested in the King Edward Memorial Hospital Midwifery Graduate Programme. Not sure if I'm better off applying for that or just applying for a midwifery post once I qualify. Would love to here from people who have been on this programme or similar or not at all once qualified and what your experience once like. Thanks:cute:
  12. Flash90

    Graduate engineer migration

    Hello everyone! I have recently completed my mechanical engineering course in England and in a few months time I will obtain my degree from the university as well. Luckily my university is in the list of Recognised Graduate subclass 476 which is specifically for engineering graduates so I believe that certainly makes me eligible for this visa! However I think I am also eligible for Skill Independent 189 and probably 190 visa if I achieve straight 8 bands in all IELTS general components so I will score up to 60 points! so my question is that if I score straight 8 bands in all the components will I be eligible for this 189 visa or not? if not then why? I would be really happy if someone could guide me through this! Thank you!
  13. Hi, My name is Terri and myself and my boyfriend (Conan) are both leaving for Brisbane on 26th April travelling on a working holiday visa and flying with Etihad. We are both graduates and currently working as a waitress(me) and delivery man(Conan) this is not the career paths we want for ourselves. I'm graduated in Business and Conan is graduated in Marine Science so we are hoping Brisbane has something to offer. We both know we won't step into our favourite job right away or maybe not even in the first year but we are open minded to any job. We both have experience in the hospitality industry, fashion industry and Conan has labouring, and farm work experience too so we are definitely open to anything. However do you think it will be hard to find work? We land in Brisbane on Sunday 28th April and plan on applying for jobs right away on the Monday as we have heard it can take a few weeks before we get work. We feel Australia will be a better life for us as all we do is get up go to work and literally come home and sleep and at 24 and 26 years of age we should be doing more with our life! Oz is a better climate and more of the outdoors too. Also in April/May what will the weather be like when we arrive? We have booked our flights and got travel insurance, applied for our NAB bank account which we have to verify when we get there (appointment already made for the Monday too) and we have booked to stay in YHA for two weeks as this should allow us enough time to settle and get sorted. This all seems a bit mad and a bit surreal but any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help Kind Regards Terri
  14. According to the new priority, IT graduates who have already applied under the occupation 2231-79 Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate) will fall into category 4? This is very illogical because for new applicants, they can now apply as one of the ICT occupations on the new SOL (eg. Developer Programmer or Software Engineer) instead of being grouped together as Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate), which is no longer on the SOL. Would this mean that new ICT Graduates who apply under the new rule will fall into category 3 but ICT Graduates that already applied under the old rule will fall into category 4? So, given two people with the same qualification from the same university who finished at different time, the one who finished later and applied using the new rule will get the application processed before the one who finished earlier and applied using old rule? Does anyone know if there is a work around to this problem or if they are attempting to fix this problem? This is because there seems to be no way out. You can't change the occupation and get new assessment. Also, for graduates who have been graduated for over 6 months can't even make a new application even though you can be assessed as one of the ICT occupations in the new SOL. Edited 12/04/11: Link to 2231-79 timeline spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?hl=en&key=tHQP8Hpmu2NRl1EfjvQw3YQ&hl=en#gid=0
  15. Hi guys, hope all is well and you're having a good new years. I was hoping to get some advice from any of you that have been in a similar situation: I've just returned to Australia (Australian/British citizen) after having finished my master's in civil engineering in the UK, I received a 2:1 overall (~64%) and 69% in my final year project. My problem is that over here there's plenty of different grading schemes so how do people put down there result on their CV and how would I go about determining my equivalent grade? I know Australian Education International can provide assessment but I don't really have the $295 and 3 months time to wait if it's not necessary (the majority of graduate programs start opening in February-March). Also, I was hoping to get membership with Engineers Australia but unfortunately I was unable to pursue this before I left the UK due to my academic tutor having health problems. Is this likely to be something that employers look for? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. meezy
  16. Hi I have graduated from uni in UK and am moving out to Perth to work as an engineer in October. I am moving out there alone and do not really know much about Perth. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which areas I should look at to live in. I just want somewhere where there are lots of other people in their 20s to meet. Also, do many people there do house shares? Thanks!
  17. Having attained an MBA in Sydney back in Dec 2010, I submitted my application for a 485 Graduate visa in May 2011 but found out today that the application was refused because I'd exceeded the 6-month application window allowed by one week. The delay was the only reason the visa was refused. I'm now in the process of submitting an appeal to the tribunal board, and I wondered if anyone else has experience in dealing with the tribunal board? I've heard that they always uphold the decision made by Dept of Immigration unless THEY have made a mistake. Is this true? Is there no option for leniency on their part even though the late submission was a genuine mistake on my part? Also, am I still able to apply for a different visa while my appeal is heard?? Trying to find any avenue possible to stay in Australia which I now consider my new home. Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated. And don't worry, I'm not expecting legal advice, just hoping to hear from anyone who has gone through something similar. :cool:
  18. Writing on behalf of my good friend- has just paid nearly 2000 quid to an agent to be told 'no' by SA for their state sponsorship program. She has been teaching primary in the UK for 8 years, holds a first class BA degree but went through the Graduate Teacher Training program, not the PGCE. Anyone/ any teachers out there know of a way around this, or if any schools are offering 457's at the moment? She is massively disappointed and rightly so- the agent did not at any stage inform her that she must have completed 4 years (not 3) higher ed in order to apply for the SA visa. Thanks all.
  19. Hi All, I have been seriously thinking of a career change into nursing. I have looked into this and think I would enjoy the job. From looking at the entry requirements I would meet the requirements of a post graduate diploma, which mean I would qualify in after two years on study. However I am not sure this would be recognised in Australia. I have seen than nursing diplomas are recognised, but cant find anything about the post graduate diploma. Looking on AHPRA's website it states post graduate courses are accepted - but must be at least 6 semesters in length - which I thinkg my post graduate course would not be (I think its only 4 semesters - but maybe they mean tearms, in which case it would be fine). Please - can anyone help! Thanks
  20. Hello all, Just wanted to ask a few questions if I may...I am currently in my 2nd yr of Nurse training...and am really wanting to emigrate to be with my family who are in Australia once i qualify. Have just been told about the 457 visa, where you can go on a temp visa for 4 yrs, and be sponsored by an employer. The only worry I have with this one, is how easy is it to get a hospital to sponsor you? Do they generally want at least a few yrs work experience after qualifying? Alternatively is the Graduate Nurse program the way to go? Where I can possibly apply to one of the hospitals and get on one of these, straight from uni? But how do you that with what visa?? Am really confused! Can anyone help by having experienced either of these? Many thanks Sarah
  21. Does anyone know if I can use visitor visa to apply for skilled graduate visa- 485? My student visa just expired 2 weeks ago and I need another visa to enter Australia to apply an onshore visa. :cry:
  22. Econwatson

    UK Graduate Looking to Move

    Hello there! A little background: I was offered the chance to take my third year at uni at The University of Melbourne. I was there for a whole year and long story short, I fell I love with the country, and maybe a girl as well! Now I am looking to make a permanent transition from the UK to Australia to work in the Internal Audit sector. I am in my final year at university, studying a Masters in Economics and Accounting with a job offer from BDO UK. My situation is this. I would love to come to Australia but I want to know how to go about making the move? My girlfriend is Malaysian and is also trying to get a Permanent Residency so that is not an option. Does anybody know of some accounting firms which might offer sponsorship for their graduate positions? They all seem to require PR! Another Visa I looked at was the temporary residence for a recognised overseas institution. However the immi site seems to suggest this is only for engineers! Is this the case? If not, how do I go about seeing if my university is recognised? Thanks so much for your help in advance!
  23. Guest

    Regarding Graduate visa-485

    I studied in australia for 2years (2006-2008) and applied for Visa subclass 485 and got an bridging visa.My application was still under process but i came back to my hometown in Sept,2009. I dont have any valid visa for australia at present. Now, i want to go back to australia as i am eligible for Visa 485,but i dont want to study. So, Do i need to go back on a new student visa or can i go on a tourist visa and then apply for visa 485 onshore ?? Please Help.
  24. Hi, I’ve completed a PhD from a top Australian university. I was invited to Australia with an international scholarship to cover my tuition fees and stipend. For this I was on a student visa, and my occupation of study was on the old Skilled Occupation List (this was 2007). I am now on a Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 which lasts for a mere 18 months. I have secured a very good job in research, but as I work (in a full time-temporary position) for the NSW Government they are not willing to sponsor me to stay. My skilled occupation (my PhD subject area) has subsequently been removed from the Skilled Occupation List (post July 2010) and, to my knowledge, I have no other way to stay and work in Australia once my current Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 is up! Please can someone tell me otherwise? Surely they can’t kick me out when I have made a life over here and was invited in the first place?! P.S. Currently, I have been in Australia for just over 4 years, and after my 18 months from the skilled graduate visa are finished that makes nearly 6 years in the country I am female, good health, and 26 years old I have no dependents or family with me / wanting to move to Australia I am a British Citizen No criminal record
  25. Dear All friends, I have a very serious matter to discuss with you all :arghh:. It is about 885 visa; independent skill category for PR. I just have completed my course on 25 JUN’2010. Already got my positive skill assessment and IELTS 6 in each component. Actually, I was preparing myself for lodging 485 skilled graduate visa in couple days. Then from nowhere someone suggested me to apply for 885 visa at the same time with 485 visa application. The reason is to have all the available options open in hand, so that I don’t have to be disadvantaged . I am not sure how far that idea will work out . Then I thought of you guys, Why not to take an opinion from you all whether it’s a good or bad? My that friend also suggested me my PR application has to be before 1st JULY’2010 to get the maximum output/points. According to my current estimate I make straight 100 points for PR in independent category if I lodge my application before 1st July’2010 on existing SOL (i.e. occupation: 60, Age: 20, IELTS: 15, 2 Yrs Aus Study: 5 = 100) :confused:. Then my friend advice me after lodging 885 start working on increasing points, which are sit for IELTS and try to score 7 in each component from where I get extra 10 points + community language : 5 and Australian 1 Year work experience 10 points. He also suggested me the time DIMIA will ask me remaining documents you will have over 1 year time to supply them (i.e. new IELTS transcript, work experience, NAATI etc) I feel that I can do it . I really have that confident. If I sit couple times for IELTS I can make 7 each. Work experience won’t be the problem as I am already working in my occupation over 2 years. NAATI won’t be the problem. In this scenario, “Do guys think I should apply for 885 with 485 visa application together?” . The thing I am worried about and need to be confirmed: 1. “Are they(DIMA) gonna accept any documents such as IELTS, NAATI, Experience Certificate; if I supply them later on after lodging my 885 visa application?!” :mad: 2. Is it a smart IDEA (885) or I will be the looser? 3. What happens to my 485 Visa application (as I will lodge it 885 visa application)? :skeptical: 4. What is the sequence of processing as such application i.e. 485,885 from one applicant? 5. During the process of both applications (485,885), can I apply for state sponsorship if the new migration plan suits me? Guys you know I am making last minute changes; as I never thought that I had option of lodging 885 visa in such a short notice. Although I am ready to bare all the expenditure associated with this. You know how much it cost to lodge 885 visa, which is 2525/- (that also 1st instalment) :wacko:. I just have got 2 days time to make a final decision. Guys! give me some smart ideas, please! I can go to agent/lawyer but to do this you need time to have an appointment and in my case I haven’t got my course completion letter yet, although my education provider said I would have it by Tues (29) or wed (30). So you can imagine on the edge situation . Anyone can help me?!! :no::no: