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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all, I am just reading the Queensland Health Graduate Nursing Program prospectus, and it states that for me to apply for a graduate program..then I need a Visa, and a passed ILETs test, and registration at point of interview? If i am reading that right? It says about the visa, that if i am currently in the process of applying for the visa, then I shouldnt apply for the program until its been granted. My problem is, the visa I was going to be applying for is the temp 457 visa where you need to be sponsored?? Surely I wouldnt have that yet, as I was hoping that the hospital that were offering me a grad program would be sponsoring me?? Im CONFUSED!! :wacko: Can someone help?
  2. Hi Everybody, I am curretnly completing a HETAC level 7 degree in Counselling in Ireland. I wish to emmigrrate to Adelaide in 2012 to live and work with my husband. I would like to work in a community setting as this is my background, ie health centres, schools, citizens advice, support centres etc. I would also like to practice privately and take on a few of my own clients. I have not yet specialised in any one area but I am interested in youth work, trauma therapy life couching, CBT, PCA etc. Level 7 degree is the equivilant of a pass degree internationally. Does anybody know what level of education you need to practice in the above jobs in Auzz? I wish to further my career in Adelaide, any suggestions re courses? I suppose one of the most important concerns for me is which accredation body to choose.....any suggestions. Thanks for reading Ciara:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. Hi guys, I am currently working and living in Seoul as a homeroom teacher to Grade 3 students at an English Immersion elementary school and have been at this job for two years now. During this time, I have decided that teaching is for me, and would like to ultimately emigrate to Australia and become a certified teacher. I would like to go directly to Australia from Korea and start my Graduate Diploma of Education there, and upon graduation, gain employment in Australia (I realize this is not necessarily an easy thing to do) or abroad, at an International school. I understand that Primary School teachers are no longer on the SOL in Australia. I want to take my Graduate Diploma of Education in either ECS or Primary. I am confused as to the qualifications these two diplomas leave you with. I have read on some sites that pre-primary school ages include 4-8 year olds. Is this correct? If so, it would be perfect for me, as I have really enjoyed teaching Grade 2/3 these past few years and would like to continue doing so. If not, to teach or to be granted a working visa as a pre-primary teacher, must you have a pre-primary qualification? Could you teach the earlier years with a primary diploma? On the flip side, if I got the Grad Dip (ECS) in Australia, could I teach regular primary ages outside of Australia? (ie., international schools) or does this limit me? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. User Name

    SMPs and 2231-79 ICT Recent Grad

    Hi Guys, Anyone knows if SMPs have any chance of rescuing some of us from this cursed group 4? I can't picture any state wanting fresh grads with no specialisations but many in group 4 are looking for SMPs as last hope to get out of cat4. I am not sure how SMPs work, but suppose a state picks 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec or 261314 Software Tester, which maps to 2231-79 (nec). Will it be possible to move into cat 2 in that instance if we have 2231-79 (ICT Recent Graduate)? Thanks.
  5. I made a phone call to DIAC this morning in hoping they can give me some positive feedback about my 886 application, since i have nominated a wrong occupation 2231-79(nec) and i just want to change it. This is what i've been told: 1/ Cant change nominated skill 2/ Cant apply for another onshore skilled migrant visa (graduated more than 6 months) 3/ cant transit to SMP 886 when being released. 4/ cant apply for 457 long term working visa, salary does not meet current market threshold which is $47220 5/ last questions i asked, how long for waiting if in CAT4. firmly answered 3 years. No more hopes, like fell into an indefinite hell.
  6. To all memebers, who r in CAT 4 and applied 885 ICT- recent grad. We should come togethar and try to do something we can. share ur information here. thanx CAT (4), 885 applied 2008 AUG (1st week) , ICT - Recent graduate NEC, IELTS 7.5, No CO
  7. Hi All I am due to start a Mental Health Nursing Grad Programme in August. My course is held at Graylands Hospital Perth (im a newly qualified RMN). Just wondered if anyone else was going to be starting the same time. It would be good to here from someone starting same programme. OR if anyone has already started the programme it would be great to hear your experience . Thanks :biglaugh:
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if a 1yr Post grad diploma studied in the UK, is equivalent to an AQF diploma for a 40 point occupation? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I have just qualified as an Adult nurse this week, and have a telephone interview with Greenslopes Hospital (Ramsey Health) in Brisbane for a position on their graduate programme. Has anybody got any advice or ideas on what they may ask me, please?! Any help or tips would be great, thankyou! Sim
  10. Hi there As the title says, I'm a qualified OT (since 2007) but unfortunately I have not been able to secure an OT job for various reasons, ie, my location in the UK, lack of opportunity, etc. I am currently employed in a job that does utilise some of my OT skills and have been in this role for nearly a year. I have also kept up my HPC registration. My question is, because I have not been employed as an OT in the true sense here in UK, is this therefore a non-starter to be considered for OT positions in Australia and ultimately for a visa application (not sure which visa would apply in my case)? Many thanks for reading.
  11. HI, I was wondering if anyone knows of any engineering companies around the Geelong area that are taking on recent graduates or trainees? I moved to Geelong in NOV after completing engineering HND in England last June. I had a bit of a holiday first, and have started looking for work since end of JAN. I have had my qualifications converted to the aussie equivalent. It seems that most companies are holding back on hiring graduates right now. They are waiting to see what the economy does before they commit to training people. Any info or advice would be great. thanks
  12. Hi i'm a british/canadian girl that will be doing my masters in social work in Brisbane next year. I was wondering if anyone else living in London has similar plans and wants to get together for a drink/meetup in London before we begin our fantastic adventures in Oz. If interested please let me know, would be good to make some friends before we go out there ;-)
  13. Hi, looking for a bit of advise. I am a nursing student and have been informally offered a place on a new nurse graduate programme next year. Has anyone actally done this programme? Does it involve much academic work? Is it worth doing or would I be better of doing a year is this country first. Many thanks for any information. XX