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Found 13 results

  1. A Northern Territory government delegation is in Ireland at the moment week trying to woo skilled workers to fill a job vacancies in the Top End. The Northern Territory has had the lowest jobless rate in the nation this year, hovering at about three per cent. At the Working Abroad Expo at the RDS in Dublin yesterday, queues stretched around the block with around 5000 people attending the weekend expo. The NT's employment minister Rob Knight was at the expo. He said the NT is expected to need at least 20,000 new workers over the next five years because the jobs cannot be filled locally or elsewhere from Australia. There are vacancies in 130 professions, Mr Knight said, from construction to the booming mining and medical sectors. Despite its vast size and low population, the Territory is undergoing a housing boom. Greg Bicknell from the chamber of commerce acknowledged that the Northern Territory was not as sought-after a location as cities such as Melbourne or Sydney, but it had one critical selling point. “We have more employment opportunities. Other cities in Australia are undergoing a recession because the strength of the Australian dollar is making the manufacturing sector uncompetitive.”
  2. http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/reps/dailys/dr080211.pdf Please note it took five months for the Govt to provide now seven month old data, however: The business skills queue (163 etc) is full for 12 months with cases on hand as the 4000+ principal applicants will equal around 8500 applicants total which just exceeds the quota. Most of my clients end upo with 12 month proicessing and not the somewhat misleading 6 months (maybe 132 only getting this) I never used to agree but now I do that DIAC have to separate out the actual processing from the handling time as priority processing decides the handling procedures which will differ by category. The ENS/RSMS times are just pathetic for employers who advertise, they want staff to start soon after they are selected, not six months later. The processing times can mean the migrant does not receive a job offer. Employers who recruit through networking and word of mouth are more inclined to accept these processing times and hire migrants, so it is recommended that people needing jobs for visas try to work within this later group of businesses ie use personal networks and not online portals. :wink: I also note earlier in the document that only 1% of cases entitled to a refund for a ceased application have taken it. This is a festering sore for DIAC, that they can't clear the files and still carry the risk of a class action. Power to the people!
  3. Waitingawhile

    WA Govt updates site - no SMP news yet!

    Has anyone else noticed they have updated the site for skilled migration -I got so excited for a minute there but... now feeling so crushed that they haven't yet released the State migration plan:mad:
  4. Gosh, it feels like deja vu! Doesn't this sound like the time when DIAC was about to release the SMP in July when suddenly the Federal govt entered Caretaker period for the election?!?! Really pray hard that the SMP is released on 1st Nov! Otherwise, hope that SMP is not affected by the Vict. State Election for those Vict. sponsored applicants awaiting Victoria's SMP. ********************* State Government Victoria: Caretaker Period - Live in Victoria State Government Victoria: Caretaker Period 29 October 2010 Department websites and other websites maintained or funded by the State As the Victorian State election will be held on Saturday 27 November 2010, the Victorian Government has assumed a caretaker role from 2 November. During the caretaker period, content will only be added to this website in accordance with the caretaker conventions.
  5. Guest

    sa govt

    hi all . have you heard sa govt trying to attract 18 to 30 for hol jobs such as koala catcher, shark tagger or profiler, penguin house remodeller, no exp ness. i might be over 30 but gis a job i could do that all day for rest of my life.
  6. sgperry

    Which govt depts to notify

    hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a checklist of the UK govt departments that they notified about moving to Oz. I assume (though god knows how) I will need to inform the Passport Office and Inland Revenue of my new address in Oz but is there anyone else?? And if anyone has links or info on how to do this, much appreciated. Have just spent an hour looking on DirectGov and other govt sites and am none the wiser! cheers sg
  7. Australian Federal Government gets tough on foreign ownership rules | News.com.au People here in Aus will be very pleased to see that they are doing this. My friends and I could never understand why they made it easier for foreigners to buy here in the first place. I have been told by two completely unrelated friends in the last week that every auction they have been to lately has been swamped with foreign ic2 buyers. Both my friends children are trying to buy.
  8. [WRAP]http://i1012.photobucket.com/albums/af245/rob_williams_photo/immi-website2.jpg[/WRAP]If you've been unable to access any of the Australian Goverment websites this week, then the likely reason is as a result of cyber attacks from the activist group known as 'anonymous'. The group has been protesting at the Australian Governments plans to filter all internet traffic in the country. A spokesman for the group said they used a Distributed Denial of Service attack, involving about 500 people. The goverment websites were intermittently unavailable on the 10th & 11th & the group say that the attacks will continue. Anonymous is protesting against the Govt's plan to apply a country-wide filter to block certain content by 2011. In a separate censorship move Senator Conroy (The minister for broadband, communications and the digital economy, who ) has also contacted Google requesting that the company begins to filter YouTube content in Australia. Google says that while it complies with the laws of the individual countries in which it has a presence, it would only investigate and consider removing content after receiving a "valid legal request" about something already posted on the site. "YouTube is a platform for free expression. We have clear policies about what is allowed and not allowed on the site."
  9. Guest

    Vic Govt sponsorship - business

    Hi all. Vic Govt application forms are now back online, apparently, and they now require: Main applicant is involved personally in running the business if t/over is less than A$400,000 for PR. They have made clear the business types they will not sponsor. We have some strategies that have worked out well in these cases. A change to the spouse to get PR must be approved at time of application for 163 (as NSW does) Minimum time in Victoria for principal applicant is specified as 16/24 months. No comment is made about trading businesses perhaps needing more time overseas. Change of business type must be discussed wih Vic Govt but no comment about whether they can refuse the change (much like Qld) Of the $400,000 required to be moved to Victoria, only $100,000 can be set aside for personal use There appears to be a new requirement that the applicant sign a contract with Vic Govt for sponsorship (like WA), that might set up an argument later if the business doesn't generate promised jobs and revenue. These seem to be the end of month changes mooted by Vic Govt in earlier correspondence with the writer. However to be safe, I would recommend that all cases in hand should be lodged prior to month end to avoid any further restrictions applying to a new file.
  10. I'm not sure if this has been covered here yet. From: YG NEWS: Budget Australian Student Visa Fees to Rise
  11. Petals

    Dealing with Govt etc

    Dealing with government departments and other officials is a daunting task. Some time ago when my husband received his superannuation calculations they were incorrect and the superannuation fund would not correct them, all sorts of bother contacting them etc etc you know the way it is. My husband kept records of all phone conversations, letters, who he spoke to etc etc in detail. He then went to the superannuation complaints and because he had all this information they were able to deal with his complaint, an actuary worked out the figures and the figures were $2.00 different to what my husband had calculated so he got a hefty cheque which he would not have got if he had not kept tabs on everything. Because I have a legal background my husband is in engineering he knew to keep records. When people deal with migration or other government authorities, banks, make sure before you contact them you have pen and notebook in hand. Ask their full name. Time of contact Date of Contact What you said What they said. Back up with letter if possible or fax emails can be sus but email if necessary confirming the information discussed. What you don't want them to say is we did not receive it. If you have to deliver documents by a certain time pay extra and register them so they have to sign for the receipt of them. If you can hand deliver and get someone to give you a receipt with legible signature and full name printed and the date all the better. Keep copies of everything. Back up emails with a letter. This way if you have a problem you will be able to back up your complaints with factual information. Also if you have to take matters further the person assisting you will need all of this information. Most when problem arise will not recognise telephone advice for example. I know this is a pain but if you ever visit with a solicitor they right down everything they say and everything you say. :idea:
  12. So, as has been anticipated for a while, a review of the 457 visa system is being undertaken. There have been regular concerns that the 457 visa can be used to exploit overseas workers, frequently underpaying them and treating them poorly. The review may slow down some of the processing of current visa applications and there could be a drop in the number granted while the review takes place, things will be clearer as the review progresses. Employer groups are lobbying to make the visas easier to arrange, welfare groups are lobbying to make the visas more closely monitored for abuse and exploitation, government lobby groups want to impose a more thorough language test and higher character assessments. None of these things should dent the hopes of prospective 457 Visa workers from the UK. The only possible negative I've heard is that the visas be given for only 12 months at a time with options of extention up to the four years.
  13. Guest

    GOVT SPONSERED permanent Visas

    Hi, i am thinking of moving over to Australia. With an Engineering Degree ,and with about 25 years Experience ,i have started working on a project to develop energy efficient air heaters and hot air based heating systems. Have a few patents applied in India,a patent granted and one PCT published and EPO search 100% completely positive. Could result in quite a good export market for Australia,but the hitch is i am 53 and in love with Australia. Will i stand a chance for Govt Sponcership. for Permanent residence. My Brotherinlaw and family are citizens of Australia. Vempati.S