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Found 12 results

  1. :cry: I'm just having a little rant.....but the thought of having to wait 5 years just kills me! I have to wait 5 years because I need to start and finish my nursing degree, then get a years experience....:-(.....think you'll all have to put up with me until then moaning about how much I wanna be in Australia!! Okay, rant over, feel a bit better now lol.
  2. Guest

    Gotta love a bargin

    And Waitrose for offering them. What a store :biggrin: A while back I happened to buy the 4 ready meals on the left. Cost me a grand total of 4 pence. Yes, 4 pence. Today, the two packs of salmon fillets cost me all of 19p. 19p :yes: Original price was £6.99 per pack and they were BOGOF. Joys of BOGOF offers and the going out of date stock they then put in the bargin bin. They reduce the price of the item, so it scans at that lower price then they still take off the BOGOF reduction. So you end up paying pennies for a heck of a lot of meals. Sometimes even going into minus figures has been known. Now I know about this, I don't half keep my eye open for this sort of thing :cute::yes: Anyone else found any ultimate bargins out shopping of late?
  3. PommyPaul

    You gotta laught

    What have you seen in life that completely beggars belief? a couple of people i work with got given mobile phones by the company owner so he could get in contact with the when needed, ones the operations manager the other is the manager of one of the farms, fast forward to when the first bills come in for said phones and one has run up a $300 bill the other has racked up $7000 :shocked: all for surfing porn websites on the company phone!!! the one with the $7000 dollar bill got called in obviously by the owner for a chat about it to put it lightly and after said meeting he got in his car and promptly reversed over the farm cat! :eek: seriously you have to laught!! truth always seems to be crazier than fiction lol
  4. :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  5. Thought I would share where I am at. For the last 12 years I have struggled with having to live here because I have Australian children (Aussie father whom I divorced) . I have been to the depths of despair and back again. So I thought It might help to share what has worked for me. 1. My 8 year plan 2. Focusing on my children for the next 7-8 years until they finish school 3. Focusing on staying health and fit to maximise my chances of getting out of this **** hole !! ( that last few words really was tongue on cheek) So my 8 year plan is....and hubby ( who is also english )and I have signed it and framed it in our home. Debt free by Jan 2012 3-6 MONTHS in uk 2012 ( court hearing pending) 2013 buy dwelling/caravan in uk 2015 buy dwelling in aus 2017 go to UK for one year with children when they finish schooling Ya gotta have a plan !!! Also hoping to go this christmas for 3 weeks but we will see about that !! Who knows what the kids will decide to do once we have done the above but that will be their choice , my choice will be to live between the two...How you say well thats plan is in the pipeline so Ill get back to you. I still have my "england attack" days and I am sure I always will but I am getting there..... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...... Wishful XX :goofy:
  6. Hi guys, I am an Upholsterer, and my trade was removed ifrom the CSL n January 2009, so i know how you all are feeling.(Gutted). Thanks to Gill and Alan, i have applied to WA for sponsorship and they are supporting it. I think the way forward for all who have been removed from the CSL, is to apply for State sponsorship as fast as you can. The processing times are 8-10 weeks at the moment, but will increase, with the ever growing number of applications. Be quick and apply as soon as you can is the answer.!!!!!!!! Regards Daz
  7. Guest

    We gotta "HUG" one !

    So I'm sending all you lovely people on PIO a great big :hug:
  8. Guest

    gotta get out of here !!!!!!

    i feel like we're living in the middle of a war zone and can't wait to get away from this place me and hubby moved onto a lovely quiet road 14 years ago and it has slowly but steadily gone down hill our road is on the edge of a very large housing estate and has private owned houses on 1 side and housing association on the other when we first moved in the opposite side was mainly elderly people but as they have passed or moved on a younger generation seems to have been moved in, at current we have 2 (although down to 1 ...tell you in a sec) drug dealers, numerous addicts and a family that make shameless (tv prog) look like the royal family (real not tv prog) along with the usual loud music, sat night fights and family disputes it's crazy so just to give you an idea of our road i will let you in on a week in pleasentville MONDAY> local alcaholic who we call nesbit (looks like rab c nesbitt) collapses in street ambulance called, he kicks off so police called bit of a ruckus but over in 15 mins TUESDAY> drugs raid on dealer must have been 20 police officers and as 1 of his mates tries to get away in his car speeding down the road he goes straight into the neighbours parked car so was promptly nicked aswell good riddance i say WEDNESDAY> pretty quiet day apart from a family argument in full view of neighbours between who we call the mafia godmother and her daughter THURSDAY> local addict(can't tell you what we call him) beaten up outside his home he then decides to trash home and throw all furniture and belongings out onto road and smash them up all the time shouting some not so pleasant niceties at anyone who will listen, again local by now completely fed up police called FRIDAY> my hubby has a go at remaining dealer and not so politely tells him to move when he sees him dealing from his car as my son and friend play kirby behind it, this resulted in us getting a phone call whilst on a night out telling us a brick had been thrown through our cars rear window i am now scared to death of any more come back SATURDAY> local addict (different to above) has a go at innocent guy who dared to stroll through our neighbourhood (i mean come on he should have known better...shouldn't he) a few punches get thrown and it's over with in 5 minutes TODAY.....AND THIS IS THE BEST OF THE WEEK> this morning my very friendly usually quiet nice neighbour finally flipped at our shameless neighbours daughter she has been taunted for months by this woman including having her 3 yr old daughter shot at with a bebe gun whilst she held her by this womans son she couldn't take anymore and as this woman again shouted obscenities at her whilst waggling her finger in my nice neighbours face she lost it and attacked and dare i say it i'm glad she got the better of her..........but thats not all, our remaining dealer was attacked in his home by who i can only guess was a rival dealer and has apparently had his hand macheted off (still to be confirmed) and then about an hour ago the addict from thursday decided to go nuts and trashed his home again (it's becoming quite routine) but then also decided to come outside and smash his head repeatedly against his garden wall till he was out cold so off he's gone again in a nee naaa honestly this is all true, some of you may be reading this and thinking i'm making this up but honest to god this is a typical week on my lovely road and this is only what we see god knows what happens whilst we're at work all day it truly has got to be the most undesirable place to live in manchester and i truly do feel sorry for whatever blinkered person decides to buy my home (i won't tell them that as i want out but i will feel slightly guilty) so anyway as you can see the sooner we get to Oz the better before we actually start seeing this as the norm and end up scrapping outside in our pyjamas x:goofy:
  9. I don’t know about you but I love a good laugh at someone else’s expense in a nice funny way not a nasty way. Remember shows like Watch Out Beagle’s about with Jeremy Beagle and Candid Camera. Well we ain’t got that here but each morning we have a radio show in Brisbane on Brisbane B105 called Labrat, Camilla and Stav. Great show, 3 young kids with a lot of energy. Stav, does these Gotta Calls, where he telephones someone who has been nominated by a friend or relative, and they set the person up in some way. I tell you I’m usually taking my O/H into the city listening to this and I think it’s mental. Hope the other drivers don't see me because I tend to look more daft than usual laughing as I drive. One of the best ones is the guy who had his car torched, and I hope the link below will open it for anyone interested in listening. I think this one’s great. Stav Fears For His Life! Download this clip Another one that was crazy was The Swedish Tourist Download this clip Then I got to thinking who could we set up and nominate on PIO for this. Maybe Cal ?? What you think folk’s Yes Cal, What if we said She’s been offering secret accommodation to illegal migrants coming over from England and hiding them there from Aussie Immigration in deepest Jimboomba?? Or what about Tim, We could say that this site maybe a bit dodgy and maybe it’s a conspiracy site giving out all this free information on our devious ways to get to Australia come hell or high water.?? What you reckon, nominate a Gotta Call :biglaugh:
  10. Hey everyone... I am typing this thread in the baby's room with our heating on at about 80, wearing a jumper and dressing gown on top even thinking of putting on some gloves my hands are that cold !!!! We are still waiting to hear what kind of visa we can apply for i.e. 457 but that was weeks ago now and oh is starting to think this is never going to happen, have found a company looking for his trade (roof/plumber) that look they sponsor so just waiting to hear back from them.... We had the estate agents out today (always handy to know) to give us an idea on how much the house could go for so we can work how much money we will have to take with us once everything is paid off, and she advised us to put the house on the market now - not too sure as nothing has been started at our end yet just putting details out etc.... told her we will talk it over tonight and let them know, then they will come out and take some pics if we are happy to go ahead.... I just wish we were in a process somewhere along the lines instead of sitting on the fence watching everyone move on or move away !!! K xxx
  11. hi needadvice on booking flights for 4th july 07 to perth, gonna try and book direct with singapore airlines has any one done this recently? as really scared about it all!! (silly moo):chatterbox: validating visa so need extra baggage allowance for us all ( hubby me teenager and two 7 year olds! ) do you ring the airline direct or do online ? any advice please !!!!! or how about going through agent heard austravel are good. Thanks alot
  12. Finally have been told to get our Meds done :spinny:, so went to book them today and the soonest they can fit six of us in is May 2nd........ :mad: That's another 6 weeks away....It's all too much!!!!!!!!! :arghh: The receptionist said, "they are soooo busy, it's like everyone is leaving the country all of a sudden"..........mmmmm I wonder why?????