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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Neighbours Gossip

    I tend to keep pretty much to myself & so dont really count my neighbours as friends. I do on occaision pass the time of day & am on nodding terms with most. However when I decided to get married & move to Aus, I began selling my belongings so did mention to neighbours that I had things to sell as I planned to move to Australia in the not too distant future & they've seen various pieces of furniture taken away throughout this process. My plans did progress but there were some delays, which I hadn't anticipated. But In the world of gossiping neighbours delays are not enevitable & thus whenever I encounter the leaders of Gossip Spreaders Inc I'm questioned as to the progress of my plans. I'm so tired of explaining that I have no news to tell them & that when I have good news I'll let off fireworks so they will know, I have my Visa. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I bumped into a neighbour, he asked how it was going & I said everythings fine & my husband is coming over soon, & I then went inside. A couple of days ago, one of the ladies came rushing up to me & said congratulations & she was so pleased that I now have my Visa & she hears that I'll be returning to Australia with my husband ,who is coming over for a short holiday, she even referred to my husband by his first name. Today I go to check my post only to find a hand written note saying that this other neighbour hears I'm going soon, as I have my Visa, that has taken so long & not to forget she wants a couple of my things. Unbelivable ! I haven't even submitted my Visa Form yet, I'm hoping to do that when My husband arrives in August. :biglaugh: Has anyone else had their Visa granted by their neighbours ? Or do you have any funny tales about Gossipy Neighbours ?
  2. Guest

    Super Gossip

    This woman lost her son but he keeps calling her from the grave that he working day and night that she come and pick him he is tired of the cold , so the mother thinks that his son was turned into a zombie in port Elizabeth, mmmh so scary
  3. Baby-faced 13-year-old becomes father: report Wasn't there another one just last year? Wat's happening in the good old blighty!?!?
  4. Guest

    Gossip please

    I've been away folks (In Bali to evidence our visas) Now back, tanned, happy, fatter (great food in Bali BTW) and looking forward to a New Year in Perth What I want to know is.. What have I missed...who's got their visas...etc...etc:eek: Save me trawling through all the posts...will someone summarise for me? Pleasde let Kelly have hers... Happy Christmas all, can't believe its only days away...I'M NOT READY! Note to Rob...c'mon mate where's the crimbo smilies??!!:wink:
  5. Well, I really don't know how the dilemmas forum will survive without my constant questions but you have all got me this far so thankyou xxxxxxxx We are flying from Manchester with Emirates tomorrow night, the house sale has not gone through and fingers crossed will do next week. Bl@@dy solicitors!!!!:laugh: The good thing is i can sleep in my own bed tonight and have brekkie and dinner before we go to the airport as my wonderful mum is going to come and clean for me whilst keeping hold of the keys. So no rushing around cleaning the skirting boards before we go!! We have wanted this for so long i am surprisingly calm yet cry at anyone who says 'goodbye' no matter who they are which is quite embarrassing!!!! To all of you who are waiting - never give up. We have overcome sooooo many hurdles - husband being naughty when he was younger being the biggest. This forum has been the most supportive with my 'dilemmas'!!!! This and others have been my saviour throughout this which really began in 2003. Don't think its something that can be rushed when its not straight forward is what i have discovered!! I will do an update on the other side but for now its goodbye from me xxxxxxxx:wideeyed:
  6. So I did it the flights are booked for 8 weeks today just waiting for final removal quote from doree boner and then we can book removals too! You know all along I have felt almost like we where playing at emigratting now it feels real. However told my mum this morning and she begged me not to go then put phone down on me Am so excited. Scared. Nervous. You name it I feel it. Have just gutted the kids wardrobe and packed a case full of stuff they can do without till we get there however cant bring myself to limit my clothes yet :biglaugh:
  7. Posting this on behalf or Mrs Keily, who kindly organised the Edinburgh meet for us! A great big thank you to everyone who attended! Again, another great meet, where everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and got on like a house on fire! A great bunch of people where there, the usual suspects, plus a few newbies and everyone was brilliant! It was brilliant to see everyone again, and meeting some new faces too. Julie would like to personally thank everyone for attending and making it so successful, but she can't as she's killed her laptop! So on her behalf....THANK YOU!!! Now for the gossip....... The Keily's now have no secrets from me and Robert! After we checked in to the hotel and were given the key to our room....walked in to find Julie in her pants and Neil on the bed!!!! Don't worry, Julie was doing her make-up and Neil was watching Neighbours!! The maid decided to walk in on them the following day....burst in without knocking! (can't comment on what they were doing as I wasn't there on that occassion!) Me and Robert had a view of a naked bloke in the building opposite our hotel room that evening! I reckon we're all now banned from TGI Fridays! Well Jo and Keily are for sure!! Keily decided to get intimate with a spaceman there, and Jo had the place in stitches!!! (All she had to do was laugh and she set us all off!) The Saturday night we all had a lovely chineese meal in the basement all by ourselves!! Reckon TGI's must have phoned and warned them! The police ended up visiting our hotel on the Saturday night after numerous complaints from neighbours about the noise! There were a bunch of drunken bums loitering around the doorway of our hotel making a right racket!! Leaving chips lying about, and attracting all sorts of local characters! Other highlights: We saw Kojack with a manbag.... A couple of blokes called Rick gave us, the Keily's & Brammies a lift back to our hotel on the Friday night.... We listened to some jazz with a bloke called Garry, his model girl-friend and their dog (who quite liked Neil Brammie leg!) We ate rubber eggs and soggy tattie things for breakfast with our moldy toast.... Steve didn't do a speach..... ...have I forgotten anything? I'm sure the guys will add if I've forgotten anything! Yes, another sucessful meet-up, and now that we're all banned from Edinburgh we're gonna do it all again in OZ!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Mags:wubclub: x
  8. I am going to be moving to Australia to attend the University of Melbourne. I will be earning a masters degree in Education Administration and I am attempting to create some sort of living situation for when I arrive. I have already had some offers of some people that live in Roxburgh Park. I would be arriving around July 5th and I have a lot of things that I need to work on when I arrive before my semester starts on July 23, 2008. I am hoping to find a job, purchase a vehicle, and simply settle in to a long-term living situation. I am 25 years old and I'm a Language Arts teacher and a soccer coach for a competitive club team in Texas. Most of my time is spent working with youth groups and enjoying time with my friends. I really love all types of music and I come from a very large and multi-cultural family of 5 brothers and 1 sister. Money is going to be an issue and I'd like to find a living situation that would appeal to my situation. I don't know where else to go with this but the ideal job would be part-time with professional pay to allow for necessary studying, traveling, and cultural experiences. If there's anyone who lives in Melbourne, Australia that could help me out with some advice or direction I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, -Drew