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Found 17 results

  1. Petals

    Google finger is tired

    Anyone like me and has a time when look at threads and the google finger is paralised:laugh:
  2. Clicking Your Chicken :laugh: http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=Clicking+Your+Chicken&pbx=1&oq=Clicking+Your+Chicken&aq=f&aqi=q-n1&aql=1&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=37082l37082l0l38075l1l1l0l0l0l0l501l501l5-1l1l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=86840bfdf4b212bd&biw=1366&bih=715
  3. Dawny

    google plus

    Anyone else been messing around with google plus! Wish they would make it easier to log on lol i need an invite now!!!!!:arghh::arghh::arghh: (pretty please) cause i am nosey and looks like it might be better than facebook :wubclub:
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/music-news/8741526/Freddie-Mercury-Day-is-celebrated-with-Google-doodle.html http://www.google.com.au is worth a look-see. :wubclub:
  5. lynn22

    Off to google boarding kennels.

    Hubby & me looking at all the activities that could become common place if/when we move (seems more like when rather than if now) Just realised that weekends away from home might take place in which case i'd prob have to book my dog into kennels in / around the perth area, are these fairly plentiful/easy to book in to ? I dont think a dog that cant really be let off a lead & would have limited recall would be best on a camping trip. Around here the kennels i use I'm best to book a year in advance.
  6. tonyman

    help on google

    when i google anything it come up in dutch!!!!!!!!! any idea how to sort this out .......thanks
  7. The Pom Queen

    Alternative map to google

    Yes, I know I am being lazy and could do a search but I have no idea what search terms to use. A member once posted a map feature like google street view but it was more up to date, can anyone remember what it was called please.:notworthy:
  8. Chimera

    Google to leave Australia

    Breaking news..... This cut and pasted from a news web site.... Internet search giant Google is planning to close down its Australian office in response to the Federal Government's plans to filter the internet, according to an internal memo sighted by iTnews. According to the leaked memo, Google CEO Eric Schmidt canvassed the option in discussions with the US State Department on how to take an appropriate international stance on censorship earlier this month. "We can't be compromised by the Australian situation," the memo reads. "We pulled out on the Chinese over their filter - it won't go unnoticed if we remain in Australia." Tensions between the Federal Government and Google escalated on Monday evening, when Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told ABC Radio that the search giant should consider its own privacy policies before criticising those of elected governments. Conroy said Google's motivations could be summed up in one alleged Schmidt quote: "We love cash!" The memo canvasses the option of Google moving its handful of local switches and cache kit to New Zealand, mirroring the approach taken in China, where racks were re-located to Hong Kong. A spokesman for Senator Conroy said his department had not received any communications from Google outside of its official submission to public consultations around the filtering plan and has not received any threats from Google to quit Australia. "Maybe DFAT has been briefed, I don't know," the spokesman for Senator Conroy said. "Ask them?" Colin Jacobs, vice-chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia said Google had made the "wrong move." "After being assured by the Minister that the filter is benign and for our own good, EFA recently reversed its opposition to the plan," he said. "Google's decision not to play by Australian law leaves Australians at continued risk of being bombarded by unspeakable obscenity every time they open their web browser, with nobody to help shield them. We can't help but wonder if this means Google is somehow pro-bestiality." Representatives from Google were too busy enjoying April Fool's day to make comment Gotcha.....
  9. Rather than trying to imagine what the areas you are interested in look like, a lot of Australia is mapped on Google maps down to the street view level. I really recommend this - it will enable you to see and "tour" the areas you are interested in. A picture can be worth 1000 words....:-) Type in the suburb and city you are interested in, and select in google maps. If you then click on the small figure on the left hand side of the map, it will take you to the street scape level. Clicking on the street arrows takes you along the street as if you were driving. Whenever you pause, the picture will come into focus. Just above the small figure is a circle with an N on it. If you rotate this N around the circle, it will give you a 360 degrees view of the area wherever you have stopped. This will work for all the big cities, and some streets in the smaller cities like Cairns or Albury. If you want to look up a specific house, e.g. if you see one you like the look of on www.realestate.com.au and want to check out the area, just type in the whole address. With house numbers though, it's sometimes not quite accurate, so if it says that the street number is approximate, maybe check the places next door if the map doesn't take you to the specific house.
  10. Guest

    Google your street

    You can now see a frontal view of your Ozzie house on google. So now, instead of just being able to see an aerial view, you can see the house from the front ! Good job so many windows have sun tints on them, only in Australia, no invasion of privacy ? I think it's great and can be a nice help to migrants looking at properties. Google Maps REDDERS :wideeyed:
  11. For those of you who, like me, spend hours trawling domain and realestate for properties in Oz, have you discovered Street View on Goole maps? What a fantastic tool to give you a clearer picture of a property, your prospective neighbours and the rest of the street! I have already 'walked' the length and breadth of Newcastle and have been able to rule out some areas that we thought had looked ok on Google Earth. Give it a go, who needs sleep? :SLEEP:
  12. Guest

    google maps

    could someone please give me the address to the google maps, where you can see reallife houses and look down the street etc. there was someone who posted this last week but carnt find it thanks alot in advance suex:notworthy:
  13. Tried it today (here) and it's amazing. You can even read the signs in the shop windows. Would be a good tool for prospective migrants who want to check out the housing!
  14. Petals

    Google Earth

    I am sure most of you do look at Google Earth but I find if I am going somewhere new in Melbourne I have a look at it and check out the roads where it is etc. It will be helpful to get an idea of distances and where suburbs are. I use it and have all my relatives points on it in UK, NZ, and the USA. Much travelled family is mine. Also shows the hospitals, schools parks, beaches etc. so very useful.
  15. Guest

    Google Earth !!!!

    hi, anyone with kids , having a 5 yr old rugrat who wants to know the answer to everything!! Just spent the last half hour with her on google earth. She loved seeing where abouts in the Big World we are going too. Helped my daughter hopefully understand a little bit more about our BIG adventure !!! Just thought this might help others with little ones who ask alot of questions!!! ( Also was interesting for us too) Love Sue x
  16. Guest

    Google earth!!

    Today I discovered Google Earth and i love it. Find a house or suburb on the real estate web site then put the address in google earth and hey it takes you off to it. Ive travelled all over OZ to day checked out locations of houses, schools how far from the beach, I need more hours in the day for all this research!!!!!! Lynda
  17. Guest

    Real Estate and Google Earth

    Has anyone come across http://www.realesate.com.au It's a greatweb site that allows you to view properties to rent and buy and then, if you're clever (!) you can identify areas on Google Earth! It's been great for us, anyhow!