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Found 106 results

  1. just a quicky whats the name of the cleaning chemical you should use for garden furniture or ornaments you plan on taking to oz. so that they smell clean and to remove all soil. thanks alan
  2. I'm in the process of packing up the house, just waiting for news on 457 so need to be prepared which isnt easy when the little ones keep unpacking things!:arghh:Were packing and shipping own container:wub:and i don't know how i should be labelling the boxes! EG christmas decs do i put on box and inventory christmas baubles, tinsel or just put xmas decs no pine cones? Do i put kitchen equipment or have to label individual items? For those of you that had a company do it for you, what did they do, i really need help as i dont want to be charged loads by customs the other end, and i've got rid of everything that cannot be shipped even the childrens christening candles as they were made from beeswax! Any other tips greatly appreciated on packing! Many thanks Lisa x x
  3. Sudden decison to move back to uk so we are selling everything and they are almost new. Bought most between April-July this year. Washing Machine-Whirlpool 7.5kg - $400 Electrolux 5kg Tumble dryer -$350 LG 422l Frost Free fridge Freezer-$ 500 (minor scratch on the side, happened while moving but original price was $744 ) 850w LG 25L micrwave $75 Black Glass TV Unit (heavy glass 54kg) $75 Solid wood (dark) dining table with 6 leather chairs $800 Solid wood large 4 door buffet $400 (Never been used delivered a few weeks ago with dinning table) 3 bar stool (black leather effect and silver) $120 Large modular real leather sofa (5 seater + chaise) we bought it for $2100 therefore we can negotiate the price. (ideal for entainment/cinema room or big living area) Girl's bedroom furnitures - Dark wood and stylish(single bed with small underbed drawer, bedside drawer, Tallboy, small book case, small storage shelf with seagrass baskets) whole lot for $500 One tall book shelf $50 I am in Perth, North of the rive.If you are interested just PM me. I am away this week but will respond as soon I can. We are quite happy to negotiate and also throw in freebies such desks, little swivel chairs for kids room, depending on what you buy from us
  4. gazsmith

    Leave goods or sell

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help on this one for me? We are thinking ahead about obtaining quotes from shipping companies and wondered if anyone can say if prices for white goods are similar to the uk or indeed as high as some people make out?, we are in a rented 2 bed and are leaving all wardrobes and alot of the bulky furniture, in fact we will possibly just take the bed, sofa bed couple of tv's and some medium sized items of furniture along with personal possessions, crockery and small appliances, not sure if i want to take white goods although they are good condition we only got them 2nd hand when moving into rented property earlier this year. I do not know how the shipping companies pack belongings but i would invisage not even filling half of a container. Any advice on the white goods or advice on shipping and companies would be grateful? Sorry for the rant but hope you can make sense of this Gary and Sue:confused:
  5. please help pickfords are coming on tuesday to pack my house up. we fly to sydney a week sunday. i originally wanted our stuff to go into storage for approx 4 months until we got sorted with a house etc, as we are staying with family when we arrive. pickfords have given me a quote for monthly storage fees and its quite expensive. dont know what to do. plus they have added on a handling fee of $400. this is basically for moving the stuff from one container to another. my family have said they have a lot of land and i can hire a container, store it on their land until we are sorted and this would obviously be a lot cheaper. i rang my shipping company to enquire about this and have been told if they deliver our stuff to my familys residence, i have to sort another container out andthis would then void my insurance once the container was unloaded. am confused. all i want is for my stuff to be secure for a few months, but dont want to pay over the odds for the privilege. thanks
  6. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows what documents you need when sending your stuff over. For example do you need receipts of things to prove purchase and to prove how long you have had it for? Thanks Cara x
  7. Hi Apologies if this question has already been asked!! My partner and I are in the process of getting visas etc and are due to move to Newcastle around Nov and Im just wondering whether its worth packing up the silly little elctrical items such as hair dryer and bread maker etc or is it cheaper to get that sort of stuff when we are there? We are bringing our TV because I've read a thread that says it will work with a digibox but its the small electrical items that I am unsure of!!? Please help? Thank you
  8. Mitsubishi MR420L, FRIDGE / FREEZER, 7 year Warranty $420 Washing machine, Whirlpool 7.5kg FL $325 PYE Dryer $170 Sanyo LCD TV 26X99VDA $200 ALL ARE ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD / RELOCATION FORCES SALE Sunshine coast area
  9. Guest

    White Goods WANTED

    Hi Guys, Just moved to Brisbane and hopefully moving into our rental in a couple of weeks...I am looking for a Fridge Freezer and a Front Loader Washing machine. If any of you guys are looking to sell please PM me as I am really interested. Cheers everyone!! Si:biggrin:
  10. Hello... Any advice/comments/suggestions on whether it is actually worth taking all my household goods would be greatly appreciated! I have had a few quotes from removal companies ranging from £3,000 to £4,000 with varied cubic foot space too! I am wondering if it is worth selling most of my things in the UK, saving the shipping fee and then buying once I arrive in Perth... has anyone done this and what would you advise? My concern is the price of items in Perth, I am led to believe it is very, very expensive? Also, if you have any websites of stores in Perth I can look at please let me know! I have seen JBHi-Fi and there electrical goods are reasonably priced, I need to figure out prices of sofas and bedroom furniture really. Many thanks peeps.... Laura :wub:
  11. Anything is possible

    White Goods

    Hi guys Does anyone know where to get good and cheap white goods from being looking but cant get over the price. Thanks guys
  12. Just wanted to get some views on what to put down on this section of the B534. We have bought stuff in the last 12 months, as I guess everyone does. However, I get the feeling that this section of the form is designed to deal with people importing bulk items for re-sale (or importing large quantities for personal use etc) I've bought stuff in the last 12 months (electricals mainly) and intended to use all the original boxes for transport. Anyone got any view advice on what to do. I get the impression that most people are fairly economical with the truth when completing this section (but I may be wrong). Any advise would be welcome. Ta Joker
  13. So you sift through your worldy belonging & decide what to take & get rid of the rest by whatever means. Then get the packers in who pack & load it onto a container Then it gets shipped. Does someone go through every single box/item at the other side ? Does it go through some sort of security / xray machine ? What so they make of things like teeth etc (kids baby teeth) trying to get a mental picture of how it all works.
  14. LouiseS

    UK electrical goods?

    Hey guys just a quick question with regards to UK electrical appliances such as GHD's, hairdryers, mobile phone and laptop chargers etc. Is there some form of device i can buy that can be used for a temporary period of time ie 6 months until i can replace said items once i'm settled and working in Aus? I will be bringing only these kinds of things over with me but don't really want to rely on a travel adapter for that length of time if i can help it ... i'm sure someone did mention you can buy some kind of board that plugs into an aussie plug socket but has uk plug socets on it ... or was i dreaming :wacko: ... can anyone clarify this or has the PM visa process completely fried my brain lol Thanks in advance :hug:
  15. Hi, my first time here so any advice would be great.|I'm a white goods engineer, have been for 25 years, kitchen appliances, laundry, refrigeration etc, I've found several good looking jobs advertised that ask for an electrical licence. The info I've found is mainly about an electricians licence, I'm not an electrician. Is there a different licence that covers white goods? or do I need to be looking at some kind of an electricians qualification before I can work in my trade? Has anyone out there moved over and been able to keep working in the white goods or refrigeration area without too many problems? Any pointers in the right direction would be good, thanks
  16. Hi..... Quick question.... have any of you used Airfreight to get your household goods across? I'm thinking that it's obviously quicker and it could also be cheaper to get your everyday items there.... Any suggestions on this would be great!!! Laura :wub:
  17. Guest

    Heavy goods license

    Hi All. I am hoping to head out to Adelaide in a couple of months time and wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with there UK driving license over there or what I need to do with it. It is more for my Class 1 HGV license that I will still be required to have because of my job. I dont know if I will have to re-sit my test again or not. Hope not. Cheers. Gordy
  18. Hi Everyone, We had an email from the Australian shipment company handling our goods this end. They want us to pay $168 for an AQIS Inspection to them, but our goods haven't arrived at the docks yet. I have queried why we should pay an inspection fee when we haven't been inspected, and from what I've read, nobody knows the cost of the inspection except AQIS, who haven't inspected anything yet. We only have a partial container with about 18 boxes, and I presumed the money we paid for the service included everything, as we were quoted on a door to door service. Has anybody else had any experience with this? Thanks Jord
  19. Hi there can anyone help me, were moving to Perth hopefully in January, we were wondering if our electrical appliances will work over there, such as Tv's, dishwasher, washing machine, or do we sell this end and buy new once were there. Thank you for reading.
  20. Hi Guys Can anybody please advise me who to possibly use in terms of insurance for shipping my goods across to Perth. I have narrowed the two shipping companies down to either Crown Relocations or John Masons. But wondered if there was any other Companies than do the insurance rather than go through the shipping companies? Any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Debbie
  21. Was wondering if we should buy a new washing machine and take it with or do most rental homes come with the white goods like here in good 'ol england? Washing machines seem a lot cheaper here in UK than in Oz.
  22. motherof2

    Renting white goods

    Are there any companies that we could rent a fridge, freezer, washing machine etc from whilst we wait for our container. We'll be moving to Geelong mext month. I'm keeping an I on Gumtree but may have to put a plea out for some bits n bobs to borrow :unsure:
  23. I'd like to freight a few tea chests worth of household goods to family in the UK to settle an estate. Any info about safe reliable surface freight would be welcome. Looking for economic & safe options. Cheers.
  24. Hey guys and gals, 22 days after putting the visa application in, I got it back accepted! Now the rush starts, I've applied for a bank account, so that's done, have a work start date in Sydney for 7th Sept and need to get my stuff over there. The other half has her brother in Sydney so at least we have an address...I'm only looking to ship about 30 or 40 kgs worth of stuff over as we rent in London at the mo. Anyone shipped over light goods and what's the best company to go with? I might be pushing it here, but a price ££ would be welcome too :wink: Adam
  25. Guest

    White goods?

    We fly in 4 weeks and I am trying not to get freaked out by the massive task ahead by ignoring it but I think the time has come to act- Renting- When we come over we are getting a service apartment off the company for 16 weeks and then we are planning to rent to start with. We are currently trying to sell our place here and are deciding what to leave and what to ship. What do you get generally when renting an unfurnished place, in terms of white goods? Would there be a washing machine, fridge, dish washer? We have been quoted to ship them but it would be silly to if they are not needed. Thanks x x