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Found 17 results

  1. .....a warning. unbelievable eh!
  2. Guest

    We are gonna do it!! eek!!!

    Well hubby (Gord) has been offered his job and we have decided we are going to do it and come to Australia!!! We seem to have been completely had by the government in this country so we want a new start in a country that appreciates you.:wink: Could i just ask though does anyone know if you can get Aptamil baby milk out there? Our youngest is only 3 months so will still be on the milk. She doesn't agree with SMA so we can't swap her to that. Is there another similar milk out there to any uk ones that we could swap her to before we come to get her used to it? Help would be very much appreciated. We have only just started telling family that we are moving and you can feel the shock waves. Don't think anyone believed that we would really do it. My mum has said she won't fly out there though (she has only flown to Ireland) and this is breaking my heart and is the only thing that is a negative for me. Keep crying.:cry: Did anyone else have this scenario but they still come to see you? I'm working on my brother to try and pursuade my mum to come out with him. I'm so close to her.xxx
  3. ......the country that's driving me mad, won't let me get away? I want a ticket to Ryde (NSW) and I want it today!
  4. Hello everyone! Was browsing around the site and there are a lot of helpful things on here! I am from Illinois in the US and I am planning on moving to Brisbane come anywhere in between april-august of next year, and i am trying to figure out exactly what i need to do, to do it. Im so lost, i need guidance haha.
  5. Hi I just read several thread and now Im thking what could possible happen in July?? DIAC announced new policies for 2012-2013 and based on the content in the new announcement I dont think they are completely ready for 2011-2012 with the new point system. In addition, there are heaps of ppl in cat 3 and even more in cat 4. I bet it's gonna take at least half a yr to process all cat 4 ppl who are waiting for their co desperately. My question is that the new point system is REALLY going to take into effect from July 1???:Randy-git:
  6. mlsdq

    What am I gonna do?

    I got the SA sponsorship and lodged my visa last 2009. However, my occupation is not included in their newly-published SMP. I can't also apply sponsorship to one state that has my occupation in it coz they don't offer it to 475 applicants. What am i gonna do now? I am very sad. Doing this all alone by myself. What a day to start a new year! :cry:
  7. After a few months waiting, got CO today :biggrin: Electronics Engineer CSL Applied 8/04/10 CO : 16/6/10 now only medical requested any one know how long usually after medical provided to PR grant :idea:
  8. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the Christmas vacation ahead will have any impact on the processing time of applications? They will remain closed but does that mean the pending dicisions will be delayed? Thanks , Rubab
  9. Just found out that my mum is going to surprise my twin girls for their 16th birthday by flying out from Canada to Australia to spend a month with them. The girls have been a little down at the thought of spending their 16th birthday alone with no real family around them. What a great mother I have.... and a fantastic Nanny. I am not going to let onto the girls until we have to go to the airport to pick her up. Even then I won't let on who we are picking up. Just having a look on their faces when she comes through the gates will say it all. So she will be arriving on November 13th and leaving 2 days before the girls actual birthday in December, however, we are going to go out for a meal on the weekend before their birthday, and I can't wait, it would have been over a year since we last saw each other. The only sad bit is that my dad won't be coming, but on a positive note, I am paying for both of them to come over at xmas 2010 for 4 months. Cheers Karen
  10. hi we have been offered job in oz and given 457 sponsered temp long stay visas. however we have had a family emergency and now are not going to be taking the job- if we end up having to repay costs does anyone know how much it moght cost- also they used fragomen for the application if anyone knows about them? please help-we are panicking we will end up broke!
  11. Guest

    gonna ask!!!!!!!!!!

    we are moving to sydney what are the chances of coming across a sydney funnel web /snake in my garden /house???? have phobia of spiders and am terrified that we are going to get bit!! hubby suggested phobic expert but would like to know how often are they seen in surbuban gardens/houses ANY IDEAS???? thankyou michelle:wideeyed:
  12. steteevic

    New Year Res, Nothing Gonna Stop Us

    :wubclub:Hi guys, been a while since I been on, bloody pc packed up, just broke OH arm to let me open my pressie early,new pc so here Iam, over the moon to hear of all you lucky people who have your visa's, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL:jiggy: Jimbo&Rachel got your email, I know your in th States right now, Merry Christmas will be intouch SOOOOOOOOOON, have a greatime., looks like our sponsor ship route is a NO GO AREA, lots of emails and letters sent, few replys, but nothing postitive:arghh: wil keep trying, though MY Steve says he's happy to go the student route (OMG) never thought He'd do it. will look into that middle March 08 have got to try and get excited about going Disney World Feb for our little one, thats been planned since sept 07 ( yes guys I am off me trolly ) went to the expo in york Oct, since then, the OZZZZZZZZZZZ thing has totally taken over My life, only got excited for crimbo few weeks ago, sorry to waffle on, on top of this, My Sister and some close family friends are leaving for OZ ,first week Feb 08, ( 457 visa ) I so want to go with them, sure most will understand, well I wish every single one off you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, LET ALL THEM VISA'S ROLL IN FOR 2008< WE SO DESERVE THEM, be happy Theresa Steve & Vicky.:wubclub:
  13. paulhug

    now its gonna get scary

    Hi guys it ages since i've been on here. Mainly because, although there is loads of support and advice, no-one seemed to be going through the same as us. Because we are applying down the Business Owner route. Which meant, initially, before even applying for the Visa we had to get sponsorship from the Queensland Government. We got a letter today confirming that they would sponsor us:wubclub:. We started the process in February but now its gonna get scary........ How has anyone thats already emigrated decided on where to live????????
  14. Guest

    Im gonna cry update!!!!!!!

    Hi all well after doing everything possible my end i have had a email this morning from our agent she has been informed that LCU in sydney is experiencing delays of 8 to 10 weeks to finalise medicals she has sent a request for an update about our meds and is waiting response unfortunatly she says they cannot be contacted by phone .:arghh: So now again just have to sit and wait also auspost got back to me and they cannot do anything so thats it now have to wait and see what happens next will keep you all informed fingers still crossed love nic xx
  15. Guest

    Im gonna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot belive it had email this morning from agent co finally got in contact with her to tell her that they dont have our meds which were sent 4 weeks ago :arghh:it now seems they are lost no one knows where they have gone from our end tracking number says they have been handed to international post on the 11 of june i just wanna cry had enough:no:
  16. Guest

    Who's Gonna Be First??

    :arghh:Just wondered who is gonna be the first PIO to get their visa from the new quotas ?? PLEASE LET IT BE US !!!! :arghh:
  17. Got home this evening to find out that our oldest dog, our staffy called Belle, had apparently made a move to attack my wife. It happened for no apparent reason. She's always been so quiet and unassuming, that its come as heck of a shock. Unfortunatley, seeing as she 40lb in weight and is as strong as an ox, we've decided that one close shave is quite enough. Seeing as my 12 year old son, who suffers with epilepsy, was by my wifes side at the time, has just really enforced the decision. We had already sorted out another home for her, but feel that after one close miss, it would be foolhardy to move her onto another family knowing what we know. If anything was to happen after we moved her on, I wouldnt be able to live with myself. Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with PIO business whatsoever, but it just helps writing these few lines down. Thanks Dan