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Found 40 results

  1. Hello All Haven't been around here for some time as we have been in Sunny Brisbane for 2 years and thought all the drama was over but oh no ! I have an issue with my parents 804 visa ( well a few issues really) and would really appreciate some help. Well we all arrived here in August 2010 and despite an ongoing rollercoaster ride we are all settled and life is good. Mum and dad (in their 80s) came with us and we followed advice to the letter. Onshore 804 visa was lodged in Sept 2010 and life was peachy till mum threw a homesick tantrum in Sept 2011 and insisted she and dad take a trip home so she could "feel English soil under her feet - I swear she should have been on the stage ! All good we applied for a bridging visa for 3 months and off they went. However when it was time for her to come back she started pulling the illness card and said she couldn't travel all that way. So the 3 months passed and they were still there. That I thought was the end of the story, bridging visa would lapse. Turns out mum was right about being ill this time as a scan in June revealed she has lung cancer ... oops !! Trouble is at her age they can't do a biopsy so can't say for sure what type or how bad. She has had a course of Radio and is now as right as rain. Whatever it is has shrunk but no-one knows when or if it will be back. She is not on any treatment now .. the doctors are just "waiting and watching" So I assume the visa has lapsed until 18th of December this year when I received the request for Medicals and Police Checks so they can be added to the queue. As you can imagine this has raised a few questions that I am hoping someone can help me out with. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, should the visa even still be processed as they are not here? I did call immigration when she first delayed the return and they were quite helpful advising that if she came back with medical evidence for the delay the visa may be re-instated but as yet that hasn't happened. Secondly (assuming they are still planning to process further) I am guessing mum would automatically fail the medical? Is it the case that if mum fails that dad would be rejected too? I suppose my main concern is dad who is desperate to come back, this will be even more important if mum is not around. I almost hate to suggest that the answer is to continue with dads application alone but I have to be realistic. However I am also wary that mum is doing OK and there is a possibility she may have a few years yet and she has mentioned coming back. I don't really know what to do and would appreciate some clarity which I know you are great at. Thanks as always for reading my ramblings. Happy New Year from Sunny Brisbane Jen x
  2. Hi all As you know Victoria have released their SMP list which is great, however the bad thing for me which looks like it could prevent me from lodging an application is that I am registered as: Carpenter & Joiner 4411-11 It states on the VIC SMP list, Joiner 4411-13 and Carpenter 4411-15. The one I am registered under is not on the list. I and my agent have recenty contacted Victoria and they have replied with the usual 'robot default' answer: Please see below. Dear Matt Thank you for your email. As stated applicants must have an occupation on the Eligibility list, and the skill assessment and visa application occupation must match the sponsored occupation. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced that a quota of nominations would be allocated to each state or territory for off-list nominations through the Skilled-Sponsored (176 and 886) visa. Note that all applicants for visa nomination by the Victorian Government must nominate an occupation from the Victorian Government State Sponsorship Eligibility Lists. The reference to 'off-list' is a DIAC term and any extra nominations have been incorporated into the Eligibility lists. Kind regards, Skilled and Business Migration Program Workforce Victoria I understand they have criteria to meet but come on this is very petty if they refuse me. I was lodged as Carpenter & Joiner because this was still on the VIC critical skills list back in 2008 before they removed Carpentry and Joinery all together. I chose Carpenter & Joiner because with the details Australia provided on both trades, I ticked most of the boxes in both so to be on the safe side I chose them both. But from what that email reply says, is that they are basically going to decline me even though I have met the skills criteria and I also completed the Vetassess Carpenter Level III exam. So surely this clearly indicates that I have chosen one of them trades, just not registered seperately. I really need help and advice from any professionals out there. Gollywobbler or anyone please send me your suggestions and advice. Cheers Matt
  3. Hi Unfortunately today we have found out that DIAC have refused our 175 visa application on the ground that our son who has developmental delay does not meet the medical requirement. We were just wondering if there is any last ditch attempt we could make to try to overturn the decision or if that is the end of our fight? I did read about somebody phoning the medical people to try get them to change their decision - not sure if this is worth the effort. Our main points that we can see that we could fight on are that our son does not have a permanent condition as DIAC have stated in their decision to refuse us - his condition is not diagnosed so noone can say whether it is permanent or not. Also, as we see it we have looked at the recommendations that are to hopefully come in on the medical requirements and we think he would meet the requirement if these recommendations are made - do you think this is true? I just know that other people have managed to get a visa with similar circumstances so am interested if you know how they managed it. Julia
  4. gollwobbler , or others , about two weeks ago you gave some one some real good help on parents wanting to come over quickly , 60 yr old , the girl was clearly upset! the list u posted was just what my mother in law could do with looking at , but....i just cant find the post /thread can u please let me know which one it was ..........and ive told you are the one to ask if we need good advice .....is that right .....thanks golly
  5. Hi Gill, You possibly don't remember me. Thought I would send a message to update you on my long winded journey to emigrate to Oz. I was the publican exactly a year ago who you very kindly gave fantastic advice to regarding emigration and the Hotel Manager route. My wife was a Beauty Therapist and worked in the pub with me. My post and your replies where on the Go Mathilda Forum under the General Queries forum under Seanbhoy dated 19th April 2009. To cut a long story short my wife's Mum died soon after that at quite a young age and everything seemed to stop for awhile. Melanie said to me about 2 weeks ago "Lets make this move once and for all!" In a strange way she says theres one less tie here in Scotland. My kids are as keen as ever as well, to make the move. I emailed Alan Collett regrading this and he replied this morning saying he would open up a file but he says his "immediate reaction is not overwhelmingly positive in the light of the general tightening of skilled migration" I know a year is a long time in immigration and was wondering if, in your valued opinion,I would still have possibilities along the previous route. Im sorry to send a message like this but your advice and time taken to help last year was first class and quite overwhelming to be honest. Hope your well and look forward to hearing from you once again. Thanks and kind regards Sean
  6. Guest

    Urgent message for gollywobbler

    Dear Gill, I am writing to you on the off chance that you might be able to help a couple of your members of PIO. This couple are due to leave Manchester on Tuesday 20th April to validate their visa on the 22nd April in Perth. Due to all planes being grounded their flight isnt looking likely right now and I appreciate that. They had good & valid reasons not to validate before now and they have been in touch with Australia House who are unable to assist them. I have contacted Immigration here in Australia and the reply was on similar lines. I got the impression that (a) they were unaware of the grounding of planes and (b) they referred the matter back to London. They have been told that they will loose their claim to validate hence loose their visa rights... as you can imagine this couple are devastated. I will continue trying at this end at 9am but in the meantime I am asking whether you can assist at all with any contacts at your end. I will pm you the details... thanking you Gill....... Susie
  7. Hi We are non CSL 176 visa apps and we have been assigned a case officer today. Received an email requesting some further information. My partner has two children to a previous relationship, they live further down the country and we hardly ever see them. Our CO is asking us to provide copies of their passports, one has to have a police check and they both have to have medicals. This will be extremely difficult due to the usual circumstances surrounding separation. Is this normal practice as they will not be migrating with us? Thanks Jayne The Pettys 175 lodgement date 14.7.09 WA SS received Sept09, no previous case officer
  8. Hi, I needed your kind support regarding when to submit Change Of Circumstances form (Form 1022) as i have plenty of changes lined up in the matter of upcoming few weeks Currently on my 175-CSL-MODL-CAT4 application i just have my wife as secondary applicant. My wife is expecting our first baby by end of march which was informed to the CO. The CO has given us a 70 day timeline (from 1st March) to provide Form1022 along with baby's passport and birth certificate. CO is aware of my situation uptill here. Background: I work for Ericsson as Radio Network Design and Optimization Engineer and currently located in Karachi, Pakistan. My wife's paternal home is in Lahore, Pakistan. Also my wife's current passport is expiring in October 2010 so we are thinking that at the time of baby's passport creation my wife should also renew her passport and will inform about it along with baby's info on single Form 1022. Recent Development: At the start of March i was told by my company that i may be travelling to Iran for completing a project there and that my stay can extend upto 6 months there. As i was expected not to be present at the time of our baby's delivery in Karachi my wife decided to move to her parents home in Lahore. She travelled to Lahore on 6th March. I am still here in Karachi and will be getting my passport with visa on 13th March and will fly to Tehran soon after. After completing the assignment i will permanently fly back to Lahore at the same place where my wife is living. Now whats clear to me is that i am needed to upload my baby's document and circumstances change form in April (after baby's delivery). Regarding our change of addresses; should i update my wife's change of address now or should i wait for a few more days when i fly to Tehran and update both of our change of addresses in only one Form1022 to limit them to 2 instead of 3 forms. How many days one can take to update DIAC regarding one's change of circumstances? I would appreciate your advice in this regard as i dont want to confuse my CO by uploading four forms (Form 1022). How can i optimally update DIAC with minimum of fuss? Summary of Change Of Circumstances: Change of my wife's address (from Karachi to Lahore) Change of my address (from Karachi to Tehran) Baby's birth and updation of particulars Renewal of wife's passport p.s. Expecting these changes i have already got a few copies of Form 1022 signed by my wife before she left to Lahore so i can submit them timely from Tehran =) Thank you.
  9. Guest

    Gollywobbler please help!

    Hi there, I am addicted to this site and can see if anyone knows the answer it will be Gollywobbler but if anyone else can help I will be grateful. I am a 41 year old Wall and Floor tiler with wife and 4 kids wanting to emirgrate. When I did the points test (pre 8.2.10) I had enough points but am I right in thinking I wouldn't have the 15 points from MODL. I could get IELTS above 7 but would still be points short, as I had used these in inital calculations. I have 20 years experience in industry and was about to pay £2000 for AQF111 but am I wasting my time given my age? Wall and Floor tiler is on CSL does this make any diffrence? Wanted to go to Queensland but even SS only gives an extra 5. I wasnt going to use an agent, is this a mistake? Help desperatly needed to keep the dream alive.
  10. Guest

    To Gollywobbler

    i have been given ur name by Gary Newsome who u helped last yr i believe. i need to gain a residency for oz as im a plumber, i have gained my qualifications as a plumber in england and as a tradespersons licence in plumbing in WA. i have just got bk from oz and was there 10 months on a 1yr working holiday visa. i have not worked as a plumber in the 12 months tho required in last 24. i have been told u can get a 175 or 176 visa but how do i go about this pls.
  11. Hi Gill I hae seen you send some incredibly sensible comments :notworthy:- so I was wondering if yo uhave any thoughts on my situation? My partner is applying for the 176 with an australian relative as our sponsor. His occupation is on the current CSL - he is a secondary school science teacher - he has 105 points with the IETLS (which he is hopefully getting through first time on march 6th!). He is going to be 41 this year, and we have no other way of getting points - as far as I am aware. We are currently just needing certified copies of a few documents and then will have the skills assessment ready to send off. As far as I can see (but I could very easily be wrong!!) We are eligible (at the moment) for priority processing in category/group 4 - not sponsored but job on CSL (am I right??). Basically my question is, and I knwo you can only speculate, but do you think it is a bad idea to just try to get our application in asap - before april! That is our intention - but of course that assumes we get a positive skills assessment back in good time too! Anyway, I just wondered if you, or anyone else with a bit more insight has any constructive comments/advice for me? :idea:IF not we shall just forge ahead, and like many other people on here, keep all fingers, toes etc crossed! Thanks, China x
  12. Que Sera Sera

    Thanks to Go Matilda and Gollywobbler!

    We are now the very proud owners of a shiny new Visa, cant thank Alan Collett and Marina of Go Matilda enough, and many thanks to Gill and the famous five.:wubclub: Still shocked and it hasnt sunk in but you can be sure there will be a huge celebration tonight, thank god I dont have to work tomorrow!:biglaugh: I hope all of you, especially the "dinosaurs" hear something soon x
  13. Guest

    F.A.O gollywobbler

    hi gill hope this finds you well just wanted to know if you have heard anything about the work scott does is it still the same situ in the NT ? we have heard that alot of NT still wont sponsor ? seems like it has been like that for a while :hug: susan xx
  14. alofbrighton

    Help Please Gollywobbler!

    Hi Gill, Sorry to call for help but I am at the stage where I could really do with some clarification to my situation re migration options - you may remember previous posts where you have been most helpful and it is much appreciated. To recap; Currently I am waiting to hear back on skill assessment after processing application under 4623-11 General Gardener and recently completing AQF Cert III in Horticulture along with Diplomas etc (so much depends on this anyway). I had anticipated applying for Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa with SA as my occupation was on the list of Occs for state sponsorhip. This has now been removed on the new list updated Jan 2010. The only state I can now find my chosen occupation on is that of WA - again for State Sponsored Provisional. I have eligible relatives living in Melbourne willing to sponsor but again occupation not on Occs for state sponsorship list in Victoria. I will be 45 in August 2011 so time is running out for me and options are getting increasingly slim. Am I right in thinking that as it stands state sponsorship with WA or perhaps an RSMS visa with SA are my final options in order to hit the points target? Thanks as always, Al.
  15. Guest

    A Question to Gollywobbler

    Dear Gollywobbler I am in a confusing state and I hope your advice would be very helpful. Around 24 days ago from my case officer I received call that my Case is in final stages of processing. I asked him any idea how long it will take? he said he can’t give me any certain date but it won’t be TOO LONG.. I asked him if any further document he needs he said No every thing is fine we got every thing. Now as it’s been 24 days I thought to ring DIAC. (1) when I called yesterday, I was told my husbands X-rays are not done that is the reason of delays, (well that was the a long time issue. In this regard we had already made calls to HAS group in last July and were told by mistake they didn’t add my husband’s x rays to the system but lady told me if case officer contact them they will guide him for the access of my husband’s x ray reports even she said she is writing a note in my online medical report for case officer too. I emailed the detail to case officer and he told us he will contact them since then he didn’t ask any thing regarding medicals of my husband. But till date when ever I called to DIAC I was told the same thing from help desk that my husbands x-rays are not done. I was even told some external checks are also left but when I mentioned to the guy that my CO told me its in final stages he said might be then every thing is done. There are some comments which case officer keeps only in his system and we can’t view. (2) I was very stressed for medical thing because they are expiring on 10th of Feb. I again rang DIAC to ask has my case officer looked to the matter? I was told some external checks are still left and lady told me “I don’t know how your case officer told you your case is in last stages of processing. I am afraid it might take long.” she disappointed me to tears. I am very confused Do I send email to remind my case officer about my husbands done medicals and 10th Feb expiry of our medicals? And ask him how long it will take as he assured us it won’t take too long but its been 23 days no news so far or such kind of emails only bug case officer? one more thing My online system's every thing is on received nothing checked met including medicals which says requested. I feel very confused, stressed, just don’t know will I get this stupid visa one day or not or it will remain in these checks for ever. Cathy
  16. Kazzarazza

    Congratulations Gollywobbler

    I bet you all thought this was going to be yet another thank you for the amazing effort by Gill to get the meeting with Australia House. WRONG!! This is a big CONGRATS for reaching 10000 incredible, amazing, knowledgeable, extremely helpful posts. :notworthy: There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the effort that Gill puts in. Well done. We couldn't ever thank you enough. Kazza xx
  17. Guest

    thank you Gollywobbler

    hi gill it is sue i know we havent been in touch for a while now i hope you are well ? i just wanted to say a big big thank you in all you have done for us you have been a great help i wish you the very best xmas and new yr gill :hug: susan scott and boys xx and for all you starting out good luckxx

    Query for Gollywobbler

    Hi Gill You really know your onions!! Can you help clarify something for me, we have relatives in SA to Sponsor us & we have sent off Vetasses for OH, Building Associate. With Go Matilda, they seem excellent but as you can appreciate it all seems like we can't see the wood for the trees. OH job is not on CSL or MODL list but they are accepting this trade in so we are at group 5. What is the ASL list I see? Its been recommended that we go for 475, can you advise any other poss visas that might do the job for us. SO many questions, but having seen your other replies you seem really helpful, Thanks
  19. Hi Gill, Just letting you know we are thinking about you. Hope you are getting plenty of rest and attention:jiggy: Get well soon, hope you are up and running asap :hug: x
  20. Hi all, I am currently in Sydney living with my partner of 3 years with my son. We are in the process of applying for a de facto spouse visa and DIAC have stated that they need consent from my son's father for him to emigrate. He has no parental rights as my son was born before December 2003 and we were not married. He has not applied for a court order or parental rights, I have a HMCS search to prove this. I have contacted a UK family lawyer and am trying to get a declaration of UK law to state I am solely responsible for my son. Meanwhile, the father has agreed to sign, but is stalling and I am worried he may be trying to apply for parental rights. Can he do this without my consent/knowledge? Can I object to him being granted parental responsibility? He does not pay for his son and as such does not see him. I have read stories on here that DIAC are forcing mothers with sole rights to gain consent, even though the wording on the application form states: "Do you have the sole legal right to determine where each child shall live or to remove each child from their home country?" Is it consent or a court order? And also, why would I go to court to gain an order for something I already have - sole parental responsibility? This makes very little sense and is causing me a great deal of stress. Please help.
  21. Hi everyone, We have had a long and somewhat frustrating tour of the visa process which started back in January last year. From using an agent, to DIY and pulling hair out, and times when we (mainly me) felt all was lost and it was just not meant to be. However, last week we went to the Aussie Embassy in Auckland - we were in there for the whole of about two minutes, during which time they voided our 457 visas, and issued our 175 visas. How swell was that!! Given our dramas to date, we certainly did not expect things to go so smoothly!! Anyway - I just wanted to say a few very BIG thank you's Richard Gregan - for your kind words when everything seemed too complicated for my poor little brain to grasp! Alan Collett & Jamie Smith - for your time and advice And then, very importantly - an even BIGGER thank you to Gill aka Gollywobbler, :notworthy:for not only making me believe that it was possible, but making sure we stayed the course and got it all done!! Lastly - to everyone who has helped out, be it with advice, morale or sarcasm - Thanks!!!! I know many people have been through worse - but believe me, it's worth fighting for - don't give up!! Jules:laugh:
  22. Hi we currently have an application for a 176 Visa on hold as my wife is pregnant, everything is met just the medicals to do. We have been thinking and as i lost my job recently there is nothing keeping us here. Can we get a visa subclass 676 i think it is to go to Oz for up to 12 months. Have the medicals done in Australia after the birth of the baby, and just leave the country for the grant of the 176. So we are effectively moving to Oz on a temporary visa while we wait for the 176 to be granted. Or have the medicals here but leave my wifes X-ray until after the birth and she has that done in Oz. Can we do this? Any help is appreciated Drew
  23. Hi Gollywobbler :smile: I wanted to ask for your advise if possible, I have seen how helpful you have been to others on here and wondered if you could help. Our situation is that we have an appointment booked on the 23rd Sept to apply for defacto onshore. We have all evidence compiled and medicals and police certificates and everything needed. We don't have a joint lease or bank account but have a statement from the real estate office, transfers between accounts and letters to the same address. The problem that has now arose is that my partner, who is in the armed forces has just been advised that he will be sent overseas in January for 9 months. I would like to ask how this is going to affect our application and if we are granted the visa how will this seperation affect the visa in the long term? I know we are supposed to still be living together during the two years temp residency but that is not going to be possible now. Also I know that there are travel restrictions for me if we are granted the visa. My thoughts are that if he is going to be away for 9 months I would like to go home for this time. He is the only reason I stay here so without him here I have no real reason to stay. Also my father has a progressive illness not immediately life threatening but still I would like to be with him in this time that my partner is away. I know we are not guaranteed to be granted the visa due to our lack of joint lease and finances. I wonder if there is a point in applying or if we should just wait until we decide to marry which will happen in the future just not right now, I'm only 23 so we will probably wait a while! I also wondered whether it is possible to apply for defacto once he returns from overseas? I know we won't have the 12 months immediately prior to the application but we have it now, somewhat, so if we keep evidence of our contact during our times of seperation will this count towards it? I know this is a lot of info and you might not know the answers to all my questions but any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I will go and ask at immigration but I have found them to be rather unhelpful at times!! Thankyou for your time, Charlie
  24. Hello Golywoober, Thanks for your kind reply to all, We always expect your suggestions. Please give me suggestion for my application status, I am from India.I have submitted my online application for 4311-11.and i have submitted docs for my employment evidence, such as, Work experience certificate,Two years payslip,Cash voucher,Visiting card,id card,Increment letter,Noc,Daily accounts note book sample pages,sample work photos. My company have own website.My co assigned on 14th April and i submitted all docs on 5th may.But my online status till now "Required" in all .I confused and i dont what is my application position?.My medical finalized,22-6-09, Yesterday,My co reply for my PLE "routine processing", Shall Diac is busy in check my employment verification processing? Is the trade applications will not processing/complete in this year? How long the co take time to finalize the visa? after finishing the Medical and PCC... Please give me some suggestion i am very thankful to you.Nicely i expect to ur reply message. Ritu
  25. We are currently going throuh the process of application for a SS 176 Visa to Victoria. We have our sponsorship and applied for the visa in April this year. Since then we have a case officer and everything has been met except meds as our visa is on hold as my wife is pregnant. Today i have been told from the end of August i will no longer have a job. My dilemma is what happens to the application as my trade was used for the TRA assessment and as i would no longer be employed in this trade will my application be valid??? Drew:arghh::arghh: