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Found 22 results

  1. Guest

    Omg the golden ticket

    OMG !!!!!!!:wub::wubclub::chatterbox::rolleyes:Hi there just wanted to share our news, after only saying yesterday that we are waiting for some news!!!! today we got woke up by a phone call from oz from our agent to tell us our good news!!!!! visa granted!!!!!! today !!!! 13 days after meds!!!!!! have been in a muddle all day going round in circles with emotions!!!!!!! Cant beleive this day has arrived!!!!! so happy but scared!!!!!!! so for anyone just starting process and in the middle still waiting keep going!!!!!!!!!! it will be worth all the hassle and hardwork and money in the end!!!!!! Yipeeeee champers is out!!!!!! for the weekend!!!!!! Kell, AL and girls 8 & 4yrs heading to perth!!!!! start of app Feb 10, app logged dec 10, ss march 11, co may 11 , pcc june 11, meds july 8th 11 VISA GRANTED 21 JULY 11 !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Woohoooo!!! I got my VISA... Thank you team6. The journey started on the 25th of June and after 2 long yrs got the approval on 23rd June. Thanks one and all for your suggestions and support in this forum. Good luck to those who are still waiting. Your number is next. Thanks :yes::cool::wink:
  3. Debabrown

    The Golden Ticket

    After many anxious months we finally got a call yesterday from our agent (who has been excellent) to say our visas had been granted, still taking it all in. Due to health problems with my OH's daughter, who although on the application won’t be emigrating, we had to go to appeal as they refused the visa initially based on her medical. But we got it and I haven’t stopped smiling since yesterday. A big Thank you to our agent Fred Molloy, without him we would never have got it. Good luck to everyone else, it is a roller coaster but worth it when it all comes good. :smile::cool:
  4. 2adults2cheekykids

    Golden Bay??

    Hi, we are currently in the visa process was all set for the Queensland Coastline now however are thinking of changing our direction towards Western Australia. I am a nurse in A&E so ideally will be looking for work around a hospital setting my husband is happy to take on any work and looking for good schools for our 2 boys (now 20mths and 4). We have been looking at the Rockingham area and surrounding suburbs as these look quite affordable, does anybody have any info on the Golden Bay area? thanks Hayley, Nige and 2 cheeky kid!! :wink:
  5. pominengland

    The Golden Rules Of Australia

    I lived in Australia for 5 1/2 years from 2002-7, 2 years of that was in Sydney and the remainder was in the Gold Coast, working as a carpenter. I came to the conclusion that Australia was a lovely country, but my perception of it was spoilt by the attitude of a significant number of people towards English people. I was left with the impression that whatever you do, they are not interested in you as a person and they don't care what you are capable of professionally. They just don't want you in their country and that's that. Also, they blow you away with friendliness when they are taking your money, but completely ostracise you otherwise. During my time there, the only friends I made were other migrants. These people were lovely, but I also wanted to integrate with the Aussies, but that was impossible. They just don't regards pommies as fellow human beings. So here are my golden rules for anyone who is interested 1. They are friendly, but they don't want to be your friend 2. They are desperate for workers, but they would rather leave the post unfilled than give it to a pom. Now, I appreciate that some of you have wonderful lives in Australia, great jobs and are valued by your Aussie friends and employer. So this post won't make any sense to you. But I get the feeling that there are others out there that may have had a similar experience and i would like to hear from them. This is just my personal experience. Now some of you may say "oh, but he was actually working there". Yes that is true, but i got the feeling that I was only hired because their Aussie mates weren't available. Also, by 2006 it was impossible to find a job that lasted more than a few days, or that actually paid a living wage. In the end I got sick of underemployment and returned to the UK where I had no problem finding work and my social life went from strength to strength. I still like Australia as a country, it's just that there are a significant amount of people with hostile attitudes to make life there in the long term unviable for me. This sticking point and the fear of being excluded from the job market again is preventing me from going back and giving it another shot. What do you all think?
  6. :jiggy::eek::skeptical:Just got our passports today with our pr visa's, now i'm scared. But as many have said if you don't try you will never know. The only querie i would like to ask, if anyone could help, is that when we go my daughter will be 21 but has been approved on my application ( at uni ), because she has her own visa is she eligible to work when we get to oz.
  7. Guest

    175 golden ticket coming in

    Got call from my agent this morning, that my CO request second VAC fee (for my wife) and asking when i'll move out from australia. Very happy with that news, seem my golden ticket on its way. i'm in new Category 3 right now. Is it on the day i move out from australia they will sent my grant letter to my country australian embassy. The date on my plane ticket on sunday so i think they will forward the grant on monday. :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  8. Hello All Just to let you know that yesterday on St Patricks day we got the best news ever. I know that when every one around you are getting there visa you think will it ever be our turn, so those of you still waiting our visa journey have been long and hard but never ever once have I thought right thats it I am giving up as we want a better life for us and our lovely boys. Don't get me wrong have thought bloody hell here we go again and we have been stuck in ever change possible starting with the taking away of Pathway D Sept 2007 which was our only way in they then took 10 months to bring in Pathway E that was the hardest bit as all the time there was no pathway D we were not going !!!!!!!! Then at last Pathway E after passing that and then submitting our application which took forever hated all that paperwork stressssssssssssssss In march 2009 off the csl list plan b get state sponsorship that took ages and when we did get it, it was sent in wrong name so everyone seem to be getting theres before us so we thought we weren't getting it more stressssssssssssssssss Then after doing our pcc and medicals and only days away from getting a case officer Sept 2009 we were told you will have to wait another 3 years :shocked: But never gave up and kept coming on here to see what was going on. Then on 25th Feb 2010 checked online and it was amazing we had a case officer at long long last someone cared about us. Then yesterday we got the Golden ticket. How did I feel ????????????? I feel like i can finally live life as being in limbo is the worst place to be in life as you feel you don't fit in anywhere, you are not in Oz, you are not in UK !! Everyone around you are planning Jobs, schools, holidays, house moves and so on and all you are thinking is will we ever get the visa, will we keep this or should we buy a new one will it be cheaper in Oz, who will have the fish, gineapigs, what should we do with the plants sell them give them away, do we fix the car get a new one ???? I know you will all total understand where I am coming from !! Life really really is what you make it we only get one shot at it and live it to the full !!!! So if Australia is where you and your family really want to be then don't give up keep going and you will get there some how !!! For those of you still waiting will like me have seen people say you will get there in the end and it will be worth it and for me you are so happy for them but still feel yeah yeah it wont ever happen to us but really everyone when it does you will never ever have wanted something this much ever again. Good luck to all of you waiting and don't forget to post on here lots and meet lots of wonderful people who you will need when you get to AUSTRALIA. As a lot of you will know me a alway make jokes and have a good laugh so thought I would do a post about how I feel and make no jokes :biggrin: But that is it can't cope with all this serious stuff of now to make you all laugh well actully I don't do it to make everyone laugh I just write what I am thinking and it makes me laugh !!!!! So if you are reading this post I am sorry I have taken up a bit of your time as this goes on for a while but I hope you enjoyed the read !! Is it Wine O'CLOCK YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma got the flipping visa Butler
  9. Guest

    Golden Tuesday, 176 Granted

    Great quote McKlaut, I could'nt help stealing it. We also recieved our visa today, 176 State sposored, been such a long time coming I still can't quite believe it. My heartfelt thanks to all the great people on here for all the support they have given, and a very special thank you to Gill for setting up the meeting. I guess we can sell the house again now!
  10. Dear all, Well I've always wondered what I'd write when our turn came around and now I'm clueless!!......HOORAY!!!!! (for starters I guess!!) Got the email from DIAC yesterday to ask if we can enter by Feb 2010. Agent replied to that this morning with a big YES OF COURSE THEY CAN!. Then we received a pre-grant letter at lunchtime (oz Time) today!! GET IN!!....Back of the net!! Timeline Non CSL General Electrician. 175 app lodged.................................12/09/08. Meds front loaded ............................14/10/08, UK PC's front loaded.........................27/11/08. SS received by VIC ..........................29/07/09 SS granted .....................................15/08/09 C/O assigned....................................09/09/09.. reqstd more work details and Oz PC...12/09/09..:arghh: Extra Work detail sent........................16/09/09 Oz PCC sent......................................25/9/09 PreGrant letter...................................08/12/09:jiggy: So yeah basically we are another 176 nonCSL that felt like we'd been kicked in the nuts back on Sept 23rd and now we're getting our visa!! Special note to McKlaut whom I know has had the same questions as we have had recently....... Yes, we DID front load our Meds without being asked and YES, they have expired already. Infact the date that they asked we enter Oz by is exactly 4 months after the meds expired. So chin up mate as yours should be tomorrow eh?! We are typing this from sunny Oz, as we came to see what we could sort out from within, so now we have to pop to another country to get the final stage (Visa Grant) complete. Our thanks go to this website, its Mods, George Lombard, Jamie Smith, the PIO members and their jovial banter that has kept spirits up during some dark and frustrating times ......and a VERY special mention to Gill and the crusaders. Your comittment and dedication is something to really be proud of and it made all POI members feel very lucky to have you on our side. I guess we'll never really know what caused Mr Evans to realise how unfair certain parts of his Sept 23rd plan was, but I like to think that your meeting at Australia house was key to making DIAC wake up to the fact that people are their business! Good luck everyone May the force be with you.....always Woody and OH......hehehe.....its Michelle!...she hates the OH label!!
  11. Dawny

    Magic golden sticker!!!!

    Ok then guys question for all of you that have already that golden visa sticker, What does it look like, Yes i know i'm impatient but what can i say, so come on spill, Photos are acceptable lol, :wubclub:
  12. Lady Tottington

    Another golden lottery ticket!!!!

    Hi Pom's, got the golden ticket this morning, don't know wether to laugh or cry:wink: I would like to thank everyone for the support throughtout this long journey, and would like to wish everyone every success in obtaining their VISA's. Thanks again Sam xx :hug:
  14. Guest

    Is this the golden ticket

    Oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WaaaaaaaaaaaHayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I got me bloody visa M8, Ripper, gudonya blue, fairdinkum. I checked last night and nothing, woke up this morn, checked it and it was there, on my visa status screen it says oh yes mr wannabee you is goin to da land that is down under. All the best to everyone else who is still waiting, its true wot peeps have written on here about the feeling you get when it arrives, I have jaw ach from smiling to me self all day.
  15. Guest

    OMG! Our Golden Ticket!

    Hi Guys just to let you know our Golden Ticket was granted yesterday, didn't check as agent said it'lL be October before we hear anything, ah haaaaa what do they know!!!:biglaugh: Yes, it's been six months since visa was done online so just to let you know 'THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!' :notworthy:. Thanks to all of you who have helped me and put up with my constant questions over the months. And to all those friends I've made who are over in Oz, I hope to meet up with you in the not too distant future. Love to all of you, Kissy, Kissy, Helenx and the Terry Clan.xxxxxxxx
  16. toughspiders

    Golden ticket has arrived!

    Came today wohooo!!! But can anyone help....i don't have the two years on my passport. Will it matter? Bex x
  17. We got a scary looking email from our agents this morning 'please phone us asap' and when i phoned it went like this - Him - I am pleased to say you have had your visas granted Me - What?! Him - Yup, just heard this morning Me - Honestly?! Him - Absolutely! Me - Are you kidding? Him - Nope! Me - (speechless!) LOL - I just can't believe it!!! We have been working towards this for three years and Michael's National police checks haven't even come through yet but they are happy with his local one as he's lived here all his life!! Anyway - what do we do now!!???!!!!! We are hoping to be out there by September - doable? L xxx
  18. wattswalkaboutgang

    Got the Golden ticket at last!!! horray!!

    Finally got the Golden ticket!! Our Passports came back today with our visa's firmly stuck in them.:notworthy::biglaugh::swoon: Talk about eager i saw the post lady over the road and called out to her " Anything for me" good job i know her otherwise she might have thought i was some mad women! She produced the silver envelope with our long awaited passports with visa's in, i had to stop myself from snatching it out of her hand... What a lovely feeling to actually see them and know that, that's it!! we can go! Anytime.......Aaaaaarrrrrrrr!!! big sigh of relief!! Made the big decision to GO at the beginning of January 09, have to validate before 21st Jan so thought instead of validating and coming back we would take the plunge save the money on not having yet another visit to Aus (that would have been our 3rd time) and just go and stay there!! It's getting scarey now!!:wacko: Good luck to all those still waiting! Alison x x
  19. Guest

    We got a Golden Ticket!!!!

    Finally....... Got the email this morning!!:jiggy: OH has already been to London to validate this morning. We fly a week on Sunday and we have sold the house inthe last few days.... My head is spinning and feel a bit sick but soooooo excited!!!!:jiggy: Kel.xx
  20. Guest

    Just had a shiny golden email

    Hi Guys Its here im so excited just like to thank everyone for thier advice over the last few months especially my med prob. Good luck to everyone else waiting. Suexx
  21. Guest

    Golden Email

    It came this morning...... They are going to have us! Can't tell you how we are both feeling. Would like to say a big thanks to the people who have replied to my various posts... A special BIG thanks to Gill for her reassurance xx Luckily we have sold our house and hope to be out before Christmas (quarantine kennels availability permitting). For those of you waiting .... keep the faith, it's so worth it in the end. Annette & Michael xx
  22. Guest

    Golden arrow - dog migration

    Could anyone help me out with the website or contact details for Golden Arrow for taking our Labrador to Perth. Tried doing searches and found nothing but I know many people have recommended or mentioned them. Thanks Ed