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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everybody, Lisa and I are going for an evening of drinking and conversation in Melbourne although I know this is short notice for all but we are nothing but spontaneous. The venue will be in the upstair's in Youngs and Jackson's on the corner of Swanston and Flinder's opposite the Train station. All expats are welcome. Especially those we have met already. Andy and Lisa PS you wont be able to miss us I will be wearing a Harley Davidson Shirt!!! Bright Orange!!!!:wideeyed:
  2. Guest

    anyone goin to goldcoast

    hi its syd aged 11 and i might be living in goldcoast so if anyone who is goin there can u plz speak to me and if anyone has been there and who lives there now can u also talk to me and tell me whats its like and are there any things for kids to do. 1 more thing is there any jobs for carpenters there or a joinery person because my dad works there and he doesnt no if there is. so if u can plz reply that will be a big help for me and my family thankyou.:err::err::err::err: p.s.plz reply
  3. hey i am goin to melbourne on a working visa in 3 weeks (well scared) as my brother and sister in law live there. and if i can get some experience in hairdressing as i am newly qualifield my brother can sponcer me woohoo! my mum will be looking after my two little yorkies for a while so i am sure i want to stay and am able to before she gets them ready to come over. but as its only three weeks till i go i am startin to panic abit as i am an over protective mother when its to do with my babies. i am worried about the flight coz its so long and i know if they have a stop over they can have a wee and food but i am worried they get dehydrated on the flight do they have water bottles like rabbits do if at all? and is it really cold on the flight for them i am really worried i know loads of dogs have done it and my 2 are young and healthy about 2 years old so there shouldnt be a problem. i think its all just getting to me as its so close and i wont see them for 6 months or so and because i only decided to stay on after my holiday about a month ago so its all been a bit rushed. but any information would be great and make me feel better thanks guys merry xmas to everyone :emoticon-signxmas:
  4. Guest

    where goin!!!

    hey every 1 just 2 let u know me and bro are flyin brisbane on 15 oct cant wait! booked it all today just like 2 say thanks 4 advise i got from every1 of here cheers! i keep in touch down there if i can help! daz n will :spinny::jiggy:
  5. Rubbidydub

    WTF is goin on!

    Why is it!!! When you have a real purpose in life to do things better for yourself and your familiy, life puts a spanner in the works. We have sailed through our TRA and seem to be lookin good on the visa front, problem is selling our assets to make the move. News tonight said housing market is the worst since the 70's!!! I have a business to sell b4 i can even think about getting on a jet plane! Thing is everyone is talkin about hard times to come, housing market is crap etc etc. I however am confused! I own a Pub restaurant in the lakes and have done for the past 5 years. Tonight on a Monday i have had the best Monday night in Five years including Bank Hols..........credit crunch? im confused! things are looking so good at the mo.....are we just talking ourselves into a problem!!! And for those of you who cant get a visa.....those of you coming back to the UK.......those of you havin a change of mind........in about 12 months there will be a lovely Pub Restaurant up for sale in the charming Lake District.....yeah it does rain alot but hey you will love it.......its the Uk the place you love!! any offers will be considered! COME ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! Happy Days!
  6. HEY, im a first time travler, going to perth in july 08. just wondering if any1 has any gud tips on wot to take/ not to take. etc? thanxs. lee
  7. Hi everybody:smile: me and my family are hopefully movin 2 kinross in perth in a year!!:v_SPIN: and i want to ask some questions what are the schools like in austrailia? do u hav to wear school uniform? is it easy to make friends when u go to a skool in austrailia? im 12 years old and will be 13 when we go i would realy like some friends before i go there so i already no some1 if any1 has MSN write me back with your MSN address :jiggy: if any1 can answer these questions or wants to know any1 before they go please write 2 me back with your address and i will add you and maybe we can arrange 2 meet up sum time when we're both out there, and if any1 is goin to live in kinross aswell PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write 2 me back im sure we will be great friends so write 2 me back!! Luv Kim:cool:
  8. Guest

    Goin To Perth!!

    Hi My name is Lois I am just wondering how people feel, if you are all scared meeting new friends and actual going there. lois (10):smile::v_SPIN: