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Found 67 results

  1. apickerell

    Help... again... as usual

    Hello! Ok so less than a month until we get to Australia!:shocked: getting excited! however nervous too. I have been looking for temporary rentals, like a room for rent or something small and inexpensive until we get things worked out. I have found lots of adds on gumtree, and all homes. I have sent messages but I have not had any responses...:arghh: Help... We need to get something cheap for the first couple of weeks as we will be waiting for that first paycheck to get the rental. And before anyone talks about not bringing enough money, we are bringing what we can, but I am currently living in Mauritius. If anyone knows about the money exchange, basically its almost nothing. so we have been struggling to get this all together. however God is good and is providing! I know he will provide this too with the rental but I just need to know where to turn. Not sure why no one answers their gumtree adds. grrr... Anyways TIA!
  2. whoiam

    A Christmas Message

    Dear friends, It's the season again!:xmas4: The season of joy, love and sharing. Christmas is the culmination of many things and also a new beginning. May this Christmas bring you all the joy from God above, the love from your loved ones and peace within.:xmas20: May your troubled hearts find solace in the most High, strength from God and fortitude from within.:xmas31: You are not merely an insignificant accident on the earth but a predestined purposeful life awaiting to fulfil your potential. This potential is realised wholly in unison with thy creator. Seek Him, know him, and love him. :hug: Adieus amigos! Whoiam
  3. Just thought of gathering PIo-ers views on this. This is not intended as a debate between creationism and evolution or even about religions. It would be interesting to know what people think about how the World and all of nature came into being --- Was it created by a Supreme being/God or did it all come into being by itself. Any other views/ideas please note in replies.
  4. Just had to post this, just watched The z Masterchef and thankfully Dani got the boot, at long last. Please dont tell m who wins (if we are behind Oz?).
  5. Guest

    god and bad areas?

    what are the good and bad parts of sa ? thanks dobba

    Does God REALLY hate fangs?

    TB Season Four addict.
  7. Hello!! Im so glad Iv found this forum, Iv been reading post after post, such helpful friendly advice! Me and my husband (and our two young children) are looking at moving over to Australia for a few years at least, my husband is a plumber so we are considering a 457 visa, but how how how do you go about finding an employer to sponsor you? We have a couple of relatives in oz (sydney area) but they are as clueless as we are to be honest! Any advice muchly appreciated! :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    looking for god

    or is he looking for you--how do you find god:confused:or does he just appear in your life :confused:ive answered most questions in life but this one puzzels me--i mean do you meet god at an early age (through parents belief) or does something happen in your life where you find god,or you need god,and he introduces himself--if theres a god out there i woudnt mind a chat to him about certain things--so im curious to know what the master plan is--if indeed there is one--anyway how did you as a member find god,or did he find you:wubclub: interesting question i think
  9. hi everyone, cant stop smiling. got our visa at 6am this morning. sooooooooooooo happy. cannot believe it. after one year and 9 months its finally happening. want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given me advice over the last year and a half, couldnt have got through all of the stress without you. our medicals were all finalised on 2 may, and granted 2 days later. team 4 CO. big thanks to K.S. (CO) if your reading this. gonna get drunk tonight. have already texted all my friends, my phone is red hot today. couldnt mention it at work though, got lots to do now, got to get our house up for sale and get quotes for containers etc. oh and of course my registration to sort out with AHPRA. oh my god oh my god. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF THOSE WHO ARE STILL WAITING FOR CO'S AND VISA GRANTS. HAVE FAITH, WE DIDNT THINK IT WOULD HAPPEN TO US. BUT ITS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD WHEN U GET IT. hopefully will get over to NSW sometime later this year. AUSTRALIA HERE WE COME. XXXXXXXXXXXXX NICOLA, DANNY AND ALICIA. XXXXXXXX
  10. Rachael R

    Got it today! Oh My God!

    Got our visa today:wideeyed: still cannot belive it. SA here we come! Just need to sell the house now. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way:wink: Here is our time scale it my help someone, Cat 2 176 Passed TRA 18 Oct 2010 Put in for State sponership on 20-11-2010 Got sponership on 26-11-10 Put in visa 23-11-2010 Meds 7-03-2010 Sent police checks 12-03-2011 got case officer 16-02-2011 Visa granted 13-04-2011:notworthy: Good luck to all that are waiting!
  11. Still in shock and think I might throw up, but very speculatively put my CV forward for a job in Canberra that is right up my street about two weeks ago and got a reply today saying they want to interview me!!! I didn't think they would even look at it as I told them I didn't yet have a permanent visa and would need sponsorship. Yikes!! They are a huge company and the job is perfect. Practically the job I do now!! Obviously still very very early, they may not like me, I may not like them, the package might be rubbish, but my god has it got my blood running around my body. Can't concentrate at all!! In our heads we would, best case scenario, be moving to Canberra next summer, subject to visas etc and now there is a tiny possibility we could be there this summer!!! OMG!!! Wish me luck!! :chatterbox:
  13. Guest

    Is it a sign from God?

    Mass Animal Deaths Around the World: Dead Birds Fall from Sky, Millions of Fish & Crabs Wash Ashore : TreeHugger weird eh?
  14. Guest

    Thank God for My Visa

    Thank God for My Visa i received my visa yesterday and Praise God for that. It took me 30 months of patient /impatient waiting for me. Finally all ends well .My time line is as follows. Application Lodged - April 2008 HR country Visa class _ 176 SS - Non CSL. Category 3. 1st Medicals/PCC - May 2008 2nd Medical /PCC - October 2010 VISA Grant : 21st OCT 2010. Best of luck to all............. and GOD BLESS. Regards
  15. Guest

    God And All That.

    Hi Folks. Just got back from a funeral, ITALIAN, God they know how to send someone off. It was my youngests best friends dad, only 46 and died from Leukemia, fought it for a year but got him last week, poor bugger. At times it was like being in a scene from 'The Godfather', sicilians etc, well over 150 people. But I digress a bit. I often wonder what the hell there is when we depart this earth, I hope there is something, not sure, but would hope so anyway, BUT. The vicar I must admit was brilliant, maybe thats the wrong words, but nonetheless he gave me a feeling of compassion and deep faith. But one sentence that he said truly hit home, it was this, if I remember rightly. 'Some have great faith, some have a little and some none, but to hope that their is a God is all I can ask of you. Believer or not, to have the HOPE that there is a God may give you some comfort. Hope is eternal and though you may be right or wrong about your faith, or lack of, at the very least believe in hope and accept it for what it is'. I thought these words were very carefully chosen and did make me think a little. I know religion at times can be seen as the bane of society and causes no end of troubles, and indeed some of us mock peoples faith, BUT. In the cold light of day as long as it is done with thought and compassion the HOPE he talked about brings many people peace and a certain calm in their lives. I'm not talking of the more radical elements within the church. What I am saying is that even if we are not sure of heaven etc, to live with a little hope in these stressful times CAN and DOES bring many people happiness, who am I to criticise these sentiments. Faith is a double edged sword to a degree. Is it true or not, BUT. Quite frankly I couldn't care less, because as the vicar said, to live with hope that there is an afterlife in the grand scheme of things is very important to a lot of people. Not for one second did he say that there was 'defiantly' a God. OK, so he sent Joe away in his mind knowing full well that he was going to meet God, but not once, not once did he say to the assembled people that we had to believe, just that HOPE sometimes can bring us comfort. I've rambled again, but it really did make me think and that is never a bad thing. Cheers Tony:wink:
  16. tracy123

    God save the Queen

    I'd pay £5 a year to keep her in a job. Got to love the woman :notworthy:
  17. I often look at Australia and the Aussies and maybe with rose tinted specs on I often hope that it/they don't change too much. That makes it sound as if I am criticising the country and its people, but that is far from the truth. After all, Australia is a very, very young country (since the first white settlers) when looked at in terms of modern day society and it is growing day by day and year by year, but will this growth mean it will in some small way lose its innocence and uniqueness. Some would have you believe that Australia is indeed a fairly backward country in terms of fashion, TV, food, etc, but aren't they the more peripheral aspects of what makes a country. The true meaning of a country is in how the people view themselves and interact with each other. Some say that the Aussies are a little rough around the edges, a little rude maybe. But IMO they do retain an innocence that is becoming very rare in this day and age. I prefer to look at the Aussies as a people who will fight tooth and nail for their country and retain a huge amount of pride in the country itself. They have done and I hope always will try to look after their people and do the best for their country. I totally agree that when you first arrive in Australia you may find it a little behind the times, but that is the essence of Australia, like it or lump it, Australia will never (hopefully) change to please the modern day world. God forbid that it becomes like a lot of the western world, where pride or rather the lack of it facilitates a change that will only see Australia become yet another homeginised samey country that reflects what the 'rest' of the world would like it to become. Australia is unique in this world, and I honestly think that what makes it truly unique is its ability to say 'Bugger Off', we will retain what we see as important and refuse to go along with the rest of the world in order to be more 'respected' by other nations. Cheers Tony:wink:
  18. Hi, everyone!!!! Sorry for not being able to relay to you the news soon enough.... A lot had happened the past week that I wasn't able to squeeze in to find a PC to type in a single post....I wasn't completely out of touch as I still browse through the thread through my E72 but my phone just won't make me post any reply (anyone figured out how to enable the features???)... Yes!!!! I finally got my golden ticket!!!!! My and my family's special thanks also goes to the amazing Gill, Mr David Wilden and the rest of the famous ones who were responsible for the re-starting of the processing of the lucky 3,500 Cat 5 applications including mine, of course.... and to Tasha for this thread and VickyMel for her updates.... Thank you everyone for your pieces of advice and for keeping me "sane" through the long wait..... Good luck to all Cat 5ers.... God bless.....:hug:
  19. Guest

    Got My Visa ..Thank god

    Hi All, With god's grace and your wishes I have been grantd 175 PR visa on 29 Apr and I came to know today as my agent delayed to inform me . I thank all the forum members for your continuous support,patience and help for my queries . Our initial entry date is before 30 March 2011 and my agent told that he would be doing a complimentary service for me to stamp the Visa's at VFS for no cost ( But he has already charged enough amount for entire visa though I get most of the info here). So thinking weather to handle passports to agent or do it on my own. I am really super excited and can't wait to celbrate this with my wife , We are planning to move by the end of September or early October and haven't yet planned about where to move. A zillion thanks again to all the members in this forum and hope everyone will get their visas as soon as possible.
  20. I've just had a very frustrating conversation with my travel insurance company. We are booked to fly to Melbourne on the 27th and I just wanted to know what we are covered for if the flights are canceled due to the volcanic cloud - basically **** all! The shipping container is coming on Monday and we are staying in hotel that night, but if we can't fly, we will have to stay in a hotel until we do. The insurance won't pay for UK accommodation or missed Melbourne accommodation. Insurance of all types is a total rip off in my opinion! I know this is no ones fault, but it's us picking up the bill at the end of the day. Sorry for my rant :mad: I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, it's all sorted by then. I feel very sorry for anyone caught up in all now. Victoria
  21. Guest

    Oh my god so nervous!!!

    It is a monday morning i have a day off work and i am up at silly o'clock:SLEEP: i am waiting for a potential employer to call me. He already has a reference from my current UK employer and wishes to have a chat. God i am so nervous. to top it off i have had a sore throat all week so i sound like Barry White:arghh:. Fingers crossed he will offer me a position so i can start the application for a 457 visa.
  22. Guest

    God save the queen

    God Save the Queen' dropped from Anzac Day service 'God Save the Queen' dropped from Anzac Day service - Yahoo!7 News It will be interesting to see which other states follow Melbourne......Susie
  23. Hi all, sorry to confuffled everyone as i just posted about getting negative feedback last nite! But as i typed that Jamie recieved an email from the lady at Gold Coast City Council to say that YES they will consider ENS for outstanding candidates because of the costs involved. But she also stated last nite they are struggling to fill these positions! She said in her email she urges Jamie to apply for the job and that if he gets shortlisted she will then discuss visas!!! Trying right now not to wee myself with excitment!!:jiggy::jiggy:
  24. Guest

    See there is a God!!!!!

    After 27 years Scotland finally Beat Australia this afternoon in Rugby Union!! BBC Sport - Rugby Union - Scotland 9-8 Australia Daniel
  25. Guest

    God I wish I'd never done it!

    I feel I owe this to anyone who has doubts. I have been here for one year and feel it has ruined my life. I know it sounds dramatic but that is how I feel. I've stuck it out thinking that it is just adjustment difficulties I am going through, but no I am truly hating my life here. I I gave up a good job, a lovely home and my family (extended- immediate family with me). I think it must have been a mid-life crisis. My advice: If you have small children don't assume they will adapt easily. I have 2 kids- one adapted well, the other is still traumatised (12 months in) You will miss your friends and family more than you can possibly imagine. It is like going through mass bereavement. If you don't like it after 8 weeks GO HOME!!!!! God I wish that I had. I stubbornly stuck it out as I thought that people who went home early were wimps. The longer you stay the more complicated it will be to go back. I know I have to get back now and can't wait. I wish someone had talked me out of coming in the first place but if I'm honest I know that they would not have been able to. I suppose we all need to make our own mistakes.:cry: