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Found 9 results

  1. Hi thurrr! Just wonderin' there.Do you have your own favourite Cup or Glass?The one in which your Tea,Coffee or Tipple seems to taste better in,for some unknown reason?I have and oft ponder why!!!!:confused:
  2. Guest

    Glass half full/empty

    Having been on this site for a couple of years now and been through the whole roller-coaster ride of the emigration process it has been interesting to note people's different opinion of the same thing. For instance, some people say "Don't go to Adelaide it's so boring" but for other's (like myself) it's the BEST city to live in. Some people love the weather in Aus - others hate it. Now I realise that some of this is simply down to personal taste which may have been shaped by all kinds of factors but it also seems that some people CHOOSE to find fault in whatever they are doing or experiencing. It was actually a friend of mine who got me thinking about this - he posted on facebook recently "Another Miserable day" - which was based on what the weather was doing but to anyone looking at him they would see someone with a wonderful life, a great family, dream job (working for me LOL) etc but he chose to pick on the one thing that was not so good on that day - this seems to be the way he is wired in life, everything may be great but he always seems to find the one bad thing to tell everyone about. So my question is, are you a "glass half full" or "glass half empty" kind of person?? Daniel
  3. Guest

    Glass Pool Fencing

    Hi All We are just in the process of installing some glass pool fencing (DIY) and I've been told you can have the glass sprayed or treated to cut down on the cleaning of the glass?? Apparently splashes run off rather than mark the glass?? I've googled it but can only find DIY kits and I'd prefer to get someone in to do it.....!! Can anyone recommend a company.....I'm in Perth (NOR) Thanking you:biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Raise a glass to 2011

    Well another year has flown by, I can hardly believe it...I hope everyone can reflect on the year and find some positives even if it didn't always go your way.. As you look back over what the year has brought you are there any surprises? Would you have guessed what the year held in store for you? I wouldn't have predicted buying our first home at the beginning of 2010 so who knows what's in store for 2011....Thats the best bit about new Year for me, the excitement of the uncertainty, if lady luck is shining on you it could be your year... But mostly it's just important to be happy and content and if you are the years bound to be a good one. So heres to 2011, I hope it brings health, wealth, peace and happiness to you all, CHEERS!:cute: xxx
  5. We are going up to Airlie in August with some family from the UK. My sister wants to go on a day trip on either a glass bottomed or submersible so she can see all the tropical sea life. Ideally it would be a trip that allows snorkelling as well. Does anyone know of such a trip, or can recommend one they've been on? We aren't millionaires so cost is uppermost in our minds although we want to have a great experience too:jiggy: thanks Sue x
  6. Lanky Lad

    Samsung Black Glass TV Stand

    Samsung 3 tier Black Glass, silver pillars LVD TV Stand. Un Marked as new. Located The Central Coast ( ne The Entrance ) off the Sydney to Newcastle freeway. Costs about $550 + here - open to offers. Large selection of mutli plug adaptors and extentions - UK fittings!!!!!! PM or email for more details
  7. Ok with all the discussion going on about people being fed up with others posting they hate Oz and others posting if you don`t like it it bugger off and how the UK is rubbish got me thinking (dangerous I know) Im very much a glass half full type of person and certainly mellowed a lot since moving to Oz. I do see the negatives but also see the positives and tend to concentrate on those (or maybe Im just lazy and can`t be arsed worrying), now some would say Im just hiding from the negatives, how do you view life AND THIS NOT TO DEGENERATE INTO A WHINGE!! It`s about how you view life and what is your coping mechanism, have you always been like this, if not what changed you. All points will be listened to thoughtfully with no slagging off otherwise I`ll clip yer ears!:policeman:
  8. in oz is the bubble on a spirit level on the bottom of the glass instead of the top
  9. Guest

    Raise a glass to Jim!

    Hi People Sadly Geoff's Dad died today..........fortunately peacfully in his sleep it would appear. Just 2.5 weeks untill we fly. ..............i'm short of words.............and i think i've had an emotional bypass after one month of goodbye get togethers! Geoff's off tomorrow to travel 2.5hrs to sort his Dad's stuff with his mother & sister. Our 10 yr old is full of cold (& has been for a week now) & is devastated by the news. It's his last day of school tomorrow so emotional anyway.......i've heard they're doing a special tribute to him in assembly............OMG! I'm all for being stretched but hey Universe......just how many edges do we need knocked off until we're perfect? There have been bad times..........thanks for all the good times........here's a glass to Jim! "You don't know how far you can go untill you've gone too far" TS Elliot (or something similar.......but that's because of all the glasses to Jim!) Looking forward to being me again......& colourfull birds & beautiful views to make my soul smile........... X Katherine X