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Found 13 results

  1. My wife and I have now been living and working in Melbourne for just over a month, would glad to be able to try and answer any questions anyone might have.
  2. Hi My DH and I and our two little girls (3 an 1) got our permanent residency in June and I have been dragging my heels about the move to Perth! We are living in Ireland and things are so bad here at the moment it just doesnt make sense to stay. We are lucky that we have jobs and a bit of savings but in a year or two it will be a different story. Have been to Perth before ten years ago on our trip around OZ so know it is nice. Anyway - for those of you who have made the move are you glad you did it? Is it a nice place to live and can you see yourself living there long term? I know it is the right thing to do in the long term, I am just nervous as anyone would be I suppose and looking for some encouragement!! Have no problem leaving family by the way as we live 3 hrs away from everyone right now so it wont be a big adjustment - they might even visit us more often! Any tips/advice or personal stories welcome! Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Leanne, I am a pom but I live in Dublin with my three children and Dub hubby. We are hoping to catch the November 30th flight to Victoria this year but are still patiently waiting for thet majic e-mail saying our visa is granted. We have complete everything and our status reads that everything is met and meds have been finalised but sill no word! Its so frustrating. Anyway, so glad to be part of this forum and get some valuable advice from you guys. xx
  4. Guest

    Glad to be in Oz

    I've just returned from a two week holiday back to the UK... I had a wonderful time with family and friends, had lovely weather, great shopping, good times all round. Today was my first day back and I am genuinely pleased to be back in Melbourne... I guess I really do call Australia home!

    glad you waited

    I know I am. Looks like oz are going into recession so if you are rushing to get there slow down you will benifite from waiting & dont sell house at a loss as they will increase in value in the next 24 months.
  6. kangaroo.bruce

    Glad earlswoods gone

    who's glad earlswoods gone ??????? copy and paste your name if you are
  7. I got one of the those phonecalls yesterday all of you, including me, have been dreading since I made the move. My grandad passed away suddenly at home, an accident he fell down the stairs and died. He bought me up, along with my nan, as a child and was like a dad to me.:sad: The pain I am feeling is horrendous but I am so thankful I made the trip over to wales 2 weeks ago 4 his bday party, I nearly didnt go because of the money factor but my OH persuaded me to go. I spent an awesome week with him and will never forget the time I spent at home. The moral of this post is, PLEASE, if you feel you should make that trip home, do it, I would never of forgiven myself if I hadnt. I now have to focus on my growing belly and try and put the hurt aside. Life is cruel and my unborn baby is giving me the strength to carry on.:sad:
  8. Big decision time for us,do we stay or do we go back? Im a bag of nerves at the moment,my husband says its up to me,and my son said the same,im so worried that we are making a mistake,we are also getting low on our savings,we both work here but on crap wages and sydney is expensive,we phoned an agent in southend and said we can rent the house we have seen on the internet and landlord said we have to pay deposite on monday. my son plays footie and when his not training he keeps saying his bored his 13,his footie mates live miles away and he dosent have any freedom at all. Has anyone on here gone back to essex and found it that bad,or were you pleased to be back?:huh:
  9. Guest

    Glad to be Home

    Glad to be home in my village in north yorkshire. Forgotten the taste of yorkshire puddings!:cute: Brisbourne was awful. Sweating there like a turkey in the oven! The sea was dirty, the kids hated that. So glad and relieved to be back in the UK. who cares about the recession, my cup of real PG Tips satsifys me. :tongue: The only good thing is that i saw Neighbours 3 months ahead.
  10. When we started the process 18 months ago, Hubby was getting posted to Perth as he's a submariner, he was told about 6 months or so ago that he would have to complete training in Melbourne for a year. Got used to that idea and researched Melbourne to be told 5 weeks before we fly that we are now going directly to Perth as originally planned. Positive side means our daughter won't have to change schools now. :laughxmas:
  11. Just stopping by to say Hello, I cannot believe I've lived in Brisbane for 6 years and have never seen this site, its so exciting! :jiggy:
  12. Hi all, People that no me on here will no we where looking at going to Oz, my sister lives there and kept saying to me it is not what you think.I kept telling her that it cannot be as bad here.WELL my mum went over to see my Sister for 5 weeks to cut along story short she fell ill and I had to go there to bring her back (Redland Bay Brisbane) I spent some time there and managed to see some of Oz. I don't want to upset anybody but it was not what I was expecting.It was not as clean as people say,Yes the beach's are nice and the houses that are new builds look clean.But you only need to go walking and you will see the old builds and the areas are not so clean there is graffiti in alot of places in fact where my sister lives they have started writing all over the pavements. The sun was lovely but I think to have it all the time would drive me a bit (and I am the biggest sun worshipper going) I realised how far it was when I new I had to get to mum and could not get a flight and its a hell of a flight. Went shopping with my sister a couple of times they dont just have shops on there own they are all like malls.I could not believe the price of food it is alot more expensive than the uk.Clothes where not very nice.They where also on a hose pipe ban which meant they where only aloud to use so much water which meant we could only have 4 min showers and no baths.I am not saying it is a horrible place but I am just glad I went,it made me appriciate what I have here (seasons,country side,holidays away from the UK which dont cost a fortune,good choice of shops,some good beaches,and most of all family and friends) I know the goverment is not brill here but when reading the papers in Oz it didnt sound like many Oz's liked they Goverment. Good look to everyone on this sight who is going to Oz but please do not knock them that are coming home everybody has there reason's and now I have been I can understand what they are saying.I just hope some people can take some advise from this thread.Oh by the way my 20 year old is coming home for some of these reasons,but does not regreat the experience. Love to all Gwen x x :v_SPIN:
  13. I am watching the budget and wonder if what he says will make us all glad that we have decided to leave this god forsaken s@*&t hole!!!!! There is nothing left for us here except family. We just can not afford to live here any longer and can't offer our children anything for the future!!