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Found 24 results

  1. Hello I am a 24 year old man from Norway. Im am currently on a Working holiday Visa and have been doing some window washing jobs for 10 months now. So my Working holiday runs out by the End of the year. I met my new zealand girlfriend here in sydney 6 months ago, and I would like to stay for another 6-7 months I am a Licensed Plumber but I don´t really wanna keep working as a plumber.. I have however gotten an offer for another window washing job. so Im wondering if anyone have any advice on what to do or what Visa to look for? someone told me I should get the skilled Visa, couse it puts you on a ¨bridge visa¨ and you can stay in Australia and work while you wait for your Visa to process. idk if this is true? but I know that the skilled visa is about $3500.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help with some advice or experience. I am looking to return in December to the UK for around 1 year with my Australian girlfriend, and then I'm plan to apply Off-Shore for a Australian De Facto Partner Visa for myself (then hoping to return to Australia once the visa is granted). I think that my Australian girlfriend can enter and stay in the UK for 6 months without a visa. Is she then able to apply On-Shore for a UK Student Visa, so that she can stay for a further 6 months to a year? (and work part/full time). Is there anyone else who has done something similar. And generally what is the cost for a typical student course? Thank you all in advance as always :-) Tom
  3. This are following question which put me in doubt 1.Does diploma courses promise job which can lead to PR in Australia ? 2.How many years of work experience in required after doing diploma for PR ? 3.After doing 2 years Diploma,Is lateral entry to university possible ? ,How many years more do we need to finish the bachelors ? 4.Is going directly for a bachelor degree very expensive ? 5.Which course provide more job opportunities when we compare Diploma in mechanical Engineering and Diploma in information technology/Network Technology ? 6.what kind of job title will be available after Diploma courses mentioned above ? 7.last but not the least i am in a relationship with a girl in my country how can i take her before getting my PR ?What are the options ?
  4. Hi All, I am in need of some advice....here goes: I have recently arrived in Oz and am being sponsored by my employer, or rather I am in the process of getting this visa (I came in on a working visa and started working for the company on this). I have the paperwork filled out and ready to go in. A massive shock/joy and everything in between hit me a few weeks ago...this being my girlfriend in UK being pregnant. My question to everyone is how or what is the best process of getting my girlfriend (and baby) over to Oz with me? Originally my girlfriend was not coming out here and we were finishing, however this changes everything. She is a Primary School Teacher and may be able to get a perm visa in her own right, but this will be expensive and we obviously need to save everything we can. I believe she can enter the country on my 457 Business Visa...is this right? Also I have yet to tell my company about the news, what would you advise? 1. To get my Visa sorted then add my girlfriend and unborn baby or 2. include them on my application now? The plan is for my girlfriend to have the baby in UK and come over next July. This is all very sudden and pressing, I hope someone may be able to offer some advice; I appreciate you help in advance?
  5. Hi to everyone, My 22 year old son wants to take his girlfriend with him if he moves to Perth in the future. He is a citizen by descent. His girlfriend is not an Oz citizen so we are not sure how she would be able to move to Oz and what sort of visa she would need? At present they are not living together. She is hoping to start college in September to train as a hairdresser. She is not a skilled worker. I would be most grateful if anyone has any information they could give me. I look forward to any replies. Much appreciated Bennyboy (Lisa):wubclub:
  6. Evening all, just getting the ball rolling for a Skilled - Sponsored Visa (subclass 176), and also taking my girlfriend with me, I know the visa will take approx 12-18 month to finally all complete, i know one of the requirements are that i have lived with my girlfriend for the past year to be accepted. Me and my girlfriend have only lived with eachother officially for the past 3 month as we where living in my parents house previous to that, do i need proof of the last year or can it be handed over at the end, considering once the application is complete we will have been living together for the past year, one last thing, what proof of evidence is acceptable for this? Any help would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Rob Redpath.
  7. Hi guys. Me and my girlfriend are looking into moving to Australia. We have lots of questions regarding the visa process & visa costs, locations to move to, looking for work, and moving pets. OK, So we are both english born and bred I am 26 and she is 28. I am a welder (boilermaker) and my trade is on the SOL list. She works in an office as a debt collector. We are not married and have no children. My main questions are... 1. What type of Visa would be best for us in terms of...how long the visa will take to grant us access, the best visa for us to stay in Australia, how much the visa application will cost, and what other costs there are (Medicles???) 2. Location, any body reading this would like to recommend any where?, i have family in Perth and Brisbane, My heart says Perth but i would love to live in Sydney. Any ideas on things to do, property costs, bills, costs, food, schools??? Any help on these subjects will be much appreciated. Also about renting/mortgages. If we do make the move we will be renting for quite sometime while we either build up a deposit or find a cheap enough house to buy with a small deposit. What are the costs of renting and is there anything we need to know (we would be looking for a place that allows pets, do land lords usually allow that?) 3. Work situation. Work is becoming few and far between in the uk right now and thats what has me looking into it (plus a change in life style). I have been looking on Seek.co.au and there looks to be plenty of work about in all regions and it looks to good to be true....so my question is, is it true? (lol) They look to be paying $25-$35 p/hr over 40 hours a week. How good is that and how far will that get us? And what type of work could my girlfriend find? She has previously worked as a debt collector, banker and worked in a real estates. 4. We are looking at bring over pets. A dalmatian and a cat. i have looked into costs, but i dont have much info on it, could people shed some light on this please? AARRRRGGGGHHHHH my brain is fryd already! :mad: lol Any help would be much appreacited guys!
  8. Hi everyone, I have a question and any help or inormation would be very gratefully recieved. I have a current application lodged with South Australia for State Sponsorship. I have had my skills successfully approved. I havent applied for the 176 visa yet. I just wanted to know how easy it would be to add my girlfriend to my application. She also has a 4 year old child from a previous relationship that would need to be added also. Is this possible? Many thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, I am just wondering because my boy friend never let me see his facebook or added. He said that he does not want me to post anything too private and his friends will see. Once, I saw his friend list and I kept asking who are they bla bla bla. Do you allow your girl friend to see your facebook page?
  10. Hi Guys ive been in Oz almost 2 and a bit years now im on a 457 visa with my employer and my new girlfriend is moving to live with me on a 417 Working Holiday Visa initially to see how things work out. If all goes well and it comes a year down the line can she go onto my 457 visa as a de facto and do how do we prove that we are together. We will be having a joint account together and probably some shared utility bills-will this suffice or are there any other things i should be doing to help my case? I am probably going to go for my residency in a years times as at the moment im getting LAFA from my employer and dont want to loose that benifit too soon. Any ideas or similar situations would be massively appreciated? Cheers Nick:chatterbox:
  11. Guest

    VISA option for my girlfriend

    Dear all, I just got a job offer in Sydney plan to move there with my girlfriend in July. I thought she could stay in Sydney with a partner visa however the HR told me to sponsor her, we need to provide the evidence of living together for at least 6 month such as joint bank account or rental agreement. The problem is that we met each other only last year and do not such evidence. 1. What’s the chance of get the visa approved without these evidence if I go ahead with the partner visa application? 2. My friend suggest that I can do the ENS121 application together with my 457. After I get the 121 (or 856 after my landing), I can apply a 300 prospective marriage visa for her. However I guess the processing time would be quite lengthy and we hate to be in a long distance relationship. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you. Larry
  12. Guest

    adding girlfriend to visa

    I have been offered a job in SA and was wondering if i would be able to add my girlfriend to my visa (475 ss) or would it be easier for her to come with me on a WHV and then apply for her to be added after we have been together in Adelaide for a while. PS. we have lived together for about 14 months now..
  13. Hi guys, New to the board so let me first tell you a little about myself, which will also lead me nicely on to my dilemma. Born in Stoke-on-Trent UK. My Mums aunty and uncle moved to Oz about 35 years ago, back when it was ten pound Poms. We visited them several times when I was younger (I am now 27) and this lead to my family emigrating there back in 1994 when I was 11. My Dad found it difficult to settle and we eventually moved back in 1996 after spending 2 years and 2 months living in Bunbury (South West WA)... but not without first getting our citizenship. Smartest thing my Mum ever did and I am very lucky that she had the fortitude to make sure we had this option going forth in life. Spent 7 months in Perth with my best mate back in 2005 and loved it. Toyed with the idea of moving back again and then in Jan 2008 my best mate moved out to Sydney to study with the intention of gaining a permanent visa (still up in the air at the moment). I visited him last January for 2 months and decided to make the move back there myself. I intend to fly over just after Christmas. Now my problem - Not long after I got back to the UK in March this year I met a girl and we have been seeing each other since. I would like to take her with me though. Now having met her after deciding to move to Australia we haven't moved into a place of our own (I live with my folks as we share a business) as this would be very counter productive when I'm saving for the big move. So my question is, what possible options do I have for taking her with me, myself being a citizen? Can we go over there with her on a one year working Visa, rent a place together then after a certain period apply for a De-facto visa. Or would she need to extend her visa to a 2 year working visa, in order that we can prove we have lived together for a year. Or is there other options? I would be most grateful for any help people may be able to offer. Thanks SUSHI
  14. gridlock1981

    Getting my girlfriend over to Sydney

    I am starting a new job on a sponsored 457 Visa in Sydney in the new year. Since launching my application I have started a new relationship with a girl over here in the UK. She also wants to come to Sydney but is only qualified to GCSE level. Just wondering what the best route would be? She currently works as a beauty therapist, is aged 24 and healthy! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hi everyone. I am the lucky holder of a 176 visa, (sponsored by SA) that I went and validated in Sydney in April this year. I am currently back in the UK finishing off a work contract and will return to Adelaide in August. After having my visa granted I started a relationship with a girl and she wishes to join me in Oz but she does not hold any type of visa. Is there any type of visa that she can apply for that will allow her to remain in Oz for at least a year without having to leave the country and reapply for another visa. We are both 45 so I guess a working visa is out of the question. If she cannot work that would not be the end of the world as I will be working. We are only looking at a year long visa at the moment as I am not sure if Oz is for me as we both have kids in the UK that we will be leaving behind. Also would she be able to attend adult education courses during her stay. Many thanks. Chidge.....
  16. We have just got back from our activation trip to Perth to find out my 17yr old son's 16yr old girlfriend is pregnant. Has anyone been in this position - did you still go and leave your child/grandchild?
  17. Hey all, I emigrated to SA in June 2008, 6 months after my parents and sister moved over here. Made a life for myself, and then my best mate from the UK came to see me whilst she was travelling the south pacific. We ended up being together, and she moved out here on a working holiday visa in May 2009. It is now May 2010... And her visa is running out soon. She has announced that, as she cannot find work in SA (or Aus for that matter) she wants to go back to the UK - is booking her flights and returning next week. Now my dilemma... Do I stay here, or do I go back to the UK. I don't want to. I have a job which I wouldn't have in the UK (My qualifications are not in my field of expertise). I am involved with the community here. And my family are here. What the hell do I do?!?! Move back to the UK with permanent residency in Aus, or lose my partner of 2 years.......... Ouch!
  18. Hi Everyone I'm from the UK, 30 years old, have already had my Australian WHV a while ago and am not entitled to my second year WHV. My boyfriend is Australian and has also had his WHV for the UK, we both had our WHV before we met each other. We met about 6 months ago whilst on a tour around Europe and spent a month together, we then had to spend 4 months apart due to work/ holiday commitments etc. We have now spent the last month together and have another 2 months together before my visa expires (I came in on a tourist visa) and I have to go back to work. We both want to be together in Australia and so looking into WHV's for other countries isn't something either of us really want to do. We realise we still have a long way to go until we can apply for the partner visa but I have read other posts on this website regarding starting to collect evidence of our relationship so we can start to put things in place now for when we decide to apply. Although, will we have problems opening a joint account in Australia as I am not a Australian citizen? My job is seasonal which means we will have to be apart whilst I work in the UK for the European summer but return to Australia in September for another 3 months, the plan is for us to spend Xmas in the UK with my family and then to fly back to Australia during which time we should have enough evidence to prove we've been together for a year. Our concerns are; will having to spend 5 months apart whilst I go home to work go against us when we apply for the partner visa? I also read that if I come back into Australian and tell immigration I am staying with my Australian boyfriend I will be refused entry as I will be seen as an 'immigration threat' and that I should fly in on a tourist visa. If this is so, should international flights taken with my boyfriend be booked separately? What happens if we apply for the visa and I have to leave Australia before a decision has been made? As our situation isn't quite so straight forward would it be an idea to pay for a migration agent? If so, can any one give any personal recommendations? Any help on any of the above matters would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Early and Sugar
  19. I'm a Pom on a 457. My girlfriend is Thai and was going for PR untill we had a quick holiday in Thailand and she was advised to go on a Bridging B Visa, which she is still on. Found out yesterday she is expecting a baby and we're working out what to do. I've got Medicare, my girlfriend did but isn't eligible now she's on a Bridging B. Questions: a. Are we entitled to any help with hospital costs? b. Can my g/f give birth in Australia? c. Are we entitled to any income support once the baby is born? Any advice???
  20. Hi all, first post here I know this is the wrong way round but just hoped someone on here could shed some light on the process. My girlfriend is from Sydney, Australia. I am British, was born, have lived and worked in the UK all my life. Basically she wants to look into moving here permanently and id like to get some advice or storys from other readers who have also done this. She is 35 and has a full time job in Australia, the company she works for actually does have a branch in the UK, i wasnt sure if this would be of help to us as far as a possible transfer might be concerned, this is something we havnt looked into internally at this stage. As exciting as this process is, its also emotional and there are issues that we understand will be hard to overcome, we dont expect the process to be easy but just need a clear idea of a timeframe and what to expect. One of our major hurdles is the fact that she is very close to her family and on my side i have children at a young age. We both realise that if we want to spend the rest of our life together then this is something we have to try to overcome or at least accomodate into the structure of our new life. My feelings are that in order for us to have a life together rather than a long distance relationship is that she would need to relocate here with a view to taking extended holidays in Aus several times a year because of the age of my children initially. This would probably need to be the case for around 15 years until both children are at an adult age. My girlfriends concern at that is that she will miss her family which is totally understandable and over a period of 15 years her parents will then be in their mid 70s. Our other concerns are how long a visa would take to be granted. The problems that could arise from obtaining a visa, things that we hadnt considered that could cause a problem for her to get a visa..although i dont know of any. I dont know on what basis a visa to live and work in the uk is granted or denied! We have been together for quite a while now and have been talking about this for about a year but are now sure we want to proceed to the next stage. We are really at the outset so would appreciate any advice that anybody could give us really. It is also our intention to get married one day but I doubt in the current climate that this would have any effect due to the scams that have arisen in the past. Thanks in advance Phil & Fiona
  21. Hi, I'm looking at finding work in Melbourne and have been told by one company that they will offer me a job as long as a contract for thei rnext project gets signed and have an interview with a second company next week who are flying me out at their expense for the interview. My concern is that my girlfriend and I want to go together however we do not live together. We have been looking at saving up to buy a place together in the UK but have decided that at 25 and the way things are at the moment we'd be better off throwing caution to the wind and making a move to try another country than tie ourselves into a volatile property market here and pss up the opportunity for a bit of adventure. My girlfriend and i have been together for five years but never lived together, do we have any options for applying with her as a secondary applicant as a de-facto partner or any other possibility? Any help would be great, Thanks.
  22. hi ive been in contact with a recruitment agency in oz who said without doubt can find me work im a skilled roofer,they also said she may be able to join me on my visa application as a dependant..they have asked for 200 dollars to start the process of finding me my job and visa proceedings they also say they can help with finding her a school or college does all this sound genuine the company is 457 international recruitment
  23. hey all, i think iv got myself into a bit of a problem - iv told my girlfriend that im only going to oz for 10 months but im staying!! i have a job lined up and everythings sorted - im not sure to try and get her to move out there with me or not tell until im meant to be coming back does this sound a bit harsh? Mark
  24. Hiya all Does any one know how my sons girlfriend would be able to join us once were in Oz?? We all hope to be in Melbourne later this year, and now the months are flying by, she has started to ask if she would be able to join us once were settled. She is only 16 but they are very close (and infact I met Mr.Jonseywife when I was only 16, so I might just happen)!!!!! As if we hav'nt got enough to worry about !!!!!..................:wacko: Now it Looks like we'll need an even bigger house !!!!!!!!!!!! :huh: Thanks for any suggestions Sally-ann x