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Found 27 results

  1. I have an opportunity to move to either Geraldton or Esperance with my family ( 2 daughters aged 12 and 14) and was wondering if anyone could give me any views or experience of life in these locations. I am hoping to work for ARG as a train driver and if anyother drivers for ARG can give me some information about this in these locations and the work they do it would be really helpful . Thanks.:wacko:
  2. Hubby has been offered a job pending medical as a train driver for Aurizon /western Australia on a sponsored 457 visa, so we are at the very beginning of the process. Just wondering if there are any more Brits heading out with this batch that would like to get in touch to share the experience.
  3. Hi, I am not sure why but we have spent a long, long time no knowing where we wanted to live in Australia and today someone mentioned Geraldton to us and for some reason I feel like that is where we 'need' to live but I know nothing about it (slightly weird, I know). I did think I could search the internet but then thought this forum is such a wealth of information, I'd try here first. All views greatly appreciated :cute:
  4. Hi there , been in gero a few months now . Have'nt come across any pom's yet , is there any living here ? cheers Shaun.
  5. Hi all Well after months of trying I eventually got a job offer for oz but in Geraldton. Now I've done some research on here and other sites trying to find out about Geraldton but in my experience there is noting like advice from those who have visited/lived there. If i sign the contract I will be out there in March I'm big into sports so I know there is a lot to do there like kite surfing,surfing etc.... but I also like to socialize. Is it as quiet here as I believe? How do new people meet up if they are not in pubs/clubs? Is it friendly to foreigners etc. Does it get busier here in the summer time when people in the city are on there holidays or is it the same all year round? Is it difficult to find house share here? I have searched some sites but only found a limited number and normally not in the better areas (from what I've read). Is car lease expensive? as I won't be able to afford to buy one for some time I have to spend at least 2 years here on my contract so if I don't like it that can be a very long time as I am a single guy moving here alone I have spent time in Oz before but unfortunately this is not one of the towns i visited. Thanks in advance :xmas23:
  6. Hi all. hope you can help. I have had an assessment with ARG as a driver. It appears the location on offer is only Geraldton. What has been highlighted to me is the crime rate in the town. I was told at the interview that crime was low, but this appears not to be the case according to info found via the Australian police statistics. This worries me as I have a 6 year old son as well as wife and dog. We have issues with crime where i live and don't wish to travel half way round the world and end up in an area with the same issues. Any info on how it is 'on the ground' by anyone living in the area would much be appreciated or areas best to live. I currently have a 35 mile commute via the M25 so driving home will not be an issue. I have also heard ARG maybe losing the grain contract. any ARG people able to fill me in? will there be job losses if this is the case. finally (for now :wink:) schools. my son is 7 in November and will be in year 2 here. From what i have seen, will he be back in year 1 in Aus? oh forgot....spiders. are they really that scary???:unsure: thanks for your help. hope to come out soon! Ian
  7. Guest

    ARG Applicants...

    Hi again! Thought i'd start an easy to find thread for the applicants for ARG jobs, be you drivers or trades folk. :hug:
  8. Hey everyone, I am a experienced site administrator for the Mining Industry and i am heading to Geraldton in the new year, praying our visa is granted before xmas, does anyone have any contacts or advice on trying to get a position in Geradlton area? Thanks Donna :biggrin:
  9. Guest

    geraldton w.a job offer

    hi all i normaly post in the w.a. section. ive just been offered a job(iam a deisel mechanic) in geraldton west australia, the pay is 32 dollars an hour overtime is flat rate hrs are 8 til 5 mon to friday plus one sat a month. i was realy looking for work in the mines thats where the realy good money is but maybe this could be a stepping stone who knows i might like it. although there dont seem to be much there????????? i googled earth the dealer there out of town east side looked like the middle of nowhere? seeing as i will be going over by myself i need nightlife etc and places to chat the girls up:) i do like my outside activitys like scuba diveing etc so thats all good the weather is warm to hot most of the time??????????? anyway i could go on and on. Whats yr views? is the money on the right line?? for that position could i live on it it? ie go scuba diveing have a nice motorbike and decent accomadation etc?????????????
  10. Guest

    Queensland or Geraldton?

    Hey Guys, I just need a bit of advice... me and my fiance are thinking of moving to Australia, but are not sure where to move to. My fiance is a fully qualified HGV mechanic and there is two job opportunites one in queensland(not sure where exactly, will try find out) and one in geraldton. Were trying to do some diggin see where would be the best place to move to. From what i've read and seen so far Geraldton seems to be on the quiet side, and more of a small town then a city type area. I've not started doing any research on Queensland yet i think i need to get some sleep first but i think we just want to make sure we're making the right choice, i don't mind that geraldton is quieter and more rural than queensland it's just peoples opinions i'm after i think really. Thanks guys :smile:
  11. Hi I have an interview soon and if succsessful Me, my wife and 2 kids ( 3 and 5 ) could well be making the move. The job is in Geraldton and the company will sponsor us all on a temporary visa and then citizenship. I am not sure but I think the job pays $71,000 a year ( not sure what OT is like ) and even though my wife would have no work restrictions with her visa she would not be working for a while as she will be looking after kids. What my concern is between me and my wife we earn £68,000 which is really good for the area in the UK we live and I am worried from looking at previous posts on here that I am going to be struggling on £71,000 a year ? Also I will be renting my house in the UK out to my sister in law ( not making any profit ) her rent will cover my mortgage does this affect me in any way in Oz with visa/tax ? Will sell my house if I settle in Oz ain a few years when the market is a bit better in Uk. I have looked online ( dont know how reliable it is ) and what I have worked out is that on £71,000 I will pay £15,000 in tax ? Is tax the only deductable from wages in Oz apart from pensions/savings that your employer might offer or do you pay an equivalent to the UK National Insurance aswell ? I will be renting for a while till I find my feet but the areas I have seen on this forum is Mount Tarcoola , Tarcoola Beach and Wandina ?
  12. Guest

    Geraldton Schools

    Hi All, Myself, my wife and 2 kids (both 12) are looking at Geraldton as a location, does anyone have any info on the schools and areas in Geraldton, I don't want a bored wife or kids, also my wife is concerned it will be too isolated. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Guest

    Bringing our wiemaraner to geraldton

    Hi all. We are starting our process of moving to geraldton as I have been offered a job with arg Firstly, what are the biggest issues we will have with him? As he is a hunt point retrieve dog he like sniffing around in grass and loves a swim where is the best place to exercise him? Also can anyone tell me how much royal canin dog food is out there? Thanks for any help Ian
  14. Hi all, i have a general job inquiry i hope someone maybe able to help with. Me & the missus are hoping to relocate to Geraldton , we're coming on a 176 visa, I'm a bricklayer so hopefully work will not be to much of a issue ? my missus is a Rehabillitation Assistant working for a private care home ,specialising in care of clients with brain injuries or mental heath problems. She has worked in this position for 3 years and has gained a NVQ Level 2 in Health & Social Care. Basically is it likely she could obtain employment in this field or a closely related job ,& are her qualifications relavant or would she have to re-train. Any info would be greatly appriecated. cheers Shaun p
  15. Any tips on the top 10 areas in Geraldton going by: 1. Rental price 2. Schools 3. Shops 4. Accessibility
  16. We may be moving to Geraldton and have 2 teenage daughters, one 15 and the other 17. From what I can make out, the high school will be perfectly ok for our 15 year old, but our concerns are our 17 year old. We currently live in Scotland, so she will be in her final school year by the time we move. I think that she may be in year 11 in Oz, not sure? Can anyone advise on what the best option would be for her in terms of schooling? She would like to go on to university to study psychology after finishing school, so that is something we have to think about too. Tx.
  17. Hi, As there are a few of us due to decend upon the beautiful town of Geraldton in the not too distant future, I thought it might be helpful to start a thread to assist with the following: House rentals Neighbourhoods Schools Doctors Supermarkets Banks Any other useful information! If anyone has anything worthwhile sharing please drop a line on this thread - Thanks!! See you all in Geraldton! :biggrin:
  18. Guest


    Hi Could anyone out there help me! I would like any information you may have about Geraldton, it is about 55km north of Perth. thank you very much Tim
  19. Hi, do the bars and off licences in Geraldton stock Little Creatures Pale Ale? Cheers Scott
  20. Guest

    Geraldton or not?

    Hello all!! Are there any expats living in or near Geraldton? Would like some feedback on this area please. Myself and my partner are toying with the idea of small town life in oz ~(WA) and are just gathering as much info as possible before we go out on a recce with a shortlist. I'm a plasterer by trade but I work as a general builder at home so can adapt to different site work etc. with regards to the work front as a possible move would depend on work. If anyone has any ideas for small town/city (pop. of say 30,000ish) with good job prospects, outdoor lifestyle and a good expat community I would like to hear from you.
  21. scottntina

    Geraldton HELP ....

    Can anyone help me with any info about Geraldton. My OH is looking to work in the mining industry, am i right in thinking this area has a mining industry ?? And can anyone let us know your views of the area and which are the best places to look for with regards accomodation, social life, work etc Kind regards Tina and Scott
  22. kellyjamie


    Hello, can anyone who lives in or has been or has knowledge of Geraldton tell us what its like please? we are happy to live in regional oz if it means obtaining our visa but we would like some first hand exp? ive looked at a website for the place and it looks very nice, the only thing that worries me with smaller places is how my 12yr old will be accepted at the schools? many thanks kelly
  23. Guest


    I may have a job opprortunity in Geraldton Australia, however i know very little about this area other than its approx 5 hours drive from Perth and its on the coast. It needs to be suitable for my 3 children boys aged 19 and 15yrs and my 13yr old daughter, all very sporty. My 19yr old is a qualified plasterer so he will be looking for work as well. Can anyone advise thanks julie:unsure:
  24. Anyone live in either of these places and can give a rundown of what they are like please? JOHN
  25. we are possibly moving to WA very shortly and are very unfamiliar with the areas. Can anyone advise us on what these areas are like i.e quiet, busy, schools (we have an 11 year old boy). We would like some where that has a bit of life, plenty to do and good community spirit that we can get involved with. Any information would be appreciated.